It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Netflix | Holidays 2019 | Netflix

It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Netflix | Holidays 2019 | Netflix

– This is Christmas! (upbeat Christmas music) – [Man] You’ll love this. – Christmas! (giggling) – Look at them. – And just like that, it’s Christmas! – Go put on one of my ties. We’re going to Midnight
Mass not a tractor auction. (laughter) – Apparently Sir Cole believes that he’s a 14th century knight. – Nicole Christopher
Frederick Lions of Norwich; at your service. – Oh, boy. – You call yourselves carollers. (laughter) – [Kate] This year is going
to be Christmas in Africa. I’m in this place
surrounded by wild animals. – Hey, New York. – Oh! – [Woman] We’re going to
add the secret ingredient. – We’re fighting for $10,000. – Yeah. – I want to give the judges
something to wow about. – What can go wrong? – What dessert was in there? – There’s a lot of stuff
happening. And it’s all bad. – Wow – I’m not going to kill
you guys, I promise! – [Judges] Thank you! – (Baker) You’re welcome. (laughter) – (Bald man) Tell her that you like her. – Yeah, I’ve known her
since I was five years old. It’s not that easy. – You just have to tell her
you want the same relationship plus boning. – An early Christmas gift. (gasps) You two can match – Oh my God. My heart can’t take how
much I love you right now. Come here. – Give me hugs. Come here, I want them. – Whoa! – It’s beginning to
look a lot like Netflix.

100 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Netflix | Holidays 2019 | Netflix

  1. Ohmygooood – Let it snow with Mitchell Hope, Kiernan Shipka and Jacob Batalon? AND another Christmas Prince? Am I dreaming? ❤️

  2. Omg, my heart is bursting with Christmas cheer. I can’t wait!!!!! Netflix you disappointed me with October/Halloween. But you are delivering for Christmas season. You’re forgiven! Lol

  3. can't wait for:
    – A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby (3rd movie yes)
    – Holiday Rush
    – Merry Happy Whatever (this looks hilarious)
    – The Knight before Christmas
    – Holiday in The Wild
    – Let it Snow

  4. Damn this is a whole lot of information to intake. So excited can't believe that all these movies are gonna release ????

  5. No wonder people are fed of Christmas when it actually gets to Christmas being bombarded with festive malarkey in October.

  6. Can't wait to see the Vanessa Hudgens movie and the Christmas Prince: A Royal Baby! Also when are you going to add new seasons of "How to Get Away With Murder" and "Agents of S.H.I..E.L.D."

  7. Everyone keeps telling me it’s too early for Christmas but it’s never too early!

    I thought there was gonna be a Princess Switch 2??
    But at least there’s another Vanessa Hudgen’s Christmas movie

  8. Why is nobody talking about King Ben and Ned Leeds on Let It Snow? This is a pair I didn’t think I’d need until now…

  9. Everyone in the comments is talking about the Vanessa Hudgens movie while I’m here waiting for Kieran Shipka’s (I think I spelled that wrong) romance movie.

  10. In the description is says “Netflix is the leading steaming service” and I’m wondering if that’s going to be ANNIHILATED on November 12 ?

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