1. what they should of done with shanes name is have it had said shayne then crossed out and replaced with calamity janet.
    but this trailer was da best

  2. It’s a bit weird that the sheriffs are not only in the bar before Ian shows up, but disappear completely once he does

  3. Matt raub and the others were sitting down near the bar and then at the end they walk in dressed as sheriffs , gotcha betch

  4. 1:43 (ok, this may be 2019, but I had nistolgia) three things i wanna say
    1. How did you do this? Was it a green screen frame or was Boze actually acting as a still fighter/character
    2. Speaking of Boze, where did she even come from? (Ontop of that, what did she swing from… a chandelier oor… what?
    3. The part where Keith hit her with the chair made me laugh so hard that… well… if you've seen Incredibles 2, You'd know what the joke is
    (Edit bonus: Is SSG coming back???)

  5. It's been 2 years since I've first watched this but I'm still wondering what if Anthony's in that trailer (even though he left when this trailer happened

  6. I can honestly say, I never watched the trailer until now, and WOW that was the best video I’ve ever seen

  7. Over two years later and I just now realized that Joven never gets knocked out in the brawl so at the end he’s just passed out with a beer in his hand

  8. 2.24 Only 2 years after originally seeing this did I notice Sohinki hiding behind the bar fight the whole time and popping his head up to see the carnage.

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