It’s Okay For Kids to Get Dirty – Camping Day 2

It’s Okay For Kids to Get Dirty – Camping Day 2

100 thoughts on “It’s Okay For Kids to Get Dirty – Camping Day 2

  1. EXACTLY! First of all, showers were created for this, and second, the kids aren’t on their devices while CAMPING! They can play with each other, get as dirty as possible, and really experience what “normal” kids experience! Some parents would be furious, and that I dont understand. I’ve been an OG fan, and they have always been the parent that allows their children to learn, and explore new things, because they already live such different lives. ilygsm

  2. Bailey ❤❤❤❤❤ Jacob ❤❤❤❤❤ Parker ❤❤❤❤❤ Duncan ❤❤❤❤❤ High fives: Jacob (for survival skills) ✋✋✋✋✋

  3. That camping spot looks amazing! ❤️ Loved this video so much. It’s good to see you and Jess let the kids get in touch with nature without being too pedantic about getting dirty!! ❤️🌳

  4. haha, duncan was sprinkling himself with the dirt like salt on a snakk.. 😂
    I'm going camping tonight! Woohoohoo, tis the season. Seems like everyone I spoke with is planning to camp this week

  5. Chris forgot, we learned that parker and Kathryn get very exited about making a nest, and baby duncan can eat like a pro,thanks for watchin everybody ill see ya next time

  6. Omg h guys r sooo close to 1 million! You’ll be there soon I promise! I’ve been watching ur videos since 100, 000 about and it’s great watching ur channel grow!!! 💕

  7. Hi Bailey
    I am the same age as you and we both love reading what is your favourite book mine is Harry Potter and Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson
    Lots of love

  8. Is it just me or does the music in this vlog sound like the music in the Sims games? haha (2:47 is an example)

  9. Hi Ballinger family I hope you are Having A wonderful day and Today is my Birthday and I am 23 and I hope Love my hugs and xoxox

  10. I’ve been with this Chanel for as long as I can remember. Like I’ve been watching every balinger since I was like 7 (I’m 14 now) you guys were one of the first Chanel’s I ever watched along with Colleen and Rachel and jesica. Love the videos never stop making them!!💕

  11. I don’t think my family would be able to do this and survive so that goes manor points to you and Jessica

  12. You're great parents! And yeah, it's totally fine for kids to get dirty. It just shows that they're having fun 🙂

  13. ”especially since he didn’t put it in his mouth, which is pretty advanced for our kids”
    my mind immediately flashes back to Colleen’s vlog of bailey trying to eat sand
    “OH bailey don’t eat don’t yuck yuck don’t eat the sand”
    good times

  14. I’d just like to say, if bailey gets any older I might cry about it. Also Parker getting older kills me because I remember Colleen’s video, CRYING about Parker’s birth. I FEEL OLD AND SAD, I’m only 16 who AM I

  15. I love this I would love my little boy to like getting dirty but when he gets sticky hands he NEEEEEDS to wash them.tbh he just wants to play in the sink and soaking the bathroom lol

  16. Dirt never hurt anyone. That’s what baths & washing machines are for! That’s what I always tell my kids 👍🏼😃

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