Iveco 90-16 Expeditionsmobil Drum Rum Tour

Iveco 90-16 Expeditionsmobil Drum Rum Tour

Hi! I know a lot of you, because I have read it in the comments below of the last videos, you are waiting for a roomtour. That’s when I thought to myself: OK, let’s do a roomtour. Plan the whole thing and think about what is important to people and what we have to show. And I noticed: Guys, that will be pretty long!
This is going to be really long and for many of you it’s important too
see how it looks inside and outside maybe you are not interested and
not so technically minded. And you are also not interested in an IVECO, you want more inspiration for inside. But other people then find the Truck itself more exciting. What tanks did they install, how big
are those, what is that roof rack and what is that so on. And then we thought we just make two videos of it. One, I’ll call it: Walk around Tour What kind of truck is that? The vehicle was
something completely different. The vehicle was a fire department truck from
Fire Department Offenbach, a LF 16 TS and was from civil protection. He had therefore driven very little. Built in 88 and had when we bought it
just, I believe 21 or 22,000 kilometers There is everything still in top condition! … Yes, most of it is still in top shape just when you buy from a fire department or from the THW or something like that. The people cherish and care for this like crazy. We were even lucky, to get to know the mechanic, who has waited this truck and there you have of course again even more confidence. However, one has to say, seals and stuff will get out of the plasticizers over time and they become brittle. So So a few things are allways to do with it
Of course. First of all, there is something to do if you want to rebuild so blatantly. The Cab was cut here. This means
It used to be up, I’m watching where the hole is, until here. Actually it has been a double cabin. as the fire brigade used to get all the firefighters with all their equipment in it. The whole was cut, we did not do that on our own, but by a professional company. A new Back wall was installed and yes we could not do so much for ourselves at this stage because I am a bad Welder. I can maybe just roughly fix something, but then can not tell how long it stays that way.
Sure, the manufacturer is not just anymore Magirus but Iveco Magirus. This is a 90-16, that means 9 tons of technical total weight and the 16 stands for 160 hp. What
Of course also stands out, if you at the cab: There is originaly no roof rack on it. Actually there are two blue
flashing lights on it, of course here dismounted. You do not have to dismantle,
if you have a fire fighter truck, but then I think you have to mask off
and definitely get rid off the electricity. We put them down, sealed the roof
so that nothing can happen
and for the last step, we built a roof rack on it. Another big point of course
is no longer original, these are huge knockers of tires. What also
not original, is the type of rims. We have retaining ring rims here
in 20 inch and 395/85 R 20 tires. Michelin XZL and with the
Profile we are really satisfied so far. Many ask whether they are not too loud. Let’s face it, so we previously had a Steyr 680, this vehicle was
a few generations older as this one. That was very loud in itself. That’s why we do not think we’re teh
best to judge that. Of course you also have to keep in mind when you want to have those huge tires: that has
not only benefits. You have a larger scope, that means
even at the same speed as with a smaller tire, the engine speed slows down. That’s good and probably saves a little diesel. I have to be honest I woll not give you now information about how much Diesel the Vehicle consumes. and it will also take a while. We want to do that with the right
Data. Masses of data. So we We not just want to tell like a seller for used cars ‘that consumes a good one
20 liters’. I think that’s nonsense. And the consumption not only dependent on tire size, payload, the weight from the vehicle, but also from the
Driver. How much do you stick to the gas and all that. We want to have enough data to really deliver meaningful things. But a negative effect with such a tire size, no matter from the studs and that the rolling noise is louder – clearly different
Tires also have studs, can exactly be that loud. But you lose in this vehicle at least at 90-16
quite a lot of a steering angle. That means the turning circle is getting bigger.
I still have it honestly never measured, but it is noticeably more. Under circumstances you have to go back and forward a bit and
you also have to set the steering a bit differently.
For this tire size, the 90-16 also has to be raised higher. We got iht 80 millimeters in the fromt and on the rear axis 100 millimeters higher.
These are also empirical values ​​of the workshop with which we built the vehicle, which build a lot of these. Of course a lot more mass have to be moved, with such a tire size. and this clearly is not good for the other technical parts. I link you videos to all individual topics with the whole Construction stages, where we did it ourselves. You have not said anything to the offset, right? Because of the steering angle you mean? That’s right, of course. Yes people, you can firstly do not know everything and I also have a brain like a sieve. Of course the offset, how far the Tires lies more inside or more further out, crucial for your turning circle, too. How do we actually get into the cabin. So! [Laughing] We have a staircase going up, to a pull-out platform. The platform itself is also very nice, because you can also sit on it and enjoy the evening. Sure, you could sit on camping chairs but sometimes it is actually the case, if we just have a transit route, that we just sleep on a service area. Of course you do not get your
Stools out there and also not the stair. Unfortunately the stair is not
attached to it and always directly stowed. I can take it off and
fold up then you see that. Many of you know
Of course those stairs, too is the Little Jumbo, which is relatively well known under camper truck builders. But as some of you asked in the
comments of the last videos I will just show ist. It’s just hooked up here and you can easily
fold it up and really has one narrow pack size. So
smaller than myself in any casy. That is also unfolded very quickly,
You do not really have to anchor or something, that remains
even here, for example, just stand on a tire and then I can give my wife a kiss. Almost without Effort. That’s awesome, if you have to go somewhere a little bit higher. We have
no other leaders and I can Show you guys in the back how
we reach the spare wheel with it. This is just hooked up here
But I can do it as well in front. This is useful if you do not want to get the plattform out. I put down Sabine’s shoes and the plattform is already in,
but with the stairs still on it. The plattform is stored just on heavy load
Excerpts. Sure you could now say, you could build it better with fat rollers. We also had this in the first attempt, because we wanted to recycle the things from the original firefighter truck. But you have to say: that thing has been incredibly heavy. It was
a lot of steel, so se rather had left that
and build a fairly light aluminum Construction. But you also have to say that these Ball bearings are relatively open and
free and therefore always have to be greased well. Here is the good piece. Luckily, still
nicely filled. When it’s completely filled, there are 400 Liters of diesel and that’s enough for a little trip. But that is not our only tank. We have on the
other side, a second tank with 200 liters and so we have a really good
Reach. Tanks are really a huge topic. There is a tank system, I have to say that is kind of genius. This is the tank system of Pistenkuh. We will link that below,
it’s really great. Burkhardt works with three tanks, two big ones, he specially get made, with special positioning of the removal and a small Reservoir tank. So it’s not really a replacement tank, that’s really a complex Topic, check it out at Burkhard at Pistenkuh, I’ll link it below. Here we have a normal
Standard tank, Alu as well as our second tank. We can either get
fuel out of this tank or from the other. We can switch the two tanks, they are not connected. There is
Of course, the variant that you can with just one lever, switch the forerun and the reverse running. It was like I meanwhile think a stroke of luck that this Device, this switch
just was not available. We simply solved that with two levers. We can now manually switch the forerun and the reverse running individually. That gives us the advantage that if we
at some point have relatively little diesel only still in this tank, we could
just switch the reverse running to the smaller tank and fill it up a little bit. That offers us a chance. If we go uphill and this tank is
maybe so little filled that the Diesel can not be pulled out correctly anymore that would be pretty stupid. It is simply to long. So we rather take Diesel from the small tank and still have enough in it even if you sometimes climb uphill.
So much for the tank system, there is not really more to say at this point and is probably more of a complete Topic for itself, if you want to discuss different variants. For us, that works fine so far.
600 liters is enough for us for a really good, passable range. Actually, you can never have enough diesel but it’s weight, you drag around with you, too. From the tank short to the rear tire here you can see
of course that the truck in the past life had a twin tire, because we
need the rear tire with the rim put on turned. which is also noticeable is, um … where is the fender?
For this we have these rear storage boxes on both sides. There are bevelled there is still enough space here between the tires and the storage box and it works for us as a Fender. These boxes are really awesome. I’ll show you more of them at the roomtour, they are now not cleaned up here at all. But What’s great about it: They are made of aluminum, have very nice closures, have been made to measure and were build super fast. I
say that, because I’m really convinced that they are great, because
we also have payed the full price, no one has to think that would be sponsored or something else. They are simply great.
I’ll probably tell the wrong name again, but my wife is listening: stainless steel house. Stainless steel department store. Stainless steel store? in the .. If Googling for edelstahlhaus,
you will not find anything there, you already have a few people led astray.
Okay but I believe. I definitely link that down! The funny thing is, in the Stainless steel house you get also aluminum
Crates, not just stainless steel. The great thing is that they really
are made to measure, that is otherwise super expensive. I do not remember exactly how expensive they were but I also write you that down in the
Description, just like the exact size. I send them a very simple Drawing and then I think a week or two later a technical drawing came back.
I could relase that for building and could make changes, too.
I actually had one Chain planned here and then thought that is nonsense. I changed it, that did not cost much more
and faster than promised they were already delivered.
From the rear storage box, it goes now the rear. Here for a lot of people is the question of a great underrun protection. We just got ours up, because we just drove off-road recently. Our underrun protection is registered as a normal underrun protection but just foldable. This is the offroad position. If it’s down, I’ll do that soon so you can see that better from the side, it is the normal Driving position. I have to say that honestly
it’s really a split Opinion in the scene.
I think for the normal Road traffic, the thing must be there. So, if you have someone who drives under that at the rear end of the jam … you do not want that. This thing will stop him early. Hopefully. Hopefully it never will happen.
I’ll put it down now you will see from the side, what difference it is. It’s also also folded up again as fast as down. Here are just a snap clicks on it, totally good, there are bolts in there, so nothing can happen.
Here is our rain cover for the rear. No nonsense, that’s of course our
spare wheel with rim, assembled on a rear carrier. The rear carrier is connected directly
to the intermediate frame and connected to the frame at the back, because
our intermediate frame is fixed at the back and spring-loaded to the front. Here is a holding plate, there the tire is screwed in. As
further backup, if this screws are dissolving, I put a lashing strap on it. Nothing can happen there.
You see up here a gallows, too. That’s the crane we use to
lower the wheel and to pull it up again. I just have a little Ratchet chain hoist for that, which can carrie 500 kilos, is so big, is stowed in the other rear stowage box and has already served us well. I
can directly show you something from the last vlog because we had exactly here at this point a wheel damage and had that to do
right here now, in one real practice situation and not in the
Workshop. We already had it done in the workshop, just
to test it and I would recommend that to everyone. Likewise, if you have snap rings tires like we do: Do that at home before you really drive offroad. Build it apart and together again. And then build it apart one time more and put it together …
that helps in the end and also gives the necessary peace, if you have done it a few times. The stairs we just talked about was really helpfull for us in this situation, because as the underride protection still was up, you could use it really well to lay the stairs on and work on the tire. But I prepare the gallows when I’m on the roof. These is much more pleasant. But just when you handle with such weights, it’s the best you do it with your partner or with a buddy or something. Because in the end, if something happens, that hurts really bad. Such a tire weighs with rim about 150 kilos and that’s not easy to handle. If you want some tips how to disassemble such a snap ring rim and how to assemble and a few handles,
Tips and so, we have one more video here for you. We did that with Ramin von Corint Reifen I link this to you like all other things, below in the description. Here we have, as already said just another storage box of the
Stainless steel department store. I inlaid a board as a second floor and installed the starter batteries here. But I also have a small tool role in it with the most common, most important things, Here I have the previously mentioned
Chain hoist, that’s really one small, handy one, here you can see that, my hand next to it, and with it I can get the tire with the the rim up and down. Then, I still think that’s really
important … say, should we actually do something like a video where we show everything that we have with us?
Spread out and say what we personally think it’s great and what is nonsense? Could do it, or not!? I’ll do a servey here and please
write in the comments, if you like us to do that. I think, thats always good. I always look at others, because there I usually find something where I think I could have used that ten times. But this one is just a sleeping pad, a
cheap, simple one. If you have to do something below the truck and and everything is wet and crap. Sleeping mat under the truck, lay on it, perfect. It’s always in here. As I said there are tools for Emergency, where I just do not want to run all the other tools. Here is still a towing and recovery belt and a few lashing straps, if you have to lash down something
at the vehicle. This is really great, I’ll put it right here again. And as we were already with the tires: Of course, such off-road tires are made so you can lower the air pressure. In the sand they have a wider
Bearing surface. Then you have to Pump up on scree or asphalt again. You can either just do that with the compressor of the truck. We did that for years, too at the Steyr. Tire fill connection, run the engine and inflate tires. Works wonderful. If you like to do it faster, we got something here and I have to say we got it from the manufacturer to try out. In the meantime I am excited about it, but at first I thought to myself: does one really need that? So you really do not need it.
But it’s a huge time saver. The whole thing is called,
I just look, as ours is called here … Stageless One – I hope I say that right now. That’s the stis that is a tire filling system, or
Tire pressure control system of ti.Systems. Of course it would be even hotter, if
you would have the whole thing through the axes and not need to get out of the truck. But here
there are valves that have a higher Passage in air that are
thicker and a quick release. I then have at each tire such a hose and can attach with a quick coupling.
I do not do it now, because air would get out and I would have to run the engine. And I do not feel like that now. We already shown in a few Vlogs how exactly that works. I adjusted this one now to street pressure. Front 5
bar rear 5.2 bar and I can now just lower here to 3 bar
or so. Connect everything and every Tires will be at lowered to three bar immediately, I do not have to constantly check. Just the same, if I want a higher pressure. That works just now, like you see, because all compressed air boiler of the truck are still filled. But of course, just when filling,
the truck has to be running, so constantly air complies because it comes from the truck compressor. Here you see, as before already discussed, our second tank.
He is at the same height like the primary tank. In the back one sees a couple of tubes that damgles out there.
One is our sewage and the other one for Urine from urine tank. We have installed again a Dry toilet, but more to that whole topic in the roomtour, we are now at the walk around tour. One more storage box. This is a Barber box of Stainless steel and I got that cheap. Cleverly, that’s locked at the moment, but that is
just our gas box. More to the Gas box when it comes to the room tour, too. And with that we have already reached the front again, and we’re at the end of the walk around tour. Stop, I forgot one thing. The roof rack. Many have us already asked: Roofrack,
nice and sweet. But how do you get up there? I’ll go up and show you guys
from the top, what is to see here. Now I’m up here, on
the cab roof, we still have here our sand sheets on it, a total of four
Pieces. Two of them are one meter long and the other two are two meters long. We’re curious how happy we will be with that. These are used sand sheets and up here I can just lash them down and I’m not relying on an exakt placement on a holding device. Here we have in addition a canister with us. The whole frame is made of steel as
Backbone. On the top planked with Aluminum. Here we can super sunbathe and if We need it, and that’s now
earlier than we thought, we still have the option, too
another carrie another spare tire, but only a carcass. What’s up here
is still great, are the lights. It is unbelivable how bright that is. So we have a really good sight at night, we tried that out in this Corsica video. I link it below. There you see how bright these things are. We also have lights at the sides. So people, that was the great walk aroun tour.
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