IWD Goes Camping

That’s it. I’ll mail you a bomb pretty sure that what he just said is illegal No fucks given the sad part is my girlfriend could probably beat his ass oh is he gonna bm me now. I really want to take the first one so I can actually do something. Oh so he’s gonna jungle with me? Okay. I guess I’ll just go mid God dude Really? I took my first blue which I feel like junglers should have a right to Like the first one that spawns is givable now he’s just gonna take everyone of my camps. Really dude? I needed 1 blue you gonna troll now? Alright let’s just recall It’s so frustrating playing this elo So dumb dude. Such fragile egos dude He’s literally just afk. Like I don’t know what to do here? i don’t know it’s not like their mid got blue Like Gragas took the blue aswell Holy shit It’s just trolling. I shouldn’t have tried to help him All right, maybe I should take a couple days break from Dynamic queue this shit is like life tilting man “well let him have the next blue”?. I mean he’s just gonna die so But yeah, I mean he fucked both of us with that pretty hard whatever dude i mean he already ruined the game, so I might as well just play for myself I mean like the 0/3 50 CS fizz now now I’m gonna give him a blue that doesn’t make sense. I mean he’s just a rager He’s not a whiner he started trolling because I took my blue at level 6 and then he afk’ed because I took the second blue when he was 0/3 and had already trolled the game like I don’t care anymore at this point It was just dynamic queue for you this guy must be like on a massive loss streak to tilt that hard cuz of that What do you got for me? Cool Who cares man it makes my life easier, like I don’t have to do shit when I’m just getting trolled Jesus Dude, I guess lonesome has got my back now in a weird way alright dude looks like I’m getting trolled again i mean I could just get on one of my higher accounts and not have to queue with them But then that means that my queue’s would be longer so just like queue and hope he’s on the other team cause if he’s on my team then he’ll just troll me I just told gosu what the situation is Actually, I’ll just message him on Skype Yeah, I haven’t seen someone go off this hard with literally zero provocation besides retaking a blue buff in a while But this is one of those unlucky days for me boys like we’re just gonna get troll up some today I I might just play zac dude. I might just say fuck it. Let’s play some zac So what is our plan for this game? I think I want to gang bottom again Oh we’re against our boy Omg xyian the homie Now he’s coming, okay? He auto’d it once dude why do I feel like I’m already getting trolled The game just started I already feel fucking trolled dude. I’m fucking jaded man Maybe he was just afk Maybe he had something better to do maybe his dog jumped on his keyboard And he can see my pings like I gotta come up with other things that could have happened I can’t just be getting trolled every game He’s got that I just flashed for the auto just secured it I wasn’t doing that just to like get back at him or anything It’s just he opened himself up to a gank I thought it would be a good gank it also starts snowballing fizz So yeah What the fuck you see that bug This guy would be dead if it wasn’t for that Maybe that was maybe that one had a little bit of rage in it That was like the – that was the rage gank card dude that was like I haven’t back yet That was like the fuck you gank I had to do it to him dude He disrespected me so much last game I had to just fucking shit on his face. I’m sorry dude I see no problems with what’s happening here It’s actually just the easiest lane for me to gank That’s why I’ve been ganking it And he’s been playing like pretty stupid with the ways and pushing the wave into zac fizz So I just gank him because it’s free a lot of people in like Diamond one Don’t understand wave control I guarantee this guy doesn’t understand like completely how bad his mistakes have been but he views it as like I’m just getting camped. That’s how most players view it Not blindly camping him like he doesn’t control the wave properly so I’m making sure that he’s punished for it Oh my God it happened again, dude. That’s so unlucky. Oh That’s so tilting This guy’s is the jungle hater Get him kayle No, what am I doing? Oh, what am I doing? I should have ran around and got my fucking passive right there I’m boosted This felt good dude This game felt good. Camping that Viktor that fucking bm’d me He fucking just follows me around and just fucking trolls me then afk’s and in the next game I play against him, and I just camp his ass off and make him go 0/11 That’s a FeelsGoodMan Even my uh my ex rival LoneSomeRanger can appreciate that

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