Jacksepticeye’s Holiday Special – Day 1

Jacksepticeye’s Holiday Special – Day 1

Hello ! Are we live? are we good? did we do it. Sorry we’re a bit late. We did it everyone back. There is having their hands in the air. Okay. We did it Welcome to the “Jacksepticeye Holiday Special.” Thank you all for tuning in it really means a lot to me. This is going to be a really fun time. We’re gonna be streaming for four hours, which sounds like a long time, but I swear. It’s just gonna Go it’s gonna Go by like that And I think it’s gonna be a really good time, so Welcome check out the the set doesn’t it look good a lot of people spent a lot of time doing this It’s very comfy couch as well. I’m just gonna lay down here all day. I’m gonna let everybody else do the work Boy welcome. We are going to be raising money for Save the Children which is an incredible charity And they do a lot of good work around the world I’m so happy that we get to do this with them during Christmas time I think it’s going to send a really great message, and I I’m just really proud to be able to do it, but we are Okay, well I’m going to set down some some goals for this dream We are going to try and hit a hundred thousand dollars But there’s a twist because Save the Children have found a matching donor Which means that when we raise a hundred thousand dollars it balloons into two hundred thousand dollars, which is a crazy amount of money So please if you can please try and donate some of your donating already which is not Thank you so much for donating during the delay that really means a lot to us We’ve seen a lot of really nice messages already, so that’s that’s awesome Um, you can go down into the description and you can see the donation links there should be a link down there to be able to go and Donate that way if you can’t donate yourselves that that’s okay, please donate if you can But if you can’t please spread around we have a hashtag called #Jackthehalls I I didn’t come up with it somebody else did sorry But there the hashtag is Jack the hole so spread that around and we can raise awareness for the charity if you can’t donate yourselves please tell all your friends and Try and spread awareness that way because then somebody else might be able to find it who is able to donate as well And hopefully we can reach our goal. I think we will I’m counting on everybody out there all of you there’s nobody down here I’m just pointing but the goal is to help every last child that we can save the children do a lot of great work around the world and I’m really proud to be able to do this with them because they help so many different kids all around the planet And they’re just great people I met some of them backstage. They’re really nice And I’m supposed to be yeah there we go I have some information Sorry, it’s awkward. It’s live. I don’t get to edit all these bits out But I’m going to give you some information on Save the Children so you can get a brief kind of synopsis And who they are and what kind of work to do so Save the Children has helped a hundred and eighty five million Children around the world in places where there is war drought and devastation so they they do so much work That’s an insane number of people There are places like Syria Ethiopia Bangladesh, and they also help children nearby here in the UK and also around in the u.s. So that’s that’s crazy. It’s it’s everywhere seriously, and they also help children in crisis around the world by providing education Medication shelter and they also give clean water and the goal is to just help every last child that they possibly can but Now that we evolved that other way now that we have the intro out of the way don’t forget hashtag Jack the halls, okay And there’s also going to be some little bits here and there that we’re going to mess around with that so get involved with the chat that way and We’re going to we’re going to pull some stuff from that during the stream But I know it’s the the jacksepticeye holiday special and we’re using Jack the halls, but it’s not just me. I’m not here all alone Right now I am but I’m going to bring in some friends Because I have a lot of great people here Who are trying to help me out? So let’s please help me introduce my very good friends.. Who are helping raise money for charity you all know this lady as the small bundle of joy it is Emma blackery Come in Emma Yes, Emma Welcome. How’s it going? Thank you for having me no problem. Thanks for coming. Thanks for coming all the way from England so Hard are you saying? Yes acid rain I like your jumper. Thank you. I joy I I was given this by a Mysterious person who before the stream said I’ve got you all Christmas jumpers yeah, and I think whoever it was has amazing taste Thank you. I I mean what thanks on behalf of whoever that was My own jingles, so I’m probably I don’t know if people can hear Ya The loudest person gets the loudest jumper so if you hear that at home, you know when I move Boy welcome if we have some more friends please I’ll take a seat make yourself feel at home, it’s comfy, right Okay up next you all know him as the tall handsome man more handsome than anybody else in any room that has ever existed It is kickthePJ Come in PJ Is someone talking about me? Shy ears are on fire say it do the catchphrase? Do the catchphrase What is the catchphrase That is this catch my catchphrase What’s the catchphrase hey, but hey, thank you. Thanks for having pay as you can tell Jack to septa guys holiday special is recorded in front of a live studio audience. Yeah is wondering who all of those people were There are not currently clapping Yes Yeah, okay, don’t put a repeat. Okay when you put it on repeat. It. Just ruins the gag, okay? Tell us about your jumper PJ. Well. This is actually. This is a little this is unfortunate really I was just kind of walking down the street and then someone just started throwing balls at me Just pelting balls, and this is now kind of this is now I currently look like so yeah this was expensive, and I know how to get the balls off okay? We’ll help you you want to touch them don’t touch my balls Soft those are some soft balls PJ Somebody needs to be on this okay god. I’m right. Okay if we can see PJ. Thank you. Thank you You can we have we have lower loads of things here that we can see we will be able to see your donations We have will able to be able to see your chat messages as well So keep that stuff common and will be able to interact with it throughout the stream But let’s continue with introducing our guests you all love him you all know him He’s almost every single jacksepticeye video, but you never see him. He’s the one doing all the work it is Robin Come on in my lovely boy ding dong that’s not a knock ah he did it that was the catchphrase My catchphrase, I knew that I knew that he knows that because he edits the videos Ok welcome look at your lovely soft, okay My name in you know I made it I comb it all nice strong this streams. It’s not actually it’s actually a hole It’s my exit So, but I like wow they grows. I’m hairy up in Sweden Mommy secure. I’m not trying to body shame you I’m sorry We love you. Oh, you had a bottle here Oh, I see yeah, okay, my hat my outfit has many dimensions. It was supposed to be a surprise but Yeah the stream took a lot of work, so I had to come here and House yeah, of course yeah, I’m an expert carpenter. Don’t touch the tree that’s the only thorn lean against the walls don’t breathe too heavily I Said breathe through heavier you can breathe you can sit with you can sit, okay No, oh just yeah, you don’t want too soon there you go Don’t move too quickly it’s gonna double the total net okay, but there’s one more Not last in last but not least I forgot the saying it is our boy former Blue Boys Currently boy the overall lover boy it season Too many cooks That sounds great under Mike’s just a lot of hot breast In here I know I’m gonna have to remove the jumpers because it is warm as it’s warm as PJ’s balls in here Pretty warm his festive jumper balls, but wasn’t why I was Never mind Before George the stream just Christmas just Christmas Christmas in general Yeah, merry Christmas to save some children, but yeah Christmas is great too. Yeah, I’m excited about The button yeah, but we do have what we get to the button will talk about the button It’s a scary book, and I’m very worried one of us is gonna fall over Are you worried about me falling over. Did you see how you enter yeah backwards, and you’re sitting that’s to it I Successfully got through the threshold, and I didn’t fall just also out of everyone here I probably had the most balance because I would did gymnastics There’s lights, and I want to save the children yeah It’s a good good and strong. It’s also very colorful. I like it. Did you make it yes, yes Support here wait okay, so you might see over on the wall where the the lovely fireplace is? don’t know how Santa’s want to fit down that but You can see that we have a lot of marshmallows hanging off the wall. It’s not decoration Yeah, I’m not wondering what that was yeah. I know this is getting a bit smelly in here what? Each person represents a stick. Oh can I be green give me a neat stick? green okay former Green Can be blue no Oh you I thought? Okay, yes, okay. What wait? What colors? Do you want to be well I want green clear. That’s gonna be problem I’ll give you grief Thank you very much, and what color do you want to be I’ll be the black and white one okay, so M s PJ Ethan Robin which color Next one right right right? Oh, I such me the next one after blue. Sorry, okay, so I because it’s Green this is his this live stream And you sign like this is more alive for life streets the walls like a Christmas live stream. There you go Talking to kids like I’m like a teacher Did you have marshmallows growing up yeah, but they were made of coal There was a ripe Okay Santa’s not here yet, okay over here on the wall we all start off with 10 marshmallows Okay, cuz we’re brilliant people. We’re all 10 out of 10 who agrees Yes, my name is Lee has nine. Why is mine You took green That was supposed to be mine, so I could make you guys feel better about yourselves. Okay, then you stole it I’ll take that okay. I’ll take the hit for the teams okay plus you’re more handsome already This is this is our scoring system, so in socks it also says Merry Christmas But there’s about a kilo of marshmallows in each one not into the night. They’re all gonna congeal together I don’t know About a hundred and seventeen million of them wow that’s a lot of marshmallows so as the as the night goes on we are going to all score each other based on these so if you go do a Good thing here tomorrow. If you do a bad one. You know hello for you Oh if anything if you do something super bad you get a model taking off. Oh? Horrible yeah shame on you. Don’t do bad things bad to whom Who’s judging this everyone? This night of the holiday can I be bad to Ethan for your amusement and get emotional? Jury’s out on that one. We’ll come back. We will it’s a play by ear situation We will see what happens, but this is our scoring system so ever wins each game Yeah, this has been going up and we’ve been waiting for you to shut up, so we can say sorry $4,600 people are you people really like marshmallows someone just wrote That’s amazing though So we have a lot of games planned, and then if you win a game you get I mean we’re gonna be in teams It’s so it’s in your incentive to help each other And then you get marshmallows each whoever has the most marshmallows at the end of each day We’re gonna be streaming for two days This is not the only day for hours today and for hours tomorrow So whoever has the most at the end of all of it becomes the best person in the world Wow Wow hi I’m quite good. I know that whoever loses So is it well? Each other or fighting each other to be the best what happens One it ends up weird with it. There is such a Christmassy thing though That’s the scoring system does everyone understand it oh We know there’s a new stipulation down here. You should pull your eat it whoever has the fewest mm/s marshmallows. Thank you The stream must let the oh yeah If you have the least Mallos you have to let somebody else you’ve to let everybody else craft a tween on your account Wow Okay We have teleprompters. It’s a sorry not sorry. Thanks Alex Appreciate you buddy, so if you lose everybody else gets the craft a tweet on your account Sure, and you can do the whole like hey guys probably gonna. Delete later, and then do it. No it has to stay open Yeah, yeah Serious business I feel like a drill sergeant Come on maggot okay, so that’s the model game everybody good with it. Yeah sure doesn’t matter So we also have another ongoing element which is our milestones, so I I have little gifts for everybody here under the tree Would you like to? Pick your own gift Okay, okay, okay This one is No we decided those first is it chocolate well now we know don’t eat. It. Don’t be that guy baz kind of Xbox Nintendo 16 – time and effort into building. It’s just calm really play games Mellow colors right yeah, well they’re as hard as the marshmallows Your perfect teeth What is your Answer we were all looking for Moment together should we move on before everyone leaves the stream yes? Well It does have an earthy bouquet. Yeah, yeah, Santa, but sad this is actor. Yeah Thank you so mines the only one that smells like donate to us. Yeah, that’s a weird It’s an odd smell, but I like it. That’s a great smell implies that you should smell children when smells like moving on These are our donation ambulance wait These are our donation amulets, so these are your power of oh Nice you get it. Yeah now your liking right? Yeah, I’m saving the surprise you wanted an Xbox no no no this is good I like this is good imagination Don’t need an Xbox and you got a brain so for each 10k Milestone mark that we reach we have to come up with a pose Some lights are going to go off a sound will play and we need to come up with a pose so every time that plays We need to be in that pose for every tank a milestone with the rock yeah This is your classes your festive spirit, okay? Okay Every every time we do it every ten K is the same pose Okay pose do you? We will need to be down here actually standing so Yes, I’m feeling it, I’m like No Fjords and whenever whenever the lights go off. You have to be fast because the last person to get into position loses a marshmallow oh Whoa right there, that’s what the thing says the TV doesn’t lie, that’s why it’s what Alex guard said Alex got that I know there’s mile away Okay, so team pose all right are we going on one or what? Was that an actual one I did, it’s not just a test Was that a 10? That was no was it that was the we did it which one we didn’t do that was the ghost That’s what we wanted to go to Super I’m like just do it, okay? No is it I guess We have Comics Alex eyeballs up here did we hit 10k, or was that just a text? Thanks for getting our hopes up Okay, keep those tests it was Ok so if you want to see us do our pose which I know you do you’re gonna have to donate keep donating every 10k Means that we have to do our pose Okay, so remember construct people will lose marshmallows if they’re not in position on time all right So keep donating get to those 10 KS, and then we will see who’s the loser so do we? Whoa what happened then What happened they fell off said mr. Beeman get away from my models Look at yours Wyatt has been committed here at the jacksepticeye holiday special here in the moon base That’s you guys start from 0 now that’s how it goes by the way when we rule in our little pose I think we have to shout save the children. Did you really cover that and I wasn’t listening? Oh? Yeah, yeah? Save the children, okay? Yeah, that’s a good idea. Love it, but if you forget you as a marshmallow, right? I’m just just yeah, it’s tough as I go, okay Paul’s Just saved oh wait So do we need to hang on to this rock for the whole stream Yeah, if you put your rock down you have to know it’s an power romulus power replacement xbox remember you Okay, I feel like Harry Potter now so Stolidly member yes wrench install it’s gonna fit Perfect so see somebody wants you to lose because they give you a giant rock for tiny pockets It’s a bigger huge, but you could yeah like Peter has big hands You know trade rugs No, then you lose your power. Oh, sorry the power Then you gotta do each other’s poses rock and roll that’s right. Okay now We can talk about that the sign to watch so box. What does it say on our box? It says do not touch until $50,000 okay, so when we hit this we don’t know what this is None of us actually know what this is I don’t even know what this is so We just came in at the right get don’t hit the bottom until 50k so when we hit 50 K We get to do this and that is the potential of five poses and also five people might lose Mallos Okay, and something we have some theories about earlier. We were saying maybe like a santur drops from the ceiling that’s a good theory so that’s What we know yeah ninja gymnasts could come out yeah, see that they could be here right now Someone’s camouflage against that wall that tree is actually Yeah, the trees are actually people yeah, that’s why I said don’t lean against the walls cuz it hit someone That’s why you told me not to touch the trees as well. Yeah, take this I just thought giggling Okay, so we’re gonna take turns reading out screen names as well We have our little things that are very pro set up. We do we have like 700 monitors down here Yeah, good to see so what we’re gonna be able to read out your donations as well and if you have any messages for us as well we’d be able to read out those two and we Will pick them up when we read them out intermittently? You can do a little now. Thank you Alex This is no I don’t want to thank that goodness Okay, okay. How does this work? What are you doing here? You’re breaking it. Don’t do that I can’t believe you’ve done this Christmas is over Okay, I think this is broken Top donor It says Roger donated five hundred billion dollars, that’s very good job Roger broken. Thank you Yeah, okay. It’s we’re getting information that says Ian gave $200 thank you so much Ian you guys want to read out some yeah? Nathan donated $5 a good luck with that Thank You Max donated $100 and said a good cause is always worth the effort I agree with that Thank you that let’s see Mia Mouse donated $5 and said doing great sweetie in parentheses like the meme Thanks, mom Appreciated do you have your phone out as you said it as well I want to read the the dot something Bree Bree andhe donated $17.25 says Merry Christmas, thank you so much for doing this. Love you all I Love you the most The surge go oh no, it’s cut off the Surfing something the serpent something gamer not Maybe we have some from marksmen for 56 $60 thank you. Thank you. I wish you a Merry Christmas Shawn. I hope you reach your goal and Whatever you want it to be that’s a great great amount of money. Thank you so much keep me messages short guys Very good my god Sorry they gonna help, I think Burma the live chat is going on the YouTube thing right now very easy to read hello your life So we be what you’re saying. Love you Love Peter was very nice Thank you so much. Um. Yeah. We have the chat here as well that we can read But it goes so fast the first one. I saw when I bent down said saw Words my god Thank you so much that really means a lot to us So please keep donating spreading the charity around spreading the stream also hashtag Jack the halls Get it out there, and then hopefully more people can join industry more people be part of this. Hell yeah What do you think I did I know I wasn’t paying attention You know can I give you it’s gonna get very warm in here with that it is already very Okay, we hope for us to gain ooh. Oh boys everybody excited Yes, okay, this game is called the Christmas tree is lit. Oh, yeah fan Hello so much token we have two trees on I Work very hard to bring them out. Thank you Thank you, thank you, I’m like a whisper he’s gone Just walk in and out of your house, just let people just come in when they like why did we have to knock? Yeah You guys are the worst? Trust us. That’s why okay, so as you can see we have two trees here. I’m gonna split you guys into two teams Okay, do you guys want to choose your teams or should I choose you choose? Oh, this is about to die and by the way just thought I’d let you know The Mac is about to die our YouTube chat is about to die Code Red code yellow code Whatever gets a good 5% going on that macbook Anyway, oh? No, it’s gone now so I’m gonna put you guys in the team’s that you’re basically in already around the tree nice so PJ Emma Robin even Make things the reindeer I do want to be meetings all night. It makes me sick You have mittens so one person is gonna have to put on the mittens okay, everybody Everyone Oh everyone everyone. Oh, okay, so you can you ever decorate your Christmas tree even you put on Yeah, why not okay choose your mittens while we’re doing that I just found oh, I’ve got so many Oh Balls on Omega oh it takes a minute yeah, you should wear some as well I think I know I know I’m wearing white mittens like tonight. Oh, no it’s cool. You got balls as well I’ve got no shortage of a donation thing. I’m Jonah HP. Sorry. I stored my boss um Donated $100 this is bull day today. Oh happy birthday Hi, you know just donated $200 Wow thank you See I’m already out of that, I raised it oh you don’t have to donate that much if you don’t Everything is good. If you see me just randomly ducking down. I’m Really not black for you guys. We’re reading donations. Okay, dude not Having all your fingers connected Yeah, this is Some penguins might be over Lego man works at Least you can move your thumbs, yeah Okay, so now that you have mittens. I have mittens as well just for the cheer and spurt We have some lights in here as well. I’m just gonna nope nope Okay, so your each corner each team has to? Decorate a tree, but there’s a catch whoever wins gets to keep the tree on set for the whole stream The losers Far far away taken taken to a farm far far away – we said you said earlier we’re gonna All industry the kids if I say I’m On you gonna fuck no no firm. Oh good fuck on Sam’s fire the fire the fire Farm is called burning fire okay, and so the way this is going to go chat will be judging It’s not me judging Chat will be judging so whoever is it’s gonna be a mix of things whoever has Whoever’s the fastest whoever has the best-looking tree and whoever has the best teamwork Okay, so you’re gonna have to hit all the trifecta. Okay, okay? And then Garrity of course whoever wins doing is I’m afraid whoever wins the game gets a marshmallow each You guys good Do you get – no marshmallow, let’s see you know two things no you just got no Mic but okay, whoa how good at you? Oh they tangle them on purpose This shenanigans, I’m going to read out so that’s not putting them on guys, I thought maybe we could untangle Oh, No That’s crazy With the battery No Love you all also, it’s my friend’s birthday. Hey That is my name, yes name is your name Chicken legs donated $1 and said first time ever donating. Thank you. Catch it on this thing Lady Baldinger donated $10. Yep. Thank you guys so much for doing this. I wish You don’t the fact that you donated it all really means a lot to us, so how? Good yes, please – no 8 donated $50 and said happy to see you all together for a good cause. Thank you for doing I’m sorry. This is weird, but thank you so much. That’s a lot of money Seb Ski 13 donated $20 being along last long lost viewer. Oh, it’s gone of Jack. Thank you. I appreciate that. Where are we okay? Whoa Nikolas donated $100 and said let’s keep the snowball rolling can we get a cheer for Nikolas? Thank You Robin Toxic B girl donated $20 and said proud of you guys are you? meaning whoa auntie donated 300 with no message Typical auntie course he would believe a mess donating $300 with no message You never know what? What do you say whoa lose ooh loser you know? Lucent loses her friend I Would um Gracias he’s Spanish, so was that was that right was like what’s that good? It was perfect acts do we have a Spanish ologist in the buildings Everybody shook their heads shame on you, UK people. We’re supposed to have diverse languages alex is just in they’re gone You’re American. It’s okay I’m gonna read out some more Titty Donated $20 and said no view Sean. Hope you make the goal. Thank you. I’m sure we will with all of your help It’s really appreciated. Thank you so much and Sarah donated $20 and said love you guys Are you feeling that festive cheer? Yeah? Do you hear that jingle bells God to put the LED shoelaces on I bought even some LED shoe laces. I bought even some LED shoe laces for Christmas, and he didn’t wear Wait why do you guys get those just initiative really interest kind of creativity Yeah We’re going to dim the lights for this part Hello
So we get to see because you can’t really see a tree No in the daylight because this is this is an open roof share there. We go that we’re in where it’s basically just I’m I’m I’m right. I’m trying to watch kids their kids perfect Hey Hey, what are we doing seven six super 12 15? I don’t know how to come home for 320 John boyega for two when the ren21 Over oh the lights went off cut the music Why whoa? That was all I was just trying to see if someone was on point good job I would hate you finger guns, but like very good very very nice Designs did an amazing job. Okay? I’m good. It’s the chat or judging okay, so not me. Don’t don’t put in your suggestions Just yet don’t don’t put in the winners. Just yet carefree. I’m gonna get a feel for their trees okay Paul Please feel it I mean would you like us to talk us you know would you like us to talk you through out three? Classic elegan okay Wyatt, led what is the name of your tree? Trees name is her phone her fur Her buffer plastic white LED look We’ve improvised with some ribbon pencil over here see and it’s even got your name on the tree Wow My dad was killed by a tree Never kill any human being I mean unless it was a really bad human, which your dad is not Alright great, so that’s kind of that’s our tree, but we also have a storm trooper nut tree. Yeah. Oh, what’s he doing in there? Protecting the guy. I don’t think so Double threaded right Fuck is he attacking the galaxy on a charity stream He got lost that’s not very festive her bhuvah has captured the storm trooper Fending it’s very nice. I love how your pandering to me But I’m not the one judging you when I would like to point out That it is a war zone under your tree. You have lost many lights oh We do there are like six Fairy lights on the ground pretty bad. I’m gonna eat them. They’re gone now that doesn’t count okay. Thank you guys you’re welcome Appreciate okay over the jump Ethan Robin what is the your tree? Okay? All right art? Let’s say it in unison kay one two three tree doll like that doll, but it is a tree right I’ve got that big red nose and Instead of offering what essentially is protection to evil people yeah, we are housing peace and tranquility What happened to his hand no, we don’t talk about that because they happen to Be protecting what your little paper tree Crispin Oh Matt You had you had your mom Harvey had their chance, okay, all right? So there’s a bunch of things here. There’s lights a lot of lot of different colors of lights You know that we’ve got we’ve got green. We’ve got blue. We’ve got yellow That’s right. We have you got all the classically very bland, okay? We’ve got little trees inside of the trees tree ception is the meme ha ha ha funny Okay wrapping the lights in the circle round and round is so predictable. Yeah. Have you done that? up and down although right cannon Exactly, and it’s still fairly even I’d say so I think that’s shows creativity. Okay, okay good. Thank you I Mean I will say the ribbons that was a nice touch This holiday spirit and Cheer, but as I said, it’s not up to me It’s up to the chat So so I’m gonna go down through the topics so the first thing was Fastest builders chat at home the people at home You’re the ones who determine who wins so tell me in the chat who was the fastest rebuilders? Tom do now we wait for the Latency are we getting a predominant number. Are we getting a predominant amount of people saying one team Okay Ethan and Robin they’re saying yeah, okay were the fastest That wasn’t a category, okay, okay? I’m going over the site now Keep in the situation floor we’re good right up next is the best tree obvious who man shut up It’s not up to you no pandering Just let your tree speak who was the best We have a winner on who best tree is death accounting jury still out jury’s still working away, it’s a tie Maybe tie fighters oh I did it well doing everybody it’s a time of tightness so the teamwork. Then is the the Best teamwork Judge now in the comments in the chat who had the best when it came to the tree look at this Look at this. Love you really would never It was it was when you’re building the tree Man we’ve got To resolve it gift moments for you look at this they they they Yes They brought your Starbucks. Yeah, we saved the essence Herbivore yeah that was kind of the commemorate best teamwork Tree in the corner yeah, no one puts tree in there. Are you gonna, okay? Freedom no see you remember Nelson Street off the Raptor Christmas tree ah careful Because it isn’t built very good pretty good So that means you guys get some Mallos, would you like to take some Mallos and put them on your heads? How do I what tomatoes are in your socks so? Just just one okay, enjoy Robin no put it you can eat it if you want, but that’s no point for you You have to decide yummy treat points to win. It’s the hardest aesthetic Sophie’s Choice Okay he decided to put it on there you go wait. I’m getting really sticky Looking at a tree when they said okay, that was good. I like that Enjoy that I hope so that was fun. Hi you guys worked very hard. This is a little icebreaker to get more candy Okay So for this section we are going to be doing the the funner tinsel popcorn popcorn tinsel wreaths things Oh Welcome thank you so much, what a coincidence that that happened randomly? To my house whenever you access Thanks, man Okay, so then what this is is that we’re going to throw to the chat and the people at home for now because we are going to be doing a We’ve collected. Oh we have our little colleague here here. We go. Thank you won’t do this This very professional setup. We have here and monitor where we are going to be looking down and doing this and You guys good you guys are gonna be making some tinsel. I’ll help in everything then this is all just for fun We’re not trying to kill each other this time You’re trying to feed your cost, but no it’s just just another game Yeah, it’s like do I eat or do I treat or do I put them up and get scores? See you never know so what you guys are doing this we have collected some fun made holiday cards for the stream How long are we doing this for? seven years Okay for every $500. We raise in the next 15 minutes We’ll share another piece of fan art with people at home good stuff. Yeah get to work No, oh these these were impossible to get through Okay These also if you want to be part of this don’t forget to use hashtag Hashtag Jack the holes and submit your fan, art that way then over here the monitor turned off Are you putting what you got a bit? I was supposed to So I need to see I need to see it’s gone. It’s gone The air is not here everything is disaster. Everything’s paying and canceled That’s okay, we can read out some donations as we’re going through So Michelle donated $20 and says I’m at work and can’t watch, but I still want to help you’re all amazing Sweet bean have fun at work Rain bow Arisaka donated $25 and said have a fun stream everyone Will pull up a teaser there save on the screen Sean donated $20 did I yeah you did thank you me, but thank you Sean you blends are Sean? There’s never enough of us. Love you guys always cheer me up, so I’m giving back by helping with the stream This camera, it’s hard. There’s red lights on them. I’ve ever liked. This is like a dog holding a laser Rory donated $5 and said Jack give everyone from me Rory I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to give everyone in front you It’s it’s very difficult to be able to do that our people are people still submitting their Fine Arts I hope so how’s tide Jack the halls? go ahead and look at There we go There we have from fancy lanterns at fancy lanterns, Santana. That’s a great name. We have It’s a picture of all of us as like students. Oh, do you see it? Oh? I’m drawing with Jack’s egos What I posted these before and now I’m posting them again okie, dokie literature club inspired drawing with Jack’s Eagles. Oh, it’s not us Sorry Yeah, I hope so it’s just a bunch of me Name or anything to put to put in the boxes do you guys have a club name that you could name? Said a jockey club instead a doki-doki literature club Doki-doki saved the children donate to have fun. Where’s a club Amazing Yeah another one coming up because we just made $500. Holy God. Thank you guys here we go from JSC power I’m a jumpin hashtags jack the holes this took a million years, and I hope you all like it When did you start well a million years ago, I guess yeah, okay, good job? In a serious note. I’m so excited for this event made the stream be full of tears love heart Love and cheers and kisses. Thank you Are we close to another one okay, I’m gonna read out more donations over here. How are you guys doing on your Tinsel’s? Pretty good Me neither okay Dace donated $40 and said love the stream and keep up the amazing work guys and then said much love I can’t read the rest of it, so thank you so much One of my popcorns came off authentic Caitlin’s donated $2 and said burnt out my cranky crew Another one we had we just had another $500. Thank you. I keep breaking This is going crazy keep donating keep putting the meat were sending us your friend we could show them off on the stream, so this one comes from I exists trying Lor mine. I do it. I got it wrong, but okay They said V rushed And I use the outfits from the last video slash pictures. I watch slash saw them from obviously bad outfit positioning planning But I mess up Robinson oh No, it’s great. Thank you so much angry look Jack. I know what it says no fun in my chest so no having fun. No These need to be good guys I’m assuming that get a rope cord. It’s we don’t know cherries in popcorn No cake sounds like the the foil like glittery oh That’s right Cherries in popcorn no way these are not true cherries aren’t they ran cranberries earned a crime Took her donated $50 and said keep up the good work Thank you so much took her thanks to Jackie Miller donated $20 that you have beautiful eyes. Yes you over there. They’re lovely Everyone’s going Thanks Jazzy donated $10 and said how was eatin liking the UK why we guys this is great Uh liking it pretty good so far is it pretty mint. It’s pretty lit fam Yeah, it’s really cool. I like I like Brighton a lot. It’s real cute. It’s cute right. It’s a cute place You’ve never been to the UK right. No. This is my first time. Okay when I got here I went to the pub got me a cup of whatever. He’s getting offensive. It was really good Students here are just smiling What are you honking oh? This noise is going to be the indicator we’re hitting another note oh oh Crusader cross her at crusader cross What is happening coming link okay, what do you think they’ve seen on that laptop? What do you guys think we saw on that laptop Kieran says PG? He they saw what happened at the farm? They saw what happened when we hit the button yeah Hit the 50k button so if you two want to see what happens when we hit the 50k you too can look like that Yeah, you too can be an absolute shock and amazing because we don’t know what’s in this either So we really want to figure out. What’s in this so please? Operations and we can figure out what’s finally in the 50k box, please I’m dying to know it might be really boring, but you know at least we’ll know no it’s gonna be amazing yes Greatly loved and cheered the last time we opened a box we got One hashtag Jack the holes love. Thank you so much I know right it’s so cute. It’s it’s me holding up my jacket from the Instagram picture That one comes in firm leopard Olivia lion hurt. Thank you so much That’s great. Oh, there’s so much detail. I was looking at it like this and the screen was all like washed out And then I went down I was like Thank you so much. How are you guys getting along good fan art makes me mad sometimes because it’s just like ah Wish I had some of that cool, we’ll see how your tinsel looks at the end I know right it’s looking pretty good so far pretty good. You did say there was no like marshmallow I’m pretty happy with this look at this well We’ll see what happens no the marshmallows can happen at any moment Well I Use but okay, we’re back over here From La Deanna MCA and I can finally go to sleep knowing that I finished this I haven’t been able to draw lately, but jacksepticeye his livestream tomorrow at motive me motivated me to draw him Thank you so much very fitting we watch spider-man last night. Yeah, we did which one there Yeah, pretty good. I mean I would make a much better spider-man I think I would be pray to God watch what better than Tom Holland. Yeah, didn’t you just see that was pretty amazing? He’s Very spider tom hollander, it’s okay. You got infinity war you have you’ve done it. You’ve accomplished it Let me be spider-man Well, we do need another reboot, so yeah, I want to see Uncle Ben again Jamie’s Jaime donated $100 and said no of all of you stay happy. Thank you so much. Thank you pressure That’s really cute. Thank you I So many kids And they said Jack can you do a part two of the set of video explaining How you said and then the comment is corrupting? I will never know again what you wanted me to show you What you wanted me to show you how I said how I set the table Chloe set that house on fire that one time No, I cannot wait for the live stream today and tomorrow so sweet the jack and the others are doing this whole thing for charity Jack the hall except the guard save the children. Oh, thank you so much. That’s awesome. I’m sitting on a bunch of lights so Thank you, so festive Yet, we were the one decorating you were just lazy This is different if you untangle Christmas lights, would you be quick to just be really angry and row or do you reckon you’re chill? Level-headed person who would just go I’m secret option number C. Which is that? I don’t untie GLE them I just get lost in them, and then I’m just like a cat. Just playing with all the lights Yeah, but it could be first that one actually here why we’re doing all this stuff, which has saved the children which do incredible work all around the world and Already they’ve helped like 185 million children it’s it’s incredible, and we’re really happy that we get to work with them this year on this and Music Can the chat hear this music I hope so it’s lovely its rightful But no, they’ve been really good to us And they even they even brought in like another matching anonymous 100k donor which is crazy to see that you can raise $200,000 in a span of a few hours, so thank thank you so much and please keep donating. Please keep sending in your donations They did we didn’t find that if somebody around back here, I can find that we’ll put it on the trigger Yeah, I think yeah, we got it, okay We got it but know it they’ve been really good and please please keep donating and helping out with with the charity cause and Helping us reach our goals because we’re only here for a few hours and once we’re gone We’re gone, and this is for a really great cause literally any amount See a dollar helps from doodle Macchiato Kaitlyn Martin she said sorry it took a lot longer to make than I anticipated art I made for the jack the holes charity livestream jacksepticeye’s doing for Save the Children on the 15 Yeah That’s a big Christmas tree I mean I still think our trees better Thank you so much That’s really appreciated and don’t forget every five hundred dollars donated right now means that we get to show off a piece of your fan Art so keep posting those in the hash my exact to the balls hashtag as well We’ll get to some of them, and we’re still waiting to get to 50k. We’re not there yet. What was your help? We will definitely get there very soon And then we can open up this we all get to push a big giant green button Which is amazing? We never get to do that well? What’s the total right now? Do we know that song? Alex can we have a total Or sign It’s coming in we’ll get there it’s in dollars we know this much What why no dollars? Okay? Look it’s on the actual thing We’re really close at least on the stream it says we’re currently at 19 They’re saying. I need to sneeze you guys all right Well, I mean on the average That’s you sorry at your stream Don’t me. Sorry sound guy Sorry my throat. Oh, we have the bobble Oh Save the Children bobble, this is the the bobble that saved the children gave to us, and it’s super cute, and it has Pockets You’re not in your pose see I already know your pose is the other way around oh My god Yeah, I’m happy that we have raised $20,000 so far, but I’m not happy that I have to take this off Open open wide here hold on wait wait you stand over there. I’ll stand here all right ready ready this one to Last corner it’s all over it no you’re going to keep going lean back a little bit Have a wider mouth. I’m sorry that my mouth was born small alright guys I think We should put attention on the truth. Yeah, I think Tinsel’s done. Okay, but don’t forget Hashtag check the halls, and this is not the end we will be streaming again tomorrow And we will be looking at your fan Then as well so all the fan either you’re sending in right now until tomorrow can still be picked out So please keep please keep donating. Please keep putting in the fan art into the the hashtag Thank you Charlie, man, and we will get to some of them tomorrow as well, but thank you guys But let’s see let’s see the Tinsel’s Wow Wow I went down a slightly different route. They’re very nice I already got you grandpa mine on the tree. I decided I’m sorry made an effort to get them to the end of these but some fell off And stepped on one as well. I stepped on one Think I did well, this is my first time making Tinsel and none of us broke off either. Yeah. Yeah, oh you mess up the symmetry Oh No, so close over ruined cancel the whole thing. I’m just snap now Oh, yeah That’s good So is this a thing that people actually do like hot, or is this just a stream thing? I think it’s a thing that people actually do with crackers yeah Memories of Christmas I mean why would we be doing it right now? If it wasn’t already a thing yeah, good point you think we’re just gonna do this for the sake of doing it I Completely think that is serious time of year all right very serious Okay, let’s get this what’s next Jack. What do we do next get this out of here? Oh God? okay, and just because just because That could have been taken away you’re rockin taken away, and you could have lost it. Yeah, I round of it. I didn’t realize Thank you, you’re welcome. Thank you for not letting me lose my marshmallows That was those great Yeah Oh, we have another two children oh Okay What this is gonna play into the next game the next game is? Blindfolded tree decorating okay, okay so from you’re gonna have to form two teams again I think we will switch up the team system unless you guys want to stay in the teams You just switching up the teams. Yeah, okay? I don’t know how that’s gonna be but one person gets blindfolded, and then the other person has to read out chat directions So chats gonna say put this Here, and you guys are gonna have to navigate those waters. Okay, it’s gonna get messy. It’s gonna get bad But then the fifth person me yes, I’m gonna have to write the the people’s names down on the Publishers altri no I think we use combining the names. What was it rudolph and half effect, okay? Heard all right so What teams are we gonna do? You decide how their friendships die? I just do it odd, so pj Robin maez so we chinese well good. Let’s do this nimble oh I’m going to leave it up to you guys to determine which one of your team you want to blindfold Water balloon, but you want to be once more mindful of landfill I’m horrible with so the other people who are not blindfolded are going to have to read out the the people’s names I’m ready to see we have to read out people’s names from chat donations And it’s up to me to then write that person’s name on the ball bow and give it to these guys And they have to put it on the trailer I see right so that’s what we do. Yeah, okay? That’s what we didn’t know really is what to do with the tree? No, they’re blindfolded. They have to determine themselves right okay. Oh wait what you could you explain that very different? What do we? Okay, you guys are blind on the tree. This is how it’s gonna happen You guys are blindfolded PJ and Emma are gonna read out people’s names Who are donating? So if you want to be part of this game And you want to see more stuff go on the tree and watch them fall over the tree in hilarity because it’s not gonna be Able to see anything then please donate and every donation message We will be able to see your name pop up here And then they’re gonna read out names at and then each name is gonna be written on a bobble by me I’m gonna give it to your respective team so if Emma Okay if anybody reads I heard a name, then I write it on a Bobo and hand it to Ethan if PJ reads one out Then I hand it to rob, and then you guys are gonna have to put a nice. Okay. Okay. Okay. Got it. Got it It’ll make sense as it goes along Got it. Okay. Do you not love in these Christmas – yeah, right? The drawing you right now the last remains of tree tree before voters names okay, sir we’ve got some names. Let’s do it Are you good first will take us okay? Nicole for five dollars Nicole for five dollars so Nicole I’m sorry if I spell your name wrong. We see I see well. How do I put it? No Adele no don’t pick on this Adele writing Jackie boy Okay, here you go speed it up. Let’s go. Hey just the letter A I need a bubble just to let her hate putting on the Save the Children Bob roast okay? Okay Emma one of these names are very odd that you might miss Bella. That’s okay Okay, okay, Kiana so Kate I Am a I already have it written out. I’m already over here at Robin This happened the serpent gap Said tell Robin I said hi whoever the serpent guy is named for you, sorry so shit, okay, thank you for you, man Okay Jade Raven to the church age Raven. Yep do it jayven Put those sweet balls in my pans I have the power Jamie. I feel like my Jamie Jamie I’m gonna put Jamie down with a little of her needs to be Sara because she donated $100 She’s donating again cuz she loves her formally colored ahead boys oh That’s awesome Way now thank you so much okay. Joy joy joy with an eye Ja ja joy to the world There’s not too many you can never have too many charter donations Donated $100 Calvin, okay stop with that one. Yeah. There is a there’s one there already Sam Sam Skelly, bro $100 Love you Jackie boy. Love you, Jo. I love you too, Sam Skelly, bro. Okay? They’ve got home Elena. Oh Ellen ah Ellen Elena Putting them back here ene okay, Ethan you gonna have to be quicker. Okay. There you go PJ morning Barney’s up Bonnie Bonnie says love you guys. We love you too Bonnie. Thank you for donating oh Yeah, thank you paul dirac paul dirac amazing. Thank you. Thank you so much Paul directed some he Remember the wolf Emperor the wolf mber the wolf nice names you guys are picking great names The more you get to be part of the charity strap Michael Michael Michael Okay, thank you. Just Michael How are we doing? Are we reaching the end of this three have enough bottles buddy and kiddo has donated $16.24 with a message missing her BRR BRR BRR BRR BRR Mackenzie Mackenzie, okay Kenzie L. That’s fine heard the verb is in someone’s fireplace right yeah There you go, are you ready for another one yeah Mika with a k’ Mika with a K Scandinavian power power that’s you Robin sweet Huh Fred Freddy smartest one deserves a bubble, but everyone gets a bobble This one’s for you Fred we love you buddy, thanks Fred. Thanks Fred. I need another bubble come on, okay Bubble me boy zero zero zero zero Going this stream unlocked so far. They say I know them they come to stream any time Thank You virile Rene with one e at the end with like a little accent is it he says love you Emma Get it get out All right what the hooks keep following I’m gonna go for Marksman four five six Marik’s really sure they’ve already donated Thank you Are we doing Alex are we overloading the tree too much yet never you can never overload a tree. That’s what I like to hear I am so ready Maggie you are now part of our stream. You are now part of our festivities ever known our tree making this tree Ready links links with an X Y X okay Amazing From Game of Thrones, thank you. Thank you Maisie All right, okay heap donate Festive whisper are you gonna whisper sweet with no whisper whisper name, sorry? I should have said I should have this with it. Don’t whisper carelessly. You’re cute allow Jack whisper Foxy foxy foxy Oh Fox like foxy Cleopatra filler you definitely easier easy job, yeah I’m a little empty brandy Brandy brandy for $10 Randy no showing my nephews blanket whilst in Joyce’s dream keep pouring guys keep It sassy do we have a lot more baubles we need to get through them really Jesus Okay, we have where’d our baubles we need our donations. Give me more. Okay, this name has been cut off. I’m gonna assume What the end of it is top of the morning? Sounds good, that was really good So that’s a lie because you’re anywhere just female All right, Gwen Gwen $5 says. I love you Ethan Okay, okay, I’m gonna start signing bees and really mess you up Okay, its neighbor nehru. Yeah like news like from Zelda Oh come on down Momo In what the same spot Marshmallow America can’t sign this foot okay deal marshmallow Chat hear the music or do I look stupid it’s like a silent disco Ego rub, which think about the ones that know What is this I like surprises Gary Charlie Charlie Charlie okay, Charlie said love you Emma You’re gonna have to be fast. I’ll let the tingle come on from across. This is amazing. I love this Tree will be no I’m waiting for these guys is this K. Go. You’re good. You’re good. You’re done. These people look this one saw This one has ears This that’s from earthbound Thank You Ness Oh Equinox t7 for another hundred dollars equal not very good. It’s a wet suit and fall off It’s gone already gone the way you want. I’m sparing them the way I want yes brain era brain error. That’s how I feel Roger Roger There’s so many things Do you have oh is this Roger Is this rod? No you did you didn’t say Roger you said Roger. I’m behind you I can Come on, I think Tomato Queen takes a queen Sorry I’m writing all your names very fast, but you were here in Syria really feed your fandom x eb fandom ships They personal pictures of us on instagram. Thank you. Oh Thank You Evie fandom ships Hell yeah dr. Schnabel Steve. Oh the good doctor Yeah, I don’t know that doctor is a good doctor Seems okay max for $100 max Your collab video something I know It’s a doctor. I’m a tow Demon hunter demon hunter is that Sam Winchester for $100 it might be Oh? No this drink everybody love what you do keep it look good doesn’t matter. You got to keep working dog Enchanted Rose hashtag team kick the blackery don’t kick me. Please don’t kick queen chanted Rose yeah enchanted zero We are nowhere near the end of these really nope ah Let’s keep going let’s go faster more radiation. Let me see your guy’s decoration. Let me see please You can hear that I’m dancing yeah, everyone can I Can feel your breath right now Okay I know it’s been saying these names. You’ve been missing him. I said Rose Emily a long time ago deep-powder High hair Whoa, thank you so much It’s me It’s me Oh Galactic siren Oh guys I am breath going back for directions on Directions do we have a time limit for this no. We just keep going For hours, I don’t know where I am – Robin Oh Daniel everyone loves you We all love from they said now keep going it’s great hi jeff says faster Okay, okay. This is it this is it. We’re going way faster. Okay. You guys have to load hold anything teacups singing tea Amazing rice. I can’t write over the gold okay faster faster keep coming Bob follow me Zane for a dollar Okay, okay Janus of two ends love you guys Ethan your voice is great. Thanks disagreeing people see You no it’s fine. I’ll take one I’m usually a sore loser. I’ll take This give me that give me the marshmallow and then okay ready open oh, no I do it Do it okay no or Emma’s gonna Emma’s? Okay one this is Shana because concussion three Gotta keep going I Got it Okay, where do one more each side starting with you PJ, and then we wrap this up. Okay. Robbie’s azam I’m assuming that zombie so Robbie the zombie yes There’s a character people created because of a thumbnail I did really yeah Rob Zombie last one and uh shacks with two exes it says well done Guardians keep that momentum going Hahaha, Jax well done Guardian There we made it Oh awesome obviously we did it what choppers mom can I take this off now yeah look at that tree Whereabouts even with Your a blue man. No. Okay. Are you a blue boy again? Yes Yeah, right Okay Whatever what is this it’s here? Oh, Jamie? We’re like II knew I was joking about 30 bobbins you have oh My god. I am tired. Yeah. Oh, yeah sure, but I am NOT tired enough It’s scary. It’s time to sleep No, yeah do we have water over there as well if you guys want. Yeah, I do kinda drink up stay hydrated, it’s For there are millions of children around the world who cannot Stay hydrated, so please keep their names very good to fundraiser. We have already. We’re still here to save the children We’re having fun. We’re having a good time. We are at 30 K. No over 30 K. That’s good means We are very close to halfway and halfway is our Santa watch. We’ll be able to open up We’re halfway to that yeah, we’re more than halfway towards the 50k. Thank you mathematician man, yo Say superpower you can divide by two. Yeah, yeah No ho no one can do that I want to take any more guesses as to what might happen when the button is pressed I’m going to assume that when we press it the Sun falls out of the sky and comes into the palm of our hand and We can share it with everybody ambitious I reach for the stars. Yeah, yeah, or this well. It’s a Sun That’s quite say the moment that that button is pressed your channel. Believably whoever presses unfortunate for the charity stream. Yeah, but it’s going to happen. Okay, errantly oh This is cute. You won’t read this out this fun fact on average It takes five dollars for Save the Children to change the course of a child’s future so you think we’ve raised thirty thousand That’s sixty thousand children. Who’ve So it will tie the mass Difference, that’s a different sound It’s a go sad or just of wind open the door. I’m so confused. I don’t think we should be drawing attention to this Someone so every five dollars will be raised here today can change the course of the child’s life. Oh my god! I don’t know if you can actually see us or anything, but hello!! You’re sweating we’re sitting here under studio lights with Justif jumpers all jumpers, but I didn’t even know you were gonna call in thanks that is amazing. I love that We love your beard everyone’s commenting on it right now the chat is going nuts over the beers you’re awesome! I can’t grow on. Ya why because he stole all the genes in the family to go Yeah, what what I like in facial hair I make up for in vocal cords Thank you everybody We should have won the tree thing yeah, we should thank you I disagree it looks like someone beat that tree with a show home, yeah Impartial impartial, I’m not saying it would have voted for you. I’m just saying to their tree terrible We have raised We are going to get a number in a second Alex is honored, thank you Alex Meza $31,000 Yes, that’s crazy hour and a half in and we have 31 thousand dollars raised. That’s awesome. Oh my god. Thank you guys so much 20 butts Oh 30,000 beautiful or 40,000 people, Washington Street, thank you guys awesome. It’s crazy season huh I Don’t know what time is Because coming here. I lost a day so I was like I’m leaving on the 12th And then I got here, and I was like it is Wednesday, maybe and then it was like no it was 14th now. Yeah, you lost a day If you reach the point where time is just like a man-made construct now well, that’s When I stepped off the plane when I stepped off the plane I was like it’s afternoon and a different day Yes, is weird welcome a now you know what we have to do it every single time. We go to visit you guys Yeah, yeah And then we come back and you just collapse and die for a day well because it was weird because when I was scheduling videos. This morning, I was like wait because it was like 10 or 11 a.m.. And it’s like weird.. It’s like Mills the knight back home. That’s super weird Oh, that’s so that mouth is something to tell you Malcolm has something to tell me. What do you have to tell me? You guys didn’t prep them Oh This is gonna happen okay children pictures of me. Okay, cool. I was cool. I was cool kid Where do you guys see? Cool, could I was cool kid show them show them how cool I was Sure I should get a marshmallow Body I killed a shirt I Killed a shirt. That’s jaws. Oh my car the barcode was like a shark, and I was like die fear not Okay You look so proud I was a shark Speeding that shark, I will never forget that day. I know sir. They’re Not as good, not, just jack. That’s more scary Like this I was a cute little baby boy. Did you kill a shark? No? I’m glad that that was the first one That was shown because I killed a shark and I look looked good doing it. It’s gonna be hard to Was gone with each go away Beach, I went down. I was like you Jesus life there’s no shark out there in the water and Everyone was like save us Jack this guy that’s cowering in fear looking at or taking a dump on the beach it’s a crazy place I Said fear not and I ran out with the shark and everyone was like you are our hero. I’m free Irish for life Back into the sea you killed it. Yeah, where is the shark now? Go. Thank you my college Mosque in disguise the shark is Elon Musk Right in the farm fries and shop how do you think you’ve like made all those cars? That’s why you possess knowledge other humans doesn’t yeah cuz sharks can go faster than humans I like the image of you just running down the beach with a shark oh There we go 251 Association for wheelchairs they did a fashion show and show us as possible Some of Ireland’s primo clothing their Shark killer Shark killer extraordinaire yeah, that was a good time Yeah, I’m telling you a shark killer model philanthropist eight foot vertical leap or You I started YouTube, and I just went downhill yeah, it’s such a bright future no Yeah every 200 games you can see a new picture so if you guys want to see pictures you have to keep donating Description there’s a link that you’ll be able to donate to so click on that and yeah, right And every five dollars that you donate can help change a child’s life would save the children So please keep that in mind, and if you can’t pee wee babies Every $50 pay-per-view tenants of entire village school Like again do the closest teachers creating? Yeah $50 can help teach a child and give them a proper education. They’re amazing which is crazy every dollar counts Keep donation so we can fix your shirt Supposed to be embarrassing you, but you’re just this is just your own. It’s just making you more confident like yeah, I killed a shot That’s not me My younger brother Tell us the story company sharks had you killed at that point most of them So you keep your hair like in a shark fin. Yeah, it’s just like a blend in The friendly when I was showing up like oh don’t mind him dead sharks yeah, because let’s say one came to Ireland And I was like I got one. Yeah you two are working as a team Here’s another shit I was me The clown my sister also has a clown Not much has changed so much. This goes back a long way. Yeah. Yeah, I was always destined to be a clown I guess but Avery Hills. Yeah, baby, Wiggles. I mean there’s not much of a story behind this. I love my sisters. Yeah It’s really good. Do you know what age you were club age? It does yeah, I think I was probably like three years old that three yeah, I’ve been clowning around since young 17 Romans face, I’m pretty good at four three year old you’re pretty good hair for an all your age. Yeah, thank you all your life Excellent I do miss that you should keep them, yeah I was born a clown looks like you tried to eat a cake Your face in a cake yeah, hey cannon hit you in the face When people in TJ came on the screen? My wife said he’s prettier Wait in the picture on now It’s amazing okay, so we got one two for me you want from Robin one from PJ If you guys keep donations every two hundred and fifty dollars. We get to see more baby pictures What do you hold it Burger King receipts Sticky notes stuck together, and it’s my message to Santa Oh, there’s a close-up shut up somewhere, but it was just like dear Santa. I love you. I hope You literally look four years or four days younger in that picture. Do you know the exact same my dad? I don’t know if it was that year But he took his boots and like put them in the fireplace and there were a little footprints all over a little Wave of dread because because I’m the only one who hasn’t had a photo now Yes, I know and I know what photo it is because I didn’t have many so I’m Morty it’s a terrible picture Okay so get another Whoa Emma you look way different Yeah, that’s me. I really liked Harry Potter and my parents. My dad one year made me a Nimbus 2000 oh Yeah, and then because I was really little he was like get on the broom And I got on and then he lifted it up in like because the Boys maybe like first power came on 20 2001 2000 You’re four years old. I was probably I was probably six seven Wow such a tiny boy That’s so cute. I can’t imagine being that young when Harry Potter came out I was six years old when you were born I was That’s how math works I am killer sure can do it dude. I can do it too with my brain Thank you guys. No. We need to get more pictures though We need another two Guys gonna have to stop now. Don’t stop don’t stop. It’s for the children. Oh a hundred and fifty dollars a hundred Every hundred and fifty dollars now gets there’s the picture To get to her a picture oh just a hundred fifty needed to get One hundred and fifty dollars needed to get to Emma’s picture for it here. We go come on donate donate Like when you see from a weird angle and I Was the different This is saves the children not scared the children You had terrific cheekbones That’s coming back yeah, you should you should do that for next Halloween cosplays or so? So that’s all for now tomorrow bobby pick subtle Alex you can’t spell did you know that? Okay tomorrow. We’ll do it again Chill sorry Alex okay, so that does it for now, that’s maybe I didn’t even know that was happening. Did you guys know yeah? Did you really go through that much effort. I didn’t know that was happening yeah She’s right you guys so the hard sharken strutted a runway so walk away I flew myself here Merry Christmas everybody Tether him away I Had no idea that was happening cute okay, so Tomorrow my pain in the chest tomorrow we can do the same thing no yeah, yeah, and some more pictures of Emma Yeah, thankfully I don’t Was the worst? You’re not with the dance power hour over the next 60 minutes you have to be a dancing whoever stops dies You’re dancing Mickey. I’m sorry Song Festival Okay, yeah While the trans liking that they like in the dance, oh whoa is that the original Oh Save the Children the choice No I was helping oh of course haha fuses Alex Good job. It was a marshmallow because I would have lost bad hey I I was there so I Watched all of the games i’m Moni polls. Do you think they sported last night? Yeah, that’s a great John so it’s a very fifties coming. Oh, yeah the water and breaking is not drinkable anymore I hear water never been drinkable, No You’re really good dog that it’s the hips. I refused to Shark killing hips Three dollars provides bread, okay, we’re just Waiting for an npc to talk $3.00 provides bread rations for a family of five for one day And we save the children that’s three dollars You can spare that so three dollars gets rations bread rations for a family for a five for a whole day That’s that’s crazy. It’s really proving that like every dollar counts. Yeah People who are like I’m sorry it’s not much this shows that It’s it’s way more than you think it is it goes way further than you think of those Yeah, so thank you so much $20 can pay for a newborn baby kit Save the Children are miracle workers What does it include what does the baby food? Supplies Information to us Don’t think that you just because you can’t donate much you shouldn’t Yeah, and you know that’s Bradford, I think it’s terrible that people feel guilty for saying Oh, I’ve only got like a dollar like yet. You’re being so generous seriously every single dollar it adds up Yes, you can see it happen. You can see it right now Dollars yeah, so many dollars been thrown at that’s great. That’s nice. We got some donations real quick We should do we should do a donation train everybody just start donating a dollar, and then just like we’ll keep dancing We’ll keep reading off donations get those donate That’s a great idea draw anything to keep us warm cuz I’m really cold right. How are you really really cold? Thirty-two thousand people watching you but yam is one dollar that’s another 30 K Wow so Everyone donate a dollar right now exactly and we read out your names the music stuff We’ll keep dancing as long as it takes for the first one Emily 98 wand honor. I love you all Save the Children This is romantic Which one did you just read Emily? Suger says my chain, I liked this chain Oh the donation chain, I love the And that was sooo good donated three dollars, so that’s bread for a family of five for a week, yeah one day one day one day sorry Getting lightheaded cuz he’s so cold Nagisa dancing. Yeah exactly Okay Okay, I think we may have broken stuff with this cuz I’m slowed way down That means you guys are amazing retro summer’s $5 Shh Shawn $5 Katy $20 Malorie $20 we have more messages campfire Nestor Look baby ball see $3 you know love you guys if I love Robin more we all do It’s my it’s my my fur it’s your hairy chest I can’t pronounce this program. So sorry Joachim Langille said this is $2 here is all I have Donate all you have You just donated it Shawn McLaughlin just donated one That was dancing magic the magic of Dance coupled with the tool from before That’s $3 Donation trained okay, let’s keep it going Jed $1 donation trained Lucas a dollar hi friends yeah Nina cool two dose Centauri eight nine nine eight $100 you just donated four hundred people that couldn’t afford it messages, okay? Have a great holiday and keep up the good work Jennifer five dollars Love you all have a blast and enjoy your Christmases Terry one dollar. I love you, Ethan Lisa one dollar keep dancing Justin do Rock Merry Christmas, thank you guys so much for bringing awareness Get to the course it did carve Liam Christie $1 donation train Album $1 Justin capsules save their children. Yeah, yes, Joey them toxic token. $5 says. I love you jack Let’s do this Save the Children Jewish lips wish I could do fan off But my my work table is covered in stained glass. That was $20 For any cake $1 you guys are too cute Linnea a $1 this one’s for auntie Keep it light and happy Love you sleepy Saffy $1 love you all clora $1 hi from Denmark I Come cymbal $5 want to help all I can show you all. Thank you so much Rachel $20 have the holidays for kids and adults everywhere Eden just said Round but you and Vince me, I love you all thank you so much does counted so ha – Ok Bianca donated $1 and said what is up? My crazy boys? JUnit said love you all dancing with you everyone. Thank you at home right now see I’m feeling it Jake Quinn donated. $1 and said great job guys. Enjoyed the stream god bless christie donated us $5 fucking love you guys and the stream we love you too. Thank you Yes septic I donated $5 and said bread with a bunch of random oh jeez Ok Breaks 2 1 9 donate $1 say keep dancing guys you you are amazing Florists are donated $1 say keep it up guys Love you Pearson Maynard donated $4 and Sajak and the gang you’ve helped through some tough times. You don’t don’t sing Dosmo thank you Okay Sarah donated $3 and Merry Christmas That is the $3 thank you so much Sarah Mickey McGuire don’t need to $20 and said let’s do this guy’s everyone Gossip mime donated a hundred and fifty dollars low and said keep the hair natural Jack all natural, baby Vanessa and Amy love you guys keeps reading to goodness. Please wish my sis I don’t see the rest of it, but I will wish her sister Merry Christmas Happy birthday, merry life Happy times this donation trend is happening in every 10,000 we do our special pose, but also we’re getting real close to the watch Don’t forget about that, and we don’t know what happens when we don’t I wanna cuz we can only do it at 50k. We can only do it once. I once we reach $100,000 all donations are all matched so it gets doubled to 200 thousands. Yes. Yeah, so Today’s Nikoli all of your donations that are coming in right now Could be double makers so everything if we do the things right every donation. That’s happening right now could Be just donated $300 in glory 600 my aunty donated $2 and said see you all Christmas Such a misunderstood guy Makes rose mo donated $20 and said love you jack, but Ethan is my dude It’s getting weird Victoria Hobson donated $10 said it’s the least I can do for the things you have all done for me. Thank you so much Stoner I like donated $1 and just putting emojis Dear no it’s a meme against me oh Because I was looking for Carrie Or is silver parsnips and slime rancher and couldn’t find them when they are gonna kept finding carrots of people But yes, I was reindeer I’m gonna pass out $31 and said I love you guys so much Merry Christmas. I love you took any opportunity. Yeah $2 Just donated three dollars good luck. Good luck reaching your goal guys It’s going real fast Becky Harris with $3 anti septic Ellie with $1 Annika Brock $5 Oh, this is going fast look dingus wait wait always Let’s see Brandon with $5 howdy from Alabama Bureau with another dollar keep going the Train I’ve read that wrong. That’s not what it says keep the train going. Oh boy. It’s hot Let’s see Ellie Bruckner with $10. Love you guys and all that you are doing Rusty reah with $3 save the kiddos. Love you guys. Let’s do it keep going Let’s see Flores or with $2 are you feeling it now mr. Krabs? Feeling it. I’m feeling it very much And uh Rudolph like a boss love the screen. It’s doing but I can’t donate more, but here is 3/5 Dino don’t know what he said, okay? Thank you, cranks game plays are you Ethan I know you that’s a funny, thing hahaha Let’s see noodles love you guys And give Robin a hug All right, William, thank you for three dollars Lord River Thank You Rory Thank you for five dollars a dancing something. I don’t know buckle stir. Thank you for the $1 donates Love you PJ Robin am Jack. Okay. They don’t love us. I guess that’s okay. We love you Okay dance party $5.00 from I can’t read Kristen babe Holmes, thank you. Thank you so much everyone backstage is dancing as well look at them go Wow incredible everybody Yeah anonymous donated $10 Thank You May with $20 Xavier Collins $1 Imani Kibler $2 love you guys keep up the great work. Thank Allah sia $1 thing this is for Emma’s great dancing Mary right side olives, thank you toxic poking with $1 Tarrant Gardner with love you. We love you, too Oh Yeah Yeah, it’s Really painful Break that number In your mom If it goes off while I’m adjusting this I’m gonna be very upset, so we’re now resulting two black 500 left Oh here. We go however this is we won’t help they won’t move and don’t you Robin uncle you can okay? What give me my stone boy? We’re not give me my stone We’re not doing anything not to me what the same to progress you’re gonna have to keep donating Oh you want your daughters this stream is behind a paywall now. This is just black weight right if will no one’s gonna It’s not black man if it’s for charity. It’s incentive $200 yeah, this is it this is our lives right now All right Okay, Alex just said thanks. So thank you don’t Well the good news is that we’re only halfway through today’s stream. Yes. We’ve only 10,000 away Yeah, so it’s very likely we’re gonna be able to press that button in today’s stream. You’re not yes. Yes 10k left to go and we will be able to see what is in sight Watch that it’s a pretty big one Diseases pricing. It’s just say 7:00 p.m.. Yeah like what? Thanks Santa’s watch Always says 7 p.m.. Yeah So I’m ready to pass out, so let’s do some crappy cosplay, okay? Bring it in everybody put on more clothes. Thank you. Have a thank you Fuck with rocks oh, no sinister sticks, okay house beating sticks around Okay, okay So here was then what we doing here. Ah I get it. Okay. I’m a Character okay Alex put your hands down man, okay, okay? Crappy cosplay it’s basically cosplay charades all right, so there’s there’s some characters in here I believe they’re videogame characters, and then you have to pick up a card, and then you have to emulate Whatever that character is using the props that are in this box. Love it and the rest of us have to guess What’s there so what someone guesses they get imaginary yeah? How about you stop messing in Santa’s box, and we just played the game huh damn time no, I knew or that came in Okay, okay, who gets to go first? Who is who wins no it does he wins three wins well the marshmallows everything we try to Correct guesses are worth one marshmallow so the guesser gets the point not the performer I just think so I mean whatever yeah Yes, yes the right so the first person who gets the right character gets emotional. Yes. Yeah, okay, okay? everybody on the couch, let’s get Together yeah, yeah, let’s bundle up more. Okay, Essen all right. Go give us a character We’re gonna give these a good shuffle, or dr. Seuss all right pop it and just give a little shuffle all right listen here, right all right? We’re gonna make a little shuffle out of it. This is highly offensive I’m gonna pull it out in it any Because like wait how do you cosplay as crappy cosplay all right? There’s a wow? Those that thought that was probably Horace okay ready yes link So you get to go yes, okay feel like that’s a Score someone ice to keep score, okay? You keep score. No. I’m mark the guys are on it. They got it. Thank you pine now here. This is crappy cosplay How am I gonna okay All right, I mean. I’ll do it. I’ll do what I need to do. I mean if it’s hard to do then We don’t know I can do it. I just don’t want to you know offend or anything I’m waiting to see what you pick up and then you’re like oh no what I mean. Well, yeah I didn’t even get to stuff all right there you go Your auntie makes up the mask I’ll go next yes, I’m sure all right oh I think I got two. I didn’t see this one Okay, okay, y’all ready for this or jump Tomb Raider I’m not familiar with snowman the video game what from like clayfighter We need carat for another costume I was I was this What if the Bugs Bunny comes up turn the camera guys then we make up? Now if anyone’s gonna do snowman again, no one’s gonna get it because you took a bite out of it. Yeah well This is gross I don’t know what that is so this is gonna. Do it anyway drifting come on. This is the beauty of charades Well this is just branches pants, I don’t I’m sorry Beauty and the Beast Karate Kid I don’t know. This is the proper man. I don’t know what this character is at all I don’t know what this is so none of no one’s gonna get this are they how do you even it’s like? They don’t understand it at all and this I’m sorry assuming. You know it’s not sanic this universe I’m assuming, but I don’t know what this is I don’t know forum is, Texas Can I just geralt of rivia Arnold Schwarzenegger right? I don’t know one catch isn’t It supposed to be baby new year well I don’t care that. I gave that away. What is baby, baby new year. Yeah, what is that? Well done you wouldn’t you in a marshmallow? Did anyone get that you should have baby, I suck you should have babied around okay. Oh Wait I want to see the car That was the prank one that was the that’s not a character, and if it is I’m sorry what insulted your IP, okay Well you don’t lose we’re the ones that lose cuz we got no marshmallows Ha wait, baby new year It’s not I have a vague idea um Domino’s Pizza. Oh, haha okay. This is good. This is No Dreiser Goku no way yeah Yeah, cuz then I whoo We’re gonna let the sleeves off it and go just gonna tie it around, but yeah Nothing now. Oh we could have seen that let’s see yeah Okay, we’re doing You right I got a I got one Goku I got zero So we got none you got a baby new year Told you Like halfway through the stream, I’m messing myself up because I’m the judge of all these games so I get no marshmallows whatever Yeah, yeah, don’t tell yourself I’m gonna start destroying your career. Yeah, okay, okay, so marshmallow time to Marsha’s please If you asked for them, I just throw them at you oh all right, thank you Which one of my um green I want to know what these were for what was the intention with these sticks, okay? The Stig’s are to be the baby Rudolph Baby new baby new year, it’s baby new year never see baby. We we know Stop with your stickiness Stop anything Are you eating the sex It’s made out of horse It’s over taking big steps, okay whoa Batman donated $3. Oh my god Three dollars and said Save the Children good job. Thank you very much Batman says Batman says Save the Children you gotta say the Batman my mind says Call me crazy, but isn’t Bruce Wayne at Melina Doesn’t matter Horse whinnies, but Batman is yeah, we don’t don’t don’t Make purcell donated $20 to Jack and eats, and I watch you guys along with Marek every day my life dr. Todd is all awesome because you guys are in it Nailed it Sarah C donated $5 to continue the great work love to all of you Thanks, Sarah. See thank you appreciate it Rachel’s donated $3 at first, Alaskan winter Please save me hashtag born Floridian. I’m Florida to Alaska on your first winter – Rafa rented beer If you rent a bear it’s fine Game animate gal says you guys are amazing merry Christmas from Scotland. Okay guys this one is long Molly donates $1 had Peter for PJs John Thank you deep be done said Jax a supercalifragilistic expialidocious Retiring returning as it’s over. I don’t need to do anymore. Thank you guys so much What now guys I don’t know? I thought that was kind of There’s a stick there you know That’s what this dream is going down Hey, man, I’m just trying to make things fun. Just eating sticks eating sticks drinking water women games and get Mallos What you do at Christmas you eat stuff yeah? We’re back to dancing again Yeah according to the ticket us, thank you look any clothes for the box getting close We’re not quite there, but don’t forget if you donate and we get to $50,000 Then we get to press this big old button over here that we don’t know what’s gonna happen We could do that today, but we need to raise 7,000 you said 43 yeah 7,000 more dollars to do so so Donate all that you can every single dollar helps and remember once we get to 100k Everything will be doubled. There is a very generous generous anonymous donor that is willing to match that 100 K So every donation that you make it will be doubled if we hit that 100k donation mark so please Donate click the link in the description And if you can’t donate at all sharing the stream at all helps so much just get the word out there that this is happening so Let’s do some cool stuff. Send children as well. It’s really good I enjoyed I enjoyed, but I’ve never spoken words in my life until then Wow Ten words right there good Heywood some real and awesome, okay Repping your stove. I’m not letting good as the smell of your stone changed sweat Smells like it’s been right next my balls all It smells like thousands of children around the world with help. I’m very happy on this dream Thanks to your donations and also sweat and tape Okay, we are moving on we have another game to play which is Secret Santa Or secret de Santa as it was for a second Is that what this is called Secreting Santa a lot right now okay, so we’re gonna draw names from a Santa hat and in order of most marshmallows to least pick from for covered bins of crafting supplies Do we have what inner said again? In order for more marshmallows to lease so whoever eyes the most marshmallows okay alex is writing some stuff We’re right in a box. There is a box of I Don’t Make this I made this okay, the names are in here. Oh, I see the names are in here already Alright, okay Thank you so much for coming watching Whether you’ve donated or not. Thank you for being here and sharing your day with us a lot of fun Yeah, and what I’m doing. We have a long way to go yet oh Okay, who is the most marshmallows the Green one just twelve, but PJ that oh, oh that’s me. Yeah Are you good, and then what do I get okay? Thanks for a special box and everyone else’s on ten. Do I get all of this? You probably don’t want to show the stream either did ya got it, okay? Anybody next meet Robert. Yes. We’re not showing anyone okay. No, and then if you get yourself The bins are in the cabin yeah, there’s bins There’s bins in the cabinets who was next the three of us so however we want to do it What are we making again jumpers something Something that what we got to work Okay wait, can we only use the box we paved it again. I think so oh shit. We have our names Mix don’t mix the box ingredients, so you can take out the boxes and put them here on top of this table Wait what we can mix the box we can Very good very good Supposed to have a box, baby Are we making these now are we supposed to make these in secret? Yeah, yeah, we have to go away to our own little hidey holes and make our things okay I think the contents a secret, otherwise you know who made what oh? Well, I mean what do we make you all always a presence a secret? Phantom Camera hiding what they’re doing the segment they’re Alone, okay, but we can use anything. That’s in this box. Yeah, they’re crafting supplies Okay, is this? This is like the Communal how am I supposed to get into it? I don’t know what you guys are doing. What are you giving me? Ah? These are dividers oh I got you here for Christmas. That’s just made of metal Okay We need to hide these I feel like everyone got a box and then came over and start stealing from my box and then left I do It’s a communal bulky. Yep fool. Okay, okay, so hide everybody hide okay? Done I was trying to move the tree you can’t you can’t you can’t be moved okay. I need a tree that can’t be moved Really use my raw talent to make this okay your ingenuity, that’s Rude boy haha Yeah, jingle bell jingle bell. I hate you Wow I need It’s about to get real glad. This is about up in here It’s gonna get ok you have like my too much because the people need to be able to see What’s in this I was gonna hide behind the tree that res. I wouldn’t be on the street. Yeah Thanks mine oh, that’s yours ok, I’ll be over in my own sequestered place do not have a copy all the way over here Oh, they’re so Oh It says on the rules that were not allowed to hit each other Who was hitting each other not allowed to hit each other are you hitting each other? How’d you melee hit me without hitting away? No hitting no hitting why is that rule why does that need to be a rule? How are you supposed to craft things without hitting people I? Don’t know make up surprised I Don’t know how to get this glue to work Use your imagination Also, do not let the stream get boring yeah And also remember for every 10k we reach Are we on me are we are we good are we going to camera nope so it’s still on Ethan and mm Hey over here there. We go. Hey. How’s it going? For every 10k raise we have to do our pose so right now is a really great time to mess us up Oh have to get into the middle and do a pose with our rocks But the next 10k goal is also the Santa watch for 50k So while we’re doing this we need you guys to donate to save the children And also use the hashtag Jack the holes to spread around the donation link and the stream to everybody else So please help out and please keep donating because we need your help to get there. We work. We’re coming up toward We’re in the second half of this stream already, and we’re almost at 50 K Which is insane? so thank you guys so much and please keep donating and helping out it really means a lot to us and every dollar helps technically every dollar You donate is $2 because it’s matched one to one by a Save the Children so if we raise a 100k They will also donate a hundred K. As well from an anonymous donor matcher, so thank you, please keep helping out Now you guys say stuff Hey Hi, I’ve got glue and I’ve got glue under my skin Right here. I’ve got glue deep in the art of me You get it if you don’t like it And I was a good time to donate because we have to do weird things when we get to yeah goals So you don’t forget who you’re making this for we are doing Secret Santa right now So whoever you’re making the gift for has to be what they would like What did you think you were doing just having crafting fun well, you’re also good at crafts I’m sure anything you’re make will turn out amazing You said Oh God way too much glue on this It’s getting soupy. It’s a real soupy Even what I? own it either own this soup make it part of the design is an egg I Might want to run out and grab something. It’s against the rules you can do it. Okay. I’ll be back in a second Yeah, this would be a really great time to mess up PJ. He’s not here anymore. Can we pretend? No So funny Okay you decided to not do that so you can just put your stone away got it. We gave up yeah Okay, this is going to be a great time guys. I’m really excited to give this person my gift to do that I also realized that I started like working on it and then was like wait. I literally have no idea what I’m doing I just started sticking stuff together, and then was like yeah that makes sense Wait are you talking about your videos now or? Will you edit them, so if they look unfinished? It’s your fault. That’s well that yeah Shit didn’t think about that. They could only work with full foot. It’s not half a video Okay, this is gonna. Take me about 17 years to finish Such a fun stream Jack wait, where are the boxes? Ah? What happened don’t look at the boxes doing this this box? Oh check the suite back $50 can pay for the attendance of an entire village school in a country like Uganda including the costume Oh, yeah, yeah, so $50 where am I looking? here hello $50 so anybody who donates $50 or if a bunch of people donate up to $50 whatever? $50 can help pay for an entire village school in countries like Uganda So that can pay for the cost of the teacher it can pay for Salary and supplies and everything like that which is so so crazy so Keep donating all of the donations count for a really awesome Cause keep doing it keep doing it, and I can keep making my gift. I Will keep making my gift that I’m about to tell what it is do do dodo Where is that the glue thing I’m looking here Thank you my gift is not falling apart. What are you guys to her? I’m not messing up the whole thing I think you can’t look over here Because you’re gonna share an anecdote with the stream, but you thought up with something amazing What? dodo dodo Everyone at home. We are sorry that we are like real deep and thought right now, but these gifts could change your life Sorry, I’m really I’m really really into this. This is hard and you got it. Yeah These gifts can change a person in this room’s life But every donation that you make can change the life of a child somewhere in the world and every little bit helps What was it three dollars? Helps feed a family of five for one day with bread bread get some delicious bread for them Which is crazy? five dollars helps a child in Totality fifty dollars was it fifty dollars that could help fund a teacher. Yeah, yeah an entire village school That’s crazy Okay, okay, okay here on screen I’m here. He’s um. I’m hearing voices. This is nice mellow music whoever put this on. Thank you. How’s it Greensleeves? What music is it the song Green’s? Oh, that’s cold. Yeah, yeah, this one’s the bombings that you hear everywhere I know where the glue is going well. There’s wait weren’t you just getting stupid I thought you were getting sick tree. You need more glue. No I’ve been doing things We’re gonna wrap these for you by the way. Oh, we have to have them know they’re gonna wrap them Oh the people organizing the stream. We’re gonna wrap them for us, okay Good luck. Yeah, I Don’t know how you’re gonna wrap this. What do you mean you’re gonna make perform a small wrap around the gift What you’re doing And why I think my gift is Why are you like this? Nobody look I’m presenting. It wait wait. You don’t present them. Don’t present them. You don’t present them today glue Ethan glue, please They’ve been presented tomorrow. Yes cool So whatever gift we’re making now will be presented tomorrow, and it’s all a surprise. I love it I show the stream my gift though. Yeah, okay If any see if they can guess who is for everyone right in the chat who you think Ethan’s gift is for The contents Gift is for me because I just I love them. I love how enthusiastic you are vaguely you’ve got your seat Okay, okay, I don’t know how I do this Well I need an adult yeah, do we have paper towels anywhere, I’m worried now, what did you do? No, I just used a little too much glue yeah, and so I’d like to just a little too much glue. I’d like to just Wipe it off ah Okay hold on don’t need it um How’s that don’t need any paper towels, it’s okay do we have to use all over the parts we know no I haven’t used any of the pots the cable pipe what really? Tomorrow do we have a time limit on this I? Mean I have an internal one cuz I really need to go to the bathroom Come on in for in Come on in scream Hey, hello Make sure you happening. Oh, this is a good barrier between us don’t look over here Who’s got the clue? Which would you like PVA autistic I? Don’t need that back in a second. Yeah loser was gonna call in Nobody knows Oh already God Oh Towards us hello, how’s it going? How are you doing? We’re good. How are you? Very good. I’ve been watching you guys really are we are we incredible at Christmas? super entertaining super helpful super Super handsome. Thanks Lu Zhu I’ve seen all your sweaters, and I win for mine, too Happy SIFMA’s That’s a nice sweater. Thanks, man 40% that I couldn’t join. Yeah loser was initially supposed to join the stream in person but we got messed up and stuff got in the way, but We appreciate you calling in Yeah I don’t know what you can see right now. It’s I’m like looking at you, and I’m like oh you can see me See you guys like everyone else really except me there anyone talking to you oh Hi Liam with your eggs it’s a secret don’t you describe the kids? I mean you’re not going to ruin it by saying that I’m playing with eggs because mike is So good it cannot be Figured out by the human brain not even my own Cat doing amazing you’ve already amazing quite like almost 50,000 It’s awesome most lose ooh, do you have yeah? Do you have a holiday story for us at all? holiday story But I thought it would be fun to let you guys know how it is in Spain cuz I’m sure that in every country it Is different yeah? In Spain we’ve only kind of like embraced this Santa eager Recently because we had our own thing before Which is the three wizard kings? Mostly yeah supposedly for the holidays in Spain what we would have is the stories like Jesus when he was born he had this wizard King spring presents okay, and so we in the Night of the 5th of January is when we would get presents from them So they would come with camels and we will go to sleep and prepare like these balls of chocolate milk And cookies around and we will wake up in the canvas and the kings And we would also put a shoe with our picture under a tree excu Yeah, so I would take for example my right shoe from school And I would put it under the tree and I’ll put a picture of myself inside of it And then I will go to sleep, and I will probably not sleep the whole night All nervous and wake up and see all my presents why-why-why a shoe I Don’t know I guess it’s to put something on yours. I’m sure it has a back story that I don’t know Yeah, also I like how you said wake up to a white Christmas, but in Spain white Christmas well I mean that know where I’m from in the north is my weather is kind of like yours Really bad if you go to like 30 minutes offshore it snows everywhere know that Yeah, it’s just because I’m next to the you know next to the sea In Brighton that doesn’t snow either because we’re next to the sea And I’m sad now it has snowed in the past, but this year. We got unlucky this year. We just got sleet horrible Horrible awful, family. It’s great. If it snows is one day because after one day you’re already sick Yeah Yes, yeah absolutely and also I wanted to say Because I don’t need it before but I don’t know if it went or something I’ve been I’ve been trying to monitor it but I’ve been reading a lot about what favorite children is doing and it’s amazing like yeah the housing for equivalences of the donations with the things that you can do for it for children, it’s Unbelievable like crazy just touching Spanish again now so that people can understand someone doesn’t speak English better. I mean I am Amazed with the fact that with five dollars you can change a kid’s life pretty. Yeah, it’s such a little about money hey, I was just gonna say that everyone instead of going tomorrow to have a coffee donate five dollars today and tomorrow you can just Slap your face wake up Have a cold shower. Yeah, but it’s incredible the fact that you know like children are supposed to have a happy childhood and be safe and just the door and you know a lot of us are able to have that but a lot of kids are also not able to have it and we can help with Very little money that anyone asks we can all help out so I’ll switch languages now okay where you know you’re about to hear a lot of weird stuff Alright Yes k yak amigos and What that wasn’t even I mean chinchilla Marian those nasty most secretive or Something the most simplest nap yeah Yes, yeah if I see KC this young You got Academy, no yes for most anything I saw Sonny what dollars I could You know if mo say you had a key That was it yay. Yeah, yeah And that so many people are participating in something yeah, there’s so many people helping out and so much money has been raised already yeah Any crazy schedule for the rest? There’s some stuff that I’m gonna leave as a surprise And we still don’t know what is inside Santa watch. We still need to raise 50k to see later That’s gonna happen anyway I’m slightly we’re getting information that people were really excited about your Spanish so your rep you’re representing Spain right now That’s great Is living in LA in California yes You went from one hot place to another Yeah, but I mean I’m I’m about to go Spain for the holidays. Oh, that’s good. Yeah You got reason why I couldn’t going today because it was like oh you guys know how it is preparing videos for like going out For two weeks or whatever and traveling all the time yeah Yeah, and so I’m probably saying That’s cool. I hope you have a Merry Christmas Yes, and tonight Please no spoilers. I’m gonna go watch Star Wars Because we’re not gonna see it until Monday, so Well P James M. Assad. Yeah. Oh, yeah You’re gonna. Love. It. Don’t say anything. I’m like I’m dying I was very surprised to see the return of Jah Jah beings Boilers, I knew he was smoked JJ JJ Abrams’s meant Jar Jar The truth We’ve Gifts so everybody go take your last finish to finish up okay what you have so far what? You whoever gets this is gonna be super lucky Also gets my gift will have to I mean Having a special position where I can see everything Ethan’s is amazing like I See it perfectly from here, and I I just want to put it in my wall right there Just came to me and I was like I had there’s no other way So that’s how my gift was created yeah, it has to be done Okay, well, thanks for calling in Luz ooh We have to say goodbye to you now for edition opera gifts, but thank you so much, and thank you for Driving to the charity in Spanish as well that really means a lot It’s gonna reach so many more people that way and we hope you have a Merry Christmas in a wonderful time You too guys. Thank you and everyone Contribute with anything that you can it’s gonna help a lot Have a great stream. Thank you Thank you, and thanks for donating as well Luz ooh. Yeah, thanks for donating He’s gone. He’s gone. I love the rollaway Don’t look is no coming up do we have someone coming in to retrieve the gift so we don’t yeah? Where do we where do anybody else’s? You can really tell who the artistic But so we got to put our gifts in the box What’s in the box gonna go well, I guess we can put something on top of it because We just have stuff from the box all over the place mine doesn’t fit really And I can’t put it in with other stuff That was already in the box because then people would be like which one’s the actual gift Which one is the garbage? Yes, it could work there. We go I mean mine is incredible yeah mine’s under all this paper Don’t mind them. Don’t look at the markers. They didn’t fall, okay I’m coming over here to grab a marker. No come over here. You lose their marker Marker for what brown dot anything? Thank you very good Okay, okay I’ve done it. I cover it all up I Don’t know where we bring these I mean if we poke at the name of the person. They’re on it for All right, who it’s for on it Secret keep it secret see right. I need a wipe. I’m done finish So I can’t look other people are finishing up the gear Am I still trying to be careful not looking Looking into lights now, and I’m going blind so I can’t look anymore anyway spoiled that your gift was once wet okay, and it’s drying So Since we spent some time just doing that and haven’t talked to anybody in a really long time. I want to read out some donations Well, so the geez just Monica donated $20 and said just Monica, just Monica Just Monica just money, just Monica Just Monica Accountable jinks donated $10 and said I just got here, but Congrats on what you’ve raised already. Thank you so much. I appreciate that we’ve Anonymous donated apparently like a thousand trillion dollars, so I think Wow, I think we broke the site because these are showing up weird it has like a billion zeroes effort Lok the Swede donated $1 and said mmm cranberries look at this donation whoa yeah, that’s Ether donated $5 that love you guys keep shining and spreading your optimism And eh 95 donated $1 and said love you Emma and Jack snowy hug from Norway Johanna Gustafson I think donated $10 and said I’m a bleep er trash mammal, but have some money for the kids Thank you Trash battle No, I have yeah, you played the guitar in the woods. Yes, okay? Sorry we’re spoiling the new style did you play the guitar in the woods with charger yes? Okay the thing is actually frozen so we can’t update the donations because you guys are donating so much I think we broke the system, yeah No we good So could we have a updated donation figure, please? Rocks at the ready. Oh yeah, put them in this oh my god. We are at forty seven thousand nine hundred and six dollars Is that real close to 50k or another 10k, but it’s also close to that yeah, yeah And it’s also close to being halfway done with the the gold. Yeah, it’s not yeah. Yeah already Thank you guys so much. Are you proud about hiding that we just? Donate no donate for cleaning effort oh Yeah Yeah, but they were empty. How do you empty an egg and you drain it by poking a hole Larry carefully weird I did it myself goes. I’m gonna check my eggs every time I buy them cleaning That’s so nice put a marshmallow on guys you deserve it good. Oh clean clean Good Crowd of you guys Okay, oh Yeah, I get another marshmallow for cleaning my hands are do I one more Marsha. You’re in an endless loop of marshmallow hands Then I lose out when when we get in a lot Over here in a cleaning. Oh yeah, then you start taking them off one by yes, yeah infinite cycle this joy Yeah No, it didn’t so $75 can support one severely malnourished child with medicine therapeutic food food and other treatment at an outpatient clinic for a month, that’s Yeah that goes a really long way, so only $75 and one severely malnourished child can be helped with Medicine and food and treatment for a horrible month you guys save lives today Yeah, you’re really making an actual difference in the world so that means a lot to us. Thank you so much. That’s amazing So many truly saving the children today Yeah, it’s great like loser was saying like I feel like there should be a lot of us are able to have really great childhoods and are able to do things that we want to do and have good education and be a part of a good family and Be healthy, but there are so many kids out there that aren’t able to do that and that aren’t as fortunate So this is really really amazing that we’re all coming together like this and all of you guys like we are not doing this It’s all you guys like sure this event is happening and like this stream is happening, but we aren’t donating all of this money It’s all you guys, so you actually be really proud of yourselves because you’re seriously like they just said saving lives, so We gotta run applause in the channel oh ding dong dong ding dong the doors the doors opens. Here is a ghost We turn this away free mother christmas is coming Salt sorry Dude dude you guys skateboard you guys skateboard Ha ha this is sick, dude yo how much you couldn’t have a how much you bench, bro Bent Steve his steer Steve’s a thin little boy. You don’t got a muscle like you do bench him real quick James you always come into the bit. Where are you committing to the bed? It’s for charity That’s that’s a man who vapes I’ve seen a few men who can vape and at the same time I Mean if I do I Mean we met Steve that time twice We met yeah, it was back when you used to do red at 50 50s remember I know yeah Not even a single single dollar Like saying sorry we gotta go we’re close to 50k Thanks, thanks for flex and dudes flexing for It’s called fun jobs for kid okay, thanks My god those boys Alex, what did you do? Alec can’t even spell sorry he’s so shook from all the flexing that just $304 we’re very close Clothes keep dying we’re so close. We’re very close to opening up Santa’s walk so curious Inside we may never know no we will I’m positive we are gonna find out very soon Can we get a cute boy back if we get 250? Okay? How’s he doing that well lose it? No, no, we’re not allowed caught the call out chat call out all that hold on call out oh Wait we have to look. Oh, it’s not working. It’s frozen hold on wait for that Yeah our donation iPad is frozen ooh. Who’s sitting at ahh oh no one. It’s just oh, okay, white donated $500 you guys are awesome. No you’re awesome. Thank you so much Let’s see Amelia with $5 Amy shambles for $20 mrs. Mo mean $10 jack you are cute. I want to smash your face Okay Sorry thirty two dollars and ten cents your balls We’re very close Yeah, what are you looking down dance rich F. Just a $100 donation? I’m getting the stone ready. I don’t give you guys the hints, but there’s no We’re doing we do another donation train if everyone can donate $1 right now, we will keep dancing $1 can read it okay? Yes, and we have to keep dancing until 50k is raised we’re so close let’s do it I Do it make sorry $1, thank you Rick woods with $10 thank you a job right with $1 Let’s see Jakob Nielsen wins $1 Ashton $10. Thank you so much my jingling helping I Know thank you my best Skill bro with $200. Thank you so much. Oh don’t look at it. Okay. I’m sorry What don’t do it wait depression watch don’t do it all at the same time have to wait until what all depressing Well, that’s weird. Why do the thing getting their toes. I would I would have been immediately keep dancing I am It’s 50 K We are halfway to our goal, which means we are watch Stop the tune we need like a drummer Yes, I won’t find the royalty-free drum roll. I think we should all press it at the same time Just press it Do it what are we getting the TV the screen is back? Maybe it’s related I’m scared to see what’s on the screen anymore. I don’t want the screen and I do it’s scary what does the button do I was for joy in the screen to doing press the button are we allowed Santa watch a Real object. Yes, okay? We might have a thing wait if we wait together. I wouldn’t listen I don’t know. Can we move okay? Are we allowed to move the box? Yes Okay Drag, it’s lifted. Pop it. That’s just a big bother yeah Okay, and we will need to like hands in the middle right I’m scared doing so you stand in front. I don’t know what this is Santa watch one two three bow Tell Santa what you want One three one five two seven. Oh is this what I think it is what is it all in? Okay, does it callings enjoy honest what there’s it’s a high What? There’s nothing in any of these Laughing hey Wow Duke get it This Center what it was it was a watch. Oh if I can fit in it. It means there was no joy inside here He means, it’s a watch get into watch Number four : I don’t know it’s an American number. I don’t call that it cost money. Yeah, what is this? What’s happening? No one oh, you can talk to Santa if you call that number oh You guys have unlocked the ability to contact center yourself do it call him PJ If you call okay If you call one three one nine five two seven two six eight zero you will be able to talk to Santa all right Try it out what’s happening ringing? Actually Santa Okay, they got me on hold this hold music the Christmas music and I was like death Mendte I’ve always ready to talk to you Okay, I didn’t know Joe Swanson was Okay, so what we need to leave a voicemail yeah, anyone gonna be quick. This is all going on to voicemail I Think there’s like 60 seconds okay, so we can send what we want. What do you what do you want? I just want? Still still keen on that Xbox, but I suppose you know saving more children would be cool, okay? Yes There was nothing inside our boxes, so I’m gonna need like an upfront donation I Mean you got a lot of workers up there Confirmed the whole factory for toys for everybody around the world Gotta have some deep pockets bro make with the money something make with the money donate Santa. I won’t need you to donate Hey Santa’s, you know we raise money for Save the Children Yeah, yeah and every dollar helps, but he wasn’t it’s voicemail Yeah, he picked up. Oh, I see I’m role-playing. I’m waiting for him to like reply. Sorry Santa Robin’s talking So yeah if you donate like a dollar Santa every dollar hopes it goes a really really long way if you donate $3 That’s bread for a family of five for a whole day Okay, he says he knew that okay. There’s sir. Yeah, but it also it helps a lot more than that did you know? We’re trying to get to 100k Santa Jack he kind of is Santa if we get to $100,000. It’s doubled it gets to $200,000 so we need to reach that real quick so Santa do your magic do your work tell the people out there? Can we get please Santa in the chat can be Santa? Thanks, love you and tell tell Rudolph I said hey, what’s up, bro? Sorry Santa that was Ethan he was a bit weird how phones work oh? Wait so we need a call soon well, no we wasn’t that was a legit phone call with Santa okay? It says dial 999 for an emergency this isn’t We need more yes emergency services yeah sign didn’t pick up don’t do this, okay, what about my Is that actually is that what what’s he got to do with any of this just cuz Ya, really care Robbins if you do cool that yeah, yeah, what happened yes, I have an American phone Without the intention of that bit where we somebody said they said legit did call Santa so if you call this number often Call Santa isn’t he my green You know what has got any difference he’s got an American Yeah, that’s weird. I think son is my own old planes of time at all times So if you if you call one three one nine five two seven two six eight and zero you can travel, Santa Claus Call say the job we call on to the donate. I tell him what you want Tell me what you want for christmas, so what you really or anyone Yeah I sure am glad we waited all that time for that. Yeah, that was a great. It has a great surprise Santa walk the area to Kate seventeen we was so excited. Where were you when Santa watch went down I was here I live I’m saying a watch. I was I was it was horrendous. It was a great great present. It’s okay because now We have some ugly Christmas sweaters dog we’re Ready these are delightful. Oh I thought you’re recalling these Today December 15th is saved the children’s Christmas jumper day, yeah Christmas so we have to craft our own ugly Christmas sweaters based on a theme picked from the chat. Oh So whatever chat tells us to make so everybody in the chat right now go and say exactly what you want to submit Give us a theme of what you want us to make with these letters And we have to put everything together out of these delightful ornaments that we have a train. Oh Christmas sweaters. Thank quite nice, so They’re just base jumper types one base jumpers at first. There are the same on No this one’s what stripes Louise, but that one does not and you sneeze into its own Which is holding jumpers my jumbo okay, even has I’m sorry. I do not want the Christmases I know this job Okay, so are we getting any suggestions from chat chat watch what theme is going on just by boy? Splatoon happy toilets games ponies What do you up to? 4 minds will be back Yes, are you miked up? so you got a really close Hello You’re here to judge arthritis okay stranger things in fact this all the way up to the okay. What are we saying? Carrot Carrot, what’s wrong with you Alex There’s just like carrots. I have half an eaten one I can give away did we choose a ball oh? I see how are we gonna post carrots? We don’t have anything orange Okay do we all pick our own theme, or do we pick a theme for everybody to do? I? suppose we all have One right, it’s a contest oh Okay you pick your own theme based on. What’s at once? Oh, okay? Cool I’m in right let’s go, okay, Josie a chat, I got it. I got it. I got it I don’t know PJ’s hogging all the felt just cues me I have one where I’m what other colors are here. I don’t see what you’re not use our crafting box Hello Tactic well, I’m gonna make it make it ugly I was gonna make it awesome, but now I’m going to Eye of the tiger Oh a lot to use those as well, I mean, I’m just getting a scissors because I don’t have anything else Well things that mean I didn’t mean to uh certain to using Dirt that’s a blue you Okay, I don’t know oh Oh you guys took my spot and Asthma jump again. Oh, I’m sorry Get away from her sneeze bag Easy breezy sneezy Emma, that’s what we call her One sneeze too much colors for this How long we got because I 17 seconds oh great okay and 48 minutes sorry yeah, I always say it back I’m just quirky like that. I just put the seconds first guys Okay, this is gonna be good. I have no idea. How we actually stick it to the jumper. Yeah, yeah They’ve given us glue I straight on to jump over Hurry out very nice scissors Okay, okay, what do I need? Okay? Okay so many things? Is that you Okay, so yeah, this is what’s going on what you tell us tell us. What’s going? Tell us. I said hey hey hey hey wonderful day. What’s going on? Okay, so what I’m doing over here is I am taking some felt, and I input some badass carrots on my junk. I need a Except I have no idea how I use these to go onto the job Glue Whoa the peas they go, what should I do Petri is amazing? Well. I don’t know squeezy paint. I’m just It’s amazing It’s amazing You don’t mean don’t judge me. I’m trying She’s the job Verse the whole thing okay, I Mean I Don’t see how you could see where I’m going with this, but do you see where I’m going? What do you see what I’m doing? Where’s the scissors? I have we have scissors. We have there wasn’t there were more scissors. You just want to clean them up I’m looking don’t worry. Don’t worry. It’s gonna meet PG Touch something sticky See my name, it’s funny cuz it’s almost mine and find anymore that is shoe that’s quick math He’s now coming out come out green I am your master the lord of your domain there you go, thanks Sure This isn’t mine huh no oh scissors more scissors Okay, anyone wanted these things is not like the other I’m doing it. Do you like it if this? Don’t tell the chat tell the chat how much you love my jumper Which one the one you’re wearing or the one you’re currently stepping on I’ll let you decide Thanks mom bye is it’s also bullshit. It’s that – Do we have a time naman this Okay, so since we’re not doing a whole lot right now, and we’re all crafting and being magnificent We’re going to do another fan art push Because we didn’t want to have to start the stream it went super well Everyone loves it everyone had a good time, so if you use the hashtag Jack the holes again every hour going for five hundred dollars again Every five hundred dollars raised we will show off some of your fan art in the stream itself And we be able to see it here So please keep donating and keep putting in your fire as well because we love seeing it. It’s incredible and then Santa P Okay, here we go here. We go here. We go oh My gosh yes Thank you scissors. Oh The screen is my new best friend Music is so jolly and so festive Oh Hashtag Jack the ball from Rebecca duty, Oh son Oh Rebecca doodles This one is no don’t look at it. No don’t look at it. What’s out nobody is that your gift? Yes, don’t look at it. Oh I won’t look all I read was what the fuck Ethan. Yeah, don’t get it nobody look at it, don’t Get away. I can’t take it away. This is here. Take it away. Don’t do knocking it either Don’t get spoiled don’t take it away. Okay. We need to move on to the next one We need more funner because I can’t look at this. I’m sorry to the verses that mean okay. It’s gone. It’s gone I’m so sorry. Thank you for making it, but it was brewing everything Due to these scissors they don’t work at all I Feel so bad you Should feel bad I do you care more about your secrets I do get a robe Anna you killed Christmas a surprise feel ashamed I’m only messing with you. I would have done the same thing. Thank you So remember if you keep donating every five hundred dollars We will be able to look at some of your banner, but I really want to see some so please keep donating Thank you. It means a lot, and I really want to see what everyone’s drawing. I also want to see what gift Ethan made It’s a secret. It’s a secret Mine’s gonna take a while to make sense Okay, what if we don’t have a while well then we’re in trouble because I need a while I’m working really hard on this, and I mean I need a crime perfection takes time Exactly. I’m making it a jumper. I would be proud to wear. I mean we are making ugly Christmas sweaters That’s what I’m that’s my motion. That’s what I’m going. Yeah ugly. Oh Intentionally yeah, I’m not doing this Ugly because I’m trying I mean I would never do something like this intentionally Yeah, exactly way too talented to do this on of course accident. We don’t have to wear these days I love how the crew started laughing when you say that oh I’m good. Where’s the festive spirit and oh? I had an amazing idea Yep, oh here’s another fact from Save the Children a hundred dollars can stock a library in a school in the u.s. So hundred dollars can stock a whole library For kids to be able to go in and read and that’s not it Oaks. Yeah it also follows on with the education that we Draw fandoms Christine our Swagger. Oh, that’s a badass name Look so cute. Enjoying the stream. Hope you get to the limit. Oh we will get to the limit We’re gonna exceed the limit the limit is mic signal And they also said donate as well so listen to this listen to this wonderful person wait are those me fire planes coming out at the bottom of someone Someone farting in this picture. It’s definitely you in the middle in it Probably am I farting All right, you know yes Three you JJ I’m very messy. I’m very stressed You don’t know it yay. Mine is the best one. Oh, yeah, I wonder who doesn’t buy us there no No, I didn’t think I think she’s seniors PJ. Oh my god Did you explode another one yeah, you’re too powerful too strong. It’s a strong I feel that flexing he does Backwards Okay, we’re not getting any more fine, art, which means people aren’t donating Oh I’m sad because I really want to see some fine art, so please keep the donations rolling Let’s keep it going. Yeah. Just as you say that oh Okay skitters My jumpers done, and it’s amazing, so I’m gonna read donations doin’s almost done. Can you? Not oh We have a top donor a and K. White $500 and they say you guys are awesome. Thank you or awesome. That’s a crazy amount of money Thank you so much for helping out. Thank you cata mattis at $15 said love you all you’re doing great things Thank You Cara mattis Joyful a $10 says love you all keep going music Oh, sorry Maria’s sickness $10 Natasha Brown $5 NOLA $20 Zita Fernandez cool name Ten dollars great job great cause great people great donation great message great. Thanks Savannah donated $5 and said Jack I can’t give much, but I hope my five dollars will help it helps a lot it Helps way more than you think it does. Thank you so much for that. That’s really appreciated this is Book breach donated $100 and said wish I could give more boob reach That’s $100, bro. You said you wish you could give more. That’s an insane amount of money Thank you so much We really appreciate that I know how hard it is to give up that amount of money for Something and it can do great things, but you’re helping out a really great cause so thank you so much Galaxy gaming good Put it off. Sorry. They donate five dollars and said hey Jack. It’s not much. Sorry. That’s okay. Thank you. Oh Well we got oh look at that, oh, that’s super cool new soccer V Sadly can’t donate myself, but I hope I can get more people to join in the stream with this oh Just a bow we’re gonna donate for a good cause I am so bored. I also have a reindeer coming out of my chest There we are Save the Children charity gym. Thank you so much, and yes that does help even though. You couldn’t donate yourself that really means a lot It’s crazy. I’m not fast people Make art yeah, yeah, I know right I’ve been trying my whole life and people who turn around in a couple of minutes like hey Truth do something will made this needle. Yeah, just did it with my eyes closed. Thank you. No Sokka It’s really good, it’s a lot of nerve Happy What oh Is that is that a boob sweater, is that a boob jumper We saw a Christmas jumper that just had a hole or where the boob was And then the boob was dressed up as a reindeer, so I’m gonna say that that’s what that was and that’s amazing Okay, see me you bought that jumper immediately of course. That’s my own personal collection So thank you in Asaka. That’s awesome Sam outlaw donated $1 and said Johnny Christmas from Germany guten tag danke soon Appreciated I ran out of German words. Thank you so much. That’s pretty quick Bernice mais donated $14 and said lots of love to all of you Alex Wyse donated $20 and said hi with you She said hello her she doesn’t she’s not my job Vanda donated $5 and said thank you so much for this Thank you so much van de Milo mumbles donated. $1 and said love you all so much Hellena or Halina donated $10. He said Merry Christmas everybody Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Leah donated $5 dan cam Maine donated $5 and said hey guys you were all amazing and huge inspiration keep it up. Thank You I am Simon evil donate $1 ed Whole sceptic I donated $1 said, thank you for always being there for me Sean and seen it They said more, but I couldn’t read it. Thank you Young Jan donate $4 said gladly. You’ll huh? Let’s see if you’ve seen her has taught you anything yeah, it means Merry Christmas I went around her house just saying you will you’ll you’ll you’ll Is that why it’s called? Yuletide yep, yeah Foolish Kia donated $5. What do they do to my jumper Kelly? I made art as An illustrator and animator yourself you should appreciate the planners don’t you know art when you see it? Don’t you know our you see just silly, but thanks Kelly if that is the real you anybody can put any name down yeah? Kelly thank you Robin said thanks and lots of cases yeah Eric donated $1 and said got you from Sweden. Oh good. Yeah, god. You’re good. Yeah Her Neil agrovoc or ere back the only one donor sink later. You’ll Cena maybe you Clara donated $10 said folks from Sweden Oh Sweden Yeah, right Oh everything gladly yield to you Whoa? Artur Straczynski donated $200 and said this was going to go for things I wanted to get for myself or the missus we carry – thank you so much That’s crazy. I think it’s about it as well I need a quick little doodle jelly moustache Is that Robin blushing at the top Thank You Kelly Okay, I read a few more donations, and then you guys can show off your your jumper ruse Just $10 love PJ’s Pikachu Wow Thank you Tigger Fellini donated $1 donating from my Nana who I lost a month who I lost last month Thanks Jack for bringing, and I can’t read the rest of it. I’m so Sorry, thank you so much for donating c3 being here and helping out We don’t whisper donated $600 oh Thank you They said was going to put this money into our YouTube channel, and then the message is put off oh no I want to read it Thank you so much $600 oh My god. Thank you so much That’s people money than theirs in the world. That’s crazy Toxic tokens oh yeah And that’s because of that donation, thank you so much. That’s amazing double dab 137 whoa My kevie says jack and it’s pointing to me Just in case thank you that style is really cool. Yeah. I love the way you draw facial hair That’s my real. I might actually you made it look like jelly. I don’t wanna eat it. So thank you It’s super nice. That’s awesome. Thank you so much Honestly amazing I missed that B. No need to find it. I think I got lost in the move. They got shame you know yeah I might have lost it whoa Raymond Cooper donated a hundred and ten dollars Already dropped 40 just paid today, so I’ll give a portion Thank you, Michael. People are so generous I’m just thank you so much Raymond Cooper, I think these these are moving so fast Cristina donated $100 and said I love you guys Merry Christmas from California anything wow you guys are getting so generous. Thank you so much Nicole Julia donated $20 love you guys so much. Thank you for doing the stream. It’s for a great cause. Thank you New master donated ten dollars and ten cents to just a jacksepticeye Better yeah, I was so impressed inspired by Jackson me because I went as the North Pole get on my Christmas level Jack What I’m clearly the North Pole That’s cool, and you helped out with charity as well. That’s awesome With the you said you helped out with the same two children and Christmas jumper day That’s so cool, and now I mean I would have said a candy cane or like a peppermint thing but clearly the North Pole Thank you, Gracie’s world That’s cool, and thanks for helping out with Save the Children as well in your own time. That’s awesome Are you guys ready to show off jumpers? Yeah? I’m good. Yeah, okay. It’s not gonna stack up to the fan art no, but no I Did try my best We don’t have to Maybe tomorrow okay, it’s time to show off jumpers who wants to go first. I’ll go first. Okay do it Shout into my chest, okay? Okay, so I call this one the Chat was right. Okay, which shows that I have Carrot carrot boobies okay all right, and it has snow on it, and it also has gifts on it. Oh and Is this my face or characters my face? What’s the Jay? Jay was supposed to be for Jack, but when I was gluing it. I was like yeah, that’s a Jay It’s so you can look in the mirror I could him on the Jay side and then when I turn it around it wasn’t Jay anymore, so Please vote for me Thanks the voting thing yes, seen as the judge At least it’s clearly visible what you were going for with the carrots. Thank you I don’t know what happened in the middle here with the presents, but it’s still very very festive It’s Orion’s belt right like the drip of glue I Like that because you can eat food with it and spin with and I ate a character in the stream when they’re healthy part of the design Save the children Diplomatic thing to say I like Stands for justice Hope I can have a backwards J. That means Save the Children Yeah, thank you. Thank you indicate. Yeah, thank you everybody. Thank you moving on moving go okay, so I Yeah Okay Thank you all right well I’ve gone for the theme of Pokemon As you can see here every great pokemon trainer needs handy clothing So I’ve gone for this wonderful Pikachu I may have started with the paint, and then the paint wouldn’t cooperate so I then moved on to the pipe cleaner But I’ve got four account general Pikachu face But one thing a pokemon trainer wants to be caught sorry never wants to be caught without are their pokéballs So I’ve kind of implemented a smart little Ball like a pole release so at any moment you know they need one it’s just always there it’s always Have a name on it yes I Don’t know We may never know, but this is for them. It’s like the Assassin’s Creed of Pokemon exactly there We go same the paint wouldn’t cooperate Yeah, they were good. That’s my jumper definitely a beautiful sweater. I will say I like the glitter yeah I like the that you switched to some more less threatening eyes Yes, that was a good choice in your part. Okay. We’ll have to say Thank you, there’s a lot of I love and I like going on with his one But what but no, I was gonna say the pokeball is very innovative I Don’t know he has a child’s face shape He’s just like a kind of a 90s Pikachu when he was a little bit chubbier I see I see you’re going for sort of a classic features I get it. Okay. Thank you very wet the J the J. I pick this up without everything falling Very nice okay Robin you’re up Yeah, so my thing is I saw Harry Potter flash by chat And my theme here is Harry giving dressing up as Santa and giving gifts to his kids And he’s got his mother’s green eyes Yeah So, that’s my Technically his glasses are fixed by now, but he still got the tape Yeah, I like his beard yeah, I got inspiration from from you finding it there, but I enjoy work very nice very nice Robin She’s the designer sorry Say anything my favourite process to watch Putting glasses on at first I was like what? What what are we supposed to focus on on your sweater here, but it’s really really good That’s great. Yeah that I started first All right, I don’t know if this is gonna hold up with the gravity, but okay Yeah, that’s my wasn’t my world Wow it’s time to test. What’s your theme M my theme? I saw it flash Brian the chatter like I’m having this I went for stranger things strings Oh strangest things stranger things oh You got the Christmas lights that look flash up and hotter they don’t flash But I’ve also for good measure written hashtag dropper Because you’re not a stranger things fan unless you ship chopper. So there’s a Joe and Harper It’s yes It’s it’s Wells mum Joyce. Oh Joyce Yes, I was like Joe’s is real name Agree I have Dustin and dogs Wow what would that be heart Stood Still So I don’t know I watched it recently in front of over there, sorry It’s very colorful. Good name, Mary. Oh, it’s slightly broke slightly points for that now I’m losing points with it slightly, but I mean the chopper is a very very Can I give this to someone before it collapses, thank you Yes, yes very nice Emma No for you oh, okay all right, so I saw duck go by in chat So Yeah, this is a where are we looking this is a duck I mean there’s not much to it And I was making the duck at first you can sort of see his eyes in the corner of the back Because I didn’t have room after I put it Is it oh well be careful? Let go Is it your daughter? Walking from from duck light slaves the doodles. Yeah, dude, dude. He’s great. He’s got little wings He’s got little feets down there. He’s got a little tummy He’s got that 3d beak, and I was like you know what he’s got to be a Christmas duck So Yeah, I put a hat on him, and I think he’s pretty handsome, you know it’s it might be hard to give people hugs Yeah, he does make me crave salami a little bit Sort of luncheon meat yeah, so that was that I worked really hard on it. Oh very Nice It goes out into the people who are looking at he’s right Actually the hat looks a little bit tattered, but I mean he’s a duck so where’s he supposed to find that hat objective personally? I like that it could be used as a weapon to like gouge out your enemies on shoes the true spirit of Christmas Does make huggy interesting Christmas yeah, it does Wow Don’t squash it know what how much time each other. It’s a very you gotta really like Yeah very nice Well they were all really great Numbers really great sweaters, but to me that was one that stood out and made me laugh a lot And that was wrong The Harry Potter was bad kid it was pretty good Thank you we liked it Robin do I get a marshmallow? Yeah, you totally see you tomorrow? You can never go wrong with Harry Potter you always get a marshmallow Yeah Oh sweet I’m gonna get sticky again, though, buddy. I’m good. I’m good. I got it Oh it is Means you got a lot now sure Yeah one day huh? Are you guys a cushy domestic over there? You have an argument now. No you didn’t get Mean I lost fair and square that was terrible it was atrocious This was the most absolute one the abstract contest I said yeah Yeah, real thinkers John Good at telling everybody why they should be donating yes I think you should take the front and center all right and give people The little talk that they need in order to help us out where am I looking? Let’s let’s get a good look into a camera. Go go get close get close listen We’re here today For many many you know we’re here. We’re here to hang out. We’re here to have a good time We’re here to dance every once in a while if we need to we’re here to make some sweaters and make a tree and put marshmallows on a stick but more importantly Overall we’re here to raise money for Save the Children if you don’t know about Save the Children they are an absolutely fantastic charity that helps children across the world from over a hundred and twenty different countries I think And they have helped over a hundred and eighty million children again from across across the world and so It’s really important especially this time of year where it’s all about giving and helping people out. It’s really important that we do What we can for those children that need it because all all of us here We’re fortunate enough to have pretty good childhoods and be able to go to school and live healthy lifestyles But a lot of kids out there can’t do that So it’s really important that we all get together and give back what we can And all of you guys if you can give a little that would be absolutely wonderful So go to the link in the description below Everything counts and again if we hit that one hundred thousand dollar goal. Everything will be doubled we have a very generous Anonymous donor that is matching up to And dollars so if we hit that 100k mark then it all gets doubled so today and tomorrow your donations are worth double so if you can go down below click the link and donate and Yeah, let’s have a good stream. Okay. Let’s do it Thanks PJ would you like to read out some donations hell yeah, always, okay, well we’re doing this should we have a little Q eco So we can all get all sweaty is the tradition by now can we get it? Can we get some really jamming music need some good news? Good a ah Kyla has oh my god Joshua James donated creeping dog says love you at Jack Mussina carrots emoji Gaby and Lily says my girlfriend, and I wish you Merry Christmas we love you Back crumpled-up donated $1 and to say thank you. My dad saw your stream and wanted to donate Merry Christmas. Thank you I’m dad unless maybe Paul was the dad I Miss Leavey says thanks for from a Missouri teacher my students. Love you and they Miss levy or leaving eggsy $25 it says eggsy is the best duck First of all first of all first of all version of Marshalls first of all not true at all all right I’d like to purchase reading. I’d like to tell you not true at all in fact Oh Jamie’s done eight to two hundred dollars and say yes For bringing the joy during exams week yeah As a rough time, so thank you your donation. Thank you We love bringing the joy kick Okay, who says sorry I can’t donate more merry Christmas from Alabama, and they’ve donated $10 Thank you very all Abama all the way from awesome amazing Sonic wind demon which is an OC says. Thank you guys for doing this for the kids of tomorrow You gotta come back here. We got another challenge while you’re reading things. Oh, okay? Let me put this down without it’s not a challenge But it’s it’s it’s it’s a rewarding Felicity breeding it in a bit ok we got it. We got it Yeah, have you have you seen that stuff before yes? You like it so ok good someone else free air for every thousand dollars that we reach now We will try another one of these bad boys, and these are the delightful and delicious Coals that we had last year which are Basically licorice and table salt, it’s like someone put licorice in the mouth spit it back out into table saw and rolled it around It just tastes like salt. I wonder how we can make the Christmas world disgusting. Oh Table salt yeah, I don’t like licorice anyone around the Scandinavian area seems to love it. Yeah It’s sweet okay, it’s not $1,000, it’s $200 Okay, every 200 so every $200 We will eat one of these and a lot of people up here hate these This is gonna be fun so if you want to see them eat it and watch their face implode into oblivion please donate every $200 means somebody has to eat one of these select team sadness should have Hey, okay, lovely jingle I’ll take one for the team the last time I ate these They were not that bad, but it’s been a long time so Go for it. Oh God normally they’re soft do we all eat one every time yeah? Well now I know every $200 We just take turns, okay. I enjoy if you want to see the rest of them eat one you’re gonna have to keep donating I’ve never had them before oh We gotta get to like another like if you look off they’re gonna lay an amount of salt that’s on the top of them They’re pretty good trying to find a small one I’ll go all in a Big one when the time comes yeah, I don’t like the taste of liquorice far as it is no long roll it in salt Okay, you can’t get rid of weighing $100 can stock a library in a school in the US as amazing just $100 Oh boy there. It is. Oh yeah. Yeah, geez okay? That’s the jingle of pain mmm Thanks Thanks, yummy, right mmm tasty have one. No kidding. I would alright. Just possible is for fun yeah These are I know it was my baby photo or eating Jack definitely baby five men fire. There’s Adam says okay Go ahead I can eat these right. Oh cool. Yeah, there’s a peanut oil. Yeah cool. How’s that Emma? Oh? It doesn’t smell like anything which really to me Is painful when you first put it in your mouth, but overwhelmed by light? That’s what was your mouth? Your mouth an open wound. That’s an inhuman amount so oh I do have a cut in my mouth nice Donate donate next two hundred dollars means Ethan has to suffer severe pain. I love that That’s the spirit of Christmas don’t like that the spirit of Christmas seeing your friends on pain Well it’s not time yet, it’s not time we got a right you All right, well you chewed out Thea Thank you so much for the $1 coogan with $20 Brian with $1 not a missle $5 $1 oh there it is there we go Joe come on Ethan. What’s it gonna be she doesn’t do that? Oh? Fine When they say salt, what did you expect what are you? What are you tasting? What are you feeling? In my mouth oh Yeah You got into position you were there you put up your hand and then it took you five years to get the words out $60,000 oh my god 60 K. That means we have 40 K. Left to go yeah We are over halfway done, but we need to we need to hit it well, there’s no nothing wrong with going higher We are more than capable of going over 100 Do we have I missed this I’m just amazed by that donation right there whoa no thousand dollars Dark hazard 16 Wow third hazard 16 donate $1,000 and says tis the season for giving merry xmas hashtag save the kids Thank you That’s crazy a thousand dollars is a lot of money. Thank you so much. Thanks. Doc hasn’t octane and 16 I don’t know who you are. You’re a hero job appreciate it. We love you. Thank you I’m still I’m still trying to overcome the little brush line no no we’re going We’re still going wait if they donated a thousand does that mean? That we all got a car goes all right five five people need to take one yeah That was before this game stuff was it don’t we didn’t see it until now so Negus it why? Do you want to take five sure we’re dogs bear the others It’s so salty Robin do a couple Snorty dude no feel do flip Yo like five okay five or six we have to move on like these It’s not overwhelming Okay, we got to move on. We’ve and you we’ve another game to do the last game. Thank you for being here I’m judging our Christmas jumpers ad sold with us You did great. Thank you. Thank you for selecting my one thank you so much. Bye Okay, it’s so bad. It’s getting gone I know your mouth everybody’s coming over here. Oh We are moving on five maids a-milkin my dudes It is Wednesday. It’s not it’s Friday. It’s Friday. Okay, so the way that this one is gonna be oh Okay, so somebody else has to host this not me Okay, Oh hold it Okay, how do you want to? Wait this one’s funny. Though. I’ll host it okay Robins gonna hook it. Oh. I don’t know how to host it, but I’ll host it give us some rules Well okay, you’re gonna split up though should we just? Divide wait who hasn’t been well, you’ve never been in anything. Yeah. Yeah, okay? Jack and Emma, okay Okay So the barrios game the thing is we’re gonna fill these gloves and as the name suggests white maids a-milkin Gloves of fingers there’s milk in the glass there’s needles Are you can you see why this is growing here? I? Don’t get it. You don’t understand well. Okay, so both. Gloves are filled up with milk yeah Yeah, like a cow’s udder one person obviously have to hold it the other one. Maybe have to mince it yep I’m very well the host is then poking In the book in the other fingers of the gloves like yep. Yeah, how are you? So you get the Pope has no money holes one yeah, it’s pouring you know it’s like a test milk Good enough does it say it matters. I think they just Go okay, when the middle points out the team with the most milk under cover, maybe you should What bonus marshmallows for the neatest cop oh So it’s within your incentive to actually try to get it all in okay. Oh this feels wrong all right. Yes Not to me where prepare Milk your gloves eye out poke is it all going. Okay? Don’t do too much No, I’m okay hold on Wait now do you want the glove would you my boy will hold the cup and squeeze the glue? I said I need to put weight can I like squeezing between you maybe yeah, that’d be a much better angle in here the angle Tony no eating that’s what it’s weird, that’s points for that no You’re a mean. Oh no wait. Let’s switch position Okay, are you ready for the needle, okay? Underneath well I would say underneath yes, can I poke it like that okay? I’m hooking it Good enough okay, okay? Nice very good very nice very nice. That’s all over me. Sorry. Are you doing? Oh, I got you. Yeah, yeah, see that’s we gotta get the odors out of the fingers. Oh I mean I think with Thanks, and crowd. I mean I judge we did a really good job of that judging the NeatDesk up is gonna be tricky There we go here we go, I forgot about the milk coming over. Yeah, yeah, that’s true We got way more in else. Oh, whoa you did get a lot of The top as well New look is good for your bones. Yeah Bones see now you gotta arrange the cookies around it bill. What’s on it. Yeah look neat for Santa. Oh, I’m cookie We gotta clean we do about cookies look what we have three whole cookies What are you doing? Well now you’re cleaning up them supposed to judge that well well surely this should be you know yeah, that’s true, that’s loud It’s part of it. Okay. I’ll allow it make it person. I’ll allow it. I’m the judge of this game. I’m gonna I’m gonna make the most of it. Well. We want to use that plate. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so we’ll we’ll move these cups Okay, so to make it nice on that plate there no excuse your trembling feelings There’s so many went from like competitions already So we’ve got some cookies okay? And we have to have a handwritten note to Santa handwritten note to Santa who’s got really nice handwriting. Oh Not me. No not me. I’ve got awful handwriting Okay you do I can give back okay? Now you do everyone writes their own sentence yeah, and then all sign our names that stupid game when you write since then fold it over and Let’s do it Let’s do it Okay Wait so what’s that is this just a nice? Just a note to send they can steal back. Okay, so think about what you would write to send What would I write the sound I would write dear mr.. Claus? Why don’t you have any clause there? If your name is Chloe? Wouldn’t it be easier to sneak it over more days of this you say yeah Why are you putting so much stress and pressure on yourself on the 24th? Yeah, when you could really just spread it out over like a whole week WTF dude, that’s super uncool Uncool for you Don’t stress Santa bro. Come over. I got massage chair Dip your toes in the hot tub while you’re at it. Okay, maybe spend some talking who wants the good I’m busy crafting my Santa letter What about that bike I didn’t get my supposed to follow any formulas I really wanted one the one with the basket on front. We have five minutes guys. Oh oh right quicker We’ll have five minutes five minutes minutes tentacle For this activity Nobody knows dear Santa weird this time come from dear Santa all I want for Christmas is more time Dear Santa where did my dad go? Santa why is he always gone when you’re here dear Santa. I would like a pack of Coffee because my dad said he went out to go Okay Dear Santa want to go skateboarding Too far Yeah, he’s talking too fast in his hands how? Magic so no one knows about each other sciences, yeah Sentences no I’ve done it with drawings. Yeah, like I start drawing a head, and then the neck and then Maybe my skirt was born Emily be donated five daughters and said Merry Christmas Chrysler Night Alex donated $10 that you’re all awesome. Hey Jack Behind the names I’ve had actually write the sentence Like one line so that yeah, yeah, how did you take up the whole carrot all together was mostly made? Like one one sentence uncovered so that Jack could fit all the sentence. Oh, yeah There was I could see his last sentence, but I covered it Okay, there. We go. It’s already mine is sweetened to the point. I’m the pretty okay You can write on the back we can make a little arrow PS PS we have to turn leaf over So we actually we’re running shoe we’re running out of time, so should I just read out this box right? Yeah, okay? Wait are we reading? Put the milk on there as well, yeah He’s got to God, okay Guys this is no okay. This is supposed to be a really happy man. Yeah Guys we all wanna see Santa losing ya around Hey gather, AJ. We’re gonna read up on let’s do it Dear Santa it’s that time of year again. I would like some answers to some questions Why is there pain and suffering in the world nice? Actually was that? Just free please help me by getting me. I hope you’re on the tow too sad. Please take a moment for a foot rub Love you, bitch a chicken burger and chips He’s gonna love that I would love Santa and the word beers are extra is Fairly similar yeah, I’m pretty sure none of us are on the same page for what was the yeah? yeah, as far as points for him milk goes though and You took wait we did it, but wait our milk o is. Flavored its cookies. There’s cookie flavor cookie That’s right in cream flavored so lumpy like gone off milk and then and then and the night Looks like a milk so much you did that postgame though You do are we done like done done done for the day? We are okay. I believe this is so did we win. Yeah, we won, okay? Thank you all So just thank you guys for autumn over here. Thank you guys for showing up today.. This has been the first part of the holiday special that we are here to do. I can’t believe that was four hours. It just flew by yeah! Yeah, sorry we took our sweet damn time with some of these, but thank you all so much for donating so far! We’ve Radin raised an incredible amount of money already, and I can’t believe just in four hours. How much has happened.. I like even the Santa watch get in the 50k in the first four hours. is nuts. We’ve 60 thousand eight hundred dollars so far That’s crazy, and all of that is doubled, so we’ve raised so much money Yeah So we have we can we have plenty of time left And we have plenty of stuff left to do and we have a lot of new games for tomorrow as well. But we’re just really happy that we get to do this at all um.. Thank you for spending your day with us and spending some time with us, and I Never you.. Who’ve been here for the whole thing that really means a lot to us, and thank you for raising so much money? We couldn’t do this without you we’re up here doing silly stuff. But it’s all of you at home donating all the money and helping out. so Thank you so much for that it really means the world to us and the Save the Children people are very Appreciative of it as well and all that money goes to a really great cause and it helps so many kids. Way more than I think any of us even realized it was going to help so thank you very very much But we’ll be back. We’ll be back tomorrow. Yes same time same bat-channel. So this this is just the first part, so we’ll be back tomorrow at 6 p.m.. GMT again, which is 10 a.m. PST so wherever you’re from we’re gonna have to work that out but. oh Yeah, it’s still going on though yeah, so I’m going away.. Yeah, so we’re going away for the day. But the stream is not going away so the stream is still gonna be going on and some stuff is gonna Be happening because we were here earlier and some weird stuff started to happen around the studio. We started here noises.. We started here and see things move. Oh, it was really creepy so.. Yeah, so we’re gonna have to leave it up to you guys while we’re gone overnight until tomorrow to keep an eye on the place.. And see what’s happening, and if you see anything like crazy going on in here – please let us know tweet about it.. Yeah, you use the hashtag.. #Overnightwatch that’s what we’re going to be using For anybody who’s watching the stream all night, so keep an eye on. Keep donating during the night – yeah. I’ll for sure we won’t be here, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t raise more money.. oh
No cause maybe amazing to come back tomorrow and find out how you know get a big surprise it reached up if we hit 70 Cager in the night. I’m coming back, and I’m doing my pose. I’m not I mean if we had multiple milestones over the night We’re gonna have to do a bunch of stuff right away. Yeah, exactly so give us a nice surprise to come back – yeah, so please keep donating Please keep the stream going and keep the drive going as well. It really means a lot to us Thank you so much. Thank you. No real effects everybody count And then the credit.. Dancing!!

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