JAEHYUN imagine ASMR – Camping “Good Morning” [+18]

JAEHYUN imagine ASMR – Camping “Good Morning” [+18]

*you wake up to him eating you out* yes *kisses it* *looks at you with a cute smile* ps THAT DIMPLES *give it another kiss, and starts climbing* *kisses your hip* *kisses your stomach* *kisses one of your boobs* *kisses neck* *whisper in you ear* *lies down beside you* *you start squeezing his dick* *starts kissing* *you get on top of him* *him massaging your boobs* RIDE IT HOES *put his hands on your hips* *cums* you – you’re the best *looking at you in the eyes* *comes closer to kiss you* BLESS WET KISSES YES

100 thoughts on “JAEHYUN imagine ASMR – Camping “Good Morning” [+18]

  1. this is the best one so farrrrrr, i've been listening to this version for days now and i'm still not sick of jaeddy waking me up this way

  2. i was just doing my homework while listening to nct's study playlist and i bumped into this video… and it's amazing and i love u and this video!

  3. Side note the fucking owl in the background scared me for two seconds cus it’s so distant but still there idk I think I was just still shook about 3/40 lmao

  4. The fact that I have Dolby Atmos in my phone and I'm using it to listen to this is pure heaven and sin, and I just got back from serving the church-

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