Jaipur places to visit | Travel & sightseeing destinations

Jaipur places to visit | Travel & sightseeing destinations

Welcome to Jaipur – The pink city of Rajasthan Here you will get to see Forts, Palaces, authentic Rajasthani food, Culture, hospitality & much more Let me assure you that after watching this video on places to visit in jaipur, you will have every good reason to extend your trip by a day or two Bhangarh fort is about 2 hours drive from jaipur It is considered to be among the top 10 haunted locations of the country Welcome to the previous capital of the state. We are at Amer First thing you will notice when you enter Amer is the Elephant ride, that works from morning 8 to 11 Amer fort was built by Raja Maan Singh in 1592 This is located 11 km’s from Jaipur. Major attractions include architecture of the fort, Mirrow work at seesh mahal, light and sound show at evening, for which i will have to come back This complete area is Maan singh Mahal This is so beautiful, i can see tourists around. It’s 8.30 am now. Appreciate fort is amazing and beautiful It took 700 years for Jaigarh fort to complete by Raja Jai Singh 2nd. It’s construction completed in year 1724 This Cannon in your front is the biggest Cannon of the world It’s length is 20 feet, To turn it around 4 Elephants are needed. 2 in front & 2 from back side Fort also has a water tank. It’s capacity is 60 Lakh Gallons, 2 crore and 70 lac litres 10,000 soldiers 2 years regular drinking water. Nahargarh fort was completed between year 1822 to 1922. Jaipur wax museum is situated at Nahargarh fort In this museum you will see wax silicon figures If you stop over at Nahargarh fort for sunset view I will suggest you to watch light & sound show at Amer as well. I enjoyed it. It’s 20 minutes drive In year 1727- Raja Jai Singh 2nd shifted his capital from Amer to Jaipur and built city palace Part of the palace is converted to museum and the other part is residence of the royal family Silver jar there are two of them 345 kg weight, capacity 4000 litres These were used once during Maharaja’s travel to England in year 1902. Jantar Mantar was built by Raja Sawai jaya singh 2nd in year 1728. here you will get to see 19 instruments These instruments works with help of sun & moon light Jantar Mantar has world’s largest stone sundial it works with a accuracy of 2 seconds It’s a must visit Tourist destination. Jantar Mantar was used to see time of the day and to know location of the stars So it will not be wrong to say that it is mix of astrology & astronomy This time i am on 5th floor of Hawa Mahal. On my front i can see Jantar Mantar Besides that we have city palace, on the front side is Hawa Mahal road These monuments can be covered very well in 3 hours Let’s now go and see that window that looks beautiful in night from outside Someone has told me that night view of Hawa Mahal is too good in night so tonight i will come to see how it looks in night from outside Right now i am walking towards Galtaji temple You will need to walk to come to this place leaving your vehicle on top because this is steep- vehicle can skip Let’s walk down Temple priest has just told me that people come to Surya temple to see sunset and sunrise Jaipur city is so beautiful looking- mountains on one side and complete Jaipur city is visible from Surya temple But i can’t watch sunset here because i am leaving for Delhi now Bye Bye Jaipur – Surya Temple was the last tourist destination i wanted to cover under visa2explore – Travel to Jaipur.

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  1. You have visited so many good places but videos are too short…. I suggest to describe more…. I enjoyed but wanted to see more. Thanks for sharing

  2. हरीश जी मैं जयपुर जा रहा हूं, सोचा youtube पर थोड़ी research कर लूं, फिर याद आया अपने हरीश जी का जब चैनल है ही, तब कहीं और क्यों जाना। बहुत अच्छे से वीडियो बनाई गई है और सब कुछ कवर किया गया है। उम्मीद है मैं भी वीडियो में दिखाई जगहों तक पहुँच पाऊं। बहुत कुछ idea दे दिया आपने। धन्यवाद

  3. हरीश जी क्या यह सारी चीजें जो आपने बताई है इस वीडियो में क्या 1 दिन में देखा जा सकता है

  4. Awesome video sir,
    Please make such Short and crisp video after visiting any city(Summary video of any tourist place).
    It will definitely help us to plan our tour.
    Thank you

  5. Sir aap ke wife to bhaut Acha khana bnate ho gye pr aap aalg aalg citys me jate ke food try krte h ke aap ko ghar ka khana best lgta h

  6. i have request to you pls you come my state west bengal and explore darjiling, mount kanchanjunga etc…

  7. Koi bta skta h ki jaipur ghumne k liye kitne din lgenge …..pta chlta to ticket lene me shi hota …because i m planning a tour for jaipur

  8. I came back from jaipur to jharkhand 2 years from now and believe me after watching ur video i started missing my Jaipur even more.😢

  9. हरीश भाई नमस्ते..में आपका फैन हु..आपके 80% व्हिडीओ देख चुका हूं..में फैमिली के साथ जयपुर अजमेर पुष्कर टूर करना चाहता हूं.में फूडी इंसान हूं.. आपके हिसाब से जयपुर कितना दिन रेहना सही रहेगा..और जयपुर अजमेर पुष्कर के अलावा क्या घूमना सही होगा..कृपया मार्गदर्शन करें.. आपके रिप्लाई का इंतजार है

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