25 thoughts on “James Burke Connections³, Episode 5 Life Is No Picnic

  1. Burke is a chapter in my new book SONNETS AND SUNSPOTS (see icon), a history of popular science on TV–AND Burke wrote for foreword!!

  2. He made it look so simple but the amount of research and information condensed into these shows is quite staggering, even though some of the actual 'connections' are a bit of a reach to say the least. The first series had more logical progressions but all of them are superb.

  3. Ends up with apeman-sciences. What a hog of wash… ****shit evolutionism wich is a modern take on ancient "yea can be as gods"(given enough time) promised by the serpent in the garden.

  4. " Man are convicted of the capital crime of 'poverty'. We must not allow mankind to be sacrificed to improvements in mechanisms. " –Lord Byron

    How portentous…

  5. So exciting and brilliant the way Burke link all history and the paths we can find the root of our modern world and because now it is so.

  6. The Star Spangled Banner was a poem, not a song. Only later was it set to music — by a Brit named John Stafford Smith for his London men's club to sing.

  7. James Burke is something more of a disappointment here than he was with his first series. There many of the "connections" were clearer if not to say more demonstrable. Here he makes a tenuous end-run between instant coffee, nylons, neoprene to the pronouncements of Huxley seemingly in a hurry to forget any form of logical inferences to arrive at an unwarrantable conclusion.

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