100 thoughts on “James Tour: The Origin of Life Has Not Been Explained

  1. What was the old joke…? Man told God he could create a carrot by putting together all the cells needed to grow a carrot. God said go ahead. So man gathered some cells and dirt together…and God said, "Nah…can't use my dirt, get your own dirt". Lol.

  2. This man, has hit the nail on the head. Many who profess a belief in evolution…don't even know why they believe it. Other than they were told by a University professor. Unfortunately…the same can be said for creation believers. They do not know why they believe in a Creator either. They are just following what their preacher told them. When one actually studies, (and there really is no excuse for not researching, with the advent of the internet and the availability of knowledge at one's fingertips), evolution and creation, it is easy to see the discrepancies in evolution. Not to say there is not an element of discrepency in creation, there is. But the idea of creation comes with so much less discrepancies. And one can see that…if the simple attempt to learn is taken.

  3. There was a certain scientists who boldly came to God with a prideful countenance and said to God, God! , we no longer need you, we have learned and discovered how to create and sustain life, therefore You are no longer needed, And so God responded and said to him, Oh really, very well, show me your new dicovery, so the scientist said, ok God, and so as the arrogant self confident scientist bends down to grab some dirt, God immediately and abruptly stops him on his tracks and says to him, hold on there sonny, you have to get your own dirt. ( we are fearfully and wonderfully made ) How Great is our God.

  4. Imagine with me if you will, A grain of sugar, it's very small, now cut it in half, it's very very tiny that you can barley see it👀!, got that image in your mind ?, now cut that half of a half into another half, now you would need a magnified glass to barely see that grain of sugar that's been cut twice, now imagine with me, that is the size and knowledge of man's brain, compare that next to the size of the whole Unkown universe, let's say that's God's brain and knowledge, absolutely and unequivocally God is eternally and highly superior without comprehension. These arrogant proud stiff neck scientist know this, but to confess this and God's existence would mean they would be accountable to a creator, God Himself, and they will have none of that, therefore they choose to stay foolishly blind and ignorant to the truth. All creation declares the existence and glory of God. The fool has said in his heart, there is no God, but in the end, they will be without excuse, therefore they will suffer the penalty and consequences for their unbelief and rejection of Jesus Christ. And all of you individuals who disagree signifying it with a thumbs down, you better wake up, time ⏰, is running out on you. ( John 3:16-17 ).

  5. solo les pido más respeto por nuestro profeta y es hijo de Dios numdial y l yo EG la hija de Jehová Isaías 60_1_2_3

  6. To me, a single atom looks designed… it must be ‘in-formed’ to have it’s specific properties. And than I wonder about a sinle cell… how many atoms, I don’t know, but a lot, integrated in a functional system. This requires ‘in-formation’… a fortiori. If there is such information to be accessed by atoms, say in the quantum-vacuum, or some field… we would expect abiogenesis to be a widespread phenomenon. That’s why a creative act of a mind seems more plausible. The evidence for that mind is overwhelming: finetuning of a universe from ‘no-thing’, abiogenesis… in both cases the multiverse has been the escape-route to explain the data away. That’s why the evidence for the resurrection is of crucial importance and decisive in these miraculous events.

  7. Who is stating that biologists are confident that one day they will be able to replicate life? Biologists are only attempting to provide explanation for how life came about, not trying to 'assemble' life. That is a worthy and possible task as I can tell.

  8. Theories which they can’t prove.😂
    They can’t explain it because it’s all spoken word by God.
    Science can’t make it. Satan can’t make it, only God can ❤️

  9. 18:12 The absolute WORST insult you can hurl against the adamantly stubborn, willfully ignorant science cartel that is the Atheistic Scientific Community.

  10. So, if evolution is based on natural laws, what intelligent and all-powerful inventor invented those natural laws and the products, organisation, energy, information, purpose, order, place, space, and time to exist as we observe it, and why?
    By the way, the origin of life is explained properly in the Authorized King James Bible. I'm surprised some didn't know that.

  11. Even without this knowledge, i know there is God.
    My athiesm before was like a coat i left when i knew that universe is infinite. Probability speaks God.

    This person is brilliant

  12. 😂😂Honestly people should get already that we can't play God, building life isn't for mere humans, we cannot even comprehend the amount of complexity put into the simplest forms of building blocks for life, we think we know everything yet we discover new things that change our view on a daily basis simply because scientists are not humble enough to recognise the existence of God, when we look at a brick wall we can all say it's definitely made by an intelligent being, yet when we look at a cell which is wayyy more complex than a brick wall we can't recognise it's been made by an all powerful intelligent being also known as God? People are too blind and proud, they are blinded by their foolishness and advertise that foolishness as "rational thinking" to others when they can't even explain the building blocks of what they study every day for the rest of their life, just believe in God already

  13. life is not organic, it is a gift from God. Life cannot be weighed, measured, ,and it has no substance Life is spirit." Job 34:14 If he set his heart upon man, if he gather unto himself his spirit and his breath; All flesh shall perish together, and man shall turn again unto dust. "Jas 2:26 For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also."

  14. Another interesting interview: Mathematical Challenges to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution


    1. With large amounts of time… anything possible… origin of the first life?


    2. How complex is a "simple" cell?

    In this video
    1. With large amounts of time… anything possible… origin of the first life?


    2. How complex is a "simple" cell? (in this video)


  15. Life is a conglomeration of information————- information is passed on. By something that has it.
    It doesn’t magically appear out of thin air.
    But tell that to an Atheist.
    They will tell you that You Evidently don’t understand Evolution.
    I DO

    Satan wants to be Like God (right).
    So Satan is making life too.
    We know it by the name
    A. I.
    Soon it’s going to make its move. It’s already listening to your private conversations when you are not even using your phone or computer. Long as the microphone will pick up your speaking. It’s listening to you.

  17. 22:26 "You can put more information in the carbohydrates that are on a cell surface, than you store in DNA and RNA combined." – James Tour

  18. In the beginning (time) God created the heaven (space) and the earth (matter). Space cannot be before time, nor can matter come before space, God created all things in the perfect order and put earth in the perfect place in the universe for life to exist, no coincidence, it was God.

  19. At 17:21/22:56 , "Could laws not yet discovered have helped in the origin of life?" If the question seeks to weaken the argument for a need for a Designer, it fails. If you have pre-existing laws of physics with the potential of life, there must be a lively source for these physical laws?

  20. Is there an afterlife?

    How do YOU tell right from wrong?

    Does justice exist?

    There is an eternal God sitting on his throne of judgement awaiting every soul that leaves this world. He is the standard of moral excellence and has provided us with a moral conscience and his word and commandments.
          We have greatly sinned against him and as he is holy and just must serve righteous judgment on those who are guilty.
        Because he is also rich in mercy and is the source of love he became a flesh and blood man walked among us and was crucified for the payment of the sins of mankind. Through his precious blood we can be forgiven and know God and be at peace with him.
       Repent of your sins, give your life to Jesus Christ and be forgiven and saved.
    The new age cannot replace God.
    He is eternal and is reaching out to you.
    May the Lord God bless you.

  21. Everything has been explained the problem is that people has the capacity to accept only what they want to accept. If I show a shoe box with a picture of a shoe outside and ask a scientist what it is inside the box he should answer shoes, but I can have an apple inside the shoe box. If the answer don't come on the proper box a scientist can't find. There is one painting done in the 1700s that could answer his question but he will not accept because his mind is limited to a shoe box with shoes inside.

  22. Dr. James Tour is truly a Tour de Force of truth and fact, blowing up the stupid, ossified and fossilized theories of macro-evolution, championed by Darwin.

    Fortunately, Darwin's own theories of evolution is being, well, 'Darwined."

    I watch every single vid of Dr. Tour that I can, given that he has published only one book and a number of science articles, so all the vids of Dr. Tour are of immense value.

  23. 13:13 TIMESTAMP ~~~ The word, "challanges," is incorrect in the typed-out question on the screen; the correct version is, "challenges."

  24. And ignorant evolutionists have the nerve to say there is no "positive evidence" for intelligent design. God bless their poor souls.

  25. Admire your 'Socratic Communicative Style' James Tour. Here's to you…

    ''Why! He Came First''
    ''The Creator, He came 1st.
    The Creator's Rooster, he came 2nd.
    The Creator's Hen, she came 3rd. & had to be laid before all 3 entities ever could.'' -gilpin 1-3-20


    ''While the Creator's middle name may well be change… He is never going to.
    As for His creation's however… are they not forever destined to?'' -gilpin 1320

    ''Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world,
    then it can only happen through music.'' -Jimi Hendrix

    ''God is the perfect musical note.'' -Don Van Vliet

    These 2 quotes about God can be found in the Creator's creation week
    which was forever set into rhyme through the very music of His speech.
    Much Obliged to Discovery Science & James Tour; for such a platform of which to pop off.

  26. The only explanation of the origin of life is Genesis 1 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth". God made it all in the space of 6 days. People exhaust themselves for nothing with their evolution. Habakkuk 2:13 – Has not the LORD Almighty determined that the people's labor is only fuel for the fire, that the nations exhaust themselves for nothing?

  27. I agree with Dr. Tour and on further note, which came first the baby or the parent? The Creator is a scientist, a mathematician, an infinite intellect. Most of all a lover, he loves alll His creations uncondionally.

  28. Anyone who has a brain knows Allah created the universe, with the help of Brahma, Jesus, Zeus, Eros, and Steve.
    Inserting your favorite unfalsifiable fantasy about the origin of things doesn't move the mind closer to truth, it just insulates it from evidence and conclusions that may be difficult or unknowable. Not knowing the origin of life is no excuse to insert your favorite wish granting sky daddy as the cause.

  29. Great! Thank you Sir.
    Our Scientists = Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools (Romans 1:22).
    =The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God (Psalms 14:1). They are

  30. A great arguement in favor of God. Not that he is advocating for God, but in my mind, as Spencer points out, the "point of origination" and the 'ultimate causal beginnings', the unifying principle of the origins of life, is/are, beyond scientific understanding and it is impossible to me, not to suggest, that God or a god exists that provides the original spark of life and that He has orchestrated the beginnings of life. It is a metaphysical answer, not a scientific answer, which Man can not and probably will never ultimately comprehend. We are not God, we are His creations.

  31. Google-Szostak and you will see that a paper by a Nobel Laureate in chemistry has been withdrawn purporting to have created pre-life chemicals.A lab assistant could not repeat the results.This man is telling the truth.

  32. I kissed your face from the video. Great job.
    It is hard "not to believe" what you want to believe". If you WANT to believe in evolution no one can help you. Not even you. Life biology is so complex that any one who believes it happened by itself has no idea of it's complexity.

  33. How can time be the enemy when it allows new chances at an expanding rate as ancient chances and galaxies fade, still more come with fresh potential. We are here after all.

  34. Well, maybe evolutionary scientists dont know how it was done. But knowledge is dependent on being convinced of the truth…

  35. My research, see www.scienceuncoiled.co.uk for background, explains how life began, specificaly its chirality, proposals arising suggest how better nutrition could combat most common ailments, how the brain works and approaches to tackling climate change. Scarce resources need be wisely exploited.


  37. This guy is so amped up about his belief system it makes him harder to believe. Or at least makes you take it with a grain of salt, even if he does give valuable food for thought

  38. Fine-tuning – protein combinations = 10 to the 79 BILLION – 10 to the 90 elements. It is IMPOSSIBLE to create life and give information without a creator and an information GIVER. There are 10 to 65 atoms in our galaxy (Meyer). The issue is money and being part of the "science club" in Darwinian theory for GRANTS. Follow the money. Even the evolutionary biologists from around the world, assembled at the Royal Academy in 2016, said, "we have a problem". Slowly, we can break this paradigm, but all Christians should know the basics in apologetics with respect to science.Dr. Tour is absolutely courageous in standing up for the TRUTH…. GOD Bless.

  39. JESUSCHRIST lives.
    "I am the way, the truth and the life"
    "I am the light of the world"
    "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end".
    "No one comes to the Father but trough me".

  40. I'm willing to bet that Dawkins could walk you through the detail of evolutionary theory, taking great pains to explain the evidence and rationale carefully over the course of several weeks, and at the end because he had failed to show, in real-time, one species 'turning into another', he'd have failed. So best not start.

    But tell me, your alternative theory … do you envisage the organisms starting out as 'popped' eggs and sperm or pollen and ovule and just kind of forming a zygote floating in space, then developing as if in utero or flower but not really? Or do adult organisms burst forth with an audible pop, ready to do the business? Do they start with the feet first or the ears? Top-down, bottom-up?

    Ahh! You are satisfied with an explanation akin to 'magic did it'! An all-knowing mind existing outside space, matter & time simply willed life into existence…

    Fortunately for the human race, there are real scientists striving to find real [not imaginary] solutions to these BIG QUESTIONS, otherwise we would still be living in caves and worshipping the God of Thunder etc

    For those like Berlinski who maintain there is no mathematics behind the science of evolution, I cite just one link that was found within seconds on google:

    Biological Evolution & Statistical Physics – https://arxiv.org/pdf/cond-mat/0101409v1.pdf

  41. This video is not for religious people you stick to your bibles this is a scientific video so that means that that shouldn't interest you because you already have the book stick to that Dogma he is rebutting a Dogma

  42. Before and after the proverbial quote; 'we're to far gone down the rabbit hole' we know nothing. And adding ideas that a God (which one) did just adds to more chaos and confusing

  43. Abio-genesis, or informally the origin of life, is the natural process by which life has arisen from non-living matter, such as simple organic compounds. While the details of this process are still unknown, the prevailing scientific 'hypothesis' is that the transition from non-living to living entities was not a single event, but an evolutionary process of increasing complexity that involved molecular self-replication, self-assembly, auto-catalysis, and the emergence of cell membranes. (What do you believe, a fictitious God(s) or an educated hypothesis'? Choosing the latter seems to be the best way forward and not just giving up easily to saying 'we don't know God must have done it' (the God of the gaps), if we don't know something, we just fill in the gap with 'God must have done it' bs.

  44. Actually, the aliens created Adam and Eve. The rest is history. The bible explains that. Ezekiel describes 4 beings, who came from on high, and the round craft created a whirlwind as it landed. The aliens are called Engels, in the bible. In genesis chapter 18 Abraham eats food with God. Abraham and his wife Sarah talked about having a son. And living being Abraham Calls lord, tell Sarah that she is going to have a son. Now Sahra wwas already 80 years old. However she did have a son.

  45. Now….if any of you can convince yourself that there is no intelligent creator behind it all after hearing this, you are officially delusional or you are intellectually dishonest.

  46. Well this really does make you feel small, so they say there was not intelligence just pure luck for the creation of Life. I would say I just can't buy into to that, I think the Big Bang doesn't make common sense but people believe with Blind faith that it happened but a Supreme being can't exist. We know so little why do we want to deny the Trillions of Possibilities we know nothing about.

  47. I'm not smart enough to totally understand what he's saying but I think what he's proving here is that God created humans end of story

  48. Even if you believe this guy, remember he also doesn't know how to prove intelligent design. He admits it on his website.

  49. HI
    Great! I just want to add, all that scientists are proving with ANY of these experiments, even if they eventually ARE successful, is that LIFE WAS CREATED BY AN INTELLIGENT BEING IN THE FIRST PLACE [ Let me guess, Heaven forbid, GOD, maybe??? ] DUHHHH!!!! And NOT some prehistoric prebiotic mudpuddle left to it's own devices over millions of years.!!!! I mean WHO gets the credit for THAT???? ABSURD they all are! ''And thinking themselves wise they shall become fools' Shalom to us only in Christ Yeshua.

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