Jammu & Kashmir Travel At LOC India Pakistan Tour 2019

Jammu & Kashmir Travel At LOC India Pakistan Tour 2019

I am traveling in the Neelum Valley, along the Line Of Control in Jammu & Kashmir My right side across the Neelum River is Indian Kashmir and Left side is Azad Jammu & Kashmir Pakistan 13 Km Road Trip at LOC from Athmuqam to Keran and Lawat. Indian Army posts are up on the Hills along the river.

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  1. My Motorcycle entered many times in India.
    for detail check google map

  2. Enjoyed the music, it’s crazy how Pakistan and India don’t get along. The British line should be redrawn.

  3. next time we beat pakistan in a war, no mercy and no surrender. When they are allowed to live, they cause trouble.

  4. What I want know is which idiot did not liked this awesome video, I bet its one of toilet less Indian swine.

  5. Amazing video Tarar sahab….but missing ur nice voice in this..
    Pls make more video hare..
    Love from India.

  6. I was there on July 30 2019 at taobut as a tourist suddenly at 7.30 my hotel was target by india bombing . Pak army saved me.

  7. So wonderful video, my dear friend.
    Thank you so much. God bless you.

  8. Guys the Kashmir problem is very simple, but our idiot politicians are making it complicated and difficult.

    Most of Kashmir is Muslim and a few months ago, according to a poll, most Kashmiris wanted Kashmir to be a part of Pakistan, but as usual, the Indian government blocked the vote and they were afraid of Pakistan revealing it to the UN, so India intercepted it and completely blocked off a chunk of Kashmir.

    If Kashmiri people want to be part of Pakistan, they have every right to do so, but India is not giving them rights, making it hard to tell what the right solution is.

    India does not want Kashmir because of its people. The Indian government, including Modi, doesn't even care about the Kashmiri people. They only want Kashmir because of its freshwater rivers, ponds, and lakes, the landscape, and it would be a good tourist destination.

    In conclusion, Kashmir should belong to Pakistan, not India.

  9. Ager jammu kashmir 1947 mai hi baat gya hota toh esa mahool na hota india ,-nepal ke border jaisa hi india -pakistan ka border hota waise hi log border par kar le aate jaate

  10. Sir MashAllah beautiful video. Which camera have you used to record such a wonderful video? Please let me know. Thanks heaps.

  11. I just saw a Pakistani Army bunker right in civilian areas. That’s not good for the civilian population, when they get shelled. Collateral damage can be quite high.

  12. Roads & kashmiri people are far far away from the first ray of Development…
    A Beggar country can't think of Development…

  13. Bhaisaab how is it Azad Kashmir, did Pakistan give back Kashmir to India which it had occupied, please go back to history read the facts, don't make fool of ur self atleast what Pakistanis call it. Jai hind

  14. So much discussion on Muslims saying majority Muslims in Kashmir so it should a part of Pakistan, My dear Pakistani Bros do u guys realise India has more Muslims than Pakistan and it's occupied territories, Please don't talk of religious tolerance in india. Pakistan doesn't even allow burning ritual of hindu bodies they bury them, it's not me saying its the UN human rights commission saying please go check it's website. Pakistan doesn't have a government elected by the people Imran Khan is selected by the army he's just a stooge of the army, instead of dictators the army has devised this new form of government, they let the people of Pakistan know what the army wants them to know, They are feed wrong information, Pakistanis never experienced a democratic government, just for those Pakistanis please check where all of ur opposition is in jails, Pakistan Bros please educate urself before ur come on to public platform and make a fools of urselves, not just indians all of the world is reading ur comments, Ur army also fights a social media war it puts comments like this if this is the army putting comments then God please save Pakistani Bros, Jai Hind,

  15. Pakistan is a failed state, what has it achieved since indepence, it's army has only been good in propagating terror, it's know all over the world for terrorism, selling to people of Pakistan the dream of Kashmir, Please Pakistani Bros look at what the army has made ur country into, the worlds terrorist live in Pakistan u go check UN website for this. It only hurts how I'll informed are Pakistani people.

  16. Some more info for Pakistanis find out where the children of ur generals majors brigadier are studying when common Pakistanis are not having access to good education, I pray to Allah that all Pakistanis realise the foul play of their army, change the future of their country

  17. Доброе утро . Какая красота . Л. К. ) . Благодарю. Удачи .👍👍👍.

  18. It is not jammu and kashmir.It is our kashmir's illegally occupied by Pak. There is full of terririst training universities Mr.Tarar be careful

  19. You show us the world, your countries, other countries’
    energy and creativity and optimism and unwavering belied in the future. When if
    we reach across borders and learn to see ourselves in each other, and confront
    our shared challenges with shared resolve.

  20. May Allah protect our bothers and sisters in jammu and kashmir and all over the world ,i love to see my muslim family this video

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