Jane’s picnic to the park… plus daddy’s six-pack abs! [The Return of Superman/2017.10.29]

A bus. A bus. Let’s go on a bus. Let’s go. It’s your first time riding a bus here. Right? It’s your first time. – Snack. / – Snack. You want a snack. Here comes the bus. Jane, the bus is coming. (Welcome, bus.) Does she need to pay? No. Jane goes on her first date with Dad. It’s your first time taking a bus with me. (Winking) (She is cute.) (She acts cute.) Why are you acting cute? Who are you doing it for? Jane. Who are you winking at? Look. Let me tell you what it says. If you ride the bus without paying, you will get fined 20 dollars. The bus fare is one dollar. You will have to pay 20 times more. When you are old enough to take a bus, you should make sure to pay the fare. Okay? (She is too young for this education.) This is nice. (They get off the bus.) Come, here you go. Ta-da. All right. Bye. (Bye, bus.) We will take a tram now. Here comes the tram. Let’s take it. Here comes the tram. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. Let’s go. (What?) Let’s go. (Is he jaywalking?) Since trams run in the middle of the road, cars would stop for the safety of the passengers. (People walk on the road to get to the tram.) (He passes two cabins) (and takes a seat.) Jane, it’s your first time taking a tram. Tell Mom later that you took a tram. (I am excited.) Give one to me. (Loving) (They are a loving father and daughter.) Here. (They follow the tram rail) They ride the tram (to navigate Moscow.) through the center of the city and arrive at a park the locals frequent. (They arrive at Severnoye Tushino Park.) What is that? There is a swing. – Hello. / – Hello. Say, “Hello.” What’s your name? Jane. – Jane. / – Jane. What a pretty name to go with a pretty girl! How old are they? (2 years 6 months, 2 years 10 months) She is 1 year and 7 months old. What are you filming? They came from Korea – to film a show, / – They came from Korea. where I look after the child without my wife. (I look after the child without my wife.) That’s great. (The father isn’t impressed.) What do you want to do? (Let’s go that way.) Bye. What? I won’t hold your hand. Come down the slide. Let’s go. (Should I go or not?) Jane. (Sliding) (My head hurts.) Did you bump your head? (Dad, come here.) Play, Jane. What are the girls doing? They are shoveling sand. (The little fairies are playing with sand.) Do you want to try it? (I want to join them.) Go in, Jane. Try it. There you go. Go ahead and play. (Hesitant) There you go. (May I sit with you?) Play together, Jane. (Hi.) There you go. There you go. (He gives Jane a scoop of sand.) (It lands on Jane’s leg.) (My goodness.) – Do you want to go? / – It hurts. Does it hurt? (He shakes her up and down.) It’s okay. You can play with sand. (Blow on my leg.) Does it sting? (He understands what Jane says.) There you go. Let’s go that way. – Shoes. / – Let’s put your shoes on. (He feels bad.) Say, “Bye.” Let’s go. (Saddened) Be careful. Go slowly. There you go. That’s how you do it. There you go. Go slowly, Jane. (The boy from earlier approaches them.) (He is excited.) Go slowly. Watch where you step. (He walks on his own in bare feet.) There you go. Jane, shall we feed the ducks? Here you go. (They feed the ducks together.) Jane, do you want to try throwing food to them? No, don’t eat it. (It’s my food.) There are a lot of ducks, right? They are playing in the water. Shall we go that way? At the bank of Moscow River, everyone is getting a sun tan. (People are tanning on the small beach.) The Muscovites enjoy the sun in a free-spirited way. (Summer in Russia is short.) The beach in the city provides relaxation. Are Jane and Victor ready to have fun? Jane, I need to put air… I need to put air in this. It won’t go in. (She staggers since she is on a hill.) (It begins to take shape.) I need to put air in it. (It begins to take shape.) (The air sofa is ready.) (A woman approaches him.) (She asks for a picture.) She is a fan who recognized Victor. (He is a superstar in Russia.) (My dad is popular.) Thank you. Do you want to sit here? Let’s have a try. (She sinks into the air sofa.) (It’s soft.) Do you like it? I brought swimsuits. This one is for you. ♪ You need to put it on ♪ ♪ You need to put it on ♪ (He attempts to help her wear the swimsuit.) This goes first. There you go. My goodness. (Little and cute) You look cute! (He is satisfied.) Do you like it? (How do I look?) Put this swim cap on. (The swim cap makes her 100 times cuter.) With the swim cap on, your hair is invisible. Do you have scissors? Scissors. I am going to make a hole in the swim cap. I will cut a hole in the swim cap. – Okay. / – Wait a minute. You aren’t cutting hair, are you? (He tries hard to make her look like a girl.) There you go. – Thank goodness. / – One in the back, too. She looks cute. It’s a success. (Do I look like a girl now?) Jane, I will go and change. (Nodding) Please watch Jane for a second. I will go and change. (Don’t worry about me.) Jane. Jane. (He has six pack abs.) (His strict training routine gave him) (well-defined abs.) Did you enjoy your food? I changed. (He is ready to get a sun tan.) (Thank you.) Let’s eat. Try it. There you go. It’s a rice ball. (She puts it in her mouth.) You should take smaller bites. (Food tastes better when they are outside.) Jane, lie back like me. It’s comfortable. My goodness. Everyone is lying back. This is how you relax. (They feel drowsy after eating.) Jane and her dad’s first date is a success.

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