Japan Bullet Train Top 10 Must Know Travel Hacks | Shinkansen Guide

Japan Bullet Train Top 10 Must Know Travel Hacks | Shinkansen Guide

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  1. Like if you want me to do more Japan travel hack videos. Also, comment if you have any train hack stories in Japan or your own country.

  2. This society is so progressive it's unreal, really admire Japanese people and how much vision and hard work they put into taking care of thier people. This is why I have to go there and understand the philosophy and school of thought behind this ancient empire.

  3. Make sure you know if your train is all the car lengths or partially the length… We waited at car #16 queue to find out the train was only 8 cars long, and had to run down to the right car area.

  4. Hi there, I would like to know which ticket to buy if I want to go to Tokyo from Osaka. So confused…

  5. We just came back from a 3 week holiday in Japan and one other tip is for those who get JR passes, you can request for reserved seating for free as long as you go to the office at least 1 day before going on the train. Was very useful for us to make sure my wife and I could sit with our young children.

  6. Yes the kodama ie to Hiroshima from Osaka….. like a western train, stop, go, stop, go 🙁 Buy a JR pass

  7. It's not only shinkansen u should use. U should use local trains it's cheaper but slower. Slowest shinkansen is actually same price! As nozomi!!. U should use local trains to a specific destination then from there u use a shinkansen. I saved so much money! By using local trains and only two shinkansen!. I even travelled for free sometimes on the local trains because there was some mistakes cause am not native.

  8. Very helpful video. Loved riding the shinkansen when I was there. Fortunately, my kids were with me to figure out which train to get on. I have the same issues in NY and Chicago. Train routes and schedules are confusing in any language!

  9. Just got back from Japan a few days ago and bought a 7-day Green JR Pass – the reclining seats, quiet cars and extra leg room made all the difference!!!
    Just a tip for those riding in the green reserved cars at 5:44 IS A BIG NO-NO!!!! You cannot have shoes on when the footrest is folded out – you will possibly get told off.

  10. Great video. Thank you. Do you think it's worth buying a JR pass for 4 people vs flying if going from Tokyo to Kyoto then Kyoto to Osaka? Seems cheaper just to fly. Thanks.

  11. I live in Ontario,Canada and we use VIA Rail which use P42DC Locomotive max speed 160 Kph I have only seen them push these speeds in what is know as Essex County Speed trap were you can sit by side of rail watching them fly by. not the best but it's ours.

  12. For smokers there is smoking small compartment what is great if you in long journey. Someting unthinkable in Europe

  13. are there some hours when the shinkansen is less busy between Tokyo and Kyoto? When I go to Japan, I plan to go from Tokyo to kyoto and we will each have a big luggage (there'S 2 of us) and will be using the japan rail pass

  14. 3:53 please don't flip the seats and make it inconvenient for others who now have to face backwards while travelling. don't be that asshole.

  15. Before traveling to Japan, check the radioactive contamination map of Japan for health reasons. Especially in Tokyo !!!!!! Tokyo was contaminated by high concentration radioactivity. There is no problem right now, but think about your offspring. Eating radioactive contaminated foods that are export-restricted by the WTO can result in baby malformations or cancer.

  16. Actually the reserved seats as mentioned on the timetable books (I bought a few from Japan) are 320, 520 or 720 yen more expensive depending on the time (whether it counts as a day with high demand or low demand). High demand days are more expensive. And Nozomi reserved seats are slightly more expensive again by adding like 300 yen or so depending on distance.

  17. Very helpful! I am planning my itenerary in Japan this coming September! I am getting the JR Pass. is it only applicable to hikari ?

  18. 1 The Japanese people eat rice that is marked by its origin. No Japanese eat Fukushima rice. The problem is that Fukushima rice and seafood are supplied to hotels filled with tourists, especially Koreans and Chinese , without labeling of their origin.

  19. If I’m on vacation, I rather just not save “up to $20” and just have comfort and convenience. I’d rather spend my time and energy on enjoying my time and taking in the experiences. Don’t want to be researching and running around to save a few dollars if I’m on a vacation.

    I’d only go out of my way to save a few bucks if I had a lot of time or if I frequently travel on the bullet train.

    Other than that the other tips were good.

  20. The internet was not fast? 14mbps lol. Here in the philippines the average speed of the internet is 1-2mbps. HAHAHA.

  21. Took the Shinkansen with my mom to Kyoto and back last August 2018. A great experience overall despite the cost.

  22. I'm heading to japan in october and will be travelling from tokyo to kyoto. Buying the JR pass and collecting it in narita airport but do I still need to book the train from tokyo to Kyoto?

  23. Talking about Tokaido shinkansen

    1. Odd numbered cars = toilets, yes plural form
    Even numbered cars = multipurpose room (like a mini bar or mini meeting rooms)
    AED, conductor, attendant room is in car #8
    2. In the N700 sets, the toilet door is sliding type, a lot of tourists and myself were confused when we encounter this rounded sliding door for the first time

    3. The car numbers are in order when the train is facing Hakata / Osaka from Tokyo (car #1 is the front and car #16 is the rear), so when you are heading to Tokyo, the order is reversed (car #16 is the front and car#1 is the rear) just see the train's headlights to make sure, red means rear, white means front.
    4. The entire formation set is 404 metres (1,325 ft) long, so plan your ascend / entry to the platform. There is a mark in each station, indicating which train car is nearest to you if you ascend through this particular escalator / stair.
    5. Their timetable is in seconds. No joke. The door will open in the correct second, for real, like 11:23:40 punctual. So, get ready to disembark before the train stops, especially in smaller stations, since the train will only open its door briefly. Otherwise, you'll hear an upset train driver announcement urging you to hurry or "hayaku" depending on what kind of person is causing the delay. While many websites and videos state that the maximum speed of Tokaido line is 285 kph, my GPS has indicated 291 kph on the way to Toyohashi. Probably because someone really took his time when boarding this train back in Shin-Yokohama station.

  24. I’ve ridden the Shinkansen (Nozomi), between Tokyo and Osaka, many times and thought I’d seen the seats facing each other, but thought it was a different train model. Now I know the trick. Thanks!

  25. You said if we purchased the “Reserved Ticket” but got mixed with our train, we can use it later for the next “Unreserved” seat?

    What about for those who have an unreserved ticket but got mixed or missed the train? can we use it again for the next train?

  26. 14 mbp/s wifi is not the fastest? wow.what a spoiled lil bitch you are.there are still people out there,right at this moment who still uses internet connection 1mbps and below.

  27. I really hate this stupid american term "bullet train" given to shinkansen. Probably even worse than calling a katana a "japanese sword"

  28. My country, USA, doesn't have trains because of Republicans ?. Well, we do, but they are basically almost non existan

  29. We have always tried to arrive way early than the scheduled trip for taking Shinkansen during our last Japan visit as we are going to take the non-reserve seat train car (usually limited). Since we have the JR Pass, there's more flexibility on which type of Shinkansen except for those ultra high speed not covered by the JR Pass. One should need to research though if the whole trip will be covered by The JR Pass since there are instances the Shinkansen would pass through a non-JR rail (in our experience, going to Kurayoshi/Tottori), so we had to pay extra.

    Thanks to Hyperdia, we are able to determine the platform where to wait. We just needed to find the line where to wait for the non-reserve train cars. In all of our Shinkansen rides, we still had seats available even if non-reserved.

    Wifi connectivity on the train was not as fast as the portable wifi we rented from the airport. Even our accommodation wifi wasn't as fast so maybe the portable wifi was really that good.

    The luggage we had was the tricky part. In between train cars, there were spots available for storing luggage (though very limited slots). Having prior research on the trick, I instructed my family to either take the front or the farthest back seats to store our luggage. The only problem we encountered was the train floor was so smooth and slippery, there were instances our luggage tended to roll off the gap like having a life of its own and I had to stop it from rolling over the other train passengers' seat. Now, seeing the video, we may have been better off storing the luggage lying down.

  30. You also get a free drink coupon with the Purato Kodama ticket, which includes beers! Helps to kill that extra time.

  31. I live in Vancouver. Our transportation system, SkyTrain is like Shinkansen but shorter and way less luxurious. It's pretty fast though.

  32. I'm flying into Sendai Airport on the 7th to visit a friend and then taking the Shinkansen to Tokyo a few days later to see another friend. Hopefully I can remember this. Since the JR pass is only worth buying if you are traveling a lot throughout Japan, I'm not getting one. And since I can't book a ticket online like u can in Korea, I've been worried. I don't want to get standing room.

  33. I learned the big luggage tip on the train. I was attempting to squeeze it into the overhead area, until a local kindly pointed out the space behind the last seat. ?

  34. hey Paolo. Im your big fan from Malaysia. Anyway, i'll be in Japan for RUGBY WORLD CUP. Travelling to Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe and back to Tokyo. Should i buy a regular JR PASS or should i get JR GREEN PASS with reserved seat knowing thousands of fans travelling the same route as i am? Hope to get a reply from you Paolo..tq.

  35. Great vid! Thanks.. I knew about the plug outlet by the window and where to store larger luggage.. did not know that seats flipped! How cool!

  36. Awesome video!! what would you suggest for a roundtrip ticket from Tokyo – Kyoto, I am only staying in kyoto for 2 days. the JR Pass 7 days seems really expensive

  37. My trains in NYC come with free homeless people and an abundant amount of the mentally ill. We get frequent signal problems and empty apologies from the conductor.

  38. I’ve bought my 14 days JR Pass and I’m flying to Japan next month in late Oct! Watching your videos makes me so excited!

  39. Hello I’ve been living in Tokyo for the past 6 months and I’m planning to travel to Osaka, my question is can I use my pasmo card like in any subway train for the Shinkansen?

  40. Thanks for the great tips, we're taking the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto in 2020. I'm glad I'm not the only person who calls them snacky snacks. Man, my back was hurting just watching you film the first part bending over in the station.

  41. Just want to say thank you so much. I just came back from a two week Japan trip and I was so intimidated by trying to put together a plan to enjoy the different areas. You and your wife made it soooo easy. You demystified what I absolutely could not figure out on my own and I had the best vacation of my life. I got to experience being a tourist with all of the hacks & preferences you shared. Going to Japan has been a bucket list item for years and I couldn't have made it happen without your making it so easy!

  42. Please take care of passengers behind you, when you recline your seats.
    It’s one of irritating points for Japanese people.

  43. You did not mention that in outbound direction (Tokyo to Nagoya direction), if someone wants to see mount Fuji, reserve a seat in your right side 😉

  44. Just a small suggestion can u change tokyo zebra website background to black because it will increase the readability. .. . By the way love ur videos.. .
    Video content suggestions
    1) a day in a life of a student
    2)education in Japan
    3) vegetarian tips

  45. I realize your video is based on alot of experience, and is impressive. I was hoping for something a bit more targeted at beginners. I don't speak Japanese so all the stuff about getting special tickets from random street vendors seems a bit intimidating. Do they speak english?

  46. It’ll be my first time to travel to Japan end of the month and my first time to ride in a bullet train ?. This video gave pretty good ideas. Thanks!

  47. I realized I've lived here long enough when the moment the video started I knew he was in Shibuya Station in the area that you walk through to get to Shibuya Crossing.

  48. Another note is that the air is better going one direction (I forgot which!) because the CO2 has an easier time leaving the train car. You should turn your seat around if the air feels stale!

  49. Never ride a Kodama unless you're going a short distance. They are so much slower and there's nothing more annoying than sitting at a station for ages while faster trains go by. I don't care if it saves 2000 yen. Speaking of saving money, obviously a foreign tourist should get a JR Pass. If you do only a Tokyo Osaka return, it already pays for itself, plus you can use it on all other JR trains. Forget seat reservations unless it's a holiday or something. It's rare you can't get a seat. A fun article: https://warriorfactor.wordpress.com/2018/04/02/never-ride-a-kodama-shinkansen-bullet-train-in-japan/

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