Japan Local Hidden Spot Osaka Nanko, ATC and Government Building Observatory #215

Japan Local Hidden Spot Osaka Nanko, ATC and Government Building Observatory #215

yes this is what I got! So good! let me try that hopefully I can make time! yes beautiful! Even it’s a Friday
night No people! I love this place, so today I come to Nanko which is
a local spot of Osaka in the last video I introduced that Osaka is becoming
China well if you haven’t watched that video please check that if you go to the
really popular Osaka travel spots you will only see the travelers which is
kind of sad right because you can’t see real Osaka so in this video I try to
introduce my favorite place to chill out but it’s still travel spot so that you
can enjoy too, this place called Nanko which is a really west part of osaka as
you can see it’s right next to the osaka ocean it is really beautiful place of
course still there are many travelers visit here but it’s much much better
than the some other places such as Universal Studios Dotonbori Osaka
station so anyway let me introduce around this area called Nanko
as you can see this is a beautiful place next to the ocean it’s in the
countryside so it takes about 30 minutes from Osaka station by train firstly you
have to get to the “Trade Center Mae” station and you have to make left at exit then you just
need to keep walking with straight it’s a bit long walk but you will arrive to
this place recently it gets pretty cold however in
the beautiful weather still it’s good to take a walk beautiful sky with palm
tree sweet and the weekday many people come over here to have a fishing well I
am not sure what kind of fish they can fish so let me ask what kind of fish
they can finish He is here by bicycle for fishing Japanese horse
mackerel, still he hasn’t got one today yet but usually he can fish pretty well
that’s what he told me nice huh so they can get the horse
mackerels which is”Aji” in japanese it’s really popular fish to eat so as
you can see there are many locals come over here to enjoy the fishing if you
love fishing you can come over here too actually
right now I’m in front of the ATC which is a Asian and Pacific trade center it
is originally a trade center however for me, it’s like a shopping mall this red
building that’s how it looks like let me introduce inside the ATC let’s
get inside as you can see definitely there are not
so many travelers compared to some other travel spots however one thing I
realize is that the this place used to be a really really quiet place but I guess
recently there seems like more Chinese travelers over here Wow really
interesting this is south Part of the building as you can see there are not so
many stores so let’s go to the north part of the building
so actually this place contained by three parts one is north other one is
south and the last ones is ITM which I’m not sure what stands for I was in the
South part of the buildings well there are several restaurants but, it is not
really a entertaining places to be honest this place is not really a
travel travel spot for me this place is taking away from the crowd and also
you can see the ocean view but still there are severe travel spots as well
so let me show you a bit more in the north part of building there are many
restaurants compared to the south part of buildings still really less people
though this matcha ice cream looks so nice but it was a cold day so I skipped
that this place called ABC Mart which is one of the most popular chain shoe
store in Japan well usually they have many kinds of shoes with cheaper price
especially this place if outlet so you can find a good price
well the last time when I came here I didn’t know this place but look at there
there’s a break store let me try some I love bread story usually they have many
different kinds of bread when I get little hungry
the bread store is always a good option yes this is what I got it
actually I was thinking whether I should get other one or this one but this one
looks so good oh goodness smells so good, I love
teriyaki smell Wow yes it’s beautiful teriyaki soy
sauce flavor it’s always good so this one is half boiled egg bacon and teriyaki
sauce 200 Japanese yen “Itadakimasu” Oishi! the Bacon is much softer than what I thought and the teriyaki sauce with mayo perfectly matches with egg this is
exactly what I was expecting at maybe there are not so many shops around this ATC
area but definitely you should try this teriyaki bacon egg Teriyaki sweetness so good
if you can just take it back to the hotel and eat it in the hotel with
microwave it would be good too actually I was expecting the much
smaller bacon because this is only 200 Japanese yen but they use kind of
thick bacon too, I feel like I’m eating meat it was really good
all right so let’s keep exploring there are power plugs too so it’s a really
good place to take a rest so that bread taste so good and that was a good surprise it is a really fun to find new places right especially if you are travelling
so maybe if you visit here you can find something new too and now we are
heading to the ITM this is the last place of the ATC building ITM at the
entrance I found these cute claw machines with octopus in the ITM
building there is Mentaiko Park you can learn how the Mentaiko is made in the
factory well that’s the way to go to the Osaka cruise ship and this is the way to
go to the Mentaiko museum which I’ve never been so let’s go check that so this is the Mentaiko Park Metaiko is
a spicy cod roe it is a really popular in Kyushu area it perfectly good with
white rice in this place you can learn and watch how the Metaiko is made also
you can try it for free too you can try the fresh made Mentaiko over here let
me try that spicy but I’m pretty sure it will perfectly good with rice and you can
buy a lot of kinds of Mentaiko over here so if you love mentaiko definitely you
should visit here also there is a huge kids playground so if you bring kids they can
have good time too well you know what it’s almost time for the sunset and then I
wanna show you guys the view from the observatory because it is so beautiful
hopefully I can make time so gotta run in the observatory
it’s in the index Osaka which is the next to ATC
hopefully I can make time do you see the sky getting so yellow right yeah that’s right here the price is 800
Japanese Yen well so the observatory entrance is in the
side of the this index Osaka still the sunset is not yet it just beautiful
though, all right so let’s keep walking here I go yes beautiful
look at this view yes evil I sweat a lot but I made it so happy you know the sky
garden which is a “Kuchu teien” beautiful too, but this place is special
because you can see it without crowd well so let me gopro time-lapse over
here alright sweet it’s perfect let’s watch a sunset time-lapse together this is how the INTEX Osaka observatory
looks like I think it’s much simpler compared to the other place but
still the price is cheaper and also you can escape from the crowds so maybe if
you kind of get board from the touristic places then you can try this
place anyway so this is how the INTEX Osaka observatory looks like let’s
go back to the ATC because we can see a Christmas tree over there since this place is near Universal
Studios Japan you can see the fireworks if you are lucky also Kaiyukan’s
ferris wheel is beautiful as well speaking of this place yes this is
pretty much just an observatory so compared to other places less entertaining
however because of that less crowded look at that it’s beautiful place right?
speaking of this place actually this is the place that the g20 meeting was hold
in that period so many police were over here yeah that’s right I came here to
shoot the video too if you want to see how it looks like
please check my other video anyway so let’s go back to the ATC can you see the
building over there yes actually that’s where I was and now I came back to the
ATC in front of the Christmas tree well maybe this is not the place that
you can enjoy the travel spot but still it’s Osaka and you can see the local
life there are so many places to chill out
so maybe if you kind of get tired with crowds you can come visit this place you
can enjoy this place for sure look at that even it’s a Friday night no
people not sure if it’s a good thing but yes this is a less touristic spot hope
you enjoyed the video there are many other Osaka videos too so if you are
traveling to Osaka or Japan please check my other videos as well thanks for watching
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“Seeeeno Gaooooo” bye bye

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  1. It's not really popular travel spot, but hopefully you enjoy the video!?
    There are many other Osaka and Japan travel + food videos, so please subscribe and check other videos as well? 
    Hope this video can help your Osaka travel! Please let me know your thought about Nanko, ATC, and INTEX OSAKA?
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  2. Rion,
    i hope the management of the places you visit can give you discount or better free access since you are promoting their establishment in your channel

  3. Nice vid. I should go research this place and put this in my itinerary. Btw, I will be in Osaka at year end. Hope to bump into you! Lol.

  4. aaaaa noooo T___T i just purchased shoes from ABC mart dotonboriii 3 hours ago .. i think i'll try to look for more shoes at that ABC you've reviewed here. i wish i'll bump with you at Osaka ^_^

  5. Rion the lion, Nako is really a good spot place in Osaka,must be can watch beautiful sunrise in early morning.Actualy, you makes me feel so hungry, just watch you eat hamburger?…..ITADAKIMASU…At the night, full rich with variety light and its looks so beautiful for celebrate christmas night???

  6. Thank you Rion!
    For this mesmerizing sunset also, loving the peacefulness of open waters .
    And I'm like a kid when it comes to Christmas fun,especially the lights and good food.
    Soon I will be a part of that there. I hope I'm able to find this place! If not There are so many other places you have shown ? Arigato!

  7. i just want to say i appreciate all your videos! i'll be in osaka next year and these videos are really helpful ? hope you get more subscribers ??

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