Japan Off The Beaten Path: Autumn In Akita Prefecture | Japan Travel Guide

Japan Off The Beaten Path: Autumn In Akita Prefecture | Japan Travel Guide

100 thoughts on “Japan Off The Beaten Path: Autumn In Akita Prefecture | Japan Travel Guide

  1. i saw you uploaded this video on Oct 31, so I assume that the trip was taken place sometime around mid Oct? is is the best time already to experience the autumn season? I wish I could be there sometime..it's still very natural and am looking for less hectic place in Japan..Lucky I met your vlog, arigato gozaimas

  2. What did the owner give the dog to eat in the end, it's huge. It looked scary, also ? i love your videos, i'd like to visit Japan someday, but for now, i'm doing a video marathon watching your uploads

  3. Hi Angela, I've been enjoying your channel a lot, ever since I got back from my first trip to Japan a year ago. Trips down memory lane all over, especially the food video’s 😀
    I want to go back in autumn next year, but I can’t decide where to go in 14 ‘short ‘ days without having to be in the shinkansen all the time . The only thing I know for sure is that I’d like to see Mt. Fuji, and have a mix of bigger cities but also Japan of the beaten path. I’d also ‘have to ‘ go back to Kyoto for at least two days, since I can get exeptionally homesick for that city in particular. 😛 Could you consider making some itinerary video’s? Thanks a lot in advance. I’m looking forward to anything you come up with next!

  4. I love your videos! When I finally get around to going to Japan I am definitely going to some of the spot you have recommended in the "Off the beaten path" series. ? I can't wait! ?

  5. Man.. I'm going to sound like a party pooper but I wish I have the confidence to travel.. Having a medical condition really took a toll on my self esteem..

  6. please do more japan places that are off the beaten path. I have already visited tokyo, osaka, kyoto, kobe, and would love to visit areas in japan where most people like me do not know! great video!! subscribed

  7. I will be on a cruise that will stop in Akita in September 2018. Thank you for your video, it has given me ideas on what to see and do. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Love your videos. I just wish your music volume was a little lower. it's hard to focus on what you say especially if you're not a native speaker of English.

  9. how long does it take to do the Akita-Nairiku line?
    also how tough is it to travel without a car if we want to visit Akita?

  10. Your videos are beautiful, well made and very informative. Thank you so much for posting this. I plan to visit Japan with my family sometime this year or next. We are a big fan of the Akita Inu and hope to get one soon.

  11. Thanks for this Video. I will be travel to Akita next week and your video has given me some ideas on where to explore.

  12. この彼女は教養の良さに加えて非常にチャーミングな女性ですね、もしかして帰国子女 ?

  13. Seems wonderful! I wonder if they have dog friendly locations and places I can stay with my dog. Even if she is not an Akita lol.

  14. Just found out this video, and it’s really gave me insight for my trip to Japan this Autumn. Really want to visit Tohoku, but it seems like so far away from Tokyo. So, I end up choosing Nikko over Tohoku to see Autumn foliage (because of my trip is at the end of Oct, so I assume that it is the best time to enjoy Autumn in Nikko)

    But, honestly I still want to visit Tohoku though. Can you give me some advice? Wheter should I visit Tohoku or not? And the most important thing is, can I visit Tohoku in ONE day trip only (without stay overnight) from Tokyo?

  15. Thank you for this video! I'm soo looking forward to going on my first trip to Japan and i'm already considering to visit Akita after watching this video. Is it easy to go around though even if I won't be driving on my own? 🙂

  16. Everytime i feel a little bit down, i come and watch this video. Somehow it's just makes me feel calm and happy. You managed to make something magical here!

  17. I truly appreciate you to upload this episode! I grew up this region in Japan. I grew up in Aomori-city. My mother is coming from Odate. I am living in Oregon USA now, I really like living in here in OR because of people and nature here, but, wow, Aomori and Akita, such a beautiful place to visit! if you visit Japan, highly recommend to go those area, and don't forget to eat Kiritanpo in Odate:)

  18. This is such s great series! I lived in Akita as well as northern hyogo for several years and I’m glad you’re showing off the less traveled but amazing places in japan

  19. Thank you for showing the beautiful Akita Inu on the video. I have been to Akita Prefecture 4 times and plan to return again soon. Great Video. Everything looks so wonderful.

  20. 嗨!妳好。很棒的介紹唷

  21. BEAUTiFUL town!! I have a Shiba myself and just looking at an AKita, I want one now. so big and fluffy. also, weird question… I am going to be going to Tokyo next year in January. Do you or anyone you know give tours around Japan. Would love the help in knowing the culture. : ) thanks

  22. This is soooooo funny. I'm always smiling when I'm watching your videos! Thank you so much for your work!

  23. This is the first time to this site, though it's been on the Internet for a while I really enjoyed the tour.

  24. Nice of you to make this, i hope you take more production considerations into mind as you continue to grow your channel. Would love to see you become popular =)

  25. Back in the 80s I had two animal shelter akitas Kashi and HayGai; loved them so much I got a very petigreed (pun) 6 week-old Shiwa Kitsune Kao (wrinkled fox face) that learned 80 commands; she was the smartest and bravest dog I've ever seen.

  26. Wow this looks like a lovely place!!! Colin seems so nice ?? it's cool he's a former JET, I am planning on doing that and I'm so nervous and excited!!

  27. 秋田県の紹介有り難うございます。

  28. can i have more info on Blue Marine Cafe Boat Rental? i cant seem to find this cafe shop in google maps, help pls

  29. Thank you for all your videos. I came across your channel by accident. This is the Japan my family and I want to go back and see.

  30. What a beautiful place! Thank you Angela and Colin for showing me around.
    Greetings from London, England ?

  31. Oh my God i am so happy…my name is Akita from timor leste thats my real name and it is the beautyful place to be there.. i love you all..GB

  32. Could you do everything in one day as a very long day trip from Tokyo? What was the name and information to contact your guide?

  33. Love everything about Japan. Make a video of Saga perfection please. My son is living there for almost 8 years.
    All the best to Japans rugby team. Love them.
    By the way you are beautiful and love your heart.
    With love from Cape Town South Africa ????❤️?

  34. I really loved the video view from the train looked amazing and the colors where so beautiful
    The food looked tasty too,i think ur doing amazing work showing foreigners unknown and beautiful sides of japan

  35. Wow is very beauty plase…so l like your foot ??l love eat ??❤ yout dog very cute????andd l like very much whaterfuul?????l from goeorgia and georgian was a lot of whaterfuul❣❣????

  36. How interesting Restaurants is in Japan?? I can't don't tell first of all this ?❤ Autum is so beautiful on there ❤ u are prreties also and this video was interesting too ❤ in my opinion it's good—–take videos and should blogger ❤ for watchers u bring good places and video become more interesting and funny❤ this magazines,what was specially in video so like magazines,which is in movie"13 reason why" ❤ good luck guys ❤ there is also great mountines ❤ i'm interesting sushi ❤ what do you rememmber every most from Japan coocks?

  37. I like this video. I like Sally's dog Asuka. I like Hachiqo's statue. Nature was very beautiful, i like lake. I don't like Japan foods. In conclusion this video is good and i like it, because i love Hachiko. Do you like Hachiko film?

  38. Hi I really like Japan ?? japan is really beautiful and interesting country I love this country with special.culture and interesting people ❤️❤️??????????
    I know so many thing about Tokyo and about japan ?? there live older people I learn this in geography it was interesting?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Also I like this experiment dog was really cute I like so much also in Tokyo are so beautiful and cute dogs 88% has animals omg hachiko this film is really sad for me when I saw this film I was sad ? this dog ? was very friendly more other persons Akitas are really friendly ❤️❤️?????????????????????
    Also I like forest ? it was really beautiful I like so much and you were really funny ?
    This video was really fantastic and really good people in Tokyo are so many people and wow ? hot water it was really interesting and exciting in Japan ?? are so many exciting and interesting places which is your favorite place and what was the best moment from this trip and where are you from thanks my teacher for this vlog because I saw so many interesting thing I like vlog look like this they were so many shops and so many food ? in conclusion it was the best video and the best country japan ?? ?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. hello internationally ME!!
    how are you ???
    i think that you are fine !!!
    you' are very good person you are very pretty cute lovely beautyful
    i like your vlogs verry much they are very good and interesing always when i am watching your videos i am very happy i am enjoyed by your videos.
    this video was very good and interesting so i will tell you four fact about this thing which i like very much inn thiss video and let start !!
    1.first which i like in this video is this that in this place was very very beautiful creature what's name is ,,Akita Nairiku Line'' i want to go here and see this place
    2.second which i like in this video is this that you show us dog ,,Asuka '' this was very cute lovely preetty and friendly
    3. third fact was this that there was waterfall which was very very beautifuul iin summer i think thatthis will become very good for swimming and for enjoy
    4.fourth and last fact is this that you was hot or not the hottest water where you wash your feet this was reality very good ffor enjoy and for relax
    ok i done mmy comment thank you for this video and good byyyyy!!!!!!
    good luck

  40. hi❤️
    how are you?❤️
    i like this vlog it’s amazing and beautiful❤️
    l like first part it is so beautiful❤️
    ong this edit is so amazing because you have so amazing parts and facts about the cities + you have maps there we can see where is japan❤️
    wow❤️asuka is amazing ❤️the dog is beautiful? it is so nice and her skin is so beautiful❤️ the best part is dog because my fav animal is dog and i have dog her name is bubu☺️
    how waterfall is the best?in my Country there is so many waterfall to❤️
    trees are so beautiful☺️tree’s color is nice and cute?
    wow l like river?that was funny moment then camera literally die?
    wow this hot water is amazing omg?i want to be there to?i like hot water so much this water is so secret cos it’s amaibg how hot is it and how?
    no i don’t like japan food?i have never tried it but i only like soup with macaroni?
    but i like how they are making them it’s so clear?
    i like mountines and little river in the end☺️
    so l like this vlog it was amazing?and so interesting for me ❤️
    i love future?
    omg fails and this big dog is woah?
    do you have dog???

  41. Good video. I live in fukushima for sure no country in the world is more boring than japan. No gathering praza no night life no emotion. Turists do never come here

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