Japan Tattoo Friendly Onsen by Tokyo & Food Tour Atami

Japan Tattoo Friendly Onsen  by Tokyo & Food Tour Atami

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  2. 11:15 Paolo says it's raining outside
    Mariko is so shocked like all the make up effort gone to waste hahaha😂😂😂

  3. These videos are super helpful, I just moved to japan and I use your videos to explore , I recently visited the Ramen joint in kanda where you did the chef daily life vid

  4. Youd make more money in a tattoo friendly place. Not sure why they dont change, the people who are scared of tats are dying off so they might as well change.

  5. Thank you very much! (sarcasm) … Even tho I had pizza 5 minutes ago I am hungry again from watching you eat all of that perfect looking japanese food… when I'll visit Japan again, I'm definitely going to stop by at that hotel >.<

  6. I wonder what would happen if a scary looking guy with a tattoo enter the onsen packed with people. A big pikachu tattoo on his back.

  7. Oh man, I went to Japan back in March 2019 and only wished I had a discord channel full of knowledge! It wasn't the first time i'd gone and went with a friend who wasn't his first time either and also spoke japanese, so made things simpler, but this channel is solid gold! thank you Paolo!

  8. Japan is so orderly and clean, yet the Chinese hate their guts. I have a feeling that China’s revulsion of anything Japanese might play a role in why we’re all scared of a new pandemic of Chinese origin.

  9. wow, i just noticed your recent videos had gone up in quality (video quality, the content has always been really good). Then I noticed your updated gear list with the EOS R, nice 🙂

  10. A question about Door and Ceiling Height, How high was the ceiling in that hotel room? and the doors look small to me, How high are the doors? (Asking for myself because I'm a very tall guy)

  11. Paolo, I love all of your videos… Would you consider doing a foodie video about the Gluten Free choices in Tokyo? I'm visiting Japan with my husband in May for our honeymoon, but I have recently found out I have coeliac disease. I'm gutted, as was really looking forward to eating Japanese food to my heart's content, but am now not able to 😞😓
    I know gluten free food is hard to come by in Japan anyway but your video could be a massive help to coeliacs and anyone following a gluten free diet 🤞🏻😊 xx

  12. Paolo, I regularly watch your videos. Thankyou for providing such a good information about Japan always….Love from India♥️

  13. The anti-tattoo rule is very antiquated and should slowly be done away with anyway. There are obviously loads more ordinary people with small tattoos than yakuza these days, it's not doing any good.

  14. I love the onsen at Odaiba from your video, and went there finally because of your video! It was so amazing and just loved it. Maybe you can do "A day in the life" with someone who works at an onsen? It'll be interesting to know.

  15. FINALLY!!!! Someone has brought light to an onsen I can go to. Thank you for this heads up. Looking forward to going to one on my trip.

  16. It's about time that Japan should accept the change and allow people with Tattoos into hot springs. Like a friend of mine who have a Naruto tattoo but can't get into the hot spring lmao.

  17. Hey homie I appreciate what you do by showing us what Japan is like..I'm from Sinaloa, Mexico and have always wanted to go to Japan thank you

  18. Hey Paolo, could you please do a video about Tofu?,The ingredient, making it,how to prepare & use tofu,frying tofu so it's still light & fluffy in the middle.Im not too fond of idea of eating sushi or raw fish. Which might be a problem if I visit there.

  19. Curious why do you and Maiko call for a taxi instead of Uber/Lyft? When I was in Japan, we used Uber and taxi but mostly Uber. Thoughts?

    Also, other than plain English, is there anything to look out for when an onsen accepts people with tattoos?

  20. I've gone to many Japanese and Chinese restaurants and they always give us like 20 packets of soy sauce and I never use them on any of the food, so I thought I was like weird cause everyone else always used soy sauce

  21. I came back from Japan yesterday and I'm in this post break up thing with the country.. I just miss it so bad ; _ ;

    take me back

  22. Hi Paolo 🙂 just wanted to say I appreciate all your videos and they definitely will help me when I can finally come to Japan ❤️

  23. 英語は出来ませんが。日本語で失礼します。




  24. I remember when I was there, I went to an onsen that had the sign out front with the red circle with a line through a tattooed body. Then I went inside and it was full of tattooed dudes, probably all gangsters.

  25. Please come to Saitama by all means, and an amazing experience different from Hokkaido, Tokyo, and Osaka is waiting for you


  26. I love all of your videos Paolo!!! I planed to visit Japan in the middle of December and I will stay for 1 month…. I get so many useful tips for my trip thanks a lot 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. It's so stupid that onsens don't differentiate yakuza tattoos from other tattoos.
    Have a tattoo of a flower on your foot? Or maybe a tribal sleeve? You literally have a yakuza back tattoo!

  28. Hey Paulo, great content once again bro. Question for ya I’m planning a trip to Tokyo later in the year and was wandering do you have any recommendations for private onsens in Tokyo or really close to Tokyo? I really want to try one out

  29. You are enjoying your food way too much (LOL) Sadly I can't eat seafood. How about more steaks or pizza. I did like the hotel.
    Maybe try different American food . 🙂

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