JAPAN Travel Guide: Hokkaido | Little Grey Box

JAPAN Travel Guide: Hokkaido | Little Grey Box

Hey you guys Phoebe here from Little
Grey Box now I am so happy and so excited because Matt and I are in one of
my favorite places on earth Japan and what’s better we are exploring somewhere
brand-new the Hokkaido region starting right here in Kushiro so let’s go and find out
what this incredible place has to offer Kushiro Ramen is…. so-called Kushiro Ramen
soy sauce light soup and thin noodles So we are here at the Kushiro Tancho Market
at a place called Uocchi now this place is incredible it is tucked in the
back of this amazing market it is part of the Michelin Guide, the master the chef
the ramen master he has just been talking us through things his speciality is a fish
sauce and shrimp sauce ramen that he makes by hand and it is meant to be
incredible I mean you guys it is temperatures of minus 5, minus 15 out
here so it is the perfect excuse to dive into some ramen and you know me I’m a truly
ra-mantic (rap music) Let’s start with some broth oh my goodness, it is perfectly balanced
it is… oh there’s so much flavour in that
it’s fishy but not too fishy I went with the light kind of version
they have a dark version which is more flavoursome
but that is beautiful now let me try some of those noodels too
oh my goodness you guys should smell this It smells insane ohmmm… (rap music) now every time I have said to somebody
from Japan that I am coming to Hokkaido the first thing they say to me is
yes you’re going to love it the food is amazing and of course they are known
here for incredible seafood so we’ve come to the heart of that here at the
Washo Ichiba Market one of the three biggest markets in the whole Hokkaido
province it was founded in 1954 and it is known as the citizens kitchen and
with good reason so make sure if you are coming to this region whether it be the
one here in Kushiro or somewhere like Sapporo you visit a market like this
Katte Don is a specialty of this region so it is a must try this is Katte Don
so I have gone for some octopus some lean tuna, some young yellowtail
some salmon and some crab which I’ve been nibbling on already don’t judge me
this looks incredibly fresh some of it is seasonal and while I don’t speak
Japanese very well the lovely ladies who work here were giving me a bit of
guidance on what to try oh my goodness that is a beautiful
and of course it is not a meal without miso soup now this is Kani miso soup
and it has crab it it looks amazing I live for miso, I just love Japanese food
in general okay that is extremely hot and extremely delicious So we are here at the Akan International
Crane Center and we are checking out these beautiful red-crowned cranes and
they are stunning they were once thought to be extinct back in the 1920s but
through a huge conservation effort their numbers are around a thousand
here I believe don’t quote me on that they are still an
endangered species and the conservation efforts continue and if you are here if
you do come to Kushiro as part of your trip to Hokkaido you should definitely
come and check it out, I love stuff like this when I’m traveling
you know if there’s an animal that is really special to the locals it’s really
nice to come and see it and the cranes are a really important symbol of
longevity, fidelity and good health and I have to say these birds are no joke they
range in height from about 4’11 to 5’2 which I think that’s about the
size of Christina Aguilera so you know that Matt I like to teach
you some basic survival skills when you’re on the ground here in Japan
vending machines are life quick tip bread is hot blue this cold which means
this should be hot chocolate we’re about to give this oh gosh it’s hot so it is given time at color you onsen
this is absolutely amazing so we are wearing out green traditional garments
the lovely housekeeping lady suggested we wear them we weren’t sure she was
pranking us when she said wear them to dinner but we’ve come down to the
restaurant and everyone is wearing them this is just it’s a really fun cultural
experience we’ve got a space here we’ve got everything seems to be cook it
yourself like I cook it fresh so you know it’s really nothing we’ve got the
seafood over here we’ve got fish we’ve got more sashimi with noodles me sir
yeah this is absolutely delicious just more good food in Hokkaido exploring –
Shira has been amazing you know what it’s time to bed because we have time to
get to bed because we have an amazing day of activities tomorrow picado is all
about the nature and I’m so excited to see more time to get my future this is Lake kashira and it is the
second largest lake in the Qaeda at its deepest point it is over a hundred
meters deep so it is no joke and our amazing guide was telling us that in a
couple of weeks this will actually be frozen solid as you can see there all
these lovely swans here and they’re only here during the winter so it’s extra
extra special and I just got the hot tip from our guide that they have an
equivalent here to the Loch Ness monster I think he’s cold I may get this wrong
something like crucial you know something like that so if you do spot
him good luck we’re here at another spot on Lake
Kushiro this place is huge so we’re going to be driving around today
checking out some different angles behind me there are a couple of natural
Hot Springs some little hot pools that you can get in if you’re brave enough
you know if you really want to get your Instagram a hold on this is your moment
to get on your dogs and get in there but you know that’s not for me I’m gonna
stay warm today you guys think warm thoughts I’ve got like so many conflicting
emotions I was not going to get in because I just didn’t think it made
sense to take all my clothes off in this freezing temperature but it’s actually
amazing this water is so hot I’m not cold at all I will say my fingers and
toes hurt though because they were so freezing but this is amazing 10 out of
10 would recommend we are a couple of kilometers away from
the kawaii onsen here in Kushiro and behind me is Mount iya look at that
steam coming off it now there are various set up because you cannot touch
it this is all volcanic behind me sofa that’s why it is also yellow and let me
tell you you can smell it it looks like we’ve landed on the moon it’s giving me
some Icelandic vibes I am absolutely loving it it is so
beautiful and well worth the visit okay so after a big day at in the hood cutter
nature we have driven a couple of hours north here to Lake a Bashir oh look at
this this is reminding me of something out of Canada like bad for something
like that just back out for them for a second there this is unlike any hotel
I’m just saying it is wild down says there was a times are like a
game hold is a karaoke room there’s a lady selling soft-serve doilies over the
chair I feel like we are saying in the most amazing like Japanese Grandma’s
house it was this beautiful little Japanese lady downstairs grading us I
feel like this is her place and we’re getting this experience
and these views of the lake are just amazing I didn’t know you can see this
in Japan and I am loving every second of it if you didn’t know in Japan the taxi
doors open automatically it’s amazing we are in the restaurant called Hachi Hachi
I think I said that right and of course our choice is going to be a sake
Japanese food that brings a second day here in the Kaiser to a close after the
delicious meal cabs are here so we’re gonna climb in here back to the hotel
get a good sleep and hit it again tomorrow
lots more nature and here there’s snow showing involved it is 11:30 in the morning and we are
starting our day off right at SRK brewery right here in Kamogawa
this is the Taste ETSU sock a brewing and you guys you cannot come to Japan
without tasting Saki now it is made from rice and it was
originally for Shinto deities as an offering but today we are going to be
enjoying it so going to be trying two different types and I am excited let’s
get into it so the monster here was telling us this
one’s more of a round of flava and I think he said that this is the bird that
didn’t mean let’s give it a go that’s really nice wait you think one
thing I didn’t know and have just learned from our amazing guide is that
you can tell if a place is open by the curtain see this blue curtain behind me
the curtains out the place is open and it’s a really important tip in Japan
because I often struggle to figure out if the shop is open or if I should go in
or not if the curtains on grubs on so we are at a little ramen joined Corp
Asahi this place is beautiful everyone’s sitting on tatami mats of gold
fortunately for me there was no seafood or vegetarian option will get mess
that’s on the Rob and I think take shop I’m a bright we are going snowshoeing this is my first experience that was
really fun I was laughing so hard I’m going through that snow but it was
really really fun and such a beautiful setting whenever in those situations I
very very very clearly remember working and sitting at my desk and to be out
here doing something like they snip out of the world I never thought I’d use it
it’s just the best feeling ever so challenging yes fun yes just just the
best just so grateful if you ever get the chance to come out here and do
something like this I highly recommend we are getting a sneak preview of the
song Keo iced wonderful festival this is absolutely amazing there’s all these
beautiful icicles above me it’s all really well-lit as an ice climbing wall
it is stunning it is so cold but it’s absolutely beautiful
and this runs from about the end of January 30 to March I believe our guide
said so if you are in the area you have to come and check this out that is just
amazing this room is going to be completely stocked with the amazing sake
we tried earlier see we have to go out and explore then come here I feel order
yourself a nice okay Vic one thing I noticed it say Oh leave it normally when
you visit shrines in Japan the thing the etiquette to get your wish is you bow
twice you clap twice then you make your wish and once you’ve made your wish then
you bow again what point is the coin go in things plus and then the coin the
coins just cooked like a very unique extra to this shrine so you can do it
before or after okay let’s make a wish there are a lot of instructions is that
what a birthday cake is it so we see his face it is a last day here in picado and I am
sure you can see the snow is coming in sideways
it is pelting down you guys so we were gonna do a few more outdoor things today
but we’re gonna start with some indoors activities for obvious reasons and you
know what I’m pretty sure it’s still early in the morning but you know how we
roll at this point so one of our guides told us if you are looking for a socket
joint and you don’t know how to find one there are two things to look out for
first thing you want to look for the sake barrels right there yes as we said
yesterday this is just an extra if the curtain is at the Sakae is on and of
course this bowl so what they do is they put these bowls at the front of the
shops originally when they hang them out this is green when it goes Brown that’s
how you know the sake is ready yes brown ball sake tubs sake we just chose a little robbing spot here
one that looked like it through the veggie seafood option now I don’t know
about you but the way my mother believes me was don’t slurp don’t make cars for
Louise’s you sit there you enjoy a meal and you do it in a polite respectable
western way over in Japan it is very very different and you are enjoying a
food you are encouraged to swap because men the chefs who are watching us ate
know that we are loving every single bit I’ve been trying to get into swept life
but I’ve really been struggling I can’t over the nose I feel like a little piggy
but I can joke yes sir oh my hands shaking and I tried to try to do a
little slip when the server comes me up and it’s funny you get a response from
let me give my best celeb life we go sorry my hand shaking I don’t know why that’s as good a seconder now Matt and I are about to end our day
with the trip to the mall because it is coming down like crazy here there’s so
much snow and winds like I said we had some awesome last day outdoor activities
planned but this one’s just made those not possible I hope you have enjoyed
this video and look if you don’t already be sure to subscribe and say hello in
the comments below have a great weekend and I will see you again next week
love ya

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