Japanese Convenience Store Picnic

Japanese Convenience Store Picnic

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  1. You two are so adorable together. It helps me to feel like it's okay to expect a marriage to not be about getting stale and old together, but making each other better and adding something to your life you wouldn't have otherwise.

  2. I think 7/11 is everywhere, we have them in Norway, but I don't ever go there because (it expensive) But that's all of Norway I guess.

  3. We have 7 11 in the UK. They mostly stock rubbish convenience food Like crisps ready meals full of salt and fat.
    They are expensive.

  4. Danish 7-elevens are actually quite classy. They have fresh paleo salads, wraps, chia pudding and poridge, fresh smoothies…

  5. Simon and martina pleaase give us another episode of this, watching you guys chilling in a nice picnic is so nice <3

  6. Hahaha this was so much fun to watch;)
    I luv ya guys so so much! So when ya said to say one nice thing to your loved one i got all sappy and told my hubby how much i appreciate him. He paused and then said “nice tits!” Laughed then stopped and got sappy back lol

  7. I could neverrr be martinas girlfriend 😂😂 she shares food and buys only 1 of all 😂😂😂I can never ever do that I'll die from hunger

  8. I really want to see simon do date night! It would be super cute, and hearing the things you love about each other is so beautiful. I really hope to see another date night, but I know it may be too personal. Having just the 1 is enough, I love seeing you two so happy ❤

  9. You guys have such a loving and wonderful marriage. It sets a great example for young people for how you should be treated in a relationship and the kind of partnership everyone deserves. It's truly an amazing, pure and joyful thing to see.

  10. Story time: So I saw this video a while ago and over the thanksgiving break in US, got the Chance to go to the H Mart near where I live. It. Was. AMAZING. All the obscure snacks I have grown to love where there in DOFFERENT FLAVORS.
    I bought every time of ice cream there! ….and then ate it all in one sitting ORZ
    But a couple hours later, my friend took me to a Korean bbq where I had Shabu shabu for the first time. We are both shy eaters (unless it’s with each other) and our booth had screens to give us privacy! The food was insane and we barely finished it. It was about $20 for each of us and the dumplings were so good. I ate soooooooo much food. She wasn’t as adventurous an eater as me so I got to have the seaweed salad and kimchi all to myself. Sweet and savory, hot and cold, spicy and vinegary. It was a party in a dish and it literally brought tears to my eyes. It’s so bananas to think I was going to spend thanksgiving at home alone with a microwave meal and nothing to do, but I saw this video again that morning and got the urge to call up my friend. If an h mart and Korean bbq opened up closer to me, I would spend every day there.
    If you get the chance to try any snacks or dishes these cool cats talk about, DO IT! I was nervous but now I can’t stop drooling for more!

  11. You two are the absolute cutest!!! So charming the way you kept saying the same things and then bursting into laughter. Also, Simon, I appreciate your insistence on saying nice things about each other – it's a great habit to be into! ALSO DOGS!!!

  12. I mean when I am crying, my family just asks me if I have finished my homework. Then all I want to do is die when they ask that.

  13. I am in the hell that is Honolulu Hawaii. I saw your guys Hawaii video sponsored by Hilton. I'm binge watching your guys videos. You guys are my new favorites. I hope I can meet you guys someday. If I can't meet you I'll just kill myself. Wish I was a Canadian vlogger living in Japan. Jealous!

  14. can anybody help me find the name of the song @8:37? i always hear this song on youtube but i havent been able to find out the name yet despite searching for ages 🙁

  15. fun fact : white chocolate is more sensitive to heat than milk/dark chocolate

    so that's also why you were probably getting the stickiest of hands ever LOL

  16. Good idea: take a travel package of baby wipes with you on picnics. They're great for multi purposes.

  17. I loved the party of the video where you both said what you appreciate about each other. It made me a tad bit emotional seeing the love you both share. You both are amazing 💜

  18. i have watched this video so many times that I've noticed the thumbnail change, no more dothraki man warrior? 😉

    But anyhow, i love this video so much and i won't ever get tired of it! what an amazing healthy and loving relationship you two have!

  19. I love you guys… and I get super bitten up by mosquitoes too!! be safe and maybe consider non-deet bug spray next time? It’s really toxic for people. Sorry don’t want to sound judge-y. <blush>

  20. Date nights are the best!!! My husband and I have been together for 6 years? 7 years?……. I dunno but it's been super fun. Anywho we do date night together every now and then.

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