Japanese Holidays: The BEST time to travel to JAPAN : Japan Travel Guide

Japanese Holidays: The BEST time to travel to JAPAN : Japan Travel Guide

Hi, It’s YUKA
I’ve got many questions when is the best time to visit japan
Yes, In this video, I’ll give you some idea when is the best time to travel to Japan and
when you’d better avoid. At first, I’d better explain Japanese holidays.
As you can imagine, during those holidays are high season for domestic tourists, means
fee is expensive. There are big holidays:
The golden week, from end of April to beginning of May. It changes depending on the day of
the week. For example, the golden week of this year started April 26 till May 6. And
2015, it starts April 25 and ends May 6. During summer vacation period, August, is
relatively expensive. And During Obon period when is from August 13 to August 16. If 16
is Sat, people get offs till Sun. And another big holidays are New Year’s holidays,
generally, Dec 29 to Jan 3. But, as you can imagine, it changes depending the day of the
week. So, from 2014 to 2015’s New Year’s Holiday, will be from Dec 27 to Jan 4.
There is spring break. Usually the end of March to Beginning of April. This is not a
big holiday, but for some destination, price gets high. So, I recommend you to check. And
yes, this is the time of cherry blossom season. People say it’s one of the best season to
visit Japan. Like I mention, during this periods, price varies depending
on the destination. So, you might get a good
deal. And there is a holiday we call it the silver
week. In 2015, it starts Sep 19 till Sep 23. This wouldn’t happen every year, though. We
have law of holidays and if we follow it next year. This will happen.
And I have to mention for a few things. Okinawa during summer time and Hokkaido during
winter time is high season for domestic tourists. So, of course, price is high.
Plus, from my experience, during August, Hokkaido, especially Sapporo. Price is super expensive
and really hard to find place to stay. Also, during Snow festival in Sapporo, from Feb
5 to 11. It’s super expensive and hard to find place to stay.
So, the best time to travel to Japan is. Drum roll please!!!
There are 3 time of the year I can recommend. First.From the end of the spring break to
the beginning of the Golden week. It means from around April 5,6,7 to around
April 25. Second.After the Golden week to the beginning
of summer vacation. It means from May 7 to the end of July. But usually in June. We have
rainy season. So, please notice that. Third. During the beginning of autumn.
It means from October to November. During this period, usually the weather is nice to
travel. And you’ll see many autumn colors momiji. Leaves are changing colors to reds
and yellows. Like cherry blossoms in spring, I think you’ll enjoy them.
And despite of big holidays, popular spots can get very crowded on the weekends during
autumn color peak. Especially, Kyoto is crazy!!! So try to avoid the weekends during that time!
So, I hope you can get some ideas when to travel to Japan, though.
Let me know what you think. Leave a comment below.
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100 thoughts on “Japanese Holidays: The BEST time to travel to JAPAN : Japan Travel Guide

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    I love the fall.  We have great fall colors here in Ontario, Canada as well, but definitely looking forward to seeing the vibrant colors you have in Japan.
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  20. This is a very good guide, but, I think your second recommendation is too long. I only recommend from after Golden Week until beginning of rainy season, June 5 or so. This period will have a more expensive plane than the first though.

    After that, I would recommend fall. The humidity breaks at the end of September, so actually, from about Sept 25 is okay.

    After that, I think the weather is too bad. I would not suggest June until end of July- it will be very very humid and hot. Also, the plane ticket at this time is very high. The only good point during this time is there are many festivals and fireworks at night. But the days will be quite miserable.

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  38. Hi Yuka! your videos is interesting and useful for foringe travellers who wants to visit Japan! keep it up and waiting for your new videos! ^_^

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