Japanese Street Food Tokyo Top 3 Must Tour Places

Japanese Street Food Tokyo Top 3 Must Tour Places

100 thoughts on “Japanese Street Food Tokyo Top 3 Must Tour Places

  1. Let me know what type of videos are you favorites. Street Food, Area Guides, Vlogs, etc.
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  2. I definitely have Maiko's taste in food, I can't handle oily deep fried food because it mostly just tastes like grease to me. Gotta have that deep umami flavour

  3. The true characteristics of a married couple. When the spouse can’t recite your YouTube outro lol. Paolo just make sure you don’t forget stuff or you in the dog house XD .

  4. In minute 7:18 – 7:25 there is what looks like a corn or rice flour tortilla stuffed with cheese… other wise known as Pupusas… I am asking for a friend here. Who can tell me what this delicious dish is called in japan ?

  5. Really enjoying your videos, dude. I love how enthusiastic you are and how optimistic about whatever the topic of the video is. Heading to Tokyo in June. Maybe I'll run into you, most likely not but hey you never know. Thanks for the great content!

  6. Paolo and Maiko, thank you so much for your insight! I'm going to Tokyo in March, and have been planning my trip based around your videos and your maps! If I run into you two, I'll gladly buy you a round of beers!

  7. I’m a New subby. The first vid I seen that made me subscribe was the 2019 New Years vid… And Maiko looks like CL from 2NE1😱

  8. wow…..pao…you have a good modulation of your voice… formal and not irritating anymore…Keep improving…I'm watching your videos but because of your voice I stop watching and transferred to only in japan vlog.

  9. Love your videos, lots of tips for first-time visitors! I'm Paulo from Canada and heading to Japan next week to stay for about 20 days… Thanks, Paolo! Cheers…

  10. I like Maikos maps! 😘😘😘

  11. 食べ歩きしないでくれ!

  12. Shimokitazawa is a wonderful place! Highly recommend it for anyone who likes a chill vibe and willing to explore (so many shops and eateries throughout the streets. Don't forget to look up cuz lots of restaurants are on the 2nd and 3rd floors of shops.) Paolo/Maiko have you tried eating at &Roll? wonderful joint.

  13. Hey how are you doing Paolo my name is Chef Junie I’ve been subscribed to your channel and love your videos I’m actually coming to Tokyo for my birthday in March I’ll be there March 13th to the 18th and i was wondering if we could meet up and possibly do a video together

  14. I was in Japan in October. I tried to get those fluffy pancakes in Asukusa as our Airbnb was close by. Didn’t get a reservation sadly. But I’ll be back to try again. Thanks for your help in finding some great eats in Japan!

  15. Video Idea! I would love if you did a video about the Kawasaki area. We plan to check out the Anata no Warehouse in May. Place looks awesome! Thanks again for the amazing videos! They are the BEST!

  16. You guys are so cute together! Thank you for making these, my boyfriend and I are actually going on our first trip to Tokyo in March, and that's partly because we are both addicted to your videos! The food ones are definitely our fav, so please do keep them coming. 😀

  17. Absolutely love your videos, Paolo! which area is better for accommodation, food, shopping, and sightseeing: Shibuya or Shinjuku? Hope you can help a clueless Filipina. Thanks! 🙂

  18. Could you do a video on understanding the japanese yen and what's considered expensive/cheap! I'm going to struggle trying to figure out conversions, but is there a general rule of thumb on what to do and not to do with money there!

  19. These videos are SO helpful! Thank you! We're using them to narrow down all ramen and street food stops for our trip next month. Also Maiko is the cutest human ever!!!

  20. I'm going out to Japan in Oct to visit some friends, I ABSOLUTELY hate fish and the taste of fish, anything with a fishy aftertaste I will literally throw up lol, how well would I do?

  21. 日本語も ネイティブより

  22. Hello Paolo! Do you know where to buy cheapest instant noodles store in tokyo? Ive been looking for MACHURAN SEIMEN noodles. i hope you can refer a store where I can buy it for pasalubong. Thanks!

  23. 0:14 "Bland?" I think the word Paolo was looking for there was "subtle?" Seems like we're talking "Girl" food vs. "Guy" food…
    So… Three… Two… One… FIGHT! (Those maps are amazing!)

  24. It's funny how Maiko reacts to the grilled and oily food Paolo likes hahaha… YAKITORI!!!!!!! I def have the same tastebuds as Paolo, fried food is sould food haha

  25. Japanese must stop supplying "Fukushima radiation poisoned foods" to tourists in Japan! . . . Stop this exporting of radioactive foods to other countries! . . This is crazy!

  26. I found Asakusa street food amazing. There are also many amazing restaurants from all you can eat suki yaki to pubs and stand up sushi places.

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