So we just rented our car and we’re starting our adventure in Okinawa! Yay!!!! We’re here with Odigo, there are like 8 of us So it’s going to be a party. Or a lot of sightseeing probably actually. We rented two cars and we’re in the Pokemon car We got Jun and Rachel here And Kim, who is the master Pokemon fetcher Though I’m looking at Google maps instead Here’s the rest of our group Chris Okano, Chris Broad over there Bin, and Millie This sun is cancerous Kimono taiken Kimono experience That’s going to be a big hairdo This is a fake bun covering my real hair I can’t see myself but I’m pretty sure I look Japanese I look more like a 1950s girl on a Hawaiian vacation than like this chick Whoa, Millie, you look more Japanese than five minutes ago The mission is to take my socks off Nice socks They’re so cute Welcome to…. Okinawa! Oh…. These type of experience places are located next to popular Japanese tourist destinations like castles And usually you can put the kimono on and go out for some photos But it’s 33 degrees out today so we will not be doing that We were not trying on kimonos, we were trying on a more Okinawa specific outfit called ryusou Okinawa was a whole separate country from Japan before and this castle, Castle Shujiro is from those times So it looks very different from Japanese castles It’s a lot more red, it’s bigger, the grounds are bigger and uses a lot more dragons That’s one way to kind of tell the difference It’s so pretty This palace is much more influenced by Chinese palaces and castles of the time rather than by Japanese I lost everyone and it’s way too hot to be losing people I just need some water. It’s really hot. It’s like 33 degrees, pretty humid, really beautiful and sunny, but hooot Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck Oh that’s a really cute duck Blue Seal is an ice cream brand that is really popular in Okinawa, and I got Okinawan Salt Cookies and it tastes like salty and sweet biscuits So delicious Dehydrated Yeah, dehydrated, tired, we’re a very jolly bunch right now This sunset that we’re seeing right now is so amazing It’s turning all the buildings pink around us We just arrived at our AirBnB This place is huge for Japan It’s so big So big, omg there’s a hammock This is my room This is your bed, right Kasia? That’s my bed, over there. Babies bed. Cradle. Kim and Millie are over here Living room, kitchen, dining room and our neighbor is Winben in the Japanese style room and more bedrooms Bad news is that there is only one bathing room for all 8 of us Bin’s on the TV and Jun’s on the knife sharpening Win, what are we doing for dinner? Pizza Okinawa delicacy, deshou Is this it? M****F***** did they forget? They can’t because we paid extra for it. It was like 5 dollars extra. Cheeky m****f******. Chris paid 500 yen extra for a cheesy crust and there is no cheesy crust. Can I put a queen down if I have a queen? It has to be a king or higher. We’re playing some Japanese or Chinese game, I don’t even know But this is what I got The only thing a person can play is a Joker But if they passed previously, they cannot play now Day 2 in Okinawa, it’s about 7:30 in the morning I’m eating a yogurt And Okano and Winben are starting with some healthy exercise in the morning We’re going to, what is it called? We’re going to… Makishi Public Market Yeah Best ice cream ever It looks like a sweet Japanese tamale Is it supposed to be this sticky? Mine is like that too Super sticky mochi Excuse me, one of these, please Thank you How much? 60 yen This is pineapple bread, something like that It’s dense like a scone but I got a pineapple flavor So it’s like a dense, scone-y, pineapple-flavored bread Umibudou=ocean grape It has the texture of caviar Fish cakes Whoa, it’s just a pig’s face Imagine if your face was just sold like that I hope it tastes good 1,500 yen Cow innards Wow, look at the colors on some of these fish I fell asleep hard in the car but I woke up at the…. at the beach! Let’s test this ocean out Oh shit, my underwear came down Edit that out I think this way is shorter This is the most relaxed I’ve felt in a while This lady is waving goodbye to the sun It’s very sweet, it’s a nice sentiment Sun went down, time to finish my beer It’s about 11 in the evening and we’re all home Kim and Rachel are doing the social medias or uploading files We’re on our way to an island off of Okinawa and we’re on the ferry now which is packed So my seat is this stairwell There’s a ton of a people sitting on the floor They really over packed this thing I don’t really know anything about this island. I know that we’re going snor… I can’t say snorkeling in an American accent Snorkeling We’re on one of the Kerama Islands and we’re on Tokashiku beach Switched into sunglasses and contacts so that I can fly the drone and actually see it Maguro don for lunch You’re so good at your video making. Stop making us look bad. Everyone changed into their bathing suits. We have about 40 minutes until our snorkeling tour starts so… drone time I found an awesome longboard out here I’m going to test it out Hopefully I don’t wipe out I had one similar to this when I was like twelve Snorkeling time Kim, your glasses are so fabulous The Kerama islands are a group of about 22 islands They’re all decently close to Okinawa They’re known for whale watching in the winter time This one takes about an hour and a half to get to I would recommend staying overnight The way we came, we only have about 4.5 hours I actually have to head off now They do have hotels here, it’s a small island You can basically get around the whole thing on scooter if you wanted to I have about 10 minutes to get back to the beach house change and get on the bus It’s 3:19, I even managed to squeeze a shower into those ten minutes Everyone’s done, freshly showered, Rachel and Millie are still in their towels Bye bye beautiful beach We didn’t manage to get any seats again so we’re sitting on the floor like peasants Dinner time What did you guys get? Burritos and quesadillas We got Chris Okano on the alcohols I like it shaken, not stirred What does everyone always have to make fun of me for my alcohol liking, come on I got a strawberry daiquiri, Kanpai Kanpai The lure has been put down Chris and I finished our awesome burritos a few other people are still waiting for their food but we found that there is a Blue Seal nearby, so that is where we are going Okinawan Salt Cookie We just arrived home I need to wash my hair, but I think we’re going to do a challenge video You’re really low in that hammock. We’re going to quickly record something for Odigo While drinking alcohol I don’t think it’s related though Last five hours on Okinawa, GO! How do you do hip-hop dancing? We’re spending our last few hours in Okinawa on Kokusai-dori It’s kind of a tourist street with shopping, food, tourist traps like hand reading Shop with Hawaiian shirts or Okinawan shirts I’m probably just going to eat ice cream Blue seal again Blue Seal has a few flavors that are original to Okinawa like beni-imo, Okinawan Salt Cookie, Ube And then it also has traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla I got another one It’s delicious Snake alcohol is supposed to strengthen you especially in bed You got so shy and walked off It’s supposed to make you better in bed It gives you strength in bed the snake alcohol I’m single ladies, on Chris’ channel Okinawan food is different from mainland food because it’s influenced by Chinese food, Japanese food, even American food So the flavors are unique here That was so good I’m getting this miso marinated pork because it’s so freakin’ delicious All you have to do is throw this in water And I want to get Kris a shirt That’s the one We’re on the rooftop. We’re on the 7th floor of a building and look at this wicked tree up here It’s so tropical looking We got a flight of Okinawan alcohol There’s snake sake called Habu sake It’s very, very strong, stronger than other sakes in Japan Well this one is 45%, the snake one Oh really? This lunch is all Okinawan things So alcohol, food, it’s all Okinawan This is rafute which is soy sauce marinated pork It’s very fatty on top Very good Soo good Kris has a goya plate It is pretty bitter, but I think with the combinations of the eggs and the onions it decreases the bitterness Then my main dish is champuru which is like a stir-fry I got some pork in here, onions, carrots, cabbage We’re headed to the airport now Are you excited to be going back home? A little sad but yeah I guess so I’m at the airport, last thing before I leave I found spam….. sushi? It tastes like cheap luncheon meat on rice It’s growing on me with every bite I’m liking it much more than in the beginning Mine’s good Are we good? And that’s a wrap for us in Okinawa If you want to see more videos of Japan 47 prefectures make sure to check out Odigo’s YouTube channel, the link is down below And you can also check out the Odigo homepage which includes a ton of different trip options, different places you can visit in the different prefectures. It’s a great website to check out. See ya guys next time!

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