Jawbreaker ? Palette & Summer 2019 Collection Reveal! | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jawbreaker ? Palette & Summer 2019 Collection Reveal! | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

what’s up everybody! welcome back to my
channel.. hi how are ya? now in today’s video I am so excited because we are unveiling the
biggest collection that jeffree star cosmetics has ever released now I love
summer for my brand it is one of my favorite times of the year because we
get to turn it up do something different and really take it there so with this
collection oh my god I’m so excited to unveil everything because you guys I
have created my biggest pilot to date and of course this is the jawbreaker
collection we have the jawbreaker palette this has twenty four shades I’ve
never made a palette this big before it is what rainbow wishes it could be it’s
the next level of rainbow and then of course we also have for the first time
ever the jeffree star cosmetics mini palette which this one is called a V
mini breaker and this has nine shades and this is the first time that you will
ever be able to get the Jeffrey store formula for only $28 hi how are ya so
today we are going to unveil the entire collection so not only is there two eye
shadow palettes there is a skin frost palette there are liquid lips lip mo
supreme frost velour lip scrubs there’s new mirrors and there is new merchandise
you guys summer it’s gonna be bright it’s gonna be bolt and it’s gonna be
amazing so saddle up and come dive in into the official summer reveal alright
now this entire collection it is really bright let’s do a little recap now I
have done three summer collections previously and every time I like to turn
it up so we have done of course hot orange last year we did really bright
yellow in 2016 and 17 we did this beautiful chrome everything so we have
done so many things you guys we’ve done white caps we’ve done red for Christmas
we’ve done so much so I sat here and I’m like okay summer I think neon always
dripping bright craziness you know last year we did the thirsty collection with
the thirsty palate everything was very popsicles I have an addiction to sugar
you guys know that I’ve had nine root canals I’ve had thirty cavities as a kid
I have sugar problem so today you are going to
see a lot of inspiration from that so of course the word jaw breaker right BAM
jaw breakers are iconic I love candy I love sucking on things and I just love
sugar in general so I’ve always loved jaw breakers I love the concept of them
I love how hard they are they last forever of course we can pull up some
Willy Wonka references the movie jawbreaker of course is iconic and
there’s just so many things my first like memory of jawbreakers is just going
to amusement parks and circuses and arcades and they have those crazy
machines where you can have the claw and grab stuffed animals or candy right and
I remember this crazy machine and I was like God wants like 11 and I had just
all jawbreakers of all different sizes and I was like it looked so cool all the
rainbow colors in the splatter and I’ll never forget putting in a quarter and
getting a candy from that cloth so it stuck with me forever and today we are
going to dive into the full jaw breaker moment what color is the packaging going
to be that we haven’t done before bitch we picked acid chartreuse some say it’s
neon yellow some say it’s neon green I call it chartreuse it’s acid it’s
amazing its brightest and all the packaging reflects out of this summer so
you guys will see of course the velour liquid lips everything will come in this
bright amazing packaging so the supreme dross everything is a bright and crazy
and I am just I’m in love with how it turned out you guys I’m Chuck so I think
it’s time to unveil the eyeshadow palettes because everyone is that girl
let’s see it alright so let’s start with the Big Daddy jawbreaker is my biggest
palette to date you guys it has 24 shades let’s open her up right now let
me get these blocks off bitch cuz we need to starts watching and get a little
personal so hi packaging full white and when you open it up of course we have to
stick to our iconic jeffree star cosmetics pink everything and here it is
yeah oh my god looks so beautiful I’m so
proud of this collection you guys and of course the moment you’ve all been
waiting for let’s open her up introducing the jaw breaker palette yes
oh my god here is my version you guys of a rainbow palette of course this is the
same iconic eyeshadow formula as blood sugar blue blood alien I am so proud of
it of course you guys see there are four rows of six shades each and there are
several formulas we have the of course the amazing mattes we have some blinding
shimmers and then of course some like sickening metallics so I want to swatch
everything and I want to dive in through the whole palette you guys will have
some fun with the shade names I wanted to have just do be silly be quirky you
know me I’m a silly ass bitch so this shade names will definitely reflect that
and this is all about having fun being bright being creative I think that so
many brands have really been sticking to girl the brown neutral palettes cantrell
a so I wanted to do my own version of a rainbow palette I’ve been getting
requests for a long time so before we swatch this we had so much fun on set
creating these campaigns lipstick NIC so laid my makeup like she took it to
another dimension what’s new so talented I’m obsessed with her work so let’s
throw up some images from the campaign first of all hi me in the jawbreaker
machine I had to have that moment after my childhood first experience of the
jawbreaker right so just me you see the guys in their underwear they’re staring
into the machine that I’m on the jawbreaker claw like oh my god it was
something that I envisioned in my head and Marcelo my amazing photographer he
really took this shoot to the next level and then of course you see me with the
giant jawbreaker and I’m on my knees nothing new but I really wanted to
express that candy larger-than-life feeling and then of course you see my
stunning models the girls with the like the eyeshadow the vibrancy I want you
guys to see that formula up close and no we just had so much fun on this shoot
always the JSC team is unreal so I want to talk about the mini let’s talk about
it right now BAM here is the mini breaker palette
now this palette features nine shades so let’s unbox her of course you guys see
the unit carton is in the acid neon color now the mini breaker palette is
the first time I’ve ever done obviously a mini and this has nine shades in it of
course it comes in this beautiful jawbreaker bright neon packaging let’s
open her up now the palette itself voila it of
course is full ly like the candy so let’s open her up you guys here is the
mini breaker yes now of course you guys see Hello there are actually two shades
from jawbreaker in this palette and this one will be retailing for only $28
alright let’s do a size comparison here is jawbreaker of course and here is the
mini I wanted to change it up a little bit I’ve been doing 18 pallets for a
while now blood sugar blue blood alien so I wanted to change it up and I’ve
been getting asked for a long time now do single eyeshadows do minis so we’re
working on a lot of stuff and here is the first ever mini palette so of course
you guys will see that both palettes do have normal eyeshadows in them of course
just like all my eye shadow palettes but there are of course some pressed
pigments and those will be labeled on the back of course of the unit carton if
you have really sensitive eyes be careful y’all know controversies of
people getting their eyelids stained blood-sugar does that anything with reds
or Pink’s that are vegan formula to have dyes in them which could stay in the lid
do I care do a lot of people out there know you put concealer on the next day
you don’t care but I always want to be very transparent honest with you guys so
if you have really sensitive eyes or skin just be a little careful final
retail pricing $28 the big one is $58 only a few dollars more than blood sugar
and blue blood and of course on launch day which oh my god hi let’s talk about
the launch day June 21st at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time 1:00 p.m. Eastern
Standard Time that’s June 21st this entire collection
will be out so what will happen on that day both palettes of course will be
available individually but if you want to
the bundle and get both they’ll be offered at a discount price for only $75
so ideal how are you alright let’s open up the mini breaker again now you see
the first row double scoop Orange Crush and foreplay and then we have aural
purple punch and slice bubblegum bite me and a hot fudge now there are of course
there’s a duochrome shade right here which we’ve never done before
there is metallics and of course the iconic mattes
so let’s take a peek now of course double scoop it is a beautiful haricot a
nude by the way you guys my nails are growing it I am so sorry but I’m gonna
swatch these on my hands BAM there is double scoop
alright Orange Crush and for play let’s give them a swatch BAM now this one is
matte but it has a little bit of like a reflexive gold in there and then for
Playgirl it is a really cool ma be pink and it is just so pretty
now this duochrome shade is called oral and it is so oh my god it’s so pretty
look how that shine this packed on the lid is everything let’s give her a
swatch oh look at that reflection it’s like a mirror it’s so pretty
the next shade next to it is called purple punch it is a beautiful matte it
looks like this and let’s swatch yes and then the shade next to it is called
slice which is a beautiful like burnt yellow orange like I just oh it’s so
unique and it’s oh my god it’s stunning Wow
alright swatch is now in the bottom row these two shades are actually in
jawbreaker they are bubblegum and bite me and the
rest of the shadows are exclusive to the mini breaker so let’s swatch of course
bubblegum this beautiful matte pink and of course we have bite me this stunning
dark rich purple and then we have hot fudge which is just a really dark cool
tone brown that I am living for and I hadn’t created yet and it was just a
must so let’s show you all bubblegum him bite me hi purple shadows how are ya and
then of course we have boom alright so here is the entire mini
breaker pallet swatched let’s dive into the jawbreaker pallet now like I said
earlier twenty four shades this is my biggest pallet to date I wanted to
really go big and take it there so in this pallet there are so many
matte bright colors let’s go down the first top row now you will see bubblegum
that I just watched in the mini breaker we’re gonna skip that one but here we
have a virgin now I have done a lot of white shades before we have white white
and blood sugar we have a different soft white called Cullinan and blue blood
this one is a bone yellow tone white never been made before from my brand and
it is so perfect with a brow bone for a base for anything good morning the next
shade is a really soft soft pale almost fleshy pink so we’re gonna swatch that
of course we have bubblegum and then we have the next shade wow it’s bright it’s
yellow it’s neon and it’s actually I think four times brighter than the
yellow and thirsty it just has a different tone it’s yellow and the next
shade is called suck which is a really true beautiful orange it’s just like hi
it’s orange and of course the next shade next to it liquorice is a pure matte red
but actually did not make it into blood sugar I’ve been holding on to it and
it’s amazing it is a different type of red it’s like Pantone cran book red
we’re in blood sugar it was more like a rust so let’s swatch them here is the
whole entire first row so watched now there’s no primer or any trickery on my
hands I just took my finger in the pan and swiped down but you guys you know
the drill with all my reveals I think that you need to really swatch and try
colors with your brushes no one really unless it’s metallics or a pressed
pigment takes their finger and does this entire look with their fingers
absolutely not so any makeup brushes you guys know how to work with eyeshadows
and hello we have yellow in here today we have liquorice in here I have a bunch
of shades we’ll talk about in a second but there is the first row swatched what
do you think but the second row here it is so watch there are so many shades and
so many things in this collection you guys I’m not gonna do one by one we’ll
be here all day so second row let’s we have cute we have fuck we have
gumdrop we have snack we have brainfreeze and we have jaw breaker oh
my god okay now the shade jaw breaker it’s right here on my brow bone
it is so reflective and pretty I am AB like obsessed with it now this one right
here snack so good for a highlighter on the inner corner and the rest you see
them there they’re very vibrant and they’re matte and they blend like a
dream all right now the third row oh my god here it is so wash you guys let’s go
down the line we have this stunning red metallic it is called and what and then
we have orange juice we have sour we have soaked we have a raspberry and we
have cotton candy all my favorite things now these shades of course you see
there’s two sorry there’s three metallics and three mats in this row and
last but not least the fourth row which of course has the shade bite me from the
mini breaker and the rest of the shades here they are so watched now that first
gorgeous metallic yellow is called a lemon drop and it’s actually on my lid
in my inner corner moment right there on the eyes and then of course we have
cherry wet inspired by last summer’s liquid lip I turned it into an eye
shadow I had to we have tasty cone and delicious now look there are so many
looks you can literally do a wedding look with this palette you could do a
rave look you could go out on a day smokey eye endless possibilities 24
shades let me know what you guys think what are
your favorite shades what are you gravitated to and of course if you want
to see any of the swatches again do a little big wine so let’s move on to the
skin frost palette alright you guys I had to do a lot of highlighters it’s
summer I want to be dripping in frost so do we have a skin frost Pro palette yes
we do but we also have some new supreme frost shades as well ok now this baby we
I’m just going to show it to you whoa here’s the unit carton for the brain
freeze palette it has an insane unit carton of course this palette
does have six shades we’re of course going to show them to you all right now
but here’s what the packaging looks like with the logo of course very frosty and
of course all the information is on the back now let’s open her up
all right here is the brain freeze palette yes that was very inspired by
going to the movie theaters and getting freezes and a lot of sugary drinks that
I am obsessed with and we all know that I’ve done palettes like this in the past
like the 24-karat and the Platinum Ice this one is on a whole other level let’s
open her up here is the brain freeze skin frost palette yes of course you
guys know it it comes with a plastic protector we don’t like to break in the
mail and of course even the mirror has a seal now let’s talk about the shades
this palette is very icy it’s sugary it’s delicious so if we have cold
shoulder which is a really duochrome e blinding white silver with blue or
reflex we’re gonna swatch everything in a second but then look at this one
gold breaker of course inspired by jawbreakers but a gold version there’s
that one of course we have kaki and then we have statuesque which of these two on
medium to deep skin tones oh my god stunning we have frozen fruit and freeze
tag this one is literally so pretty on everyone and then freeze tag of course
is for the more funky people that like to really just have a blinding facetune
effect on their face so let’s watch all right now I’m gonna do the swatches I
was gonna do them all in a row but here’s cold shoulder high so blinding
now I want to show you guys gold breaker because when you touch it with the brush
or your finger the of course splatter on top is a top layer but it doesn’t
necessarily disappear right away see what I’m going back and forth
you still will see it for a while it doesn’t like vanish with one touch of
the brush also when you mix them together it kind of gives it a more
silvery hue on top let’s swatch it for you guys right now so you can see what
it looks like it was just blended out BAM here is the entire palette swatched
what is your favorites I oh my god freeze tag on the end is
so blinding my camera is let might break and just for a quick recap this palette
will be retailing for forty dollars and of course available on June 21st with
the entire jawbreaker collection I’m gonna quickly dab into cold breaker and
just put it on my face cuz I did not wear enough highlight today you guys ooh
yes I like the dip into gold breaker and cold shoulder hi we just rub the
brush back and forth and it literally looks face tuned whoa look at that now
if you ever think like okay bitch maybe you went a little too blinding which in
my world does not happen but you can always take a little sponge and you can
always just kind of Pat over it it just kind of blends the blush everything
together voila alright now let’s finish off with
the last highlighters of the collection which are three new supreme Fross now
this formula I launched last year it is the next level of skin frost and the
supreme has a more glittery finish it’s very and glistening it has a really cool
wet effect so we have three new shades we have a caramel kiss diamond wet and
candy apple drip let me swatch them for you guys right now
now with these they do come in the chartreuse bright packaging but actually
the components are in the OG pink and their stickers match of course the
packaging let’s get to it oh my god let’s just start with Diamond wet let’s
just take it with our finger let’s just put it right here
oh hi how’s everyone doing today like summer good morning like let’s see
how this is gonna look at nighttime oh wow I’m like high let’s put the
flashlight hmmm here are all three shades swatch they are very glittery and
very blinding so if you’re not into that effect definitely go for the skin Frost
but if you like that extra wet look these are definitely for you one of my
favorite categories in makeup lips I started this brand on my velour liquid
lip formula and of course who you know it’s summertime so we had to create some
brand new shades now this collection of course has
six brand-new shades oh my god listen here is all of them I’m gonna show them
all right now I’m actually gonna throw up my lip swatch model beautiful what
miss Jasmina she’s watched them all for my website so we’re gonna throw them up
on the screen when we talk about them they are very bold and they are very
bright now I’m wearing one called fully nude it looks like this and fully nude
is so pretty you guys it is a like terra cotta warm tepid nude but it’s a
different nude that I’ve ever made before and I have it on now with a lip
mo I’ll show you in a second on top now the next shade is this beautiful
glittery lavender called a purple Arkell oh my god just seeing it next to the
green is just sickening this shade is unique it’s a very pastel but also
blinding and then we have yes ma’am I say that a lot probably 60 times a day
and this is ten times brighter than my shade prom night it’s a very fluorescent
and perfect for summer and then we have strawberry crush oh so good I love the
shade it’s definitely something that was missing from the velour liquid lip
collection and was a necessity and then we have bronze blood this one is such a
pretty tan metallic and just like all my other metallic formulas this one is very
blinding but is also kiss proof we have the very obnoxious no offense
literally the color of this hair of the packaging I remember that my velour
liquid lips are vegan they’re I say if you can literally put them in your
waterline as liquid liner and these will be retailing of course for $18 and there
will be a bundle price for $85 to get all six when of course the launch hits
all right now let’s dive into the ammunition this collection also includes
six brand new lip ammunitions now you guys really seem to love the glitter
formulas so I expanded them with six new shades they are sickening so let’s start
off with the first one which is called a candy freeze now they’re all glitter
metallics okay now I put this one over fully nude liquid lip earlier hi oh I
love it just give you a little pop of but then by itself
it is very glittery it’s like a shiny mirror and it’s really pretty so besides
that we also have a snow cone which is actually like a like a lean green moment
definitely kind of like the alien tears from last holiday but way more greener
we have jaw breaker a stunning beautiful glittery blue and then we have yummy I
had to do a purple metallic with glitter in it it was definitely time and then we
have glazed this is a really interesting color it’s like a soft warm gold with
pink glitter reflex in it I have to swatch this one too this it’s just it’s
just so unique the reflex in there are just whoo and then the last shade is
brown sugar a beautiful warm bronze glitter lip ammo and it is really pretty
I oh my god I love it here are all six glitter lip ammunition
they of course retailed for $18 as a well and girl you thought I was done I
also have the REE velour lip scrubs let’s talk about it alright the iconic
velour lip scrubs they’re vegan they’re edible
they’re cruelty free they’re so yummy they are sugar based and may get your
lips prepped for any lip product all right so first off we have lemon sucker
hi you guys know I love candy I don’t have to tell you anymore oh it’s so
fresh it’s literally like a lemon drop in your mouth and then next we have the
fresh cucumber mint one of my favorite flavors on the planet I can’t believe I
haven’t made this flower the flavor yet I had to highly request it and so yummy
last but not least pineapple juice one of my favorite drinks I love juice you
guys know I’m not into alcohol I’ve never actually drank alcohol my life but
pineapple juice Shirley temple’s strawberries sign me up
these three flavors will be available with the entire summer collection they
are only 12 dollars all right now let’s dive into the March now we have a bunch
of merch for this collection everyone loves the star mirrors of course I had
to make so we have a white jawbreaker it’s
self-explanatory you guys know I mean this is I must for this collection and
then of course you have the pink jawbreaker I mean Pink’s my favorite
color so this may be my favorite and then of course we have the chartreuse
with a gold detailing mirror I love this one literally matches my hair so cool
you guys there are a lot of makeup bags I was like you know what we’re going
heavy we’re going hard so the travel bag from jeffree star cosmetics now has a
jawbreaker version and a beautiful vegan faux leather it feels so soft and of
course this holds a lot of products hi look at the sides next to my head we
have a few new styles of bags we have this Big Daddy
baby pink cotton candy vinyl it is really big look at this hi you can see
the size comparison we have a new style this one has star cutout on the whole
thing here is what it looks like inside it is also very roomy and it’s just a
really easy nice little travel bag and then we have a new style of bag again
this one is so bright literally yeah it’s brighter than my
hair and it has the JC logo embedded in the leather very monochrome same thing
with the zipper detailing and look of course the zipper matches I just have to
do something so bright it’s a little more smaller than the other ones I’ve
used to be a size comparison then we have another new style which is this
beautiful chartreuse of vinyl and has a little tassel right here and then I did
a faux yellow one with a gold logo and just a little flat one so all of these
makeup bags all the prices will be listed down in the description box below
and then last but not least we have some new track students and merch all right
now my track suits have been it really loved by so many of you I can’t believe
it so we keep making more colors and hi it’s summer you know we’re going full
neon so the first color is this insane caution orange with the creamsicle white
logo and then we have the chartreuse bright neon tracksuit imagine if I was
wearing this right now with his hair Oh okay I’m I’m feeling the fantasy this is
Nate’s favorite a hot yellow with black oh my god it turned out so good now we
also have a very light windbreaker it may be summer honey but a lot of us like
to wear jackets as well and this one is very light and airy and it’s cool has a
reflective logos in the middle it has the hot pink logo and then of course the
bright green color oh my god look whoa and there may be a few other merch items
popping up on the day of the launch you know me there’s always some tricks up my
sleeve that was a long reveal oh and um hello hello hello hello hello are you
there ah go go go go go see in a minute all
right you guys whoa thank you so much for watching this amazing summer 2019
jeffree star cosmetics reveal I cannot wait to see what you guys think about
everything this collection whoa I’m I’m deceased I’m so proud of it and I cannot
wait to see you guys all play and create looks with everything here of course
every single item that I talked about in this video will be talked about down
below with pricing the shade names everything so if you forgot anything in
this video of course you can always maybe rewatch a girl don’t be afraid so
June 21st that is when summer officially starts
for JSC so thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you on the next
one wha bye guys

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