Jeep® | Silver Lake Sand Dunes | Greatest Weekend of the Summer

Jeep® | Silver Lake Sand Dunes | Greatest Weekend of the Summer

DAN KOLOSCI: Everybody said,
you want to start what? And now they’re like–
think this is the greatest weekend of the summer. [MUSIC PLAYING] I can’t believe
it’s going on five– I can’t believe it’s
four years already. DERRICK MEYER: Yeah, I
thought that sign in town was right at three, and then
I counted, and I’m like, no, it’s four. So the most humbling, cool
thing is you go to Silver Lake, and you drive down, and there
are these really cool signs on all the– all the stores that
say, welcome, Jeep Invasion. And it’s like the whole town
is around it now, you know, which is really cool. We did nine trail
rides last year, and it was just under
300 Jeep Wranglers that we took around the area
and went through the woods. And it was really fun. This year we have
an off-road course that is a closed
course with obstacles, and kind of a more
difficult, you know, setting. [MUSIC PLAYING] DAN KOLOSCI: There’s nothing
quite like the Silver Lake sand dunes. Once you get up on that
sand, you’re hooked. RUSTY ROGERS: These sand
dunes are the only ones east of the Mississippi
that you can drive on. The sight from the top of Test
Hill and you’ll be hooked. DERRICK MEYER:
The view is just– it’s the million dollar view. I mean, it’s really
an exciting terrain that you can’t
find anywhere else. RUSTY ROGERS: Yeah, a lot
of times people come up here and they just get
out of their vehicle, and they’ll sit
up here for hours talking with their
friends, and hanging out, and it’s like a sense
of accomplishment being up on top of Test Hill. [MUSIC PLAYING] DAN KOLOSCI: I
think the first year when they were lined
up down the road and we were like, this
is our first event. We weren’t expecting it, but it
just keeps growing every year. It’s amazing. DERRICK MEYER:
It’s overwhelming. If we keep doing it
about the community and focusing on what
we started, they’re going to keep coming back. And that’s what we want. It’s my favorite
weekend of the year. [MUSIC PLAYING]

9 thoughts on “Jeep® | Silver Lake Sand Dunes | Greatest Weekend of the Summer

  1. Please stop advertising these vehicles like this. I love Jeeps, have owned Jeeps and finally flipped the bill on my 2019 Rubicon. That is until I took it off road like my Jeeps before it.

    My u-joint imploded which destroyed the yolk on my inner axle (which holds the u joint) and most of the parts connected to my drivers side front tire including the ball joints and the cheap aluminum steering knuckle. Warranty was useless because I got the speech about abuse and "misuse of the vehicle". No I was not going down the Rockies going a hundred, which was an example one of the Fiat representatives gave me letting me know what's pushing the vehicle too hard. Well, who would have guessed? Duh…

    You CAN NOT (or better yet aren't allowed to) off road these things. The main/first issue they brought up was there were "obvious traces of mud on the jeep". When I tried to argue how these things are advertised… than the big guns came out with there was no way a grenaded u joint could cause the further damage. Who are these people?!

    If you want to have the feeling of driving a Jeep, find an old TJ or YJ for 5k and have fun with it. If you really want to blow 50k+… don't give it to jeep. You can buy mine if you want! It'll be all repaired with new parts on my dime. Plus it makes for a head turning daily driver. Splash a bucket of mud on it from time to time if you really want to impress your friends. Just don't take it off road!

    Jeep should only be able to advertise the vehicle doing what you're willing to back up with the warranty, otherwise it's just false advertisement in my opinion. I'll be back on the phone tomorrow… so I'll update the people how it turns out if Jeep steps up.

  2. I heard this song and it would be great for a Jeep commercial

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