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Ugh, I’ve never admitted this.
– Why? – Okay. Ahh! I don’t know if I should!
– Tell me tell me! – Okay I’m going to do it! Oh my god, I’m dying! Okay this could make, or break my career. – I’m Jenna Rosenstein, and this is Beauty Stash. The show where we go inside the beauty collections of our favorite hairstylists, makeup
artists, and influencers. Today’s Beauty Stash promises to be way awesome because we’re at the home of celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin. So if you’re ready, let’s go! (upbeat pop music) – Hi Jen! Oh my god – It’s so good to see you! – She doesn’t like hugs I’m sorry, I’m a hoarder! Be careful I’m a hoarder! – I’m so excited to see everything! – I’m so embarrassed to show you all the things cause I literally have a problem. – No that’s not true. Let’s go see it I’m so excited. – I’m so excited you’re here. – Hi Roo, let’s go. – Okay This is where the real magic happens. – [Jenna] What’s the magic? – [Jen] I started doing a YouTube channel – [Jenna] I saw that. If you’re not already following Jen you have to, – Jen Atkin hair
– Jen Atkin hair she’s so great. But I see you have a whole setup. – [Jen] Yeah, so basically my husband is a photographer and a director, and I was like “get to work Mike”. I need to have, like, a setup so I can do tutorials. – [Jenna] This is major. – I wanted to just really have a place where I could do tutorials and have girlfriends come over. Cause I never get to see anybody, so I figured it would be nice to have a social, you know, a social time, but also get some content. – [Jenna] Yeah, really fun! – [Jen] So makeup is all here, okay so I have to give a shoutout actually use this woman named Riorganize her name is Ria. We went through and cleaned everything out. I’ll walk you through it. – [Jenna} Oooh! – [Jen] So this is the lipstick section – [Jenna] Okay. – [Jen] I kinda have all of my KKW stuff, my Charlotte Tilbury that I wear a lot of. So here we have foundations this is like powders. My little, these are the new Olive & June colors they are so cute. I literally never paint my nails it’s so embarrassing that you’re even seeing them right now. – No that just means you’ll get to go to Olive & June for a manicure. – And then this is one of my favorites. I don’t even know what you do with it, but I have it here. – It’s probably for setting your makeup or something, I don’t know. – Right. – You just look chic – Somebody teach me! (laughing) And then down here is where I keep all of the pallets. So this is kind of a really fun situation cause so many of my girlfriends have come out with really incredible pallets. We have KKW, Chrissy’s Becca Pallet, Kloe’s In Love With The Koko, – And you have all of these lip kits – I have the Kylie lip kits but I, by the way, got these, I have the old school ones because Mike, my husband is a director and photographer and he actually took a picture of Kylie’s lips and it ended up being the lip kits. – Famous lips! – Isn’t it crazy? It’s so fun – It’s so fun. – And, oh this is cute this is actually fun to show you. These are Polaroids from jobs. – Do you take them yourself? – Yes! That’s Camilla Cabello this was Kendall and Hailey, Chrissy in Hawaii – I feel like I’m trying to get Kendall’s hair – Oh my god, I’ll start crying if I start going through all of this. – Oh my god these are beautiful! – The crazy thing about being a hairstylist and working for so long, I’ve been doing this for over 12 years, I don’t remember anything. I have to look at a photo so I bought a little Polaroid a few years ago and that’s Kitty Kya and Rhoda. So I have this little memory box here so I can, you know, trigger my memory. – Do you consider yourself a good photographer? Like your husband? – Yeah. I’ve learned a thing or two. – I’m sure you have. – Watch out Mike. (gentle pop music) – Oh my god you guys. – I’m so proud of it! I love it! – You should be! – [Jen] I’m so proud of it. You’re not worried that I need an intervention? – No! I think this is so organized. And it’s organized by color? – [Jen] It’s organized by color. This was Ria’s idea and I love the color organization, period. – Okay so walk me through some of your favorite things. – Oh my god, well how much time do we have? I could literally go through every single one of these things. This is just, again, a mixture we’ve got Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, Dr. Barbara Sturm stuff is amazing. Down here in the pink section, which is every girl’s favorite we’re such a sucker for it. This is really exciting okay. So we are coming out with our Fragrance permanently! – No more limited edition! – You’re going to die. When we launched Fragrance we were testing the waters. Everyone said they loved our scent for our shampoo and conditioners
and tanning products, so we launched at Sephora and we were #2, to Chanel perfume. – That’s crazy! – We sold out in like two weeks it was crazy. – Oh my god, were you so excited? – [Jen] So excited! – [Jenna] Cause you have been working on this for a long time. – With scent it was something I was always passionate about. I spent most of our budget at the very beginning of creating Ouai on the scent with Givaudan cause I just wanted a really good scent. – I remember you saying that at the event when you launched you were like “the scent, we have the two scents its so important”. And I love that it doesn’t smell fruity, generic, hair products. It’s sophisticated. – It was like either little girl, or old lady. It never felt like it smelt modern. I am obsessed with Gison. – I am too! I finished the entire bottle of conditioner so fast! – This is what’s so fun I from launching Ouai, have been able to meet so many amazing influncers and have become really good friends because we travel together. I went on a revolve trip with her and her husband, and I know from a brand-founder I know how much work goes into putting products out. It’s like they’re your children and so for me to see my girlfriend’s work really hard and they have a really gorgeous, amazing product. I’m just so proud of her. It’s a really gorgeous line. What else, what else? What do you want, what do you want/. Oh Briogeo, another brand I love. – [Jenna] Oh yeah, tell me about this. – [Jen] Nancy Twine from Briogeo is a genius. This is her ginseng and biotin volumizing spray. So I actually buy all this stuff. Some of it is given in PR packages, but most of it, I would say probably 50-60% I have actually purchased, cause I like to support my friends. But I like to try everything. I really am crazy about that. – So tell me, what’s the one way product that people tell you over and over again, “this is the best thing I’ve ever used”? Like the most popular one. – Our most popular would probably be our Wave Spray. – I was going to say it’s right here! – That was not set-up, I promise! – [Jenna] That’s what
prompted the question! – [Jen] So our Wave Spray is one of our “hero products” it’s been just so amazing to watch people use it and love it it doesn’t have any alcohol in it, so it never dries your hair out. And it’s really good to use a wave spray not just for beachy waves, but if you get a really pretty blowout it just gives your hair body and life. – Love it. – Alright moving on, let’s go. Down here this is our silver, purple, blue section. I am obsessed with Kopari Coconut Milk it’s so yummy if you haven’t tried it. Love it. And then oh my god, Beboe just sent me this CBD serum I’m excited to try. – [Jenna] Ooh I’ve never tried that. – [Jen] I’m all about trying all the skin things too. As you get older guys, you have to do these things. You have to do your research. – Take care of yourself. – [Jen] This is like an old school hairstylist from back in the day, use to use this all the time.
– What is it? – It’s Tancho Stick and you can get it in Japan. It smells like lavender,
– I can smell it it’s really good for getting baby hairs or like dealing with frizz, Tancho stick is so great. – So its just a stick balm kind of thing? – Yeah This is, oh my god, I actually can’t show you this stuff but – Some of its new? – I’m going to show you these are some testers from products we are coming out with at Ouai. And then, I might show you this, I can’t show you guys this yet, but I’m going to show you this. – I’m getting a sneak peek. – This is coming out right before holiday. – Can I smell it? – Yeah I’m obsessed! We’ve been working on this for about a year and a half. Do you love? – I do. – And that’s my Dyson collection. – Oh my gosh. – Some of it. – [Jenna] Some people
– [Jen] Is it crazy? I told you I’m a hoarder! – No, its funny because probably the product you get asked about the most is the Dyson dryer. Like is it worth it? Its expensive and I’m like yes it really is. And you have so many of them! – You guys here’s the thing, not to sound like an asshole, but Dyson literally is the company that puts in over $70 million in R&D for all of their amazing tools. I know I have all the colors
– I love the colors! Isn’t that fun? – This one is so fun! – Isn’t it so beautiful? Their just like the best. – They’re the best. The day I got mine was truly a good day. – The Air Wrap
– The Air Wrap – Okay so literally broke the internet I know it sold out everywhere I blow through my hair with this thing in six minutes. – [Jenna] Oh my. – From wet to dry it’s the best. – [Jenna] It’s game changing. – Yeah – [Jenna] Changes your entire morning. – It’s so good. Oh my god I forgot about this
– What is this – Wait you guys – [Jenna] There’s a drawer of Barbies! – You’re going to die So I got to actually, oh my god This is so funny – [Jenna] What in the world? I was not expecting that. – So I worked with Mattel and I did three Barbies. I created these looks for these Barbie dolls. Isn’t that fun? – That’s really fun! Look at the lashes on this Barbie. – I know, so you’re going to die actually should I drop, oh my god I’m going to give you some big ugh I’ve never admitted this. – What? – Okay Ugh I don’t know if I should! – Tell me, tell me! – Okay I’m going to do it. – Oh my god I’m dying, okay. This could make or break my career. So this girl right here you guys for people who know me,
my really close friends so about three years ago I had this amazing Barbie doll and oh her boob is out, hold on Very her
– Censored – Very on brand so I had this Barbie doll I actually just took around with me kind of just like, what’s the gnome? Or no what’s the Flat Stanley
– Flat Stanley, yeah. – So this Barbie was my Flat Stanley and I named her barbiebirkin. – [Jenna] I followed
barbiebirkin! That was you? – [Jen] That was me! – [Jenna] This is breaking
– [Jen] I can’t believe I’m – [Jenna] Breaking news!
– [Jen] admitting this! So I was barbiebirkin. – Oh my god I followed-I
loved barbiebirkin – Fabulous right?
– I love her! – So guys, long story short that was my first daughter and she had over 300,000 followers – Yeah! Why did you stop? – I got so busy, that I kinda just couldn’t bring here everywhere with me, it just got to be a little too much and someone hacked her account. And so Instagram I was like oh my god I just decided to check on her one day, hacked her account, deleted all of her photos, we got the name back – [Jenna] Oh okay – Whoever did that, I’ll find you so barbiebirkin is going
to live on one day. We found her and this is her – She’s making a comeback barbiebirkin – Yeah this is barbiebirkin – Oh my god Jen that is hilarious – [Jen] Isn’t that crazy? – It’s so funny Quickly lets just talk about hair accessories cause I love hair accessories and you are – [Jen] Look at you – I have a little bit, a little moment – [Jen] With hair accessories I actually got to do a collection with Chloe+Isabel You guys can see actually these are some of like this is every single one of the bun cuffs that we did together I like loved these cause it was easy to really dress up a bun fast – Yeah – You just pop it on and it looks so cute. – Well that’s what’s so great about hair accessories oh and the scrunchies, oh my god – The fur scrunchies?
– Yes! – They were so great.
– They were everywhere. – [Jen] I actually still have some of my clients so I stopped designing hair accessories because I’m one person and I just had to like, my time management you guys way took off faster
than I thought it would so I had to take a step from designing, but I’m still such an enthusiast and I collect Jennifer Behr, I’m obsessed with Lolette New York
– I love Lolette – They’re great
– They did my wedding hair accessories, I love them.
– They did? – Yeah they’re so great. – Oh! Justine. I’ve got the Kitch Collection that Justine Marjan, who is my you just went to Justine’s
house didn’t you? – [Jenna] Yeah we just did this! – [Jen] I collect all of her accessories that are in here. Everyone’s into a statement
barrette right now – It’s trendy.
– It’s all the rage It’s super popular. Pearls, everyone’s loving pearls – These are so fun – Yeah I don’t even know who this is you guys, you have to put your brand on your clip
– That’s so true! so I can find out but this is some letters that they sent. I don’t know what it spells out but – We’ve got a B and a D and we’ll figure it out. It’s like Boggle, we’ll just throw it down and see what word comes out (electronic beat) – [Jenna] So you have this collection of wigs up here. Wow! These are colorful. – [Jen] Well I usually use them in the bedroom.
– [Jenna] Oooh – Just kidding, I don’t nothing goes on in the bedroom, trust me. Those are actually really fun I just had a ton of wigs that were sent to me and we’re going to do some fun tutorials with them. You might see them on the red carpet very soon on some clients.
– [Jenna} I’m Excited! They’re so fun – [Jen] And then over here I, Jenna do you remember when I had my hair extensions line? – [Jenna] I do! Of course – [Jen] So I am so crazy about having every single color and I will tell any hairstylist out there, if your just starting out when I was broke like a joke I would take my money that I made on set and I would go and buy hair because if you have a new client and you’re doing a photoshoot or a commercial the minute you put in a lot of hair because hair photographs smaller than it looks in person does that make sense? – Yeah – The camera adds 10 lbs to our body but it shrinks your hair. – Cameras are the worst. – The worst. So I’ve always been really crazy about having every single shade for every single client this was the first thing
I really invested in and so here I am. We’ve got our longs, our mediums, our shorts, our blonds to dark. But I had to stop doing the extensions too because I just didn’t have enough time I had to really focus on having a life cause I didn’t for a really long time. I’m focusing on that. Where’s Roo? Roo?
– Roo! – Come here. Speaking of having a life Yes, Roo’s apart of me having a life? Should we shade match Roo? – Yeah lets do it! I think the process is so funny that people don’t realize that you put a piece in a celebrities hair and then they have to send it back to you, right? – Not all the time I’m looking at you, you know who you are. This is fun, I have a surprise for you. – [Jenna] What? – So we came out with our toiletries bag last week and it sold out in two days and I saved one for you . – Oh my god Jen! Stop! You know I, first of all I have all of my Ouai swag I have the swell bottle I have the clear pink tote – You do? The summer bag? – Yes I’m obsessed
– Son of a beach? – I’m obsessed with all of it
– I’m die for you – Oh my god – So you can hang it – And then all of your toiletries – Yeah, for the girl
– And it’s clear – For the beauty enthusiast on the go. – Yes! – And that is you. – I love it, thank you so much – You’re welcome – I’m putting this to good use I love it. – Actually what else can I give you? Let’s go look. – Oh wow. (calm pop music) – Well Jen, thank you so much for having us over today – My god, thank you for coming over I’m just a huge Harper’s BAZAAR fan. I can’t believe this finally happened I’m just so excited. And I’m so proud of you this is amazing
– Thank you! – I’ve known you since 2000 and probably 12? – Yeah, I think it was 2012 or 2013. – We got to throw the throwback picture of us up – Oh yeah we’ll put the photo up there so you guys can see. Yeah it’s been a while, but you’ve come such a long way. We love Ouai. I can’t wait to see all the new products that are coming out. I mean I got a little sneak peek but you guys – Stay tuned guys, stay tuned – I’m just gonna sit here and snuggle with Roo. Thanks for watching guys, bye!
– Bye guys!

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