Jennifer Aniston and Ellen Give the Gift of International Travel

Jennifer Aniston and Ellen Give the Gift of International Travel

[APPLAUSE] Welcome back to Ellen’s
Greatest Night of Giveaways. I am here with Jennifer Aniston. By the way, if you’re
not watching Jen’s show, The Morning Show,
it’s on Apple TV+. You’re missing out. That is such a great show. [APPLAUSE] Thank you, honey. I’m so happy. Everyone’s talking about it. It’s doing so well. Congratulations. Thank you so much. Yeah. I want to talk about
it more, but then I thought of another
thing we could do. OK. I don’t know if they
would be up for it. But we could give away
some fantastic stuff to the audience. Oh, yeah. Let’s do that. [APPLAUSE] It’s the most wonderful
time of the year. With the kids jingle belling
and everyone telling you be of good cheer. It’s the most wonderful
time of the year. It’s the hap-happiest– Tonight Jen and I
picked gifts that are going to melt away
any drop of holiday stress that you have. First, everyone knows that
shopping for the perfect gift can be stressful. There’s always that one person
who’s difficult to shop for. But you can’t go wrong
with a gift card. Chances are your
favorite grocery store has a section of gift cards
called the Gift Card Mall. They have everything from Visa,
to Best Buy, to Nordstrom. And it’s where I get Ellen’s
birthday gift every year, because she only likes
two things, expensive art, and the Olive Garden. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] That is true. That’s true. Thank you. Gift Card Mall also has
something called happy card that you can use at a whole
bunch of different places. I think this is going to
make you very, very happy. You’re getting a
$500 Visa gift card. [CHEERING] It’s the most wonderful
time of the year. Ah! There’ll be much
mistletoeing, and hearts will be glowing when
loved ones are near. Take it away merry, merry men. We stand right here? Is this our mark? I think we stay here. There’s more things coming. They just bring it here? Yes. These men, I don’t
know who they are. Oh, my god! What? Whoa. Jen. Yeah? You know how you were just
telling me that you’re going to do a Friends reunion? What? [CHEERING] That’s not nice, Ellen. I must have misheard. I was telling you how I beat
stress by exercising, you know. And there’s a state
of the art rowing machine called the Hydro. And it gives you a
full body workout with its live outdoor reality so
that you can row with trainers from all over the world. Worth over $2,400, you’re
getting a six month subscription and the Hydro. [APPLAUSE] Yeah. Spin it. Spin it! There’ll be much
mistletoeing and hearts will be glowing when
loved ones are near. It’s the most wonderful time. Pull! Jeez, it’s stuck. [LAUGHING] All right! There he goes. That’s incredible. All right. OK. I think we can all agree
that the best stress reliever is taking a vacation. And if you’re going to
travel for the holidays, you’ll probably want
luggage from the best brand on the market. Samsonite has the
new beautifully designed Voltage DLX. They’re lightweight, durable. And the carry-on has a
USB port for charging. And they spin so easily. I’ve heard that about you, Jen. Yes. What she’s trying to say is
that you’re getting this $700 Voltage DLX luggage set. Oh. It’s the most wonderful
time of the year. There’ll be much
mistletoeing, and hearts will be glowing when
loved ones are near. It’s the most wonderful time. OK. Take those away. Someone put those in my trunk. Thank you. Jen. Yes. They have all this
stuff, but nowhere to go. Oh, no. Oh, no. You know what, Ellen? I think we should send
them someplace exotic. [APPLAUSE] There’s an island called Yas. Yas. Yes. Where you can ride
the fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World. [GASPS] Catch a wave at Yas
Water World, and meet your favorite characters
at Warner Brothers World. Warner Brothers World? They’re going to
fly there on Etihad Airways, the national
airline of the UAE. You’re all getting park tickets,
airfare, and a six day trip to Abu Dhabi, everybody! [MUSIC PLAYS] Thank you. Oh, my god. You’re giving them out? You’re going too. We are? Yes! Happy holidays. We’ll be back.

100 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston and Ellen Give the Gift of International Travel

  1. It's almost like people who are filthy rich are capable of donating a small portion of their riches and seeming like generous human beings despite millions suffering from them hoarding extravagant wealth on a regular basis. ?

  2. You thought that Oprah's Favourite Things was "the biggest ticket on television" but Ellen's Greatest Night Of Giveaways has smashed that on another level

  3. The lady at 5:17 is me when something at Walmart rings up for anything less than I thought. I can’t imagine winning a vacation like that!???

  4. I'm not recieving these amazing gift nor even at the show! But I am jumping with them like i receive it also. LOL! I watch this every year and I get so excited every year. I love Ellen's kindness. Lord bless this woman with a great health and long life.

  5. Me: trying for the billion time to participate in a giveaway and not winning in any of them.
    Also Me: I’ll keep trying for the next giveaway, you never know.

  6. [Question: What belongs to you but other people use it more than you?] All the audiences are lucky ! It is a fantastic show with incredible Christmas gifts ! [Answer: Your name] (YouTube Video Game creator: Yo Friend)

  7. You are awsm ,and you make me smile every time I watch you making people surprise and bringing their dreams closer..thank you for being a wonderful person ♥️

  8. I think these give away shows are ridiculous! Praising Ellen for giving things that aren't hers,and she would never pay for with her own money. People praise her for about help the homeless, or our veterans.

  9. My idol, I'm a big fan of Jennifer Aniston, I love her so much and I'm so happy when she's Ellen Show's guest, I love to see them together

  10. Oh…. How I wish that in my lifetime I can attend Ellen's show. I'm from the Philippines and currently working in Singapore. In God's perfect time and perfect way. ?♥️

  11. I'm so jealous of the happiness you have shared in this Christmas season.
    Hope you share with us and my kids too.
    Merry Christmas Ellen.
    I love you.

  12. I so wanted that skipping snow man to trip and fall down…that would have been so much fun. May be i am just a reincarnated Grinch.

  13. …and all I want is to afford college so I don't have to take the year off lol. Happy Holidays everyone!

    Wow, this is amazing, Ellen is so inspiring and a great person to look up to. So many millionaires out there that should be looking up to this wonderful women and her partnerships.

    I was as excited as the crowd meanwhile I am washing my dishes lol…

  14. Want to send my love to Ellen, my idol in life ,Ellen u really give me the meaning in my life ,seeing u n ur every deeds and life inspired my life …Love u Ellen ?may god bless u always and shower u with all kind of happiness in life …wish to see u n talk to u n meet u in this life ?

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