100 thoughts on “Jenny Slate Reveals Worst Vacation

  1. To me she's Liz from Kroll Show even though Parks and Recreation is my favorite show of all time and "She's the worsttttt"

  2. Why tf is there subtitles on every single video of kimmels I watch but none on any other video? I didn't even turn them on.

  3. She's so funny! I am obsessed with her… Her honesty and transparency just wakes you up… I love it

  4. Jenny Slate is a breath a fresh air. She's so undone in the right ways. Like putting on your stretchy pants after thanksgiving dinner. My absolute favorite person right now in comedy.

  5. mexico does not give you diarrea sucks how alot
    of people just want to trash mexico come
    in makes me mad ?

  6. I know there joking but I’m so pumped to spend time with my parents you never know what’s around the corner I’ve seen it

  7. The fact that her dad was hit by a motorcycle while they were crossing the street to see The Motorcycle Diaries…….. oh my god

  8. I literally had to check my playback speed because she moves like she’s on 1.25x, love her energy, she’s so funny

  9. I live outside of the US, and often find myself having to describe and explain little niches of American culture. If I ever get asked about Jewish humor, I'm telling them about that tombstone. I had to pause the video, I was dying laughing

  10. I'm watching this on the evening I've come home from my annual holiday with my mum. I'm a 40 year old man.

  11. I swear every time Jenny is on a talk show the audience genuinely laughs with her rather than a talk show background response

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