Jersey Shore Drama

Jersey Shore Drama

(audience cheers) It’s a big hour glass. (audience chants) I have that. With the pink gum balls? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that’s on my kitchen counter. Oh good! Yeah, they’re not real gums though, they’re like pearls. Yeah they’re little… Yep, I had to Krazy Glue it closed ’cause the cats were hittin’ it. Oh and knocking it down. Yeah they’d end up… Oh, hi, sorry. (laughter) Okay, it’s time for the Inside Scoop, and here to dish is entertainment journalist, our friend Devyn Simone. (cheering) Welcome back. Hi Wendy, thank you. Okay, Jersey Shore drama, go ahead. Okay, so Jersey Shore drama, this time it’s our girl JWoww, so JWoww just broke up with her boyfriend of eight months, Zack. He’s also 24, so we’ll call him 24 for the rest of this. And she’s 33, with 2 kids and a divorce under her belt. Yes. So, Jenni broke up with him after seeing last week’s episode of the Jersey Shore, because in it he is getting handsy and flirty with his cast mate, her cast mate, Angelina, that she’s already not that cool with in the first place. Okay. So Jenni, was there, but she had a little too much to drink, so she was a little hammered, passed out in his lap. And all the other cast members were there too, except for Snookie, Except for…
Who was pregnant at the time Snookie was pregnant, right. So Snookie wasn’t there, but all the other cast members were there. In Vegas? In Vegas, none of them intervened, Vinny’s sitting there watching, like, “Mm I ain’t getting involved in this.” We actually have the video, take a look. All of a sudden, I just feel this big hand, just like right on me. I was surprised, because his hands are big so it was like on my ass and my side, you know? And Jenni’s like right there. Are we friends now? I mean, Jenni is jealous over everything, like if she knew what was going on she would kill both of you. I’m just trying to be cool with this kid, because I don’t want to get into it with Jenni again. But then, he also grabs my leg, like holding me, wow! Stop. (audience booing) So here’s the thing, Angelina is engaged also, so her fiance might want to check that, and what you don’t see in the video is that she’s flirting with him heavily throughout the whole entire night, as well. Really? Yeah, like big time. So Jenni actually released a statement, because here is where she was really pissed, this was filmed five months ago, you guys. So she didn’t know, no one, Vinny didn’t tell her anything, nobody told her anything, until she watched it. So if they’ve been together for eight months, This is like three months in. That was the three month time. Exactly. With a 24 year old with no children and free. Right. Meantime, you’re 33 with a divorce under you belt and 2 kids, where do you think you were going with this relationship anyway? You know, that’s so true. So Jenni said, “After seeing tonight’s episode, “I’m pretty hurt. “I feel disrespected by someone I called a friend “and by someone who stated they loved me. “For five months I was kept in the dark about this. “For five months I was naive, “probably laughed at and made into a story line “that will forever haunt me.” And then 24, he responded with an apology, he said… That’s his name, 24? No it’s Zack, but they call him 24. Okay. Because he’s 24. Okay. “I made mistakes that I cannot take back. “Jenni does not deserve any damage from anybody else. “This is on me. “I sincerely apologize to Jenni. “I apologize to Angelina as well. “I love Jenni with everything I have. “I will continue to do everything to make this known to her “and her kids, who also have my heart.” Thoughts, Wendy? Not aw. Not aw. I know.
Bye, bye! I mean, yeah. (applause) But, she was less than smart for thinking something other than a one night stand was going to happen with a 24 year old. Wrestler. Boy with, oh wrestler. Right, who’s a 24 year old wrestler. I mean, Jenni obviously doesn’t make the smartest choices with men. She can do better, apparently she doesn’t know that yet. We hope that she figures out, she can, she can do, I mean, she can do better. I’m surprised that none of the guys from the show didn’t go up to this guy and like, you know pull him off Angelina, and even more so, I’m surprised that Angelina, if she’s engaged, that’s what you said right? Yes, she’s engaged. Okay, that’s a big fight going on, right now. Oh yeah, oh yeah.. I’m surprised that she, as a decent woman, allegedly, wouldn’t get up, put his hand over there, and switch seats with someone else. Absolutely, absolutely. (applause) I completely agree, and what’s especially sad about this though, is over the weekend, Jenni and 24 were spotted together, with the kids, they were out at a theme park, her father was there as well. Her father didn’t beat him up, so apparently, everything’s forgiven. There was no PDA, our sources say they didn’t see them all touchy feely, they were just focused on the kids. The kids seemed happy, everyone seemed happy. Her kids? Yeah, her kids, not his kids. At 24 did you even want to be involved with somebody with kids? I mean. Get out of here with that, by the way, last time I saw you, I asked you about your love life, and you said that you had a boyfriend, and now I see an engagement ring? You do, indeed. I’m engaged! (applause) It’s sparkly and fabulous. It’s so beautiful, I love it so much, and I love him so much. Congratulations, Devyn. Thank you. All right, let’s talk about Cuba Gooding Jr. Yes, okay so Cuba Gooding Jr. is now facing additional charges in this sex abuse case. All right, so we’ll walk you guys through the story. So in June… He’s going to jail. Cuba was at an NYC, you think he did it? I don’t think he did this, but I think that there’s enough in the history of Cuba that he’s going to jail. That he’ll get in trouble. Okay so, in June he was at a Time Square hotel, and a fan came up, he was there with is girlfriend, Claudine De Niro, if that last name sounds familiar, it’s because it is. She’s the ex wife of one of Robert De Niro’s sons. Okay, so they were there at this hotel, partying, a fan came up to him and alleged that he groped her breast, and touched her inappropriately. She called 911, and pressed charges, and he turned himself in shortly there after. So there’s the tape, you can see the video, I don’t believe this story. TMZ actually provided a video. Cuba obviously is saying that he didn’t do it, but when he showed up on Thursday for his trial, they actually delayed it because they’re saying that there’s new charges that have come out. They’ve moved it from Criminal Court, to the New York Supreme Court. From this woman? Or other charges from past women? We don’t know if it’s from the same woman or another woman. It’s supposed to be unsealed tomorrow, and you know we’ll be all in it. Well wait, Claudine was sitting right there, his girlfriend. Claudine was sitting right there in between them. Cuba turned himself in because he’s saying, look I’ll be exonerated, this did not happen, and I know that she was looking for attention because she came up, and said she was a fan of my movie, Snow Dogs. What’s that? Now I don’t know if you saw Snow Dogs in 2002, No. But of all his work, it was not his best. It was… Oh. He was a dentist in Miami, who inherited some Alaskan sled dogs, he had to go to Alaska and deal with the dogs. I mean, I love dogs but it wasn’t, it wasn’t a very good movie. So, what’s he saying about all this? So he’s saying that it’s not true, that she was just looking for attention, that he did touch, he admits he did touch her, but he said he… Some people are touchy when they talk, I am. Yeah like, a warm, like a church touch. You know, they’re like how you doing baby, Yeah. And they touch your thigh, or your leg, that he wasn’t actually trying to hit on her. So, we’ll see. The new charges should be released tomorrow when he goes back to court. We’ll find out what happens. I mean… Ehhhh. When’s your wedding? September, 2020. Congratulations, again. Thank you. Thank you for coming, Devyn Simone everybody. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Jersey Shore Drama

  1. The responsible person is 24. He is the one in the relationship! It is clear that he was after her not the other way around!

  2. Hey Jenni, that night at B.E.D and 24 put his head between a cocktails waitresses breasts..remember that? Sammi considered you a friend and no one took her side. I'm sorry boo but you can't humiliate your 'friends' on national tv and expect karma to not come after you. No one told you the same way no one told Samantha. Move along.

  3. “And she’s 33 with two kids and a divorce under her belt” That’s pretty harsh so say and straight up disrespectful to her kids because you made it sounds like it’s baggage for another person. How are you 70 and still don’t know manners? (I say this because it was obvious that was your intention with the crowds “ooohhh”).

  4. Devin (yellow dress sitting with Wendy) is from MTV the challenge…she still talk the same but she lost a lot of weight…she looks really good now

  5. "She was flirting with him all night" proof you shouldn't believe everything you hear. Because she was most definitely not flirting with him all night. He's the one who kept asking about her sex life and when she got upset about it, jenni bullied her. 🤦‍♀️

  6. Angelina knew what she was doing, all you have to do is get up and walk of so both is to blame. Congrats Angelina now jeni hates you even more and I don't blame her.

  7. If Angelina was her "friend" she would have told her from the begining .. instead she let it go around and spread but never told Jenni in her face. They both guilty SMH.

  8. How was Angelina flirting with him if they were just arguing the whole time y’all acting like if it’s Angelina fault

  9. Angelina is not an innocent party in this. She was all over him probably to get back at Jenni for what happened earlier at dinner. Once a dirty little hamster, always a dirty little hamster?

  10. Aww I heard Devyn’s voice and thought finally she’s back 🙌🏾😍

    Edit: Yay for her engagement 🙌🏾❤️🙏🏾🌹

  11. I don’t think just bc he is 24 is the reason for him doing that. That doesn’t justify what happened and what he did but still

  12. If these “men” were bigger, they wouldn’t put up with half the stuff they put up with. They are basically gigantic oompa loompas

  13. Men need to be looked at as children because we are friggin stupid. Don’t get passed out drunk on your man in a club. If he was sober he probably would’ve taken care of her but once that liquor hits you and ur in a party mood, nothing will stop you

  14. When he grabbed her around her waist or whatever why didn't she walk away…..but NO Angelina sat there with a huge smile on her face. For someone who didn't like 24 why would she be so friendly with him at the bar. And Angelina did kiss him and that is so wrong even if Jenni was right there.

  15. Why didnt they show angelina kissing him all these people on here defending her saying she did get up obviously didn't see the episode they both fucked up angelina was enjoying it the. Cried saying she didnt kiss him acting like the victim

  16. Ronnie, Mike, Snooki &’ Pauly wasn’t there. Angelina wasn’t flirting with him. Jesus get your facts staright 😂

  17. Jenni needs to see for herself and why didn’t anybody tell her what happened some friends but as for him he’s 24 he’s young hello everyone is to blame

  18. Jenni just getting some play for as long as she can. I don’t ever imagine her marrying this dude “24” or 44 …

  19. Cuba Gooding Jr is a fucken weirdo. He’s been accused Multiple times and I believe it. He just looks like a natural creep.

  20. 24 ha ! , more like 42 !!! For someone who wears glasses jenni cant see 👀 too well and that there is a snake by her side !

  21. If that was my friend and i see her passed out I would had check both of them on the spot and if that was my man I would had been checked him once he started talking to her about her sex life and also creeping on her while she was in her room, like why you over there trying to be fake nosy… i hope jwow sees there is no real friendship there, V or D didnt say anything on the spot

  22. Zack was first who start flirting with Angelina, 20 minutes on first meeting with a fiery question about sex. Whole story seemed to be that zack was in the horny mood with Angelina. But at nightclub was Angelina who started to give kiss on his cheek. I'm sure it was her way to provoke a reaction. Everyone knows too well how Angelina act when she's too drunking. Jenni was so drunking too. But Zack? He knew exactly what he did. He knew that women were drunk. He took chance when Jenni was black out. Jenni will and should need to regret how many she did blame to Angelina in this third season. To be honest, It will never end of war between those two ostriches.

  23. Let's be real here. This is jwows fault. This guy is 24. Your 34. Use him as a F*** boy and move on. Don't expect more of him. He's a child.

  24. I kinda understand what Angelina was saying though.. if she would’ve mentioned it to Jenni, they probably would’ve still argued 🤷🏽‍♀️ Cause they don’t like Angelina anyways so lmao. It would’ve somehow turned around on her.

  25. This guy is creep. But why did Angelina start dancing next to him? And when she felt his hand why didn't she move away and tell him no and say something rather then keep dancing on the fucking creep 😂 just wanna know why?

    Posted the comment before I heard went Wendy say what she said😂

  26. 49 seconds into it and i had to comment. wendy wants to come at jwow about being divorced and having two kids under her belt. uhhh… don't throw stones living in a glass house. your husband isn't perfect and look what you went through lol. your not above anyone sweetheart! stay humble!

  27. I think Zack was trying to be more than friends because he wanted to hook up with Angelina evne though she is engaged 😂😂

  28. Can y'all get ur facts straight? Such a lazy attempt of reseach is this all it takes to have their job? They only reported 20% of what actually happen everything else in the air on pure speculation. Gtfo

  29. i support u Angelina.. u are who u are and it was his fault.. J has to get over it and understand a 24 yr old will bring nothing good to her life

  30. I honestly really like Angelina and Jenni and I just want them to get along and for Jenni to stop acting the way she’s been acting lately. I feel like they could be good friends

  31. everyone asking "why did she not move" well hes a wrestler , he was holding her , the guy had big hands… how the hell could she move? slap him and tell him to get his filthy hands off and then getting attacked by jwow the day after because she slapped him? 24 is a creep and jwow …..

  32. She wasn’t flirting she was drunk and being cordial and Wendy really?! Angelina wasn’t at fault zack was she was pulling away from him and just dancing . And Wendy that’s him not all 24 year old . Angelina did get up was drunk and he took advantage of that how is that Angelina fault . Yes at 24 I wanted kids so shut up Wendy blaming the woman really. Wendy you don’t know Cuba gooding


  34. I was divorced and I got remarried to a 23 year old I was 33 with three kids and we are still married 26 years later we had 2 kids together for a total of five kids I had 3 when we don’t say what 24 year old wants a woman with kids you stupid talk show host

  35. 24 is a creep. And the while day he was picking on Angelina. Like how you gonna forgive 24, but not Angelina and you knew her longer. And Snooki I like her but for you to not even been there mind your buisness. You making it worst by getting involved. Jenni has turned into a bully. And nosey af…she has changed so much

  36. 24…❓ He looks 34
    That aside Jenni just needs to let this man go…He wasn't in love with Jenni when rubbing all on Angelina… SMH 🤦
    Angelina is just a slut because she didn't do anything to stop it

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