Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (Season 2) | Official Midseason Supertease | MTV

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (Season 2) | Official Midseason Supertease | MTV

♪ Let me take a selfie ♪ – [Group] Ohhhh (laughing) – [Snooki] Fight me, bitch! – What is happening right now? – [Male’s Voice] I don’t know – [Woman’s Voice] Let’s
go take some shots. – [Computer Voice] Get ready to Party. (crowd cheering) – This is going to be out of control. It’s going to be a (bleep) show. (playful shouting) (all exclaiming) – [Male Voice] You’re kidding. (police sirens) – [Police Officer] Mike,
we have you surrounded. – Can I get everyone’s
attention for a second? – Jen is in town, and I would love for her to be with us this weekend. – [Pauly D] Run, mother (bleep), run. – Your mugshot, you look hot. – [Pauly D in High Pitched Voice
through megaphone ] Awkward (police sirens) – Ron and Jen, they’re not the only ones that love a toxic relationship. – [Male Voice] He just
put his feet in her face. – [Girl’s Voice] You should bang him. Again. (noisemaker)
– Huh? – [Vinny] Stop talking to me.
– Bad, bad, bad. ♪ All my friends are
heathens, take it slow ♪ – (multiple people shouting)
– Stop talking to me. – (beep) you. – We’re allowed to (beep) with each other all day every day, but don’t
ever (beep) with one of us. (unauditable yelling) – Really?
– You’re a bitch. – Do you wanna get
whopped by a (beep) bitch? (group yells whoa) (screaming) – [male yelling] Oh she punched him. She punched him. – Between all the fights, (yelling) and the drama. – [male Voice] – Yo, they’re
going into the jacuzzi. – [second male Voice]
Oh my God, she’s naked. Oh my God, he’s naked. – I’m living with a bunch (screaming and laughing) (cheering) – of savages. – (all three men speak at once) We’re coming for you. (menacing laughter) (yelling) (laughter)

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  1. I really liked jersey shore up until I recently read a blog and it was confirmed that every little thing is scripted even down to fights and actors and props added to restaurants and scenes being filmed over again like a movie I never seen alot of the first few seasons but all of the family vacations and they even said the fights was rehearsed apparantly pauly D and vinnie had some sort of fight in the original jersey shore and they filmed it to where they even fought under the type of lighting and that when snookie hit the cop car that wasnt real he was hired so it's no different then watching a movie there isnt anything real

  2. I don't get why Ronnie gets into these situations with women. YOU DON'T ALWAYS HAVE TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP DAMN. Jen is insanely unpredictable, and eventhoe they're "the best they ever been" now I doubt that phase will last

  3. Vinny is such an instigator and always starting shit when it comes to angelina, then he acts like a fuckin douchebag and screams in her face when she wont stop, he clearly started almost all of it, maybe he should have left her alone to begin with.

  4. Whether y'all act that lit or not I will still love y'all ! It's you guys are on the side of that also!! Much love 💖💖

  5. Vin needs to like creep in Angelinas room and give her the New York sausage already because they seem like their slowly falling for each other

  6. Angelina is real loose with her hands and mouth . She is always touching or hitting someone . She is lucky jenni didn’t really choke her out in the club.

  7. I died when Angelina fell back from pulling the pillow and her facial expression is like Oh hell no im about to beat up Vinny with this pillow 😂 i am really starting to love Angelina.

  8. Love Angelina she’s getting her redemption and I’m so happy to see her get along with everyone some thing new. This show always seems to surprise me! ❤️😂

  9. Jenni LOVES calling out Angeliner for starting shit but does she not see she's starting shit with Satan herself (Jen) after being buddy buddy with her? What a hypocrite.

  10. I cannot wait!! I hope Ronnie would have gotten his life together but.. Guess old habits die hard and very slow..

  11. I'm just happy Angelina is finally getting along with them I was getting tired of them always bickering with each other more so jenni and vinny with Angelina

  12. I guess this mid season teaser is showing everything that happens in the last episode? Cause 90% of these scenes ive never seen in any of the past episodes.

  13. I can't watch since bringing Angelina back. Everything is so staged and scripted the tone of the show is just awkward now. I loved jersey shore family vacation season 1 but I just can't with season 2.

  14. Sam gone
    Angelina Back
    Snooki, JWoww, Ronnie and Paulie got kids
    Mike is sober and out of jail
    Vinnie is still single
    Deena is married and pregnant

    Yep, we’re back in full force with a new set of rules

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