Jhajjar Kotli | Picnic with the Kiddie | Jammu

Jhajjar Kotli | Picnic with the Kiddie | Jammu

● Come on. This is Channel RAIN-A & I RAINA am taking a kiddie on a picnic. The destination is Jhajjar Kotli about 30 – 32 Km. from Jammu. I have been there several times before but I have uploaded a video of one occasion on my channel. If you would like to view that video too you can find the link to it in the description below or you can watch that video through the thumbnail at the end of this video. Presently we have reached Ban toll plaza. I have to go to Jhajjar Kotly & have to return too. How much? 200 Thank you This toll is mainly for passing through tunnels ahead. This is the first one Second Third and forth. After few minutes of drive we reached the bridge at Jhajjar Kotli. The road above is Jammu – Srinagar National Highway. The road is a little messy over here rest of it was fine. I will drop the Kiddie ahead & will return to show you the view at the bridge. This is the view on this side & this on the other side. Now let us go inside. This is the parking area and this is the Upper Garden. Here the Kiddie has come to take me along 😊 😊 Now is it that I have brought him here to show him around or is he showing me around 😊 Now whatever you think about it but the truth is that today I am her because of him & you are watching this video because of him. Now let us move towards Jhajjar stream which is the primary attraction over here & would show you what you can do over there. There it is (Jhajjar stream) but we will have to go down through this narrow passage to reach this riverlet. ●● Have not to go as yet. Shows will get wet. ●● Oh.. You also came. Kiddie is insisting on getting into the water. I will take him latter, first I will show you around. ● Mom the tadpoles have returned. Nearby is this pool You can dip in. As had my camera 😁 😆 There is one more pool upstream near this strange rock formation. People come here for modelling & pre-wedding shoots as has this team come her today with their professional Camera Gimbal Drone & rest of the quipment Now let us return back upstairs & see how the pool looks from there, Here it is. It isn’t deep. So would you like to get into it? Do comment below and also LIKE 👍 & SHARE the video SUBSCRIBE the channel & press the BELL button 🔔 for the notification about latest videos. Down there the shoot hasn’t started as yet but up here mine is continuing 😊 so let us move ahead & explore other areas. Let us go across to that Island a new foot bridge have been constructed to connect it. For that we will have to pass through this lower park. ● Come on. ● Come, come, come In the centre, not on side. These are the row of bolts in the centre. ● May I go near the Horse once? ● Bye bye. It kicks (Horse) ● No it won’t It even bites. You have not to go near it ● You know I have controlled many Horses. This one is mischievous. ● No this one won’t be mischievous. Just now his owner told me. It is very mischievous ● You don’t know it’s owner, how come would he tell you! Just now he was here. Now he went for bathing. Just now I was talking with him. ● I am not a fool. ● Let us see who reaches first. Don’t go near him. It bites. He said. ● It won’t bite. Come here, come here. ● See, lot of dung lies here. It is of the same Horse. All these mischiefs have been done by him only. Let me hold your hand. ● It would be easy to control him. He can’t be controlled, move. What have you to do with him? See You have not to go near him. ● Did you see the dung? Don’t go near it. See it is shitting. See it is shitting. ● “Yakh” Then let us go. See it is shaking it’s head. It says don’t come near me. Did you see he shaked it’s hed? ● This dung would get us unconscious. So we won’t go near it. We will pass by here, We are going this way. Come here. ● Where did the other dung go. That is over there, far off. Come on. Thus kept our conversation going. He doing the mischifs & I stopping him It was me who had come to explore this Island but it was he who did explore 😁😆 the under construction building & the horses over here 😊 I just remained busy in keeping him under control but we enjoyed thoroughly over here. ● There isn’t any boat over here. ● You said I can have boat ride here ● but here isn’t anything. I didn’t say anything about boat ride. ● You said boat comes here. No. Someone has given you the wrong information. So this was my today’s video.. Now I will return from here but will go on to other destination with the kiddie. You stay with me by watching next video through these thumbnails. So till next video “Juley” (Goodby), 🙏 Namaskar, “Sat Sri Akal”

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  1. Beautifully captured…Jhajhar Kotli is nostalgic .. down stairs to Jhajhar are still the same like school time

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