Jhilimili And Rimil Resort(ঝিলিমিলি এবং রিমিল রিসোর্ট): Vlog -2 Weekend You Can Spend In BANKURA

Jhilimili And Rimil Resort(ঝিলিমিলি  এবং  রিমিল রিসোর্ট): Vlog -2 Weekend You Can Spend In BANKURA

There are two tree house here This another one here Today is friday and now time is 7:30 PM I have left from office and travelling to “”weekend you can spent in Bankura” series’s Next Destination Mukutmanipur, Khatra and Jhilimili So let’s start Now I will go to Dhamatala because there are lost’s of night service buses Towards khatra Now I have reached dharmatala and finding buses for khatra There is direct bus for Jhilimili Can you tell me when it will reach to jhilimili? 6AM. And when it will left? 8:55PM How much for sleeper seat and normal seat? For sleeper Rs 220 and and for normal seat rs 200. 20 rupees extra for sleeper Now It is 5:20 Am and I have reached jhilimili the reaching time around 6Am but I have reached here lots before that This is village this is very much lonely there is a market towards this road let’s meet there and see I came to know here that there are two places to go sutan an another Chandapathar I have heard hare at sutan There is some natural view at sutan Chanda pathar is mainly place regurding Khudiram basu They can’t tell more than that There is no public transport for sutan and chandapathar To reach there I have to hire some car How much it will cost, can tell after finding some car Otherwise let’s visit this local area First I have thaught I will go to khatra and decide from there where I will go first: jhilimili or mukutmanipur After seeing bus for jhilimili I came here Now I am seeing this is better option Because this bus reaches khatra around 3AM Spending time till morning is very difficult I have reached here around 5AM but there was little bit dark But it clears within 30 mis it is very lonely. No one is here Now I am at jhilimili more and walking towards rimil lodge Here is tea shop I have enjoyed some tea I have asked them how much they will take to travel me with car Distance between sutan chandapathr and here I have watched in map that is 10 km an 10km total 20km I have asked them how much they will charge for sutan and chandapathar and drop me at khatra They thought for long and said rs 2000/- I think I can’t pay 2000 for this distance so let’s travel here As my home is not more than 40-50 km If possible I will go there by byke Now I am at jhilimili primary school Very nice campus No student’s is present now but some school guards behind me Some info regurding jhilimili Mainly it is a village surrounded by jungle it was captured place by maoist Can’t think we could came here around 2009 to 2011 may be before that we could Now it is clean. Don’t if there is some maoist I have reached here 30min before Have reached to rimil lodge. Behind me this is. Will enter there later first visit around this place I am walking at a sagun jungle beside rimil lauge If anyone from village you will also like this place. very nice place i am liking very much here I am going towards rimil lodge Now Gate is closed here another gate is opened another side There are two tree houses this one and another that one rent for these 3k inr have to book before came There are some cottage that side rent is 2k inr this small houses in front of me rent is 800 inr rent is from 800 to 4000 inr Have thought less people came But seeing this is full packed up Do I need to book before came? have to book before came phone no or any website? both you can use. dose any room available? no. not available today. all the cottage are booked that’s why railing is also locked. Can’t capture from there. I have sow some lake from there Let’s go there We will visit there and will see the high school there and from there we will go to khatra or mukutmanipur. which is available I have shown you the school all the kids you have seen They all came here for tuition Mainly. Lot’s of kids came here for tuition this culture is presents here at morning. go to school campus for tuition There are lot’s of tuitions are here Different teacher teaches different things I am not talking about school teacher. n Lots of private tutor use this campus for lesso

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