Jiko the Cooking Place Dining Review

Jiko the Cooking Place Dining Review

Happy Friday everybody! We’re here for
another Bubba Ray Dining review and today, we’re here at Animal Kingdom Lodge. We’re gonna be eating at Jiko! I cannot tell you how happy I am about this. I have heard
all kind of great things about this place. Never been here. Looking forward to it. Let’s go [MUSIC] That was a great meal! Now some of you
be asking yourself “Why didn’t Bubba Ray shoot an outro and the Animal Kingdom
Lodge when he was there instead of waiting a few months and shooting once sitting
in the parking lot of Kohl’s waiting for his wife and daughters to come out?” Well
the answer that is simple: FilMic Pro. One of these days I’m gonna have a Vlog
entry about this app and why I love it, why I hate it, and hopefully how to overcome some of the issues that it has. If anyone developing this thing’s watching could you make that thing a little more stable please? I’d have a lot less gray hair. But
we’re not talking about FilMic Pro right now we’re, talking about Jiko. So Jiko was amazing. When you first get to Animal Kingdom
Lodge it could be a little hard to find but go in to the right restaurants are
all down a level. You kind of go down the steps and the
first one you come to is the bar area, and then down at the very bottom floor
is Boma, which is the buffet style restaurant. And then, to the right of that,
is Jiko. I got to Jiko right around opening time. I think I was the second or
third person at the counter so I was seated really really quickly. Once I got
a table the waitress came around and she explained everything to me, went over all
the different things that were on the menu, answered questions gave input, so it was really nice having that explanation of kind of what everything was and kind
of what it tasted like and what to expect. So that was really awesome. When the service began, they brought around this bread which was this this African…
Ethiopian… some kind of Ethiopian bread with whipped butter. I ate one of them and it was really really good. I didn’t eat them all because I’m having steak and you
just don’t fill up on bread when you have a steak. Who does that? So
when I sat down to order sweet iced tea. I had to wait a little while
because it wasn’t ready yet, they were still brewing it. Which I actually
appreciate very much. There’s nothing worse than sitting down at a restaurant
and ordering a nice sweet iced tea and then it comes out and it’s all kind of
half fermented because it’s been sitting too long. So I was more than
happy to wait on it. It was really good. I mean, you’d think it’d be hard to screw up sweet iced tea but people manage to do it all
the time, so I was very happy that they got it right. When the food came out I
had the filet mignon which was perfectly seared and seasoned and just beautiful. I
ordered it mid-rare and it came out mid-rare which appreciated it very much. It had a really
great sauce over the top of it that was fantastic. And it was served over a bed of mac and cheese. Now the mac and cheese that i got is not actually the mac and cheese that it normally comes with on the menu. But
my server recommended the classic mac and cheese because apparently a lot of
people aren’t as thrilled with a new one as it has some sort of curry…meet…
something…I don’t know. There’s something in there that she recommended that I
would probably like this one better if I’m not a fan of the certain spices
she named off so I went with the classic and glad I did. It was really good great
mac and cheese there was also some grilled asparagus on there. Eh…what are
you gonna do? And then they had this tomato relish on the top. The tomato
relish was fantastic too and it had this just familiar yet kind of unidentifiable
flavor and thought maybe it was vanilla and it actually was. I went and looked the recipe up for it online later and it sounds weird that vanilla would pair
well with a vinaigrette dressing on the tomato slaw but, hmm…I don’t know how
they did it but that just worked. It went together really really well. I didn’t do dessert. I normally don’t ever do dessert it’s just not my thing, but especially
after a big meal like that. I was already full. I’ve heard the desserts there are
awesome so I don’t know. Maybe one of these days I’ll go there and just
order dessert just is to have that full well-rounded Jiko experience. All in all the
service was fantastic, the food was fantastic, one of the best meals I’ve ever had and
definitely one of the top one or two meals I’ve had on property. It was just
really really really good. I highly recommend it. Really the only thing that
went wrong was actually my fault. Wen I got to Animal Kingdom Lodge I was
wearing my polo shirt because I was thinking you know…you’ve got to be a little bit sophisticated if you’re gonna eat at Jiko. You know, you don’t want to go in there looking all uncivilized. So I’ll wear my
polo shirt. Well the problem was that it was raining, and I had to go around and film so
that I could have the footage for the resort tour that’s gonna be popping up
here next month. And I didn’t want to get that all wet because no one wants to go
into Jiko looking like a drowned rat. You know you don’t want to be uncouth. So I was like, I know what I’ll do. I’ll put my polo in my backpack where it’ll stay
nice and dry, I’ll throw my t-shirt on, I’ll go around and I’ll do my filming and
I’ll come back and then I’ll change and I’ll be good to go for dinner. All gussied up
looking spruced up nice and nifty and all that good stuff and it was a good plan. Right up until I forgot to do it. So about halfway through dinner I’m noticing people coming in you know they’re all looking nice and have got least a collar on. Some people have got ties on, you know everybody’s looking nice. And then I looked down and realized I had a Yoda t-shirt on I actually rednecked up Jiko. I feel bad about it so if you were there that night and wondered who the clown was
that was bringing down the class of the joint…that was me.
I apologize. What can I say I’m from Texas. It’s kind of what we do. Anywho,
other than that everything went off without a hitch. I would definitely recommend it. Like I said it’s a little pricey, but oh so very
good. Well I think that’s gonna do it for me today. Hopefully this take of the
outro will actually take on the phone and if it doesn’t…I don’t know…I might
just write this in crayon and scan it in and post it here or something. Anyway,
comment below let me know what you think of Jiko if you’ve ever been there, or if you’ve never been there, or whatever your thoughts are on the place, I’d love to hear them. Stick them down below we’ll have a conversation about it. Make sure you like,
subscribe all that good stuff. I hope you guys have a great weekend take care

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  1. This is a must do in our future. I hear so many good things about Jiko. Lol, couldn't stop laughing with the Polo mistake.

  2. Loved this so much! DAKL is my fav resort and I adore Jiko (even just did a review of it on my channel). Amazing video!

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