Jimmy Reveals the Tonight Show Summer Reads 2019 Winner

Jimmy Reveals the Tonight Show Summer Reads 2019 Winner

-Guys, this is very exciting. Voting is done
and the polls are closed. We’re about to announce
the winning book in this year’s “Tonight Show
Summer Reads” contest. Now, we gave you guys five to
choose from, five great books. I’ll line them up right here. And then we have — we asked
you guys to vote on it online, on our website,
and everyone did. Thank you for participating. We got close to a million votes. -Wow.
-In the past week. [ Cheers and applause ] Here are the five books
in the running. And this is it right here. So, it was “Silent Patient.” That’s the woman who shoots her
husband, then she won’t talk. -Right.
-Yup. “Ask Again, Yes.” Two couples live next door
to each other in New York City and then something
shocking happens. One family has to move away.
-Away. -But the kids, they stand —
they get back together. And then later —
-They ask again, yes. -Find out what went down.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] This one, “Gone Dead” —
she inherits a house after her father died
years ago. She finds out when her father
died, that day she went missing. -Ooh.
[ Audience oohs ] -This one,
“Fleischman Is In Trouble” — this guy —
ex-wife drops the kids off and then she leaves,
never returns. [ Laughter ] But it’s set in a humorous way. -Right. Oh, it’s good.
[ Laughter ] -I think, I think. She’s funny.
So it’s probably funny. And then this is “The Chain.” This is a thriller. A stranger says
he kidnaps your child. And to free them, you must
abduct someone else’s child. -Ooh.
[ Audience oohs ] -Yeah, part of the chain. But now —
They’re all fantastic books, but only one can be the winner. Drumroll, please. [ Drumroll ] Oh, wow, that’s the first time
that’s ever happened. -Wow, it’s like rain. -People are making a drumroll
with their legs. -It’s like rain in Africa. -This is the audience making
the sound with their legs. ♪ Do, do, do, do,
do, do, do, do, do ♪ That’s amazing.
[ Cheers and applause ] Oh! -Ooh.
[ Audience oohs ] [ Laughter ] Oh!
[ Audience ohs ] Oh!
[ Audience ohs ] -The winner that got
the most votes and will be our
“Tonight Show Summer Read” is “Ask Again, Yes.” [ Cheers and applause ] By Mary Beth Keane. That is the winner! Thank you very much for voting! -Wow! -It was really close
between that and “The Chain.” “The Chain” — I think
it was like 3,000 votes. -Wow.
-But it won. And congratulations, though.
Here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna read
this book together. I want all of us
to read it together. And then follow us
on Instagram and Facebook. Over the next few weeks,
I’ll be checking in. I have not read this book. I really don’t know
if it’s good or not. -Well, then read it.
-I know. These are all good books. But I’m gonna read it with you. And then we’ll talk about it,
like what book clubs do. -Yeah.
-Yeah. And then I want to make sure
that you’re reading it, too. So use the
#tonightshowsummerreads. And we’ll talk about
this book together. You can go to
tonightshow.com/summerreads to find out
where to get this book. And yeah, it’s a big deal. This is —
“I cannot believe this.” [ Laughter ] Oh, my gosh. You guys, it’s
the Timothee Chalamet puppet. [ Laughter ] “I cannot believe this. The ‘Ask Again, Oui’
is the winner. I thought it was going to be
‘La Chaine.'” [ Laughter ] It was not. It was very close. It was not “The Ch–” “You sure?”
Yeah, I’m sure. “You sure?”
I am sure. “Ask again, Oui”? “Ask Again, Yes.” “Ask Again, Oui”? Timothee Chalamet,
“Ask Again, Yes” is the book. “Well, that is the book
I will read, as well.” -So the dummy’s
gonna read the book? -“Do not call him a dummy. He’s the host of
‘The Tonight Show.'” [ Laughter ] “That is rude for you
to do that.” [ Laughter ] “He knows what he’s doing.
He’s a professional. Don’t let him talk to you
like that.” -I’m sorry.
[ Laughter ] -A little — I think he was —
Never mind. He’s actually — he’s a very
talented — a very talented guy, the Timothee Chalamet puppet. -He’s a Timothee Chalamet
puppet. -You want to see what he can do? -Yeah. Okay. ♪♪ Blindfolded. -Can you see anything? “No, I cannot.” -Okay.
[ Laughter ] -How many fingers
am I holding up? “I told you I cannot see.
What do you think? You’re an idiot.
You are the dummy.” All right, Higgins,
hold something up. Do you have something
to hold up? -Yeah.
-Anything. -Okay.
-Anything. Okay.
-There we go, right there. Give it a shot.
-Alright. Can we have some silence,
please? [ Music stops ] -I’ll hold it right by my face. [ Laughter ]
-Wow. -His brain is working. -“Is it a cylinder?” -Wow, yes.
Yes, it is a cylinder. [ Laughter ] That’s amazing. [ Laughter ] -“Is it shiny?” -Yes, it is shiny. [ Laughter ] -“I’m almost too exhausted.” No, you have to continue. You must continue,
Timothee Chalamet puppet. You’re very close. “I’ll only do this for you.” [ Laughter ] “Is it a beverage?” -Yes, yes, it is a beverage. -“I think it is
a can of La Croix.” -Wow!
[ Cheers and applause ] -Wait, before —
-Wait. -You want to guess —
-What flavor? -What?
-What flavor? -Don’t make him do that.
-Yes. Can you guess the flavor?
-Don’t make him do that. “Pamplemousse.”
-Oh, my God! [ Cheers and applause ] -Oh, my God.
Timothee Chalamet puppet. Oh, my gosh. -He’s tired. He fell asleep. -He’s exhausted.
-He fell asleep on the chair. -He’s exhausted.
[ Laughter ] He can’t do — he’s a —
-Oh, my gosh. -He’s not a mentalist. -You know, the brain uses —
-He’s very talented. Anyway, I’m very excited
about this. I can’t wait to do this.
We did this last year. And we love our author
last year. It was
“Children of Blood and Bone,” which is still on
the bestseller list. And Tomi Adeyemi. And so we’re gonna have
Mary Beth Keane on the show and we’re all gonna
read this together. It’s awesome. I’m so excited. Go to your bookstore
and pick this up right now. Actually, you guys here
don’t have to because everyone
in tonight’s audience is going home with
their own very own copy of “Ask Again, Yes.” [ Cheers and applause ]

76 thoughts on “Jimmy Reveals the Tonight Show Summer Reads 2019 Winner

  1. I’m so happy this book won! I bought it on Kindle as soon as Jimmy announced the winner ❤️☮️🌈

  2. I already bought The silent patient .. it's arriving today 😀
    Somehow I found 'Ask again,yes' the least interesting of the lot :/
    But I guess now I'm a bit curious .. might read that as well!

  3. Now that the Meuller report fell through Jimmy is going to try doing something else other than criticize Trump!!!

  4. I’m a big reader and looked up each of these books and my conclusion… ‘Ask Again, Yes’ seems like the dullest of the bunch. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I only added The Chain and The Silent Patient to my library cart.

  5. Do u have signed legal papers from Oprah? Plus mmmm Reading books and stuff is never going to come back and your loyal audience works so hard to support you BUT THEY CANT IF THIS CONTINUES Cos Dear God I don’t want to say a negative IT‘S LAMO Ok? You are going to + one more thing to a busy life by now stating you are going to read one and discuss. Someone who you don’t want to be less than nice to NEEDS TO BE LET GO. It’s the first bad idea you have had. Please do yourself a favour (Molly Meldrum famous phrase) and lose the reading thing bury it and move on .. please dude.

  6. When Jimmy waved his hand infront of the puppet and asked "can you see anything" he missed a great opportunity to say :
    "I don't know. Get your hand out of face."

  7. I NEVER READ…I was gonna read "The Chain" if that was picked. Nobody cares about this book. Ask the world again, yes.

  8. The Audience was on Fire!

    Congratulation to Ask Again, Yes. I ordered it. Voted for The Chain but okey 😀

    Timothee Rocks

  9. I just published a book, a great summer read, hope you enjoy

  10. Last year I joined the challenge, it was Tomi Adeyemi's book.

    This time I still have plenty of books to read 😞

  11. Shouldn’t this have happened at the beginning of summer, not the end of July? We’re almost in August, the last month of summer for schools so not leaving much time

  12. Hi, I'm Lorenzo I'm from Italy and I'm deaf. you can insert Italian subtitles in the video. thank you

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