Jobs for ENFPs with TRAVEL & Always Changing Jobs as an ENFP

Hey Dan here and in this video I’m gonna
answer two different questions about ENFPs and building a business or career
that’s really well suited for you. So the first one was a comment on one of my
other videos about a good careers for ENFPs and it was what is a good career
within these guidelines that has to do mainly with travel I can’t seem to
figure it out and so question is basically how do you work within travel
and what I would ask you is do you want to work about travel or do you want to
travel because there are many travel agents sitting in a flight center
somewhere Travel Agency right that haven’t been across you know to another
country in a couple years they just basically are working in an office
helping other people travel now of course if you are a travel agent you get
more perks it’s going to be a little better than not being one but it doesn’t
necessarily mean you’ll have a lot of travel so that would be my first
question is if you really just want to travel but not necessarily be in the
industry then I would look at something like what I teach about freelancing
building your own business where you can work from anywhere something like that
because you don’t have to be related to travel to actually be able to travel
right it’s more about just setting up your business or your career in a way
that gives you that freedom now if you want to live abroad for maybe three
months or six months at a time there’s a lot of different things you could do I
always thought being a tour guide would be a lot of fun I’ve even thought of
doing it in different cities I’ve lived in just for kind of entertainments sake
where like you get to come up with like a one or two hour tour and tell all
these stories and meet new people every day I think that would be very cool and
it would be something in ENFP would be great at because you would be connecting
with people you’d be entertaining them you’d be telling stories using your
communication skills and of course as a tour guide you can probably have a
crappy job where you don’t earn much money but you could also be earning a
lot of money I’m sure doing it as a business charging people a good rate
because you have the best tour in the city that sort of thing as well what
else can you do within travel I think something
around like a travel assistant could be very interesting this is something that
I’ve thought about trying to find someone to hire it’s a bit of a unique
job I’m sure but you have a couple options if you’re someone like me trying
to book travel you can go to a travel agency where they are a bit bias because
they get commissions from different people and they’re more looking at where
they’re going to earn their commission to some extent and generally people who
use travel agencies most of them are doing sort of cookie cutter tours like I
want to go to Mexico for two weeks or something like that so if you’re looking
for a really like interesting creative trip they’re probably not going to be
great for you and the other option is like concierge services like my credit
card has a travel concierge where they’ll book things for you but they’re
more like a credit like a travel agency where they’re just like okay I’ll look
up a hotel and book your hotel that sort of thing I’ve never been able to find a
service that offers this kind of creative like travel planning that I
would do for myself like piecing together multiple flights finding really
creative ways to have like a two-day layover and mixing up different kinds of
housing like sometimes I’ll stay in a four or five-star hotel and sometimes
I’ll stay in an Airbnb or in a hostel depending on what I feel like for that
trip that could be a very cool service the other thing I would look at is
careers that you would generally want to do that happen to involve a lot of
travel now unfortunately with videoconferencing
and basically free long distance now there’s less and less careers where you
do just travel for your work 30 40 years ago it was very standard right if you
live in Canada and you had a client in Japan or Germany you would fly there for
meeting at least once or twice a year and you’ve got all this free travel that
happens less and less now because people our companies are looking to save money
right and just do videoconferencing and that sort of thing but it still does
happen so looking at a career like let’s say you wanted to be a trainer like a
group training for companies or organize workshops or things like that
you could do that in a way where you work for an organization that sent you
all over the world visit their different clients or that
sort of thing so there’s two ways to do this one is just do something really
travel related like I said a tour guide or like a kind of travel planner person
or the other is just find a normal job that happens to have a lot of travel
built into it of course doing your own thing and having that freedom is usually
what I would recommend is my number one option as well the second question is as
an ENFP how did you finally find something to focus on I end up doing
different jobs because I can never stick to a business idea good question so it’s
going to take you some time that’s my short answer as an ENFP you’ll likely
want to change direction sometimes and that’s okay but what I would recommend
the way to do it strategically is whatever job you get or whatever
business you start try to build skills that you can use in the next thing right
so for instance I worked as a freelance copywriter for many years and I really
enjoyed that it was closer to what I was meant to do with my life than what I did
before what one of the things I was doing before was as a mortgage planner
and that had some elements I liked I learned how to sell I learned how to do
presentations so I built skills but I realized it wasn’t for me and then as a
copywriter I got closer to what I enjoyed doing I was using my creative
abilities projects were challenging I got to work with entrepreneurs but it
wasn’t quite the right fit for me so I then continued on right but in that I
built the copywriting ability and copywriting is writing to market or to
sell which is a very valuable skill for any kind of business owner so each of
these different things I did I learned what I didn’t like I learned about
things I did enjoy and I built the skill and that’s what I would really encourage
you to do so let’s say you look over ten years I don’t know how old you are now
but look at someone who is 23 right say they’re going to have five jobs before
they’re 33 where they change every roughly
two years which is more and more common now in each of those jobs you your next
job should be closer to what you want to be doing with your life like your life’s
work and you should be developing a skill so over ten years you will have
developed five really strong maybe skills maybe ten maybe you’re learning
different things in each business right more than one skill I would probably
hope and each time you’re getting closer and closer to what you’re meant to be
doing your life’s work now you might stumble upon your life’s
work you know on your first career or your second career choice right and
doing things like personality tests and personal development working with
coaches all this stuff can help accelerate that but the big thing I
would leave you with is whatever you are doing make sure you’re developing skills
you can use elsewhere and make sure that you’re doing something like whenever you
do a job or start a business if it doesn’t work look at what you liked
about it and what you didn’t like about it and then make sure to apply that to
the next thing you’re doing so you don’t repeat your same mistakes so that you’re
getting closer and closer to your target each time now I’m sure if you’re
watching this as an ENFP you have your own comments to share your own answers
to these questions so I encourage you to share those below in the comments if you
aren’t already a subscriber do subscribe to the channel I do lots of videos on
personality type on careers on entrepreneurship and all kinds of other
good stuff and I’ll catch you in the next video thanks for watching

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