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  1. Joe Hisaishi's music has touched my heart on so many occasions within my life. I love Ghibli for its role it played in my childhood, but without Hisaishi's music, I doubt Ghibli would be nearly as great as it is. His music genuinely gives me joy on the cold drab bus trips to college & the motivation to do get through anything. No other music has ever done this to such an extent for me, so all I can say is thank you Mr. Hisaishi for the art in which you deliver.

  2. にほんじぃぃぃいん!!!が!!おらぬぞ!!!


  3. とんかつ食べながら聞いてたんだけどさ、とんかつが無くなっても不思議とご飯が進んだんだ、、、。

  4. wish it could be easier trying to find out about his concerts T_T come back to the USA! I finally have money to buy tickets T_T

  5. これから先どんなに辛いことがあっても、この世界は美しいし、生きようと思った。

  6. みんなが知ってるジブリの曲だったりこういうよく聴く曲をいつもと違う感じにアレンジして聴かせてくれる譲さんが好きです😔💗

  7. For anyone who hasn't watched Kikujiro, please do not sleep on this movie, it's one of the best Takeshi Kitano's movie, heartwarming and funny at the same time. You won't be disappointed.

  8. This movie gives me a mixed feeling. How about Masao coping with her mother new marriage, How Kikujiros journey into adulting, and most of them, the empty feeling because he doesnt even once slap Saburo Ishikura with his folding fan 😆😆😆

  9. 2年ぶりくらいにsummer聴きたくなったらちょうどアップロードされてて運命を感じてるなう

  10. Am I the only one feeling this rush of bliss run all over me about a second after the video ends? Unbelievably beautiful…

  11. この曲と関係ないですが、久石譲の「譲」が、「joh」とかじゃなくて、「Joe」なの、めっちゃかっこよくないっすか。

  12. 小さいころからコンクリートだらけで育っているのに

  13. 행복한데 슬프다 슬픈데 그립다 그리운데 쓸쓸하다 음악한곡에 동시에 감정을 동반하는 마음은 무엇이지…..

  14. Can you please publish this to Google Music and YouTube Music? That is missing from the streaming platforms. Thank you!

    👍🏼Thumbs up so they can see!

  15. 携帯の着信音にもしてるほど,一番好きな曲です.

  16. 初めて行った久石さんのコンサートで聴いたのがこの曲でした。久石さんの音楽は、曲名と音楽が非常にマッチしていますね。

  17. I will play this over and over and over and over again to relieve my stress just because— this is my medicine 💚🙆

  18. 久石さんと同じ日本人であること、同じ時代を生きていることに誇りを持ちます。

  19. Even though I can listen to it freely due to my Apple Music subscription, I instantly pre-ordered the album to support the man who left an important mark on my life and shaped me for who I am. No matter if it's an album or a symphonic concert, you deserve all my money and attention, Joe!

  20. Listening to this, I can feel the playing summer breeze and some white clouds dancing in the sky and the whooshing in the trees and me perfectly sitting in the middle of all that beauty 💛

  21. この菊次郎のテーマって普段自身の映画音楽に口出ししない北野武が久石さんに具体的に注文して出来たらしいけどどんな注文だったんだろう?佐村河内守の新垣隆に対する指定書くらいのもんなのかな?

  22. I love your Music and compositions Joe Hisaishi, I wish I could listen at you on a live. ¿When you come to Chile? :')

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