John Dutton vs. Tourists | Yellowstone Season 1 | Paramount Network

John Dutton vs. Tourists | Yellowstone Season 1 | Paramount Network

(car breaks screech) – The fuck? (woman speaking in
foreign language) (bear grunts) Hey. Hey! Hey! You outta your mind? Get back. Get back, alright. Get back before that
thing eats somebody. – It seems friendly. – Well it’s not, now get back. – We won’t get any closer. (woman speaks in a
foreign language) – You see that
fence, that’s mine. That fuckin’ fence down
there, that’s mine too. Everything this side
of that mountain all the way over
to here, mine too. You’re trespassin’. Trespassin’. (speaks foreign language) (speaks foreign language) – They don’t believe you. – What? (speaks foreign language) What’s he sayin’? What’s he sayin’? – He says that it’s wrong
for one man to own all this. He says you should share
with all the people. – Yeah. (rifle bangs) (crowd yells) (rifle bangs) This is America. We don’t share land here. (bear grunts) – Catch up on
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or the app. (rock music)

100 thoughts on “John Dutton vs. Tourists | Yellowstone Season 1 | Paramount Network

  1. This is america we just colonized it and committed a genocide of natives but we dont want to share it with anyone now…

  2. The Chinese tour leader forgot her bull horn and little yellow flag to lead the group around with

  3. Americans are so uneducated 😂😂😂 these comment sections are so disappointing yet so funny

  4. That bear gave zero f*cks about those rifle discharges. You'd think it would at least change it's behavior.

  5. Uh… point of fact. We do share land. There are millions of acres of public lands. But yes, if you own land and people are trespassing then that is a different matter (putting aside that whole we took it from the Indians thing…).

  6. Of course the chinese would have a hard time believing a man could own property and have the right to privacy. Those aren't freedom the chinese have ever known.

  7. Why they always play jokes on Chinese? If the guide told tourists the law and the regulations,no one would insist on it! Well, the old man’s accent is Taiwan not the mainland.

  8. This is America we don't share land here lol, typical Foreigner coming here telling us what we own

  9. What was he planning to do with that rifle? You need a bigger bullet for a grizzly, that thing would most likely just piss a grizzly off.

  10. I have had Chinese tourists come on my property and pick fruit out of my orchard. Then get mad when I chase them off.

  11. Chinese tourists fucking SUCK. They are the dirtiest, least respectful, littering assholes of any tourist group and I live in a major tourist destination and I see them all year.

  12. The rabble standing slack jawed and pretending it was paradise earned. Better to burn Eden to the ground than fork it over to strangers.

  13. I love capitalism. God bless the freedom loving people of the world. God bless that shining city on the hill.

    A Boer from South Africa.

  14. Yeah! Share it with all the people. So all the people can tear up the land, build houses for all the other people they create, and ultimately destroy the land they think should be shared.

  15. Haha “see that fence see that one see that mountain every on this side is mine too I OWN that your trespassing” hahah then the “ this is America we don’t share land here. Best damn scene in the season.

  16. Don't lie, I'm from India and I have a colleague from Texas, he was working with me in Chennai. He and his family have sold their farm for 1 million USD and shared among themselves..

  17. I work at a state park and I can confirm. Asian tourists that come in those big buses are usually the worst.

  18. They need a Director's Cut of this scene, where as if by prompting the bear runs past John, spares him, and starts indiscriminately mauling tourists fleeing to the bus, and goes full Revenant on them.

  19. Arrogant rice eaters, what a shock. Worked at the Grand Canyon for 4 years and Chinese tourist were the worst, they look down their nose at everybody, the women are the really creepy.

  20. I grew up ranching and most people I know would’ve given them one warning before those trespassers were looking at the business end of that rifle.

  21. As an American tourist who has been all over, I got to say two things:
    1. Chinese tourists are the rudest and most obnoxious.
    2. The most polite tourists I see in America tend to be from Holland/Denmark/Norway and Finland. Tourists from these countries
    are not pushy, they're polite, most speak perfect English, they have great manners, and they're not loud or overbearing.

    In a nutshell, the Chinese tourists are today what used to be called 40+ years ago the "Ugly American".
    American tourists have shaped up a lot, and now it's the Chinese' turn to be the huge brats.

  22. 전세계에서 민폐 끼치는 어느 국가 관광객들을 잘 묘사했네요. ㅋ 말이 들어먹질 않자 바로 허공에 총소리 내주는 모습 간지 작살이네그려

  23. "Everything from that side all the way to over here……is MINE!" Chinese man laughs Shows deed Owned by Chinese government Queue curb your enthusiasm theme music

  24. How awful: the shots fired from that rifle probably incited an episode of PTSD in that that defiant geezer…oh and im referring to the bear – not that know it all Chinese dude with the wisdom of a dude who sits on cacti for cash…

    That would explain why the was bear trying to dig his way to cover!

  25. I am from Germany and I wish I could say that about my country.

    Watch out! Never get communists take over your country.

  26. I’d be pissed off too. One of those dumbasses gets eaten then John will get sued for liability reasons or some BS.

    God Bless ranchers 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  27. A very astute observation and portrayal of FUCKING Chinese tourists. And those actors speak perfect Mandarin Chinese.

  28. if all these “you need to share” people are so eager to enjoy some of the land in the United States then guess what, you can simply buy your own land & it’s yours. It’s 100% completely yours to share with anyone or to keep all to yourself. In the USA we make it so easy to acquire & own property or land. You can buy small affordable property or giant expensive property very easily. What you Can’t do in America is tell the owner of a piece of property what he or she should do with it. You can’t force us to share, or to let this or that happen on it. You can’t even set one foot on property that is not yours without breaking the law. In today’s world every man or woman or whatever gender you identify as, whatever race or religion, you can purchase all the land you can find that is listed for sale. Now that is a great country with great opportunities.

  29. Dear everone in the comments. All this Americas awesome, America's the shit rhetoric….youre engaging in the very conceited complacency thats going to see america fall….and you dont even see it…

  30. this is not drama at all, anyone around the world whose home got trampled by chinese tourists everyday would love to have one of those guns

  31. The Chinese man didn't say that. He said " why does a man need such a big land. And what's wrong with sharing a land with somebody else".

  32. There lucky it wasn’t a wolverine then they all en dead, that bear was probably thinking “leave me alone you dumb tourists why do people want to take pictures of me anyway? I’m just a big hairy guy”

  33. Plot twist… Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman come riding up on a horse.. We claim this land!! suddenly Kevin is now fighting Wolves, angry chinese with Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise, Goose is in a fighter jet reincarnated and himself Robin of locksley from a different dimension with flying flaming arrows. Whitney Houston shows up the entire world floods now hes in a row boat with no land talking about his glory days back when he had his "field of dreams"

  34. It's enviable that American can even shoot to defend their own rights and property.
    In Hong Kong, our government tells us to tolerate any sick things the Chinese tourists do, because 'we are also Chinese', WTF……
    That's why most of the us don't admit we are Chinese anymore.

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