John Wall Responds to THE MEME + USA Mini-Camp & More!! Summer of Separation /// Episode 2

John Wall Responds to THE MEME + USA Mini-Camp & More!! Summer of Separation /// Episode 2

[music playing] Yeah, back to the on-court stuff. We’re kind of reintegrating John back into basketball related activities. By design, we had him
take a couple weeks off at the end of the season just to kind of let things get
back to a good baseline let things heal and so now when kind of that gradual
ramp up period we’re getting him back into basketball related work so he’s
gonna be going to USA basketball in the next couple days. He’s made some really,
really good improvements in terms of how he’s moving; his mechanic with his squat,
his hinging pattern, the single leg stability, all things that are very, very
important and things that translate over into basketball performance so there’s
very, very encouraging to see that he’s made strides in a short period of time Good footwork! Good footwork! Quick move, bang on him! Good J-Dub! Haha, you can’t do nothing with that move. They don’t know what to do. Good move, good move Rodney. I’m Rodney Purvis and I’m from Raleigh, North Carolina. I play basketball in the NBA. [music playing] I been knowing John since we was like little kids. Since we both had like cornrows in our head, dog. Same neighborhood? Yeah, same neighborhood for sure. Just getting back to the grind. Rodney Purvis… Rodney Purvis is a beast. He’s a monster. He been a beast since he was in 6th grade. He was basically John mini-me, like, it was the upbringing of John Wall & Rodney Purvis. And before they even had their name, it’s been like that. I mean John set the bar high for people in Raleigh, North Carolina. Because we didn’t get the respect until somebody like John laid his foot down and said listen, there’s really some hoopers, it’s really some cats doing their thing out here. And, after that, they had no choice but to look at Raleigh. There’s really some hoopers thats doing their thing from Raleigh, North Carolina. and I think that’s how it al came together. And the reason why I think they here today because, know what I’m saying, like Raleigh… People that really hoop is like a family. Like a little family. It was good for my first day. Got in, competed a little bit, went after it with Jeff & John. I’m just happy to be out here man, I’m blessed. That’s crazy man but even though that that’s what it’s all about man you know
supporting each other from the same city same state all that type of stuff man
just wants to each other do you know if you’d only make the city the city look
better [music playing] Just think about it logically look who’s
on the court you know how could you feel like you know you’ve been given a free
ticket to you know sit on the front row you know and a NBA game cost a lot of
money and they’re all here you know and you get to be there and talk to them and
coach them and laugh with them that’s big-time fun so it’s pretty easy to
enjoy it. He’s gotten better every year you know
he came in pretty young and he’s figured out you know what’s important in the
game you know what what you need to do to to be a professional and he’s been
doing that year in and year out and he did the same thing here. He’s a hard
worker he wanted to be here he wanted to play well and that goes for everybody
that’s here I mean they didn’t come here just to sit on the side and go to dinner
in Vegas I mean we went four on four and five on five and we did a lot of running
and that’s what they wanted to do you know we didn’t force that issue or
anything they were they wanted to be competitive they wanted to have contact
and so you know John and everybody else you know just jumped in and did it. Aye fro nappy as – , that USA picture, I have no smile no nothing. They tried to get me to smile… Oh you talking about, on the, when y’all first got here… Yeah the head shot. You saw they went ham on your – ? Yeah about my picture? What they was saying? You look like Forest Whitaker. They said you look like Forest Whitaker… They said you look like Uncle Drew, Uncle… On bleacher report, they said he look like Uncle Drew, Uncle… No way. They said he look like Forest Whitaker… My favorite meme, it was a Mr. Glass from the movie Unbreakable. That, Samuel L. Jackson in the wheelchair, definitely the best one by far man. Uncle Drew, Uncle. That was the funniest one and John Witherspoon. Pop. Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! He do look like John Witherspoon though, I been told him he look like John Witherspoon… He look like Ike Turner, Ike Turner, John Witherspoon, Uncle Drew Uncle All that, all that in one. Truth be told, I’m a big Star Wars fan
so the comparison between John and Forest Whitaker’s character in new Solo
movie I had a hard time not laughing with that. Na they all was funny though. Most of them was funny. Craig’s dad from Friday, probably one of the better ones? Yeah that was my favorite one. I like that one a lot. I mean because it’s my brother man, it’s genuine. to see someone that, you know, I played with my college you know make it to this level and continue to be great, its unbelievable. Do you feel like you get more out of a workout when you’re with someone like him? No question. I mean he’s going to push you. As you can see every time I’m missing a shot I know he’s picking me so you know, I love that. [music playing] Na it’s dope to get it from Pop. Ain’t nobody like Pop. Yeah, Pop is dope. I think one of the GOATS of coaching.
Yeah like every time I go there like even like, two years ago I think it was, when I went. I was just focused on defense and trying to set people up
cause everybody trying to be a scorer at USA, that’s not what it’s all
about they got certain guys that you know
gonna be scorers and these guys got to be able to play defense said guys up and
just being a knock down shots when you get a chance
that’s what it’s all about to me That’s my goal, have a Gold Medal. You said the internet is undefeated, what’d you mean by that? They just always going to win, no matter what, whatever they find about you, good or bad, they always going to find out. It’s the social media world we live in now, especially with camera phones. So that just makes it easier to take it with a grain of salt? Yeah So that whole picture thing to you, that was just all jokes? That was funny? To me it was when I had seen everyone talking about it… When did you notice? After practice everyone was like, “did you see your picture went viral?” I’m like, “Na..” and I ain’t even know what the picture looked like. So when you’re sitting next to James, when they were doing all the interviews and you were scrolling through your phone, is that when you noticed? Na I still hadn’t seen it. I didn’t see it until after I was done with media But they were just talking about it. Na I ain’t seen it. I was like “oh damn that – looks crazy.” [music playing]

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  1. His body is turning into Melo, looks slow on the lateral movement on defense..all this money got these guys looking like pick up ball shape, I'm not convinced..for some reason Beal comes into camp in shape and John looks like he has been living in Miami.. Our franchise player love handles get bigger each summer, smh..let see how those knees hold up with that extra weight

  2. I think he needs to get traded. Either him or Bradley. They don’t compliment each other like they should. One of those 2 are holdin each other’s games from really shining.

  3. John Wall need to ask for a trade. He just can't win in Washington. Also there is a question about his leadership. They played better without him and were very cohesive. That is not a good look for John. I would love to see him with The Timberwolves

  4. John wall would be a great fit for Gregg popovich & the San Antonio Spurs don’t think he’ll make it to the finals ever with the wizards but has a chance to make it to a WCF or potential finals with the spurs

  5. John wall ain't been skinny since 2013, he stay working himself back in shape during the season. That's why he's always hurt 🤔🤔🤔

  6. He has finally developed his jumpshot ,shot smooth like curry ,not better but nice to see him add it to his arsenal #wallway

  7. John Wall got that easy game. Sick crossover, deadly hesi, crafty finishes, dimes all over the court. Just needs an ELITE 3 ball and he's the best PG in the league.

  8. One aspect of the NBA I am not a fan of is having their athletes put on a lot of weight in such a short time (a summer). I understand that you don't want to be a "boy playing against men" but there is a better way to do it. Almost all their athletes that put on weight eventually have knee problems and end up looking much older than have to.

    John Wall for example has had leg issues for the past 4 seasons. He's lost a lot of explosion to the rim and his god-like speed. Also you can see in his face that the weight he gained is not benefiting what his natural body requires.

    Some people just don't look good with the weight gain in a such a short time. Hopefully when he retires he looses all this weight he has gained and goes to the slimmed down look.

  9. John Wall is the best all-around point guard in the league, and he will win MVP this year and the wizards are going to go to the eastern conference finals. Remember this!

  10. I need my boy Erick Bledsoe to step it up next year. Him, Giannis, and Middleton better go crazy and get top 4 in the east
    Cause getting fucked up by rookies and 3rd year players is not cool😭😂

  11. Raleigh been a good place to look for ball players. It's a hub for NBA players, college and high school players. Everyone knows about the St. Augustine League. If you live in Raleigh and hoop, you know about all the ball spots. Lions Park, Garner Road BGC, Kawanis, Oberlin Rd, NC State grounds, and Raleigh is full of free gyms as long as you live in the state. I hooped there almost everyday all over Raleigh. John was a kid when I was hooping at Lions Park. He used to be up there a lot back then. At that time, Jeff McGinnis was playing for Portland and he and his cousin would be up there hooping. Shammond, Rasheed, Stack, etc…a lot of Tarheels played at Lions Park too. John come from a city that was steeped in good ball players.

  12. a good example of putting on weight is steph it might not seem like it but my mans did after 2015 you can tell by how he plays his game he use to be sharp and shifty now he plays at a slower place and takes his time to get his buckets that
    s how it is done wall

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