John Wall WANTS ALL THE SMOKE!! NBA Pick-Up + Bullying Security! Summer of Separation /// Ep 4

John Wall WANTS ALL THE SMOKE!! NBA Pick-Up + Bullying Security! Summer of Separation /// Ep 4

[music playing] How you feeling? I need to get a workout in. Say again. I need to workout. [music playing] Yup. Uh huh. You already know what it is. I don’t even gotta say nothing. Undrafted, always ready. Undrafted. You going to post up in the game right there? Off a live dribble?! I’ll post your little ass up. What..? Undrafted work. You know what it is, Undrafted, back in the
building. Dog work. Return of the Mac, yeah, we back. Uh huh. Can’t nobody check who? You, you, you… You been a fan of me since high school. Never heard of you. Never heard of you. Never heard of you until I was your teammate. Then why you wear my shoes in college?? We working bro, I love you. We going for MVP, we ain’t settling for -.
Dribbling in your left hand up to the cone, dribbling back. Put it in your right hand. Up, left, right, so it’s a total of four to
the cone. So you’re coming up… Switching it to your right. Two and two..? Yeah. Ready? You about to hit me? Yeah. Am I going fast? Yeah. However you want to move. I’ll be holding this way… Any which way I move, you just playing D on
me. That’s it. Ok? You’re not coming forward, I’m coming at you
and you’re just moving. I’m going to be coming… So it’s just side to side? So you’re going to start to back up, let’s
go slow. If I start to cut this way, if I cut this
way, there should always be tension. So at no point should this be slack, you’re
going back with force. Oh so you want me to go backwards? I’m going like this? And if I’m going to cut here, I shouldn’t
be able to get by you at any point. Alright, I got you. Ready, go! Good, get ready. Go! Good! Flave, let’s go! Stop trying to always hype yourself up my
man. Let’s go, top 5 Flave. In what? Top 5. In what? Whatever. However you wanna put it. Ugliest people alive? Top 5. You top 5 ugliest? Top 5 ugliest, top 5 handsomest. Top 5 hurtest. Ready? Alright so 300? Bruh go ahead we got you bruh. It’s 15 seconds! I’m about to restart it dumbass! Come on. Water! You want a shirtless summer or not?! Get your chest up, get your chest up! There you go! Get your chest up! Get your chest up! Gone get this work! Look at Flave, check Flave, check him… I’m handsome. I’m handsome. I’m handsome. I’m handsome. I look good. I look good. Yeah… I’m handsome. You got eight?! Get Flave eight… 10 seconds you going to get a iso… Remy, who all playing? Rock-a-bye baby on a tree… Rocked his ass. You better switch it. You better switch it. Sit your ass down! Y’all scared to keep playing. Told y’all when I get serious, nobody gonna
win -. That’s the move! That’s the move! They can’t stop that move there. Nope, wrong decision. Wrong decision, sir. I’ll end the game. [laughter]
I’m nice. I only took a three. Shoot it again! He laughing, he want a autograph. [laughter]
He want an autograph. He going to laugh at everything. Game. I ain’t lie when I told y’all that was game. I got workouts to go to.

100 thoughts on “John Wall WANTS ALL THE SMOKE!! NBA Pick-Up + Bullying Security! Summer of Separation /// Ep 4

  1. All he needs to do is get his teammates to get that same mindset he has. Wizards could easily be top 4 seed this year, and with the talent I see them competing with Raptors, Celtics, pacers etc. Although people sleep the East this year like crazy. The east is wide open you see new talent now still great just not stacked.

  2. This video is too cool. Keep it up JWall! Wish you a MVP season coming up. The security guy was funny too and still putting in work! Big ups??

  3. Ifuck w jwall so much but this mini series irritates me,nigga work in secret yall mfs better be top 4 seed this year or this lil series was a bust

  4. Old ass pick up footage… john seems slower with the weight bulk but hopefully because he’s bigger he will be more durable… I just hope he’s been squatting so his legs/knees are better cuz if he’s just doing upperbody is suggest him losing weight ASAP

  5. Yeah I got somebody training you that never play the day professional basketball in their life and they training you a professional basketball player crazy

  6. Love Sheldon macc! He always showed out when he was given time for us. Hope a team picks up dude is raw when given the chance

  7. Haha I'm by no means an NBA caliber player. But it's funny how this bully goes away once the they face road games in playoffs. Or Lebron James comes knocking…

  8. JW done put on some muscle. He gone do some damage. Too bad dwight Howard is gonna mess up the chemistry with his big goofy ass.

  9. No one else asking how John wall switch up his hair so many times in the video right after they say few minutes later… ? went from full clean cornrows to an Afro

  10. Mfs like Mj and kobe woulda avg 35 a game in their prime if they was allowed to take 2.83 steps to set up they shot bruh..that shit is annoying….but it’s common and legal now ??‍♂️??‍♂️

  11. ???Need some NEW BEATS ? HERE YOU GO ????

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