Johnny Orlando “Last Summer” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Johnny Orlando “Last Summer” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I had a really, really good summer, last summer. And I just want to do whatever I can. I’ll build a time machine, I’ll hit the rewind
button, I’ll do whatever I can to go back. I also met a very special girl last summer. And I just want to see her again. The songwriter that I worked on with this
song was my sister Darien, who’s over there, and also a lady names Liz Rodriguez. She’s from Toronto, she’s amazing. And the producer was a guy named Mike Wise. I heard a sample of a K-Pop song, where the
piano’s super dark and it’s like, “Dun, dun, dun, dun.” And I wanted that on the second verse and
stuff. I would really, really want to collaborate
with Drake or the Weekend. Canada. It’s about me spending the entire summer with
this girl, with my friends, just having a great time. On the music side of it, having to go away
in the year just for touring and recording and whatever else. And I’m in different cities every day, sort
of thing. When I’m somewhere for more than a month,
away from Toronto, I just start missing home. I can’t. I need to go back. So it was a blessing in a disguise because
I first saw her, a blessing, she’s amazing, very cool, except now I’m missing her like
crazy, ’cause I can’t see her any more until next summer. That’s gonna be my new single, Next Summer,
coming soon. If you care about that person to the point
where you’d do anything for them, that’s love. That’s the worst feeling, when you know something’s
gonna end. It’s like Sundays. Sundays suck because you know you have school
the next day. I’m a little bit young for, I guess real love,
but I love my family, I love my friends, some ladies here and there. I want to go back to the caveman era, just
to see how people are. I show them my music, maybe, and then maybe
I’d be a legend. That’d be so sick, if my first song was the
first song that anybody ever heard. That’d be cool. The letters line was more referring to a text
message, like the letters that you type in a text message. There’s this girl that I know that lives in
the other side of the world. I guess, “I hope I’ll see you soon.” I can’t really do anything, I’m 15. I can’t, I don’t even have a car. I can’t drive to you. I’m sorry. I have to get my mom to get me, or Uber somewhere. I don’t know. It’s actually such … I literally can’t be
in a relationship. I can Snapchat you, but I can’t really do
anything else. I’m not even allowed to Uber by myself in

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  1. Guys it's not Kenzie. They both have said they are simply friends and their kiss in What If was for the sake of the video. He is referring to another girl because he had met Kenzie way before that summer anyway.

  2. Fuck this dude. Not cuz he’s stealing all the pussy, but how nice he is. He isn’t gonna colllab with no one of drakes caliber.

  3. Johnny for the love of fuck plz stop with this love shit, you know I understand you love a girl or whatever and that’s fine but constantly making songs about love is fucking boring bro switch your style up bro then I’ll have some more respect for you


  5. just before u try to….. Do not compare John to Jacob Fartorious because…. Just naahhh BRUH 😮😑

  6. Guysss stop talking bout Jenzie and all 'cause…..

    We need to take a moment to appreciate Johnny's AMAZING voice!

  7. I was thinking this is about kenz but when i watched this video multiple times and read those comnets maybe its not about kenzie but whe have proof that video when he was with kenz after studio and they were asked if they liked eachother and he was kinda sad after kenz said no..i miss them(im a huge jenzie shipper tho even tho shes dating isaak now)
    Sorry for my english

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