100 thoughts on “Johnny Orlando – Last Summer

  1. I just found out about dis Johnny dude and he’s pretty good at singing but what up with these Jenzie comments?? Like what do u people meannnnnnnnnnn TELL meeee

  2. LAPANGAN : 00:17 ,00:55,1:32,
    MIROR PART : 00:21,00:27, 00:29
    JALANAN : 1:30,1:40,1:44
    STARING PART : 00:28
    TWO STORIES : 00:32, 00:37,
    ROOFTOP : 00:34,00:43,00:57, 00:59,1:01 ,1:08,1:28,1:36,1:43,
    SUPERMARKET : 1:26,1:47,
    NIGHT SCENE : 2:02

  3. Ek is lief vir jou, jy is die beste ter wêreld. Jy is die volmaakte volmaaktheid wat ek kan bestaan. Ek is lief vir jou

  4. i legit thought for the longest time that the lyrics were” if i could, could believe; i would be counting sheep” .. lol idk why

  5. His better than jacobsartorius
    His a good singer?❤️
    I'm a fan of jacobsartorius but sad to say I'll leave being a sartorians 🙁
    but I know they really are, but jacob is just what i used to be, i know,Jacobsartorius is more basher and i get angry in those days because i love him so much, and i used to be nice in his voice but i used to fans of that then I try listen to johnny's songs and I realize that his voice is even better:)

    PS : I'm not a fake fan

  6. This my 2nd favorite song. I love this catchy,upbeat,and happy song. My BFF and I like and love this song. My friend introduced me to Johnny Orlando's songs and I am a huge fan of Johnny Orlando.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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