Jon Richardson’s camping trip woes – Would I Lie to You?

Jon Richardson’s camping trip woes – Would I Lie to You?

On a camping trip, I won an award for having the tidiest tent even though I’d wet my sleeping bag. LAUGHTER Lee’s team. True. LAUGHTER Was this as a child, or was this recently? No, I was a child. How old were you? I guess I was about six or seven. And was it the Scouts? – No.
– What was it? It was, erm, the Woodcraft Folk. – LAUGHTER
– The what? The Woodcraft Folk? What kind of organisation is that? It’s like the Scouts. Is it literally about going away to craft wood, to make things out of wood, or more about generally lighting fires and… No, it’s woodcraft in a more general sense… What exactly is woodcraft in a general sense? It’s, well, you know… LAUGHTER How do we know, Jon? Cos I don’t think you know. – It’s…wood, erm…
– LAUGHTER Do you want to change the name of the organisation? That’s what they say at every meeting of the Woodcraft Folk. So the Woodcraft Folk, they head off into the woods together, they find a clearing, they set up camp and what sort of things do they do? We might spot birds, we might rub trees. Do you ever spot trees and rub birds? Only if you don’t want to get your tree-rubbing and bird-spotting badges. – So there are badges?
– Yes. – OK.
– Yes, yes, there were badges. What, what badges do you have? Did you…? Ah, well, first badge would be sewing badge, obviously, otherwise all subsequent badges would fall off. – Then…
– Bird-spotting.
– Bird-spotting badge. – Tree-rubbing.
– Tree-rubbing.
– Tree-rubbing. Tree-rubbing was just to chill out. It can’t all be about getting badges. All right, how many people were on the… in the competition of tidiest tent? Ah, 15? Did you just suddenly go back to childhood with that voice? – 15.
– That’s more like it. So, 15 kids, all trying to have the tidiest tent. Well, in the…not that… not exclusively but we stayed in tents, and to instil an atmosphere of tidiness, – every morning there would be tent checks…
– Tent checks. – ..and whoever’s tent was the tidiest would be rewarded.
– Right. How many boys per tent? Not just boys, boys and girls. – Whoa, hang on a minute.
– LAUGHTER These were mixed tents. I shared a tent with my sister, who was also in the Woodcraft Folk. How did the other Woodcraft Folk react to it? They never found out. – Did your sister find out?
– Yeah. She was aware, yes. She was one of the first to be aware. Do you think they gave you the prize to sort of patronise you, because they felt sorry for you? A prize is a prize. LAUGHTER So, other than the swampy conditions, it was…it was very nice and very tidy? Yes, the tent was very tidy because everything was outside drying off. What do you think, Lee, is he telling the truth? – I don’t know. What do we think, Moira?
– I think it’s true. You do? Why do you think it’s true? – He looks like a bed-wetter.
– Well, I know that. Ah, do you know, the worst thing is, when you say it, it sounds like news. I think it’s probably true, yeah. You’re coming round to true, as well? We’ll say true, then. He’s going to say true. OK, Jon, truth or lie? Why would I admit on telly to such a… true! Yes, it’s true. Jon did win an award for the tidiest tent, even though he’d wet his sleeping bag.

49 thoughts on “Jon Richardson’s camping trip woes – Would I Lie to You?

  1. I could have sworn I had watched the episode with Moira Stewart before but I don't remember this or the other clip from this episode you posted today. Strange. I guess you're allowed to post Season 9 clips now or something?

  2. Jon was trying to do a double bluff and make it seen like the story was a lie. But from the start it seemed like it was true, exactly like Lee figured.

  3. Richardson is such a class act, he should be on the show more often. Moira Stewart however should be in prison for life for warcrimes by propaganda.

  4. He says "fifteen" in exactly the same way as Benedict Cumberbatch said it on the Graham Norton Show. Is this some sort of a special thing in Britain?

  5. I legit physically clapped when he started on the sewing badge bit. That was clever on a Lee Mack scale.

  6. Jon is one of the funniest man i have ever seen but amongst rob david and lee he looks to me just a regular champs

  7. Of course it was true, or else why make up 'woodcraft folk'. If you were lying you would just agree it was the scouts.

  8. Jon could have played this so much smarter like wood craft folk he could have tied it with bushcraft etc

  9. (Whine) We never get anything this great on US TV. And we never will. We got boring idiots running TV content in the US.

  10. My mum was in woodcraft folk.. they left her in a shop and left my uncle running behind the bus when they drove off without him. The staff wouldn’t listen to my mum when she told them her brother was running behind the bus ?

  11. Trying too hard to pretend like he was making it up maybe? Do appreciate him trying to go next level on the bluffing. What a great game!

  12. The part that must sting the deepest is that there was nothing more convincing than the opening statement on the card.

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