Jonathan Beasley, St. Mary’s County, MD Tourism

Jonathan Beasley, St. Mary’s County, MD Tourism

St. Mary’s County – REAL PEOPLE – Jonathan
Beasley [music] BEASLEY>>I was the first person in 200 years
that was not born in Tennesee in my family. Men don’t stop to ask directions. My dad was
going duck hunting with a friend of his from Calvert County, didn’t stop to ask direction
and ended up in Leonardtown. We got here because there were only four dentists
in the county and the only one in Leonardtown was 85 years old and my dad was a senior in
dental school. The way the track got here, he was in the
Navy right at the end of World War II, and riding by with him to go see a friend of his
from the Navy still stationed at Indian Head – twenty one deer sitting in the front field
where the semis park now. It was an Amish dairy farm, in 1964 or 65 my dad stopped and
bought it right there on the spot as a hunting preserve. Budds Creek was started, a drag strip was
built in the fifties. And, they’re all three in the same general area. My first step-father
was into stock cars racing, that’s how the stock car track got built.
And then the motocross track, the Navy, the Navy gentlemen taught us how to run it. My
brother and I were running bulldozers here when we were 13 years old. It’s a dangerous sport. Anybody who asks me,
I tell them to buy their kids golf clubs. The culture of St. Mary’s it’s just, it’s
an amazing collection of people, probably the most ecclect, I, I love our county. Friendly, outgoing, people are as nice as
they can be. Give you the back off their shirt. It’s a beautiful, tranquil place to raise
a family. Almost heaven. [music]

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  1. Jonathan; it's Eve, all I want to say is that the  Beasley's family are the most wonderful caring people in our county, and Jonathan Beasley is very knowledgeable about history and it's beginnings. His parents did a good job in teaching him how to live properly amongst all human-beings. thank you for your help in getting my car back on the road, your a good person,Jonathan Beasley, just like good old'  charlie brown. Let your voice keep passionately ring out.  Be blessed

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