Juilliard Campus Tour

Juilliard Campus Tour

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[upbeat jazz music] Hey, everyone. Welcome to Juilliard! My name
is Toney Goins. I’m a BFA actor here, and I’m gonna take you on a little
tour today. So here at school we have around 850 students that breaks down to about
600 musicians, 96 dancers, and 80 actors. This is our Glorya Kaufman Dance Studio.
This studio actually protrudes out from the side of the building and sticks out
over Broadway. There’s an amphitheater under it with the intent for anyone
outside to be able to come, sit down, drink, eat, and be able to watch Juilliard
students rehearse and perform. Juilliard Dance aims to create contemporary
dancers, versatile performers trained with equal emphasis in classical ballet
as well as modern dance. Modern techniques currently studied include Limon, Graham, Taylor, Cunningham, Horton, and Gaga. Guided by highly regarded artists,
students perform in monthly workshops and present about 15 public concerts
each year, including New Dances, a new commissioned work from prominent
contemporary choreographers, Juilliard Dance Repertory series, and ChoreoComp,
which is student choreographers and composers collaborating. Now we’re in the drama spaces.
Juilliard Drama consists of a four year conservatory-style acting
program, as well as a playwriting program. The McClelland drama theater seats 184
and is where all of our fully produced fourth-year productions happen. Now the
space is reserved for our drama students, but every year we put on eight fully
produced plays that are open to the public, including a two-play Shakespeare
rep by our third year actors. As a drama student, you’ll take classes in acting,
voice, speech, movement, Alexander Technique, singing, masks, stage combat,
poetry, theater history, and physical comedy. The Steinberg drama studio is a
highly adjustable black box theater on the third floor where all of our
third-year productions take place. The drama division is a rigorous program
with actors here six days a week, working 12 to 13 hours a day on average. The fourth and fifth floor is home to most of our music spaces. We have over a
hundred practice rooms and over 250 Steinway pianos. Walking down the hall,
you’ll come across students practicing, private lessons, and rehearsals. Room 543 is our
orchestra rehearsal room. This room is acoustically engineered with moveable
panels along the top half of the room. The fixed acoustic panels along the
bottom half allow for varying levels of sound absorption and diffusion. Lots of
different ensembles rehearse in here, including the Juilliard Orchestra,
Juilliard Chamber Orchestra, New Juilliard Ensemble, AXIOM, the Juilliard Lab
Orchestra, and Juilliard415. The Juilliard Orchestra is the school’s
major orchestra which consists of students in all years of study. They
perform in the Peter Jay Sharp Theater, David Geffen Hall, Alice Tully Hall, and
Carnegie Hall. The orchestra has also toured Europe and Asia. The Juilliard
Chamber Orchestra operates without a conductor and is modeled after the
Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. The Lab Orchestra provides practical experience for
student conductors. In addition to performing standard orchestral
repertoire, the orchestra also reads work by student composers. Juilliard415 is the
primary performance ensemble of Juilliard’s Historical Performance program.
Juilliard Historical Performance is designed for graduate-level musicians
who have a special interest in period instrument performance and brings
together some of the most prominent period instrument performers, scholars,
and teachers in the world. All historical performance students have frequent
opportunities to perform in a variety of venues around New York City, and the
program regularly tours around the world. This is Paul Hall. This is actually one
of our busier rooms we have here in the school. We have up to around four events
a day that go on in here and that could be anything from master classes to
recitals. The space seats 275, one of our five organs lives in here, and all of our
performances in here are professionally recorded by our recording services
department. The Ellen and James S. Marcus Institute
for Vocal Arts offers comprehensive training for singers at all stages of
development. Perhaps the hallmark of the Institute is
the individual musical and diction coaching. They are scheduled on a weekly
basis for all students within the program. By tailoring your schedule to
your individual needs and educational priorities, you’re able to progress at
your own pace. Room 340 is our jazz rehearsal room. It
also hosts intimate concerts as well as live-streamed performances. The Juilliard
Jazz faculty is comprised of today’s most active, innovative, and respected
jazz musicians in the world. The ensembles also are featured
regularly at Dizzy’s, which is a part of Jazz at Lincoln Center and the world-renowned Blue Note, right here in New York City. The Rosemary and Meredith
Willson Theater is the most technologically advanced black box
theater on campus. This includes a lighting grid, a permanently installed
sound system, a removable dance floor, and video projection capabilities. All this
tech is used to incorporate the work of all three divisions. Morse Hall is
another performance space we have here. It’s a smaller one compared to Paul Hall,
but it has complete flexibility in seating configuration and is also used
for recitals, master classes, meetings, and other special events too. Peter Jay Sharp Theater. This is our largest performance space on campus. It
seats 907 people! Our dance main stage performance happens in here,
our operas happen in here, and the jazz orchestra plays in here. A unique feature
of this auditorium is its movable ceiling. Over 60% of the entire ceiling
can be raised or lowered 7 feet to permit acoustic adjustments of the hall. Our library is designed to be a comprehensive resource for the Juilliard
community’s performance and research needs. Its collection, which comprises
more than 77,000 music performance and study scores; 24,000 books on music, drama, and dance and academic subjects; 26,000 recordings in all formats; and more than
2600 videos has been carefully curated and developed to serve the needs of the
Juilliard community. We also have a manuscript collection that contains 140
autographed manuscripts, composer sketches, engraver proofs, and first
editions by various composers such as Bach, Copland, Schumann, and many others.
Despite being a conservatory Juilliard also has a liberal arts curriculum. All
of our undergrad students have to take 30 credits outside of their division and
typically 24 of those credits are in liberal arts. That breaks down to about
one class per semester, but if you do want to take additional ones you can if
you want to. Juilliard also has on-campus housing: the
Meredith Willson Residence Hall. All first-year students are required to live
there, but it’s a housing option for any student. It features a lounge, fitness
center, and practice rooms–all with prime views of New York City. Our Writing and
Communication Center helps students enhance their skills in writing and
public speaking so that they may become effective teachers, administrators, and
advocates for the arts as they progress in their professional careers. The Marks
Center helps students and alumni develop both short term and long term career
plans through various resources and programs such as grants, career advice,
and Hire Juilliard Performers. Thanks for coming on the tour, and I hope to see
you on campus soon! ♫ ♫ ♫
[upbeat jazz music]

100 thoughts on “Juilliard Campus Tour

  1. I truly hope I can be there someday in a few years. Even though I'm still a teen (14 years old); and I'm from Argentina and even though I'll have to work a lot to get the money, I believe I can do it.

  2. Julliard provides training to those that are young and impressionable. Is this school only open to the teens and 20 somethings? Or is it a place for anyone who wants to learn discipline & craft?
    "The faculty and the Commitee on Admissions will give preference to students in the formative stages (in other words: anyone older than 25 is not worth looking at) of their performance careers( I've given performances all my life. Not the kind Julliard is used to though) who will benefit most (me) from the type of training at Julliard (me).
    ALL applicants must be a minimum of 16 years of age (me) upon matriculation.
    What is the maximum age? You can't hear my voice. Your entire Drama Department would dismiss this. This is Drama.

  3. People start studying for Juilliard when they're 5 and this makes me sad. I'm 16 now and ever since i was a little kid i wanted to be a musician but my family always said that my opinions would change and i would study something like Medical or Engineering etc. No one believed in me or helped me about it. Now they realized i won't give up on my dreams and some are trying to support me. All those years i tried, I could buy a digital piano only a few months ago and i'm studying hard but my time is short. I got accepted for the city conservatory, (which is part-time) and I'm trying to improve myself until i graduate from high school. in 2020 May, I'll have graduated both the part time conservatory and the high school. I'm neither qualified for Juilliard nor moving to America this early because I'm kind of late for those of course so i'll have to study here in my country(Turkey, and my city is Istanbul), but I want Juilliard for the Masters and DMA's. Do you think i can come to Juilliard for the Master's, and what do you suggest me? I have an amazing ear and talent for learning, in 6 years i can be lots of things. But i'm still nervous because my rivals have been studying since they were 5 years old. I could really use some advice and some nice words. Thank you 🙂
    (By the way I can play guitar and i sing, i got voice educations for a year, I'll continue to it 1-2 years later. So I'm not new at music, I'm just late for the piano 🙂 )

  4. I really want to go to Julliard for the double bass. I am 13 and in honor orchestras and take private lessons with an amazing teacher

  5. I'm 11 and I've been wanting to go here ever since I could remember. I love acting, I have had the biggest leads in almost all of the plays that I have been in (Which might I add, I have been in a lot) and I adore acting. I do it at home, at school (any time I can get at least) and any other free time. Right now it is the beginning of rehearsals for my school play and we are doing Honk (the story of the ugly duckling) and I got the Cat which there are only four HUGE leads and the Cat is one of them. I am good at singing, as good as you can get for an 11 year old who has a mezzo-soprano voice. And I'm pretty good at dancing, which I thank my 5 years of ballet and current gymnastics classes for 🙂 So obviously, its my dream college, and I am definitely applying for it when I get older. And luckily I have a grandma who is good at writing applications 🙂

  6. I’m from Australia, and I’ve always wanted to become a professional opera singer. I’m in year 9 heading into the Victorian College of the Arts, and to get into Juilliard is my dream goal!!! But my mum said “the key is to WORK HARD” and if you’re passionate enough, your work pays you back!

  7. I have wanted to go to juliard since I was 10, and I know I am going to have to work hard, but I will try to make It when I am old enough

  8. I would love to go to this school in the future (im 14 right now) but I live in the UK. I am more than willing to travel and live in America to attend this school, but I'm just curious are there auduitions to apply before the semester would start? I would like to become a musician, I already play the Piano, Guitar, Ukulele and violin.

  9. I am a cello player and ever since I started i have set a goal to go here and no matter how hard the journey is I WILL attend here

  10. I’m in 8th grade and I’m already here looking to be an actress. I know it’s rigorous and a rare chance for me to make it out there but I believe and just have this feeling I’m gonna make it. Already I’m starting to act in my school plays last year as a 7th grader I played Nessarose in our production of Wicked. This year I play Lady Gelosia in our production of Lady and The Tiger. The acting program here seems amazing and looks like many fun, amazing, and hard-working students fill its walls.

    Also as a student director and somewhat of a playwright my self I can tell you it’s stressful but despite all the stress it gives acting makes me feel alive as does writing. As a matter of fact I’m starting to auditions for student films to get some experience under my belt and boy let me tell you it’s not easy trying to find auditions with no agent and when you do I realize I need headshots.

    All in all I’m a 13-year-old from California but soon I will audition for Juilliard so just know in a couple of you’ll see this name in your audition list.

  11. I’m a 14 year old South African and I compose original music. My music video for my song called “Just Kids” is on YouTube. Watching this, I am extremely excited to apply when the time comes!!??

  12. I just fell in love with julliard ??????????? god! such an amazing place…feels like it's something right out of my dreams……

  13. I am 15 and am just getting into acting. Juilliard is on the top of my list for my dream schools. Do you think I still stand a chance or should I have started earlier? Please be brutally honest. Thank you!

  14. I'm watching these videos for a project, and I picked Juilliard, and before I wanted to just get the project over with, but now I actually REALLY WANT TO GO TO JUILLIARD

  15. One of my biggest dreams is to enter this school I am a bit ' American and a bit ' Italian and even if I live in Italy my parents would like to transfer to America I love this school and I hope that someday if I sign up I will be admitted

  16. i am a sophomore in highschool from an incredibly small town in the south. we are incredibly lucky to have a theater class in our highschool and a small community theater company in our city. i am working as hard as I can to get into julliard. it is my dream to go here!!!

  17. Honestly I wanna go there..But I have no money… I love to sing but when im singing in my head voices its not loud but if i sing in my chest voice i cant hit high notes and im only loud with it

  18. I started cello six months ago, i am the best player in my class, i have learned both the cello and violin pieces for our upcoming concert on the cello and am currently working towards also playing the violin. If i try really hard i might be able to get into Juliard, hope you see me on your campus soon!

  19. Gosh, it is dream to study there. Everything I am should be there. But, dreams sometimes, remain as dreams.

  20. Omg, I started to cry when it was showing the tour! (apically when he showed that band portion) I am only in 6th grade going to 7th, and Juilliard is my top choice! I did a report on it, and I even said that it is the best arts program ever! I don't care if I am right or wrong, but in my opinion it's the best!

  21. I’m a 12 year old seventh grader, sitting in the car watching videos on a school full of talent and determination. My goal is Juilliard, and it has been for a while now. Many of my friends think it’s pointless to study theatre and things of that nature, but it isn’t pointless to me. There is so much I want to do, so much I want to experience. Watching these videos has become my motivation to be the best I can without trying to compare myself too much. It’s impossible for me to imagine a future where the arts are not a part of my life… so I’ll keep working and hopefully, I’ll hit the stage someday.

  22. I am a classical music fan, & of course I do like jazz & some other popular music [I HATE ROCK, mostly punk rock & many modern 'pop' sorry] but I do wonder: do they teach country music in Julliard? Also, do they teach Salsa music in Juilliard? I wonder?

  23. This is my dream school and idk why I’m punishing myself by watching these because it’s so unlikely I’d get it (especially being as green as I am)
    I love acting and theatre and performance but the odds are stacked against me. Doesn’t mean I won’t try though

  24. THERE ARE PRACTICE ROOMS IN THE DORMS?!?! I study at the Crane School and practice rooms are always a constant battle ?

  25. Soon I will attend your school when I graduate high school. Plus I live in TN soo I will be saving money to move to NYC for as many years as possible to get at least a master's degree or higher. Well I can't wait to visit and attend your school/ college.

  26. Wow it is my dream to go here. I am a cellist and am in 11th grade. The only thing I can see myself doing is music, a professional cellist.

  27. I'm 11 and I've been dreaming about going to Julliard since I was 6 so I'm just trying to learn more about it and the requirements that I will need

  28. Hello, Juilliard! I am currently a junior at The University of Tulsa for Vocal performance! My dream is to be Opera singer and I also compose. As a result, I am combining my abilities to write an opera and perform in it with my peers and faculty! I will record the progress and performance to submit to you in My application so I can demonstrate my team working skills, social skills, writing and scoring, listening to directions, acting ability, community building skills and of course, my vocal ability!? I have been doing everything I can to go here! I am also saving up to come to New York next summer to tour your beautiful facility so that I may become acquainted with the environment and get to find information! However, I have questions as to what is expected and whom I can talk to for advice/prepare me for attending your school. I found this video on your page, but I am not sure who to talk to and who can help with any further questions. I would love to hear from you and thank you so very much for your time and professionalism! ❤?

  29. don't be upset, guys. if you live in the usa/have any skill, you already have a chance to get in there!! it's much worse when you're a 16 years old girl from another country and realize your love of music very recently, so you don't even have time to prepare.

    but you have an opportunity
    then don't miss it❤

  30. I'm just a 13 year old girl who wants to study acting and drama at a school with a 6.2% acceptance rate but I know I'll probably never get into Juilliard or go far with my dream of acting but I'm still trying

  31. I want to audition, but wow! An acceptance rate of 8%, and one of the most prestigious music schools in the world? How would I stay calm before this?

  32. I’m working really really hard at dance and am pretty good at it and since I’m only in 7th grade I have time to improve and hopefully go to Juilliard

  33. This is all I want in life but I only have my ged and have a kid and would probably fail an audition. I love singing so much. I've always wanted to go here

  34. it’s been my dream to go here since i was 10. i’m 13 now and i attend a performing arts school and i practice music there. im planning on applying here in a couple years 🙂

  35. I'm only in 6th grade but my two dreams are visiting New York and being accepted into an arts school so if I were accepted I would cry! My out of the arts would be drama so i hope I can go there someday!

  36. I shall practice every day to have enough skill to go there, I'm not that bad right now but not good enough yet to be there, but I know I can do it! I will not give up, for this is my dream college.

  37. I'm from Mexico, and I've already graduate from university, with a degree in Communication Sciences. There I found my singing teacher who is a Baritone, with his class at school I discovered a passion for singing and now that I can afford the private lessons my objective is to apply to Julliard

  38. I’ve been training for years to hopefully get accepted into this dream of a school, I hope to someday become part of the Juilliard family!

  39. I am looking forward to enroll in Juilliard School of Music as soon I finish my education of my first undergraduate year in vocals.

  40. I’m a classical and jazz bass player at a performing arts high school, and I’ve never been more certain of anything; This is what I want to do with my life. I’ll pour my soul into it and hopefully it will be enough to get into Juilliard, but no matter what I love my instrument and I love making music!

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