Jumping Through IMPOSSIBLE Shapes into Backyard Pool! (Sharer Family Vacation $10,000 Challenge)

Jumping Through IMPOSSIBLE Shapes into Backyard Pool! (Sharer Family Vacation $10,000 Challenge)

(upbeat music) (knocking) – Oh, yeah! What is going on, Sharers? Welcome to our awesome vacation house here in Los Angeles, CA. Come on inside, let me show you around. We have a lot, I mean, a lot
of fun things to do today. So, if you didn’t already
see in my last vlog Grace and I headed over to
Mark’s top secret spy laboratory where he gave us some top secret evidence about the pond monster eggs
that were found in our backyard. And he basically said he
needs more time to process it. So in the meantime he said it’s fine. Leave town. So, Grace and I decided
to come here to L.A. We rented this awesome vacation house. It’s so cool. If you want a full tour Grace did a little hide-and-seek challenge over on her channel. So you gotta go check it out. But, today we had to do a little tie-breaker in the backyard. So, come on this way, Sharers! Oh, and by the way, um here’s a little sneak-peak of something that the house
comes with in the garage. Look at this. (scary music) (gasps) Yeah. If you want to know what’s in here comment down below #garage and I’ll give you a
sneak-peak and a complete tour of what’s in this garage. I’ll give you a hint: it’s a car but it’s not the Sharerghini. All right! Let’s go out to the backyard pool. We have a super, fun
challenge to do today. So if you haven’t already, hit that subscribe button and join the best family on YouTube, the Sharer family. Oh, yeah. So come on back here, let’s see, I think, Oh, there’s Grace, come on! – I’m playing the hot lava challenge. – Oh, yes, Sharers! Not only do we have a
pool at our backyard, but the pool is 98 degrees fahrenheit. It’s absolutely so warm
because, check this out. This house is a smart home. So if you come inside you can actually play
around with the pool. Hey, Alexa, ask Hayward
to turn on the waterfall. Watch this, Sharers. This is gonna be cool. – [Alexa] Okay. – Oh, yeah! Waterfall in the pool just turned on. Check out that. And Grace is still out there. So Sharers, check this out. Hey, Alexa, ask Hayward
to turn on the deck jets. Get ready for this one. Three, two, one deck jets are going on. Oh, there they go, there they go! (laughs) Oh yeah! (splash) Oh, Grace just fell in. Oh, no! Grace! – Oh, that scared me! – Sharers, this is so cool. It’s a smart home so you can tell the house
to do anything you want and it turns on all these features. Oh, yeah, Grace. – Stephen! I’m in my clothes! – Sorry. Well, hey, since you’re wet anyway Sharers, today’s challenge is going to be jumping through shapes into the backyard pool. Check it out. We have all this shapes. Everything from a basic square (ping) to a triangle (ping) to a circle (ping) And as you get farther and farther down you gotta get through
smaller and smaller shapes. Like this diamond right here. You gotta jump through this
one without touching it. And we even have something – A fish! – A fish. And something super
small like this circle. Whoo! Will we be able to fit? That is the question, Grace. You wanna do this challenge? – Yeah, I’m ready. I’m already wet. And now that there’s ten
thousand dollars on the line I gotta win this. – That’s right, Sharers. There’s ten thousand dollars on the line for whoever wins this challenge. Whoever can jump through the most shapes without touching them, or breaking them is the winner. – So if you jump through the shape without touching the shape or breaking it you get one point. (ring) If you touch or break it you get zero. (buzzer) – There’s three rounds. In each round the shapes
get smaller and smaller. So, um, Grace, let’s go ahead
and start with Level 1. – Okay, I’m ready. – So this is Level 1, Sharers. We’ve got the triangle,
the square, and the circle. – Well, Level 1, let’s get started. – Whoo! Okay, I’m hopping in, Grace. Oh, whoah! It’s hot. The water is actually hot, Grace. – Yeah, it’s more like lava. – Sharers, it’s 98 degrees. This pool is so warm. All right, Grace. So, this is gonna be Level 1. I feel like this is pretty easy. – Yeah. – It’s pretty big. So if you touch it and
you don’t get a point good luck for the next round. – I’m just gonna do a pencil. Okay, Sharers, I’m ready for this Level 1 a triangle this could be easy. – Okay. Are you ready, Grace? – Yep. – Here we go in three, two, one, go. (upbeat music) – How was it? – I think you made it fresh, clean. – Oh, yeah, that’s a point for me. (ring) – Whoo! Okay, Sharers, that means I’m up next. Grace, wish me luck. – [Grace] Okay, you got it, Steve. – Here we go Level 1, the Triangle Round, in three, two, one, go. Whoo! (upbeat music) – Whoo! – [Grace] Whoah. – Fresh, clean, straight through, Grace. That’s a point for me. (ring) Tied game, one to one. Grace, bring on the next shape. – The next shape is a circle. Let’s do this. In three, – [Together] Two, one – [Stephen] Go! Whoo! (upbeat music) – Oh yeah, (ring) nice and clean. Steve, you’re up. – Jumping in three, two, one, go! (upbeat music) – Okay, that was close. – [Grace] Did you touch? – No, I almost touched it but as I started moving
the wind started blowing and it pushed it tiny bit closer to me so I almost touched. But I got that point, Grace. (ring) So, it’s two to two. It’s still a tied game. – I’m thinking Level 1
is a little too easy. Let’s do the square. – I’ll go first for this one, Grace. And because this is so
easy, it’s still Level 1, I’ll do a trick. Here we go. Tailgrab! – [Grace] Whoah. (upbeat music) – Whoo! That was easy. I still did it and I got a trick, Grace. That’s three points for me. (ring) Good luck. So, Sharers, right now
Level 1 is pretty easy. The only difficulty we have right now is it’s a little bit windy out. So if you place a shape down it starts moving pretty quickly. So you gotta place your shape, jump out of the pool, and then jump back in without the shape moving too far around. Okay, Grace, you’re up. Final round of Level 1. Are you ready? – Yeah. – [Stephen] And, Grace,
since I did a trick you have to do a trick! (dramatic music) – What? A trick? I don’t know any tricks. – [Stephen] Try one,
you gotta do something. – Oh, boy. Okay, here I go. – [Stephen] You ready? – Three, – [Stephen] Three, two, one, go! – Cannonball! [Stephen] Whoo! (upbeat music) – Oh, yeah, nice and clean (ring) with a cannonball trick. – Okay, that was the end of Level 1. It’s a tied game right now. Level 2 is next. And the shapes are getting
a little bit smaller. And to step it up a notch we have to do some sort
of trick in the air and it’s up to the opponent to decide the trick while
the person’s in the air. If you don’t do the trick, or you touch any part of the noodle, you don’t get a point. (buzzer) I’ll go first. You call the trick I
have to do in the air. Wish me luck. – Oh, Sharers, I have the perfect trick that Stephen has no idea how to do. So, I might get him this round. – All right, Grace, you ready? – [Grace] Oh, yeah. – Here go. Jumping in three, two, one, go! – [Grace] Star! – Augh! – [Grace] Oh! (upbeat music) – I think I did it. – [Grace] Did you hit it? – No, fresh, clean, straight through. – [Grace] Okay. (ring) – That was good. And that was a star, too. – Yeah, that was pretty good. – Okay, Grace, I’m good at what I do but you’re up next. Good luck. – Okay, I hope you pick an easy trick. – Okay, Sharers, so Grace is up and I think she’s gonna have a hard time with the trick that I’m gonna give her. You ready for this? Here we go. – Okay, it’s in position. I’m ready. – [Stephen] Okay, you’re ready? Three, two, one, tailgrab! – Whoah! – [Stephen] Oh! (upbeat music) – [Stephen] Oh! – Oh, no! That did not work. – Uh, oh. Uh, oh. No, Grace, that didn’t work. – I got a lot of water up my nose. – I think that might’ve been a side flop. – Yeah, that was not good. Oh, man, that means I get no points. (buzzer) – Okay, Grace, the next
shape is a trapezoid. It’s a little smaller. So, this is gonna be even harder. – [Grace] Oh, boy. – Let’s do this. Okay, shape is in place. I’m ready for this, Grace. Here we go. Three, two, one, go! – [Grace] Twirl! – Augh! (upbeat music) – [Grace] What happened? – I think I went backwards. – [Grace] Whoah. I don’t know? Does that count? I think I hit the thing. – [Grace] I don’t know, I couldn’t tell. I don’t know what happened. Sharers, let’s replay that in slow-mo. (yells in slow motion) – Okay, that was pretty clear
that I definitely hit it. So, not point for me. (buzzer) Augh! But, Grace, you’re up. Good luck, I’m gonna get you back. – Well, I may have messed up the last time but now I’ve got the hang of it. [Stephen] Okay, you’re
shape is in place, Grace. Here we go. Three, two, one, go! Starfish! (upbeat music) – Uh, oh. – Uh, oh. That was a hit. I think you hit. – I think I hit. And I hit the bottom, too. – Oh, no. Okay, Grace, that means you
don’t get a point either. (buzzer) This was a hard shape to go through. – Yeah, none of us got that. That’s not good cause it
only gets harder from here. – That’s right, Grace. The next shape is this thing. – [Grace] What is that? – I don’t know. A kickboard type shape? Let’s try it. Let’s see how it goes. – [Grace] Okay. – So for this crazy shape
we’re going to start off looking backwards. – Backwards? – Yeah, you could twist
around in the air if you want but that could be risky. So, good luck. Go line things up. – You ready? Here we go. – [Grace] Yep. – Starting backwards. In Three, two, one, go! – [Grace] Whoah! (upbeat music) – [Grace] Did you touch? – No, I think I made it straight through. – [Grace] Yeah. – I did it Sharers! Oh yeah. That’s a point, Grace. (ring) That’s actually really hard to do. – Yeah, I don’t really
know how to jump backwards and land in that because my eyes will not be able to
see where the shape is. That’s kinda weird. So, Sharers, smash like button. Wish me some good luck. – [Stephen] Okay, Grace, you ready? – Yep. – [Stephen] Here we go. In three, two, one, go! Whoah! (upbeat music) – [Stephen] Oh. – Oh, what happened? – [Stephen] Uh, – It’s like a little boat. – [Stephen] You made it but you still hit all the noodles. So, Grace, you don’t
get a point that time. (buzzer) – No! – Okay, not bad. That was the end of Level 2. I am currently in the lead (ring) with one extra point. – Ugh. – Grace, you gotta step it up. This next and final round
is actually super hard. The shapes are very narrow. I don’t even think we can physically fit through these shapes. – Yeah, so it’s the Championship Round. (fanfare) – Like, look at this shape. It’s a fish. – [Grace] Wait. – I don’t think it’s physically possible to fit through here without touching it. – [Grace] Yeah. Oh, boy. – This could be bad. I might lose a point straight away. Okay, let’s do this. Sharers, I don’t know how
this is gonna be possible. Grace, which side should I go through? – [Grace] Yeah. – Through the head or the tail? – Here we go. In three, two, one, go! – [Grace] Cannonball! – Whoo! (upbeat music) – [Grace] Whoah, you totally wiped out. – I’m stuck in this thing right now. – [Grace] Oh, my! – Grace! – [Grace] You turned into a fish. – Yeah, I turned into a fish. I’m stuck inside the fish right now. Okay. – [Grace] Whoo. – That was very, very, very hard. And I definitely don’t
get a point for that. (buzzer) – [Grace] No. – But, Grace, I don’t think
you’re gonna make it through. This thing is small and, yeah, good luck. Okay, Grace, you’re up. Good luck, here we go. – Okay! Three, two, one, go! Starfish! (upbeat music) – Oh. – I think I made it. – [Stephen] Uh, oh. I think Grace might have made that. Sharers, let’s play that again in slow-mo. – [Stephen] Starfish! (in slow-motion) – Oh, yeah! I got a point. (ring) That was awesome. – Oh, and that means it’s a tied game. Oh my goodness, Grace, that was good. I don’t know how you fit through that. That is a very, very small tail section. And the next shape is even smaller. Sharers, I might be out for the count. This is not good. – The next shape is a diamond. Ding, ding, ding! I think I’m gonna do good on this one. – [Stephen] Okay, Grace, here we go. In three, two, one, tailgrab! – Whoah! (upbeat music) – Whoo! Did I do it? – [Stephen] Fresh, clean,
that was good, Grace. (ring) – Oh, that was hard. – Sharers, Grace is catching up. – Yeah I am. – Okay, I’m up, Grace. I gotta do this. Sharers, smash like button for me. I haven’t you smash like button all video but, come on! I gotta do this. I gotta pull through. Come, on! – I can’t believe I got
a point on that one. That’s awesome. – Okay, this time I’m
gonna jump super high so I have extra time for
you to call the trick. All right, here we go. You ready? – [Grace] Okay. – Three, two, one, go! – [Grace] Tailgrab! (upbeat music) – I made that through. Oh yeah, (ring) that extra height gave
me the extra ability to make it through, Grace. All right, you thought you
were gonna get that point but you didn’t. – The next shape is a half circle. Since I’m in the lead
I have some confidence. I’m gonna go first this time. Stephen, call that trick. – [Stephen] Okay, Grace, here we go. In three, two, one, go! Cannonball! Oh! (upbeat music) – [Stephen] Oh, ho. – Wait, I think I made it. – [Stephen] No, Grace. – All right, no because my
arms are still not through. – [Stephen] Yeah. You completely (buzzer) smacked water on that one. – Yeah, that kinda hurt my legs. – No, Grace, you
definitely didn’t make it. But I have a chance to make it. Let’s do this, Sharers. – [Grace] Oh, boy. If you make it, it would be a tied game. – Tied game. Get ready for this, Grace. Are you ready? – [Grace] Okay. – In three, two, one, this better, go! – [Grace] Starfish! – [Both] Whoo! (upbeat music) – Whoo. I made that Grace. (ring) – [Grace] Yeah. – I made that. That was actually pretty good. That was easy. Oh, yeah, and that means
it’s a tied game, Grace. – Ugh, good thing we
have another shape left so I can still win this. So, this is the last round. Whoever makes it through this tiny thing will be the over all winner. – Okay, Grace, good luck, that circle is so small I don’t know if you’re gonna make it. – Yeah, I don’t even think I can do it on top of land, rather than underwater. – I’m not even gonna
bother calling a trick because, Sharers, I don’t
think Grace is gonna make it. All right, you ready for this, Grace? – Okay, let me lay it out there. Perfect. – [Stephen] Okay, and jumping in three, two, one, go! Whoo! (upbeat music) – Oh, yeah. I made it. (ring) Whoohoo! I could be the winner. – Oh, wow, Sharers, this is gonna be hard because I don’t think I
physically fit through this. I don’t think this is
gonna work for me, guys. I think I’m gonna be completely out. – Yeah, I think you might
destroy it and break it, too. – All right, Sharers, I need that, need that like button. Come on, smash the like button, wish me good luck. – [Grace] Oh, boy. – Okay, Sharers, going through the O. Here we go. Three, two, one, go! (yells) (upbeat music) (yells in slow motion) – Not a chance. – [Together] Not a chance. – No (laughs) (engine revs) – [Grace] Whoah, whoah, whoah! What is that? – Wait. (engine revs louder) That’s coming from the garage. Hold up. Grace, they better not
be taking that thing away from the garage. Hold on, hold on. – [Grace] What is that? – Wait, wait, wait. They better not be taking that
thing away from the garage. Wait, that’s the surprise
for the Sharer Fam. Please, don’t take it out of the garage. No, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no! (engine revs)

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