Jung Haein becomes the PD of his own show [Jung Haein’s Travel Log/ENG/2020.01.04]

Jung Haein becomes the PD of his own show [Jung Haein’s Travel Log/ENG/2020.01.04]

(First greeting) Hello, viewers. I’m Jung Haein, an actor. It’s nice to meet you. (The largest city in the U.S.) (Population of Korea, about 51.7 million) (About 65.2 million tourists visit New York) (Everyone dreams about visiting there) This is on my bucket list. I’ve never been to New York. I’ve always wanted to visit New York. It’s one of my wishes. (The fall in New York) Since it’s my dream city, I’ll be happy with everything that I experience there. I will have a blast. (Jung Haein, a melodrama actor) (Will transform into a documentary producer) (This is a travel log) I love the fact that I’ll be traveling by foot. I enjoy walking. I’ll try my best to make it seem like I’m traveling with the viewers. (Central Park is full of romance) (He’ll be rowing a boat) (And receiving a massage) (At the great Niagara Falls) (He’ll be looking ugly for the first time) (He’ll be in a daze) (He’ll also get startled) (And collapse) (He’ll become a college student in New York) (And learn how to act) (He’ll be dancing as well) (This is his 8-day travel log) I’ll ask… The senior of “Backpack Travels” for some advice. (The variety show version of “Backpack Travels”) (He will meet with the producer of that show) (What kind of place is New York?) It’s on my bucket list to visit New York. You’ll be filming there? Yes. I’m going to New York. – You will? / – Yes. New York is on the top of the list of places not to go… – Is it not that great? / – By our producers. – You shouldn’t go there. / – What should we do? Those who go there are either downright newbies or very experienced. They’re experts at taking trips. I’m the former, then. What is the best way to achieve high ratings? That is important. – There needs to be water. / – Water? Water and fire. Such scenes will make them become immersed. We do have water-related scenes. – Really? / – Niagara Falls. Right, something like that. – You should eat tasty dishes. / – I eat a lot. – It’ll be like an eating show. / – Good. I’m confident about that. I need to also consider the screen time. I’ll be spending eight full days there. Right. Will there only be one episode? From what I know, there will be eight. Eight episodes? Will they air 10 minutes per episode? – Is this… / – Well… Is this like a punishment? I spend 2 weeks at a place to get an episode’s worth. (She takes 14 days to make one episode) Will you be alright? It takes 14 days to make one episode? Eight days is almost half of how long we usually go. But you’ll need to make almost 10 episodes’ worth. Right. (He has a headache) I’m a bit concerned. If you were a junior producer, I would’ve dissuaded you. (She would’ve dissuaded him) I’m in trouble. First of all, unlike ours, you’ll be in the show. You need to film yourself often. That’s my tip. – No. / – I think you should listen to me. – The viewers aren’t biased. / – Really? They know what they want. They wouldn’t watch this solely because of me. Things have changed. This feels like an interview with a junior. I feel like I need to pass you. I value the content and what we film.

7 thoughts on “Jung Haein becomes the PD of his own show [Jung Haein’s Travel Log/ENG/2020.01.04]

  1. Sometimes he gave me Baekhyun's vibe when he smile eventhough they don't look alike….but gosh when they wear glasses …i can't help but saw the similarity…i don't even know how to point out..
    Ahhh…my life's a mess

  2. I love how he cares about the content and how he really tries to do his best while doing something and is open to learn! I was already a fan for the acting but this is a plus! Stan Jung Hae-In !!!

  3. I love Jung Hae In, I fell in love with him from something in the rain and I have watched every drama since, he is just an amazing actor, and I love to see his cuuute smile🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    It is great to see him pursuing new avenues with such passion. Hwaiting ✊ Good Luck, I believe you will do great regardless😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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