Jung Haein’s Travel Log I 정해인의 걸어보고서 EP.3 Part.1 [ENG/2020.01.18]

Jung Haein’s Travel Log I 정해인의 걸어보고서 EP.3 Part.1 [ENG/2020.01.18]

(It’s morning once again in New York) (Despite the same sunrise every day) (The reason why we’re always happy is) (Friend) (Friend) (With them, you don’t have to do much to laugh) (Their company gives you energy) (Sometimes, times are tough) (But your precious ones) (Can make your life feel more valuable) (Episode 3: The Value of Being Together) – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. (Producer Jung is dressed like a college student) The weather is lovely. Unlike yesterday, the weather is wonderful. (After the rain, it’s a clear day) (It’s wonderful weather to go out for a walk) Let me officially introduce them to you. This is Lim Hyounsoo, an actor. Lim Hyounsoo. And this is Eun Jonggeon, also an actor. His English name is David. – Do you have one? / – I do. They called me Eddy… – In elementary school. / – Don’t make something up. I’m serious. – Eddy, got it. / – It’s Eddy. Mine is Jimmy. – But… / – Jimmy Jung? Yes, but my baptismal name is Paul. – So call me Paul. / – Paul? This is our third day in New York. We’re headed to… It’s… It’s here. We’ll visit my school. (Some well-known landmarks of New York) (The Statue of Liberty) (The Brooklyn Bridge) (Central Park) (Are there any other places?) I heard that in the U.S., there are schools that teach you acting. I’d like to go there. I’m going to visit Pace University and attend a class. When you watch American dramas or movies, you see those cafeterias. I’m going to go there and eat with the students. I’m going to interview the students. You’ll be able to get an hour’s worth of content. That seems nice. (He was finally able to smile) (From traditional plays) (To comedies) With students who actually study acting in the U.S… (I’ll check out a university in New York) (Brooklyn Bridge) Why didn’t you wear the T-shirt I gave you? I can’t. You gave me a small size. – It’s too tight on me. / – Hey. It’s about time you showed everyone your body figure. It’s been veiled for too long. (Will he bare his body?) You’re too covered up. He’s wearing wool. Wool? He is. This isn’t wool. We need to admire the view on our way there. Let’s talk while appreciating the view. (There are many attractions under the clear sky) I’m really nervous. I’ve never experienced this before. I can’t believe I’ll be attending a class in New York. It’s making me nervous too. It’s a bit… I hope they won’t ask me any questions. Shouldn’t we practice our English right now? Let’s start. I’ll start. (They begin talking in English) Hey. Why are you ignoring me and speaking to Haein? – I’m going to stay silent. / – Hey, Paul. – Hey, Paul. / – Hey, Paul. How are you? I’m fine. Thank you. And you? I’m fine. I’m fine. And you? (There’s a language barrier) Why are you asking me that again? – What is this? / – Is this a repeat sign? We’ll just be blurting out English words. (They’ll just be babbling English words) I’ll say something in Korean. Translate it in English. Teacher, I’m really hungry right now. Could I have a slice of pizza before class? Professor. That’s good. – That was good. / – Excuse me, professor. I’m so hungry. – So… / – So what? I want pizza. – One piece. / – Hold on. – His words are straightforward. / – Please. – He did well. You understood him. / – I did. When it comes to English, it’s all about confidence. (English is all about confidence) (He said English is all about confidence) (Sighing) (The school seemed so far away) (But they’re almost there) I’m getting nervous. Bro… My heart is boom, boom. (Thanks to Hyounsoo, they burst into laughter) (Singing) (My confidence worked) This is it. Is this the entrance? – I see the sign. / – It says it right there. (There are banners everywhere) (This must be your 1st time at an American university) Does it feel like you’re a student again? – I’m having trouble breathing. / – Really? (He’s too excited) (Having trouble breathing due to a different reason) Pace University. – I can’t believe I’m here. / – Hey. (Let’s go) Let’s move it. Let’s go. Let’s get it. (This isn’t an American drama) (This is footage from Jung Hae In’s Travel Log) (Producer Jung will be visiting today) (They look laidback just like in the dramas) I feel like a freshman. (Fidgeting) (Producer Jung isn’t laidback) Don’t be nervous. Here we go. (Mental breakdown) (Frozen) Come on. I think they are having class right now. – Is this the place? / – Yes. – They’re probably in class. / – This is a classroom? – This is a classroom? / – They’re probably in class. (Creak) (He carefully opens the door) (Blinking) Come in. Come in, come in. (He smiles as soon as he sees someone) (Producer Jung smiles awkwardly) He’s the professor. – How are you doing? / – Good. How are you doing? – I’m alright. / – You’re alright? These are my friends. – Hi, friends. Friend / – Nice to meet you. – And friend? / – Yes. They’re like my best friends from Korea. – I’m sorry. / – I told you a lot of times. Best friend? I’m sorry. (This must be a New York-style dad joke) No matter what. – Take a seat. / – It’s okay. (Who is this man who looks like Robin Williams?) Take a seat. (Professor Ruis) (Professor at Pace University) (Directed over 100 plays in the past 50 years) My name is Haein Jung. – Haein Sung? / – Haein. – Haein. / – Haein Jung. – Haein. / – Haein Sung. Just call me by my English name. I’m Paul. – Paul? / – Yes, Paul. I’m from Korea. And… I’m a Korean actor. I’m 32 years old. – You’re what? / – I’m 32 years old. (He fidgets once again) – You’re 32 years old? / – I’m 32. – 32 years old? / – Yes. I’ll be… Next month, I’ll be 76. 76? 76 in American age or… – Yes. / – You’re so young. Thank you. You’re welcome. (I like him) And this is our little bro. Actually, they were in the same drama. – I’m a rising star. / – He just started. He just started? Yes. Rising star. (He makes sure he pronounces well) (I see potential in you) My name is Hyounsoo Lim. (He practiced this in the car) – Hyounsoo. / – Jeongsu. Hyounsoo. – He can’t pronounce it. / – It’s a little difficult. Hyounsoo. Just call me Soo. – Choo? / – Soo. – Soo. / – Like boots? – Soo. / – Shoes? – Shoes? / – It must be hard to understand you. – I’m sorry. / – Don’t be sorry. I’m so amazed that you’re still teaching acting. Yes, me too. Well, the class doesn’t start until 12:15 p.m. – 12:15 p.m.? / – And we have… It’s a small class so I think it’s perfect for you all. – Okay. / – I’ll introduce you to… The students. (Do I need to introduce myself in English again?) (Want to go watch Haein introducing himself?) – Hi. / – Hi. We’re back. – Hi. / – Hi. – So… / – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. / – Nice to meet you too. My name is… (Like all Koreans, he’s very courteous) My English name is Paul. I’m a Korean actor. I will try to enjoy this class. That was great. That’s great. (Welcome) – Yes. / – Hyounsoo, it’s your turn. Hi. (Is it my turn?) – My name is Hyounsoo. / – Sit down. My Korean name is Hyounsoo. My English name is Eddy. Yes. Eddy is… Elementary school… (He doesn’t look confident anymore) How can I say that that’s when I got that name? So… I’m an actor from Korea. It’s an honor to… (He faces another crisis) (Glancing) Remember our practice. – My mind… / – Remember the words. – Has gone blank. / – Remember them only. Remember the easy words. (He said English is all about one’s confidence) We might have… (He gives it his all) Positive effects on each other. I’m very interested now. Thank you. You did well. Where are the other 4 students? Are they not here yet? Everyone’s late. – So… / – They’re in trouble. Everyone’s late. (A tardy student enters) They’re… Oh, hi. (They come in one by one) Oh, hi. – Hello. / – Bonjour. (They’re very laidback like in the dramas) Thank you. (The class begins) I’m Sophie. I’m Scout. We’re doing a scene from “Death and the Maiden…” By Ariel Dorfman. (Ariel Dorfman is a well-known playwright) (“Death and the Maiden” is one of his major works) (This was also made into a movie) – They’re analyzing a scene. / – Right. (Anticipating) (Aspiring Broadway students begin their performance) I recognize his skin, Gerardo. Not just the voice. I recognize the skin. (They are immersed) Say I would approve without a shadow of a doubt that man is guilty. (The wife has met her assailant from 15 years ago) Would you still want me to set him free? (She wants him to be punished, her husband disagrees) Yes. If he’s guilty, more the reason to set him free. Don’t look at me like that. (They roam around freely while acting) Imagine if everyone in the country acted like you. (He tries to convince her) The only way to be absolutely sure of that is to kill him. You’re still a prisoner. The thought of currents… – Running through my body / – Stop, Paulina. (Haein is very immersed) (His lips show how focused he is) (He can feel the emotions despite the language barrier) (He can’t take his eyes off of them) (The students give their all) (What did he think of this?) (The performance ends) (He’s finally free from the immersion) (He smiles and gives them a thumbs up) Comments? It was so nice. Tell your actions. As soon as your line was done… – I thought there was more there. / – Okay. I mean, I know why. But I’ll make it clear. (The students have heart-to-heart conversations) – Yes. / – And finding… Of course, the action… And there was that. (Fascinated) They comment on their performance. They’re straightforward. Some people could be sensitive about it. But they’re all ears. I think they have great respect for each other. They’re criticizing. It’s a very healthy relationship. What’s your point? I don’t exactly understand this scene and their relationship. But I loved how the actors stayed focus by looking at each other’s eyes. I liked how they exchanged emotions between themselves. Yes. Try to focus your eyes on each other more. (He gives detailed advice) Try to do it better. (They listen intently) I feel like you did well. Thank you. (He feels proud) I lost my objective and I’m going to bring it back in. And then, it’s going to be better. What dialect was that? (Cool) (What’s the next class?) One of you. Come, come. Let me talk to you. – What is it? / – There’s a character… Named Patrick who’s sick. He’s not coming today. But he has no lines. He has a task of keeping a man away from her. – Is Patrick sick? / – Yes. – So there’s… / – Do they need a partner? There’s a character who doesn’t say anything. (The professor asks them to act on the spot) One of you guys needs to act as Patrick. There are no lines. (They don’t need to worry about speaking English) (Who wants to act with me?) You should do it. There are no lines. Show us what you’ve got. I’ll give him a role with lines. – Come on, why? / – If you don’t do it now… – You might get a role with lines. / – I’ll do it then. (He’s almost convinced) I’ll do it. Goodness. (He changes his stance quickly) I’ll do it. So you’re playing? Yes. Okay. – I will. / – Come. Okay, get ready. Get in your costume. Good luck. Good luck, Paul. (Anticipating) (First role without lines at an American university) – He’s the pervert. / – Okay. (A man with a paraphilia) – He goes to touch her. / – Touch her? Okay. You need to slap this really hard. If he doesn’t stop, then, you have to go and pull him away. – Only power. / – Only power. She can barely stand up because she’s constantly sleeping. (A woman with hypnolepsy) If he doesn’t respond to it… – You go pull him away. / – Okay. (Marquis de Sade, a French marquess wrote a play) (Which consists of patients in a mental institute) (It’s a world-renowned play) Okay. Slate. (Haein tries acting) Hi, My name is Nick Jeffs. And I’ll be playing the part, Dupere. My name is Renee. And I’ll be playing the part of Charlotte Corday. (Haein will play Patrick, no lines) (Shall we begin?) (Indescribable silence) Look up, Charlotte. (The man carefully talks to her) (And Haein continues to observe him) Corday. Corday. (The man approaches the woman who’s asleep) (The moment when he swallows hard) Charlotte. Charlotte. (Wait, you stop there) (Responding right away) (His knock is enough to build the suspense) (The man doesn’t stop approaching her) Do you… (Surprised) (Intrigued) (They are all startled) (Haein’s acting surprised everyone) (He backs up for now) Soon, you’ll get all the sleep you need. (He approaches her again, pretending to help) (Right now, he’s acting his role with tapping) (The man can’t approach her because of the sound) (Haein is leading the scene) (Holding her breath) (The students observe quietly) (At last, the woman wakes up) (She can’t control her body as she’s still half asleep) (He stays focused not to miss any movement) (He puts on a gaze we are not used to seeing) Next, there’s hair cut off. (They are pressing onto each other) Then, you know what it’s like? (He intensifies the scene with a sound and a gesture) (They continue with their scene) (He’s completely immersed in his role) Do split us in two. I still see… (A lot of expressions are evident in his face) (His role of the patient is very believable) (Exploding tension) (His emotion is seen in his face) (Getting into the play) (Although it’s a role without lines) (His presence is definitely visible) (This time, he gets up instead of making a sound) (The scene is getting intense) The gardener has talked about… (There’s a distance between them) (Looking at her cordially) (And looking at him cold-heartedly) Let’s go. Back to Cannes. (Haein dramatically stops him at the end) Then, you have to go and pull him away. (Feeling proud) (Doesn’t miss even a small instruction) Who’s judging… (The woman falls asleep again) (The scene is over) (It was a good performance) (He’s finally at ease) (Applauding) (He’s back to being Producer Jung) (They can’t avoid the evaluation time) I think you’re closer now. This is a lot closer to where you should be, but you’re not quite there yet. First of all, you’re dependent on him too much. – For the physical part? / – Yes. That dependency on him makes his job much more difficult and makes his job much easier. (Listening carefully) (Haein evaluates the scene next) Nick’s acting is… I think he did very well. (Smiling) Because Nick’s character… (Nick put on an impressive performance) Looks like a nerdy psychopath. Fear… You let go of the fear. And I think it’s progressed from last week. (Nodding) Next week, it will even be better. I wish you were here to see. I get it. I think I know what you mean. It’s such a great play. Yes, it is. – Thank you for acting with us. / – Thank you. Good job. (He was overwhelmed by their passion) Nice. It was fun. I was wondering how they would react and if they were aware of my presence. (How does the lunchtime look?) (Students are studying all over the place) (And they are playing basketball) (I heard Producer Jung is at our school) (My gosh, no way!) (Where is he now?) (They head to the cafeteria after their class) (Impressed) (Shall we head over together?) (The student cafeteria of an American university) Seriously. This is the cafeteria at an American university. I’m at the cafeteria I’ve only seen in movies or dramas. (Welcome, Producer Jung! I love Producer Jung!) I still can’t believe it. I’ll try to look as natural as I can. (Hyounsoo is talking to his friends) It’s a compilation of everything. Have you been to New York City before? No, it’s my first time. How do you like it? – Amazing. / – Yes. Yesterday, I came here. – I was in the pouring rain. / – Yes. But… We… (New York is amazing even in the rain) (His English is elementary, but they all understand) (Haein and Jonggeon are back with snacks) (Careful) (He remembers to take forks and knives) (He’s a sweet guy who takes care of everyone) So are you guys seniors? – Yes. / – Yes. We’re all seniors. Any special plans after you graduate? Really. I want to do everything. So if it’s theater or TV… I’ll do anything that lets me out in the public. Is it really hard to get a part from auditions here? It was like… There were 350 women for one part. 300 to 900 for one role. This industry is tough here too. (He can totally relate to that) What would you say is the thing that inspires you to keep working? First, it’s important that I wanted to do this because… It’s just a pleasure. My pleasure. Watching my dramas and movies… It’s a pleasure. – Right. / – Yes. Have you ever wanted to write, direct or produce? Or do you really just want to keep it to acting? Just keep acting. And in the future, 10 years later, maybe… I can set up a company, direct, and write scripts. Like Bradley Cooper. Yes. – We love the guy. / – That’s how he started. He loves his movies. – “A Star Is Born.” / – “A Star Is Born.” It was so good. And “Joker.” – Totally. / – My gosh. – You saw it? / – Yes, I saw it. You… He resembles Joaquin Phoenix. – You look scary. / – From the scene today? – Scary. / – Yes. (The meeting with each other was brief, but intense) Actually, I just did a play with… When would we ever get to visit a U.S. school again? (Producer Jung’s tour of Pace University continues) I think they’re playing a game. I think they’re all just freely using the space. Wow. Isn’t it pretty clean and nice? It’s really nice. (Pace University’s basketball court) (A game going on just like at any other school) (Catch the ball, Producer Jung) (Producer Jung actually loves basketball) (He proved his skills through a basketball scene) (Let me try playing basketball in New York) (He’s already excited about playing basketball) (He quenches his thirst) (Gulping) We’re just going to play without getting changed? Let me put my bag down. Let’s get ready. (He takes off his jacket) Hyounsoo, pass me the ball. (He flies like a butterfly) (And scores like a bee) – You can do it! / – You can do it! (Who are these people cheering for Producer Jung?) (Earlier during break time) (The fans who heard the news came to see Haein) (Mom, I got lucky) I watch his dramas. I’m a big fan. – I’m a great fan of his. / – I’m like… He’s so good. – I had to see. / – He’s very good at his job. So I had to come see him. You know? And she speaks Korean. – So… / – Come on. – Hey, go. Say something. / – Say something to them. Hello, my name is Libit. Okay. (She’s practically a Korean) (Haein appears just in time) (They finally get to see him in person) (Haein is blushing) They want to take a photo with you. I’ll take a photo. (He takes selfies with his fans) – Thank you. / – Thank you. (He returns to class) (We’re back!) Let’s try shooting a couple of times and start. He practiced his shoots at a meet with his fans. (I, Jung Haein, loved and played basketball) (My entire life) (His fans will go crazy after this shoot) (He shoots the ball) (What) (Just happened?) (Haein?) First try, 0. This is a bad start. What’s going on? – Second try, 0. / – Second try, 0. (He gets zero points again) (He has the facial expressions of a pro) (But for some reason, he just can’t seem to score) (He fails to score again) (Disappointed) Third try, 0. (He didn’t get it in again) (My fans are watching) I can’t believe this. – Fourth try, 0. / – I can’t believe this. – I can’t believe this. / – Fourth try, 0. The basketball rims in New York are a little different. (Will he succeed this time?) That won’t go in. (He keeps trying) (Not even get close) (They watch him embarrassing himself) I can’t seem to get any of them in. (He tries to stay calm) (How good is Hyounsoo?) (Let’s see how well you do) (Legs wide apart) (He looks cute as he gets ready to throw the ball) (He throws the ball looking a little awkward) (It didn’t seem very professional, but he still scored) My goodness. (My goodness, the ball went in) (He tries again with another awkward pose) (Let’s do this) (Basketball) (Is all about confidence) (That went in again) (They suddenly start cheering for Hyounsoo) (Proud) You are pretty good. (He shakes the ball a bit and throws it) (And he scores a three-pointer) (Did you see that? Cheer for me, everyone) (Cheering) (Realistic response) That’s crazy. Let’s start the game. Do you want to do a bet? (Jonggeon is the referee) We each get 10 tries. Let’s see who scores the most. How many throws it takes to score two baskets. – Okay. / – Okay. (The first person to score two baskets wins) What are we betting on? The loser needs to make the order later on when we eat dinner. Okay. Let’s say the loser needs to talk to the waiter. (Haein vs. Hyounsoo) (They played against each other in “One Spring Night”) (A rematch in the U.S., the home of basketball) I’m going to take this seriously. I’m not going to joke around. I’m going to play properly. (I’m going to win today) (The basketball match) Let me go first. I’ll stand here. (He throws his first shoot) (Will he score this time now that he’s serious?) (He hasn’t scored a single basket yet) (He finally gets it in) (He finally retrieves the fans he almost lost) (It’s all thanks to you) I guess he got the hang of it. (He finally got the hang of it, this is dangerous) (I can’t let him win) (Don’t get it in) (What’s Hyounsoo doing?) (He tries to put a magic spell on him) (He doesn’t care) (Did the magic spell work?) My gosh. (That was so close) (Disturbing someone is all about confidence as well) (He goes for his third try) (He keeps a close eye on him like a hawk) You stepped on the line. Yes, you stepped on the line. (He got caught by Hyounsoo) (On top of that, he didn’t even get it in) (So this is how it’s going to be?) – That was my third try. / – It was his third try. (He goes for his fourth try) (He doesn’t get it in this time either) That was my fourth try. (He has only scored one basket) (He fails again) – That was my fifth. / – That was your fifth. Okay. – You’re out after 10 tries. / – Okay. (He’s out of the game after 10 tries) (He’s extra careful this time) I got this one. (We trust you, Haein) I got this one. (He really scored a basket) (He secures his fans every time he scores a basket) They’re so happy for him. – How many tries was that? / – That was six tries. Six tries. Look at you all proud. Why are you so proud? I was very cold-hearted about this. That’s how it is with competition. It took him six tries? Is it my turn? (Now, it’s Hyounsoo’s turn) It’s your turn again. Wow! It’s your turn again. (Hyounsoo suddenly has a fan) I have a fan of my own over there. (He has a huge smile on his face) Let’s do this. (Good luck, Hyounsoo) Let’s do this. (Up until now, he’s had a 100% success rate) That’s a score! (He lost his confidence) (He tries to hide his smile) It’s okay! – This is just practice, right? / – No. This is the actual game. – You’re a con artist. / – You didn’t fall for that. You should’ve told me. (Are you a con artist?) I told you. (He gets ready again) (He shoots) (And fails to score) (He finally feels comfortable to laugh out loud) (This is bad) (He gets ready to shoot with a very awkward pose) What’s taking you so long to shoot? Why aren’t you shooting? Hurry up. (He scores a basket!) (Unbelievable) (Satisfied) That was his third try. (He finally scores after 3 tries) Oh, no. Do you think I can make it or not? No. (I’m going to make it) (He’s wishing Hyounsoo wouldn’t score) Let’s get it. (It was close) That was the fourth try. (Relieved) (He’s nervous) This is intense. – Are you nervous? / – No. What’s taking you so long? Hurry up. (Haein’s agitated) If you score, we tie. (Please, please, please) (To be continued in part 2)

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  1. I'm supposed to be doing my homework but omg i discovered him a few days ago and I can't help it he's so cute and kind,so adorable

  2. I really love this actor. He was excellent in Prison Playbook. I love his humility and his shy smiles, ooh 😍 . But when his eyes turn fierce, OMG! Great actor who I hope will attain his directorial/writing dream in 10 year's time, or sooner.

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