just a travel vlog. nothing special.

just a travel vlog. nothing special.

i really hope i have everything so we’ll see. what’s up guys its emma. oh wait i should probably keep that on. whats up guys its emma and its 3:30 am and i’m f*ckin tired but, we have fun stuff planned so gotta do what you got to do sometimes you got to get up early to do what you love, okay f*ck why is my camera shaking it’s too early for this, don’t give, me any, challenges until i’ve had my morning coffee. you’re probably, asking, emma, why are you up at 3:30 a.m? and why are you driving around, being crazy, and packing your bags and shit? i am going to la today, ew i hate the sound of that. i’m flying to la today to do a podcast with my friends enya and drew. they invited me, well actually it’s enya’s podcast and enya invited me to be on her podcast and i was like frick yeah. i like podcasts i like that format i want to start my own at, some point so it’s cool to be able to be on other people’s podcasts to kind of get me familiar with the way that it is or whateva. i’m excited okay? so if you, want to listen to it, i don’t know, when the podcast is gonna be out but i’ll link the podcast down below so that you can, i don’t know be ready, when it comes out i don’t know, when it’s gonna come out. our flight, it’s a short flight because obviously sfo oh, wait i can turn right i’m so stupid, sorry our flight, is at i think 6 a.m. and we board at 5:30, it’s 3:30 now, we’re doing pretty good on time but before we can have too much fun i gotta get some gas oh wait fuck, do you know what, fuck it, the gas station has caution, tape all around and it says closed so never mind. okay, well let’s scratch that we’re not getting gas today. i have enough gas i’ve just been getting close and that’s how it is. i’ve never been on the freeway at 3 a.m. before but like it’s so nice. there is not one person on the road. i am living for this queen my coffee kinda taste weird this morning. its tastin weird. you know what i mean, i don’t know how to feel about it kinda tastes like hazelnuts but, like, watery like a watery hazelnut i don’t know, not feeling so good about it *sneezes suddenly twice* holy shit that was kind of scary. just get ready for a great time i think it’s going to be a great time you guys know we’re all just here for a good time, not a long time, just a good time not a long time cheers, okay um hey guys. we’re waiting in the security line, did you already have one coffee today? – of course, we made it to the gate this is just, it never gets easy. i’m being judged so i need to get good at this, like casey neistat is never like, oh i’m uncomfortable when he’s in the airport vlogging his, like $20,000 flights you know what i mean, well that he gets for free. all right guys in the airport just chilling just chilling. should i like edit or should i just like, give up oh i don’t wanna go about to board the plane, kind of tired, what the frick? flight attendant bags by calling 9-1-1. dont care our flight, was delayed, by an hour because supposedly they filled the plane with too much fuel (am i being laughed at) too much fuel in the tank they put too much in they have philz on this plane. should i buy a snack? yes i should i ordered philz, a sparkling water with lime, and some vegan brownies and i am so excited right now six out of ten next we’re trying this actually that’s kinda gross three out of ten at most the brownie that’s a tiny brownie good eight out of ten welcome to los angeles oh what’s up guys? oh what’s up? we just got our rental car, we’re now in it and we’re gonna drive and get some food because we’re literally about to die i’m having extremely, bad heartburn, like probably some of the worst heartburn i’ve had in my life, and i’m pretty sad about it but i don’t know, we’re gonna get some vegan food because we’re feeling like vegan queens am i right?absolutely we don’t get to check into our air b&b until like 4:00 it’s 10:00 a.m. still got a whole day of ahead of us how do you feel about that? feel, good i’m definitely starting to lose my steam. i’m feeling a little bit tired, not gonna lie, but i’m gonna persevere and we’re gonna get through this together. alright peace out jake paulers hehe. okay, what’s up. i look bald right now, we have no clue where we are, like literally don’t know where we are. i just yelped vegan burrito, clicked on the first thing i found and now we’re here yeah, we really don’t know anything about this area, we don’t know where we are but hey? we want burritos and we’re gonna do whatever we need to do to make that happen for us you know what i mean? its all part of the adventure exactly. the little mistake i made because, we all know i’m very flawed in so many ways but the place that i chose on yelp doesn’t open until 11:00 a.m. it’s 10:45 ish right now so that was a mistake but we’re gonna just take some pictures while we wait around here cuz, it’s actually kind of an interesting like area. it kind of like looks cool, so we’re gonna take some pics around here and then once it’s time to eat, we’re gonna go get our burritos, and life is gonna be crazy and it’s gonna be great what do you think? i think so so yeah. hehe this. this is a super cool like vintagey, like retro, i don’t know what that is like a diner kind of looking thing and then that looks kind of cool let’s take photos by this curb let’s go! good. proud of us we are done taking photos. it was fun, it was short lived. while we were taking photos somebody yelled out of their car work it white girl. i hated it. now it’s time to get a burritooo they don’t have burritos here, which was my error. i don’t know why i thought they had burritos, they don’t but i got rice and beans instead and i ordered a salad. either way tho still really good right now we’re yelping a coffee place we’re gonna go get some coffee because i have to go upload my videoo soo we have to go to a cafe. i do it all for you ahah. so let’s see there’s a few options i don’t know why im yelling, okay so anyways, we had some food and it was pretty good. they didn’t have burritos sadly, as you know so i had to get so i had to get rice and beans instead now we’re gonna go to a coffee place called, neon and it looks really cute, pretty excited i think i’ve seen it on instagram before, which is always a good sign gonna do that, gonna upload the video and then probably meet up with enya and drew so i don’t know, we’ll see well you’ll just find out and so will i cuz i don’t know what i’m doing, okay, bye two hours later and now we’re at whole foods. don’t ask me how it happened. also this isn’t even a whole foods, it’s a 365 by whole foods whatever the hell that is. i really love whole foods, so i’m pretty excited about this experience and i can’t wait to experience the 365. it’s gonna be great. it’s gonna be eye opening so far this is pretty epic not gonna lie- never in my entire 16 years of living have i ever said the word “epic” seriously. i mean like for obvious reasons. in this video, i say it with no sarcasm in my voice just complete genuine use of the word “epic”. and it worries me beyond belief. i am so scared about myself. what other words am i saying that i’m not aware that i’m saying? like, yeah i just happened to get the word “epic” on camera but like what other things am i saying? i have no clue, and that’s what i’m scared about i’m sorry, back to the vlog i guess. back to the vlog i guess. i guess. i guess- oh my god la croix in bottle form? amazing. i’ve been in this whole foods 360 for about five minutes and i’ve now realized that it is whole foods on crack. it’s ten times better it’s huger, it has more stuff everything is more fresher. it’s better and it’s the best so if you have a whole foods 360 near you i’d say check it out oh my god i almost tripped. what’s up? ew i look a little bit rough but we got to our air b&b where i’m sitting outside right now. it’s such a nice day, but yes so i’m waiting for enya and drew they’re coming to my air b&b right now i’m pretty nervous *emma’s iconic outro music*

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  2. ok why am i freaked out that she HASNT lost her voice in this video and she actually sounds like a girl LMFAO love u emma but your voice broke fr and your always fucking screaming so now u hardly ever have one in yours vids sksksksksks

  3. This video is inspiring!!! I've just jumped out of my comfort zone and now on my target to make vlogs of my travels! I've even just created a youtube channel to take note of my progress. I would love some support / feedback so please hit and subscribe. Peace

  4. Awesome video! I'm trying to get a channel started with my girlfriend we have a couple vlogs, any support is greatly appreciated! Hope to be as good as you one day!

  5. This doesn’t even sound like Emma now it’s so weird and how much she’s grown is insane. Congrats. Let’s be friends.

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  7. Hey guys!

    it'll mean a lot to me if u checked my travel vlog ,new content, new ideas, let's share critics maybe.
    I'm new to vlogging and I really need support.
    Btw ,hope u enjoyed the trip Emma, have a nice day!

  8. Trying to find that perfect for for travel vloggs


  9. I found her from vogue, she's so beautiful and I love her character??

    the t-shirt doesn't make sence but kinda cute?
    応援しています?大好きです?from Japan

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