JWoww & Angelina Go Head-To-Head 👊 | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

JWoww & Angelina Go Head-To-Head 👊 | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

(techno music) – [Narrator] Vacation may
be over for some of us, but for the Jersey Shore crew,
it’s just getting started. (upbeat music) – It’s obvious that Jenni
still has resentment towards me and I’m to blame, a little bit. But I’m trying, genuinely,
to be friends with her and maybe we could squash this eventually? (upbeat music) – I just want to party and let loose and have fun and she’s just not having it. I don’t know if my approach
is wrong, but I’m trying. – At one point, Nicole puts
ice down my shirt, playfully, so I figured why not put it down Jenni’s? (dubstep music) (screams) – What the fuck is going on? Angelina is trying to pull
down my shirt and chasing me, and since all this boob talk at dinner, saying she wants to see our boobs, I don’t want your hands on me. – I don’t know what Angelina
is thinking messing with Jenni. Roger don’t even do that yet and he’s been married to her for eight years. (dubstep music) (screams) – [Man] Whoa, whoa, whoa! – Jenni, let her go, let her go. (screams) – [Narrator] All this and
so much more starts tonight at eight/seven central on MTV.

100 thoughts on “JWoww & Angelina Go Head-To-Head 👊 | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

  1. You can't force them to like each other. Im sure all of you have someone you dont like, would suck if they came in ruined your space talks to your friends then calls you a whore. I feel bad for jenni. F*** ang.

  2. You would be so fuckin stupid tdo follow this crazy shit and o boy with the ass hole looking haircut is a pole smoker Wich is ok but he don't have to portray his innocence from wanting cock in his jaw

  3. Dude Angelina…. Dude you looked hotter before you dropped quarter of a million on plastic surgery… you look like a wanna be Kardashian now lmao can you just not be yourself and be happy with it you're always trying to be someone else and copying somebody… dude STOPPP you look fucking weird. like seriously i had to look you up on google just to make sure that was you just then… god damn leave the shit alone.. you're making yourself uglier than you were in the first place..

  4. Past is the past their still Hating Angelina God a lot of them have kids and are married but still worrying about stupid stuff this is getting old

  5. Jenni is a bitch, plain and simple she thinks she is better than everyone else. I think deep down inside sammy,dina,mike can not stand her, the way she spoke to dina last season was wrong. She needs to go home now to her husband and kids and let roger deal with her ass. Honestly i wish they could bring back sammy and kick jenni off i would be ok with that.

  6. I don’t get why people saying how come jenni being like that when all Angelina wants is to be her friend. Sometimes you just don’t like someone because you just don’t . You don’t have to be friends with everyone . Angelina forcing her to be her friend like that gets annoying.

  7. Damn…Jenni pulled out her UFC moves. If Jwoww tells you to stop…you stop. That punch to the face she gave The situation is the only evidence needed…and also her black belt.

  8. I keep reading the shit talking comments about jenni! You can't blame jenni first of all the mask looking deformed nasty looking face looks like an ass bitch angelina! Calls jenni a whore! Thats nerve when her legs are open 24/7 like 711! Then to be still talkn shit to her man already planning to act a fool wanna b hard chick! Then qhen jenny was keeping her cool.the dumb bitch starts pushing them buttons.then having the nerve to tell her to make her a drink.Nooo not anyone else there just jenni.come on bitch you know what ur trying to do.and at the club ?? Ooo!!!!bitch needed her ompa lompa ass beat down! So how is jenni in da wrong! When all she really!and was too early! stop you need to quit! Oh ya sure angelina was just trying to be friends and b cool with jenni! Shame on u jenni#! Hell no that skanky fake two face nasty hoe!! Hamstalina needs to go get the fkk on like before !BUT NEVER come back!!!!! Go get some more work down to fix that permanent Halloween mask u call ur face!#! Jenni ur still classy. And still a true lady!
    Continue to ignore that whore!! Shes desperate and dumb! Oh yess and filled with different mens cum#!! Yuppp!!!!

  9. Exodus 20:7
    7 “You shall not take the name of the Lordyour God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain."

  10. Nicole made such an effort to be friends with Angelina but couldn’t even be a part of a Mother’s Day video for jenni. Jenni thought her and Angelina were cool before they left, but Angelina went on social media calling Jenni a whore. Jenni is not just holding a grudge, she’s having trust issues with the continuous bullshit people keep pulling.

  11. Since Sammie wouldn't come on they needed a replacement & Angelina is it. Seriously not that big of a deal… Sick of she's not one of the family!! Cringe when they act so stupid😬😌

  12. I'm not going to lie this season was so boring so far. Only people made the season good was pauly and Vinny. Mike got boring after being sober. Jwoww being a bitch for no reason and ron is just plain boring in season 3 if they don't drop ron for sam then I'm not watching

  13. Dear Jenni,

    Grow the f*ck up already and STOP living in the past. You're well into your 30's and a MOTHER, therefore I'm sure you have much bigger concerns to worry about. Stop being so damn bitter and pessimistic.

  14. this is weirdly how this casts interacts. i think it’s an Italian thing. the fighting and bullying somehow brings them closer lol

  15. Y’all are hella reachin, Angelina’s dumbass shouldn’t have poked the bear. She was warned😂😂 Nd kept fuckin around


  17. I love Jenny so much but I feel like she is just over this show idk. Im sure all she's thinking about is getting home to her kids and living that life. I won't be the same without her but I feel like no matter how much she tries her heart just isn't in this anymore which is completly normal years later and kids later I don't think this show should go on anymore season I love it and it takes me back to the beginning days but everyone is moved past that time and have families now that's what happens in life as we grow not many people stay in this life scene forever

  18. Angelina is coming for Detox and Trinity's gig, their wigs were found at the roof above Monique's wig in her last lipsync!

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  20. I’m not a fan of Jenni never was but this is gold!! This is the only time I truely love this chick lol!! As for Angelina girl bye 👋🏽

  21. It sucks that they never accepted her in the click always finding things to complain all she wanted is to be cool with them

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