K.J. Apa And The Cast Of “The Last Summer” Tells Us About Their First Times

K.J. Apa And The Cast Of “The Last Summer” Tells Us About Their First Times

100 thoughts on “K.J. Apa And The Cast Of “The Last Summer” Tells Us About Their First Times

  1. Omg my Fav two actors from my Fav two shows ❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍 kj daddy ❤😍and t poseeee in the house boyyyyyyy❤❤❤❤😭😭😍

  2. I Have Nothing Against KJ. But Tyler Posey Will Always Be Better Than KJ. And Teen Wolf Is Way Better Than Riverdale.

  3. Bruh if you look closely, maia and kj have like the best friendship chemistry. I would say relationship, but rudy is my man

  4. I love how they’re just talking as if they were all in a room, no cameras or anything. There were even moments where you see one of them click there’s a camera there now and then 😂

  5. 2:35 The cutest humans being the cutest people in the background <3 I would love if they got together but Maia's taken 🙂

  6. Reading all these comments about the title.. I think it’s just that KJ is the main character of the movie and thats why they put his name in the title.. I mean am I the only one that is fine with it?

  7. KJ Apa and the cast…
    really…. what about Tyler and Maia. They're really popular too.
    Maia is my favourite actress :3

  8. Haha so funny when K.J said Sonny Bill Williams I went to school with him. I forget that K.J is from NZ too

  9. So weird seeing tyler and kj together. It weird that they are both a similar age because of how long ago teen wolf was

  10. 5:23 I got chills when Wolfgang mentioned Hush Hush 💖💖💖 I'm waiting for this movie since I was 14

  11. I wonder why they make these kind of movies. I’m sure they don’t read the title and story and be like wow that’s really good and original. Sign me up, YEET Must be for the clout. (No hate by the way I’m sure they’re talented people)

  12. The title is so disrespectful like wtf i know that a lot of people loves riverdale but Tyler Posey is also huge like everyone loves teen wolf and yeah

  13. the title. i feel offended. no hate to kj at all but like why just his name is on it ? this video is the cutest

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