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Kalimpong Tour
Kalimpong is one of the most popular hill stations of West Bengal. Situated at an average
elevation of 1250 meters, the town is the headquarters of Kalimpong district. The town
is on a ridge connecting two hills Durpin and Delo. Delo is the highest point of Kalimpong
and has an altitude of 1704 meters. Famous for its scenic beauty the town remains a well-known
tourist destination for years. Day 1
In order to reach Kalimpong, first reach New Jalpaiguri railway station or Bagdogra airport.
From there take a car to reach Kalimpong. The distance of kalimpong from NJP is 71.6
Km and it will take two and half hours to reach Kalimpong from NJP via NH10. A local
cab will charge around Rs 2500 for this trip. A shared cab will charge around Rs 300 per
person. On your way, you may stop at Kalijhora and enjoy the beautiful view of River Teesta
and the surrounding valley. Upon reaching Kalimpong, you can spend the
afternoon by roaming around the local market. Day-2
On day-2, go for a local sightseeing tour. A local cab will charge Rs2500 for a whole
day trip. The main places to visit are: Morgan House
Morgan House is a British Colonial Bungalow built by an English man Mr. George Morgan
in 1930’s in the Indian town Kalimpong. The mansion is now a hotel managed by West
Bengal Tourism Development Corporation. The property is built on a 16acre estate on
top of the hill of Durpindara. The building is surrounded by a well-maintained garden.
There are also beautiful lawns both in front and at the back of the building with proper
sitting arrangements. There are also some cottages within the premises. The cottages
are also available for night stay. On a clear day you can see the majestic Mount
Kanchenjunga from this mansion. During the season you may observe many beautiful rare
flowers and orchids here. Army Golf Course
The famous Army Golf Course of Kalimpong is overlooking Morgan House. Early in the morning
you can visit this beautiful place. The golf course is very well-maintained and famous
for its panoramic view of surrounding mountains. Also, you may have your morning tea in the
adjacent cafeteria. Durpin Monastery
Durpin Monastery or Zang Dog Palri Monastery is situated on top of Durpin Hill of the Indian
Town Kalimpong. The monastery was blessed by the visiting Dalai Lama in the year 1976.
It houses many rare Buddhist books and manuscripts that were brought into India after the Tibetan
invasion. The building of the monastery is very beautiful.
After stepping into the monastery the first thing you will notice is a row of prayer wheels
along the outside wall. A stairway from the side leads to the second floor. On the right
side of the main monastery building you can observe some Buddhist Shrines.
From the back of the monastery you can get a stunning view of the Kalimpong town and
the surrounding hills. On a clear day Mount Kanchenjunga is clearly visible from this
place. Orchid Nursery
Located on top of a hill, this nursery is famous for its quiet environment, and, of
course, scenic beauty. The place is dotted with many familiar and rare orchids and flowers.
There are some cottages inside this nursery where you can putup for the night. In front
of the cottages, there is a well-groomed lawn with proper sitting arrangements where you
can spend some quality time in the lap of nature.
In a nutshell, this is an ideal place for nature lovers.
Deolo Hill Deolo hill is famous for its scenic beauty.
The hill is surrounded by a well-maintained garden. There are nice and clean stone paths
laid through the garden. You can experience the calm and quiet nature while walking by
these paths. At the base of the hill, car parking place
is available. Here you may observe small crowds during summer and winter as this is one of
the most popular picnic spots near Kalimpong town.
On top of Deolo hill, there is a tourist lodge available for night stay. The lay-out of the
tourist lodge is very beautiful and you can get a 360-degree view of the surrounded hills
from this lodge. A 4-5 minutes’ walk is required to reach the tourist lodge from the
base of the hill. There is a picturesque park adjacent to the
tourist lodge which is dotted with many colorful flowers. There are swings, sliders, and horse
riding facilities for kids. There are also some souvenir stalls which sell local products.
You may indulge in some shopping here. Also, you can take photos wearing local clothes.
On a clear day, you can have a glimpse of the snow-capped Himalayan mountain range from
this place. Kalimpong Science Centre
It is established in the year 2008. The Science centre is situated on top of Delo Hill and
it is about 9km to the north of Kalimpong town.
The science centre covers 7 acres of hilly land and has both indoor and outdoor exhibits.
Outside the exhibition hall of the centre there is a beautiful lush green park where
you may enjoy the vicinity of fresh nature. There are also various scientific exhibits
which are quite fascinating. One such exhibit is the Dinosaur Park. It displayes models
of many huge dinosaurs. There are also some exhibits on simple mechanics, sound, optics
and pendulum. Inside the main exhibit hall there are many
scientific instruments and you may do some simple experiments by yourself. The science
centre also organises a 3D audio visual show which is also very entertaining as well as
educative. Lord Buddha Statue and Park
This is a picturesque garden and park located on Delo hill of Kalimpong town. In the centre
of the park there is a beautiful tall statue of Lord Buddha. The place is famous for its
panoramic view of the surrounding mountain ranges and valleys.
Hanuman Temple Kalimpong Hanuman Temple is located on top
of a hill. There is a well-maintained garden surrounding the temple. This garden is dotted
with many rare flowers and has proper sitting facility. A walk around this garden is quite
refreshing. Also, on a clear day you will have a glimpse of majestic mount Kanchenjunga
from this place. Goddess Durga Temple
Goddess Durga Temple of Kalimpong is overlooking the Hanuman temple and this is also another
interesting place to visit while you are in Kalimpong.
Mangal Dham Mangal dham is a magnificent l temple located
in the Indian hill station kalimpong. The temple is built in the memory of Shri Mangaldasji
Maharaj, a spiritual leader who constructed schools, orphanages and temples in this area.
Built on an area of 2 acres, the temple is one of the major beautiful temples of India.
The “Samadhi” of Guru Shri Mangaldasji Maharaj lies on the ground floor and on the
top floor, there is a prayer hall. You can see a beautiful idol of Lord Krishna there.
On both sides of the prayer hall, there are many colourful models which tell the story
from Lord Krishna’s life. The surrounding of the temple is also quite
fascinating. Day-3
On day3, head back to NJP for departure. Where to Stay
There are numerous hotels available in Kalimpong. A mid-level hotel will charge between Rs1200
and Rs 2000. Food will cost around Rs 500 per person per day.

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