Kashmir Tourism | 10 Unbelievable places to visit | Kashmir in Winters

Kashmir Tourism | 10 Unbelievable places to visit | Kashmir in Winters

If there is a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here it’s here, it’s here If there is a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here it’s here, it’s here If there is a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here Every traveler has dream to visit Kashmir at least once in a life time to see heaven of earth holding similar dreams in my eyes I reached Kashmir along with my family The happiness I had felt after reaching here.. And, the beauty my eye witnessed which is very difficult to explain. But one thing you realize Why Kashmir is called Heaven on Earth You feel Spirituality in It’s Soil, It’s air and It’s people Now I am going to show you 7 most beautiful days which I spent in Kashmir And out of these days, Top 10 places to visit in Kashmir If you are coming here during Winter Right now I am in Pahalgam, and this is the “Dargha” where Bajrangi bhaijaan movie was shot “Bharde jholi meri ya Mohammad” song was picturized here It was a good movie.. It was a good song similarly this place is equally good. So finally we have reached to the place where “Bajrangi bhaijaan” movie was shot There are several Mosques and “Dagha” are here Its very peaceful atmosphere here Whose Dargha is it? Its Sakhi Zainuddin’s Sakhi Zainuddin’s pbuh Its Baba’s tomb , Sakhi Zainuddin Wali Upper one.. below is tomb of his student first one is his student.. Baba Haji Shamsshuddin There is another student’s tomb below So this is our 3rd day in Pahalgam Right now we are in Amusement park Since, this is a winter time Amusement park is closed. But they allowed us to enter inside. There are mountains that side. see, how beautiful they are looking! But there is a fog, so proper visibility is not there So from here , we will go to Baisaran which is called as Mini Switzerland From here cars do not go there so we will go on horses. Finally we have reached to Baisaran as you can see we are totally in the snow And, Ayaan and Aleena are enjoying in the snow And, it doesn’t look like they are enjoying much What happened Aliee baby? What happened to you? I am stuck in Snow.. Come.. Give me your hand.. Ayaan is here And, Aleena and my wife Zubeda they are sitting there because snow got in to Aleena’s shoes so this is the location… its adventure to reach here riding horses also there is not alternate means to reach here Its a good place. So is it Shrinagar on the other side of mountain? Yes, beyond those mountains. In the past, no vehicle used to come on these roads So, people used to travel by foot So do people used to cross this mountain to reach Shrinagar? Yes, it was 4 hours journey That’s why it was named “Pahalgam” That means fist village. So those white mountains on the right side does Ladakh begins from there? Yes, it begins from there. “Jab tak hai Jaan” was filmed here “Jiya Jiya re jiya” song was shot here. Our next destination was Aru Vally I had not idea, that this journey toward Aru Vally is going to be the most beautiful journey of my Kashmir visit. Aru Vally is beautiful, but its Journey is even more beautiful. However, it is equally dangerous because the roads to reach there are too narrow in fact our car was stuck in snow in few places but Thank god we were moving towards our destination. We have now reached to Aru Vally And Its a very beautiful place There are few houses, few villages here Dont know how do people survie here Hii…. One reason for Kashmir being spiritual is that, there are several mosques and dargha for Muslims Similarly for Hindu brothers there are Temples and several religious places And our next destination is one of such places Chandanwari from where Amarnath yatra begins We are in Chandanwari now and over here it’s an extreme snow condition It is a different world here Is it a first stop of Amarnath Yatra (pilgrim journey)? Yes, It is Chandanwari From here people either walk or uses horses for the journey it takes 3 days for those who go by feet Its 32 Kms from here 32 but they have to go to 14800 ft above sea level 14800 ft to go to Amarnath Pilgrim journey.. Yes. Beyond this point there are no tree so there is less oxygen over there This river here also freezes .. So this water comes from Shaishnag? Yes, water is coming from Shaishnag Lake, which is 12 kms from here When it shows here heavily heavy snow slips from this mounatin and forms a snow bridge these snow balls which you are seeing here in round shape yes.. This falls from the top of the mountain so this covers everything? Yes, it reaches to this height.. Now I am in Gulmarg We reached here by Gondola ride And, this location is 14000 ft above the sea level There is less oxygen here But this location is worth to visit And, luckly its a sunny day today so it is not so extreme condition right now And the gondola cable car comes here It is world’s one of the highest operating cable cars today I am very excited because by far this is my highest mountain’s peak visit Now I am in Phase 1 we are coming from the point where sun is setting that was a second phase There is a restaurant on my right side It is also a cable car station there are mountains on my right side Its beautiful scenery in few minutes Sun will go beyond this mounatin so right now we have reached to Shrinagar we are in Chashma Shahi I think there is some place from where water comes from earth Where Royal family used to drink water So it is Pure water So Aleena, where are we now? Pari Mahal So where are Angel’s (Pari) There are no Angels here This Palace was build by king for his Daughters for princess. There is Dal lake on my right side. And we can see Shrinagar city from here. And… Pari Mahal Looks less of Palace and more of a fort Today is our 6th Day in Kashmir And we are going to Sonmarg from Songiri Finally we are near to the Paradise Iceland Park I think, right now we cannot go to this park This location is good but not as good as I had expected it to be because we have already seen better place than this which is Aru Vally Those 7 days which I spent in Kashmir and the memories attached to them will remain close to my heart forever. I have no ideal if I will again ever get chance to re-visit Kashmir But it is also true that we should never lose hope Everyone has his own definition of Right and Wrong, And, in this battle of right and wrong Today, this Paradise is Lost Today, what Kashmir is going through… for that, I only pray from heart that may there be Improvement in the condition of Kashmir and Kashmiri people as soon as possible

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